Police Try to Neutralize Shirtless Drunk Swinging a Machete

Police Try to Neutralize Shirtless Drunk Swinging a Machete

A guy had a little too much to drink, took off his shirt, grabbed a machete and went loco swinging it around. He clearly wasn’t looking to actually hurt anyone, but since he was acting like he was out of his mind and someone could get hurt as a result, the police came and tried to neutralize him.

They stood around, waiting for an opportune moment while the drunk kept performing, until eventually one cop dropped his nightstick and wrapped his arms around him. The guy in blue was being a little too officious with how close he was getting to the drunk who was having himself too much fun with the blade. Luckily, everything turn out good in the end.

I don’t know where the video is from, but it’s obviously not from a country where police shoot first and get off with impunity later.

57 thoughts on “Police Try to Neutralize Shirtless Drunk Swinging a Machete”

    1. That was fuckin funny @stomper.

      I noticed none of those coppers seemed particularly keen to neutralise Mr Machette? can’t say id like that catching me under the chin! Fair play to that lone cop! dropped his stick too! If that had been the U.S they would have just shot him, no question.

        1. One cop even DROPPED his baton before he waded in to help subdue this guy. Here in America that would never happen. Our cops had they not shot him in the first seconds would have attempted to play a drum solo all over this fellow.

          1. Yeah if this was in the US I’m sure that guy would be dead 100%. The cops over there should be shown this video on how to NOT kill someone just because their having a bad day. They are so quick to use lethal force it’s a joke.

  1. It’s funny how third world countries have first world cops, while first world countries have third world cops. Good job mister policeman, bullets and tazers are for pussies.

    1. No this video come from Colombia more exactly Bogot?, i am sure becouse i am COlombian the clothes that the cop have put on is the t?pical uniform of the polic?a of this country. The admin should Add in the top , in Bogot? Colombia.

  2. if it is brazil, enjoy the police doing their street beat while you can…

    they are reporting now the brazilian police force are gearing to go on strike when FIFA 2014 commences
    the brazilian gov’t will then need to call in its militia troops to patrol streets

  3. American and Canadian cops can learn a thing or two from this maneuver and courage. It’s not surprising that cleaning a window in the US is more dangerous as it leads to more deaths, than being a cop or firefighter. They are not doing their job. It’s to SERVE and PROTECT, not Kill and pose your own rights and other fucked up things like getting bribed.

  4. They should kill the bastard, why risk everyone’s life’s because of this sick genetic waste.
    One bullet and one freak less in this world.
    Now they have to feed him in jail, and he vil be out in a few months and then he will kill 5 people!!!

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