Racist Piece of Shit Sucker Punches Random White Person Sitting on Bench

Racist Piece of Shit Sucker Punches Random White Person Sitting on Bench

Racist Piece of Shit Sucker Punches Random White Person Sitting on Bench

It sounds like this happened in the great US of A, where the cops will put you in a cage if you get too vocal about the dangers of multiculturalism and Dear Leader Trump has policies to flood the cities with more of such fine specimen.

The video shows a racist piece of shit sucker-punching the shit out of a white person calmly sitting on a bench in what looks like a park or a public square.

Total sack of shit deserving of a proper Brazilian full body massage, acted like he knew he was nigh untouchable because he was black.

Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the video:

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253 thoughts on “Racist Piece of Shit Sucker Punches Random White Person Sitting on Bench”

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          1. I was just thinking about that the other day. How Canada is now like Palestine. The Jews stole the land from the Palestinians and now they’ve done the same to Canada, and other western countries.

            They move into a place and sneakily subvert it and take over control.

      3. Let’s start with the fact that the average nigger in America is LUCKY as hell that one of their ancesters got his nigger ass dragged over here from Africa. If they weren’t, he would be living in appauling conditions in Africa barely even knowing where his next meal was coming from. Niggers in America enjoy the highest living standards of niggers in the world and live beyond even the wildest dreams of African-based niggers. Running water, sanitation, plentiful food, modern hospital care, access to world-class education, liquor, drugs, and dope…..throw in KFC, Mickey D’s, and white bitches to oogle at and it’s Nigger Heaven !

        1. It’s funny how you can only say nigger in the depths of internet but not outside. Why don’t you try it? too scared to get punch? you know why? because they’re educated people. Only us, people of lighter skin tone, who were supremacist back in the day slowed down they’re progress because we used to be full of shit. this is nearly thousand of years of wasted progress for them, because we (lighter skin tones) show them a false way of living and purpose. if we were just so civil and humane back in the day, we could’ve showed them advances in the world and they would’ve learned beside us. that is millions and billions of untouched intelligence in a span of a thousand years. if people only learned to co-exist, even now we’re having trouble.

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            Educated people, Face it, niggers are born retarded.


            Instead of pretending they are not and trying to educate them along side whites (and we all know the teachers go easy on them and pass them on from year to year), we should put them in special nigger schools to teach them the basics of cotton picking, garbage collecting, ditch digging, and so forth. I think it’s actually cruel to put niggers in normal schools and expect them to perform equally. They consistently have the lowest test scores and highest drop out rates.

            So many niggers were being placed in special education classes after taking IQ tests that showed them to be retarded, a Judge banned schools from even giving IQ tests to niggers back in 1979. That’s right ! Bet you didn’t know that. It’s illegal to give niggers IQ tests in schools! Mental retardation used to be anything below an IQ of 85 but it has been lowered in 1959 to now mean anything below an IQ of 70.

            They are nothing like us and they never will be, they are worse in every way.

          3. So why is a so called ‘ANIMAL’ became a president of the United States with high praise? Why is also a so called ‘ANIMAL’ won a Nobel piece price? I don’t personally and the majority think intelligence is linked to the color of your skin. And yes, you are a pussy and an idiot. Animals rely on instinct, they don’t have consciousness, that’s what they do to survive. Animals had millions and billions of years to evolve like we did as humans and they still haven’t learned to speak or create a language. We, Humans, have what’s called ‘Etiquette’, so if you have nothing good to say then shut the fuck up because not everyone will be happy with what you do or said because that is sickening and not normal. I find it hard to believe an ‘ANIMAL’ can learn and understand English or other languages, unless they’re the same intelligent species as us. Yeah! I bet you haven’t heard that, ‘Niggers’ are in the same intelligent species as us. So what’s there to call a retard when we’re all the same as them? give me a proof of a trustworthy news source, acknowledge by actual experts in the field of human evolution, science, and biology that prove ‘Niggers’ aren’t the same species as white people. If you can’t handle the fact that we’re all the same as them, then go jump off a cliff or drink cyanide, my actual tip. The way you act today is un-civil and inhumane. you’re better off in the 10th century.

          4. If you also read your own wikipedia link you sent me, it’s in the early 1900s where racism is still a normal way of living for the whites. I already said that due to thousands of years of false living and sense of purpose slowed down their progress and thinking because us supremacist brain-washed them. We are only to blame for their slow progression, and now Africa is just catching up with deprived resources that was caused by hundreds of years of stealing. And now we don’t wanna even interfere with them when they are literally US! They’re HUMANS too! Humans are such a sick species.

            find it hard to believe your Wikipedia link justifies your points, In a time where smoking was considered healthy.

            “The first tests showing differences in IQ scores between different population groups in the United States were the tests of United States Army recruits in World War I. In the 1920s, groups of eugenics lobbyists argued that these results demonstrated that African-Americans and certain immigrant groups were of inferior intellect to Anglo-Saxon white people, and that this was due to innate biological differences; and they used such BELIEFS to JUSTIFY policies of racial segregation”. Such beliefs as you see, SUCH BELIEFS TO JUSTIFY THEIR RACIST ACTIONS! I’m starting to think you just red the first paragraph and let your brain figure out the rest.

          5. If black people and white people are in the same Intelligent species then, what’s to say that white people can’t also do the same atrocities and crimes as black people? saying 70% of Black people commit crimes than 30% of White people is only separating them out of race and ethnicity. You’re totally in the wrong here, your factual statement is nothing more than an opinion, and a racist one too.

      4. I agree! These people are so ignorant thinking that if one person from a race does something bad, they’re all bad. These people have IQ of a potato, and I just hate to see these type of pro-ethnic cleansing nitwits. These people must have some fucked up view in life to think that way. Racist jokes aren’t funny if they’re meant to be threats. South Park did it better with Randy’s nagger joke. I have my fair share of laughs on Best gore but these people have the shittiest sense of humor on the website. They’ll get what they deserve if they continue this attitude. I have my hopes up.

          1. First of all, who the fuck are you to tell me my hope is useless when you don’t even have hope left to begin with. second, you don’t sound like a SANE person to me, so why would people have to listen to your bullshit racist remarks? anybody with an IQ of a monkey would know to stay away from you. Third, what real world? You’re behind a screen for fucks sakes, grow the fuck out and say that outside if you want a taste of the real world. You’re all talk and not do, Pussy! say all you want in the internet, you’re just a pussy who can’t do the same in the ‘REAL WORLD’.

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        1. Just one person, I think not.

          Blacks commit 56% of all robbery, despite only 12% of the population. Source: FBI Crime in America 2013 Database
          Blacks commit 53% of all murder, despite being only 12% of the population. Source: FBI Crime in America 2013 Report
          Despite making up less than 7% of the US population, black males commit 1 in every 3 rapes. Source: FBI Crime in America 2013 Report
          Young black men kill 14X more than young white men. Source: Time Magazine
          Blacks make up more than 50% of all homicide victims. Source: US Department of Justice
          42% of all cop killers are black. Source: 2013 FBI Statistics on Law Enforcement Officers Killed
          Blacks victims of homicide are 93% of the time killed by other blacks. Source: US Department of Justice
          In 2006, blacks made up nearly 40% of the total prison population, despite being only 12% of the general population. Source: Bureau of Justice
          Black males have “mean testosterone levels 19% higher than in whites, and free testosterone levels were 21% higher”. Higher levels of testosterone are linked to aggression. Source: US National Library of Medicine
          In 2010 59% of serial killers were black

          Some facts on the family dynamic and education achievement of blacks in America:

          73% of black babies are born out of wedlock. Source: US Department of Health Statistics
          67% of black children grow up without a father, compared to 25% for whites and only 17% for Asians. Source: US Census surveys and National Kid Count



    1. Well can you honestly blame the nigger? Let’s be honest he is below average intelligence (probably 80 something iq), lazy as fuck, ugly as fuck with a dick too small for porn. I mean what is a nigger to do?

      Too bad a responsible gun owner with quick reflexes was not there to blow the nigger into permanent niggerville. Yes niggerville is real and it is where all niggers go. It is similar to heaven and hell. This bigger served his community so he would go to the heaven part of niggeville

      1. Oh and something I learned about best gore is this site is filled with tough talking niggers and white kids who in reality are fucking pussies themselves. so if anyone has shit to say to me make sure to post a pic with the response so we can see you actually have some substance and are not just some internet warrior pussy .

    2. No lives matter to me. Thats why every single bitch on this earth should watch their step. Seriously u fuckin chuckleheads need to tell your relatoves to chill. 11 guns per citizen in usa. U think black ppl own the majority, not only are there less of you. U fucking racists have less guns and ammunition. Stick to gta and cod. Real life has co sequences…. dot dot dot suckon that. Ur being manipulated and to racist to acknoledge it. If u fuckin crybabys are equal then act like it and quit self loathing… it shouldnt be hard to get over something that never even happened to you. Get off the tit.

    3. Sorry my first time posting, so not sure if I have done it right, but anyway, it does not matter what colour you are, black, brown,white, pink, fucking purple, IT IS NOT OK TO TREAT PEOPLE THIS WAY , all this black life matters, Everybody body lifes matter. And that is it at the end of the day. Hate the world my children are growing g up in, please do not be rude in your reply, no need.xx

  1. “[Blacks are] people who are by their very nature slaves.”
    Quoted in “Blasphemy Before God: The Darkness of Racism In Muslim Culture” by Adam Misbah aI-Haqq

    “[Blacks] are ugly and misshapen, because they live in a hot country.”
    Ibn Qutaybah (828-889)

    “Like the crow among mankind are the Zanj [African Blacks] for they are the worst of men and the most vicious of creatures in character and temperament.”
    Jahiz, Kitab al-Hayawan, vol. 2

      1. Please calm down… I truly am in disbelief that you feel this way. I am black but I’m not like the monkeys in this video… I think the world just needs to shed the light on folks like them… There are a selection of us with our heads on tight. please reconsider your thoughts!

    1. Here is some from the Bible
      Speaking on the PRE Adamic IE negroid race
      2 Peter 2-12
      12But these, as natural brute beasts, made to be taken and destroyed, speak evil of the things that they understand not; and shall utterly perish in their own corruption; 13And shall receive the reward of unrighteousness, as they that count it pleasure to riot in the day time. Spots they are and blemishes, sporting themselves with their own deceivings while they feast with you; 14Having eyes full of adultery, and that cannot cease from sin; beguiling unstable souls: an heart they have exercised with covetous practices; cursed children: 15Which have forsaken the right way, and are gone astray, following the way of Balaam the son of Bosor, who loved the wages of unrighteousness.

    2. You know something,this is very shocking, the african americans haves a 20-40% of white dna bcause the english fucks a lot of monkey slaves, they are a very corrupted and impure race, any creature with more of 5% percent of african dna in his veins doesnt have any talent beyond the music or the sports maybe (Dont require advanced human intelligence) this race is a very dangerous threat for the civilization, too much high monkey testosterone for the crime and violence and extremely low intelligence for everything is a basic characteristic of a “mulato”.

        1. Yes, there’s always another baboon in cahoots behind the stolen iPhone. Snickering and egging the other ape on. Randomly saying racist shit and enjoying the monkeyshines knowing they will probably both get away with it freely.

          1. At least 1, yes with the pack mentality of hyenas.
            The getting away with shit has over decades now produced more blatant breeds of ape, they think their immune to prosecution, even the most sinister of crimes FFS. The privilege afforded elevated above so called Female’s pussy pass, they’ve the I don’t go to jail, or if I do, it isn’t for long pass.
            Societies are like bungee lines stretched, about to snap under the strain, and/or retract altogether, completely…

  2. Black lives don’t matter……..
    Reason 1: They cause the most shootings and other crimes like theft, assault, drug possession and vandalism, etc…….

    Reason 2: They start these pointless riots that involve attacking law enforcement, helpless people, and simply just news reporters……

    Reason 3: This nigger just knocked out a man that seems to be elderly and defenseless how pathetic……
    And finally the list goes on with these nigger apes
    Like I said black lives don’t matter!

          1. Look how pathetic you are can’t even find something good to tell about your race so you come back again and again with that big dick argument…..
            The white girls who fuck with niggroes are the crack whores worthless type of pussies. Nothing to be proud of….

          2. Yet another myth started by niggers and/or nigger lovers to give an otherwise worthless species a sense of dignity. Penis size of all things. Not math skill, not engineering skills, not artisitic ability, but penis size. When it comes to niggers, this claim doesn’t surprise me.

            Giraffes and elephants have large penises, should I consider them superior? Here again, niggers miss the boat. What separates humans from animals is the superiority of the mind, not the body.

            Besides, for every ‘scientific study’ you show me that niggers have larger penises, I will show you one that indicates that they don’t:


  3. Racism is a motherfucker. Most people on this website are racist too and that means there’s no difference between you and that nigger. Black or white, all lives matter but lives of racists should not matter

      1. Racism is by definition, as an individual perceives what their particular race reality is.
        Personally I harbor no hatred of them, tho have a shitlist of what I despise about those wasted pieces of genetic material but. Atop the list is their inability to evolve, unwillingness to take responsibility for their actions usually criminal behaviour, and the FUCKING stink..!
        That is just a 3 points.
        Being racially aware is not being racist.
        Joo Media can find and portray racism in a box of cornflakes FFS…

          1. Certain niggers always have this mothball smell to them. Never been able to figure it out other than that they must secretly carry mothballs around in their pockets and never shower or wipe their asses worth a damn.

          2. I first noticed the negro stink in 1st grade.
            If you want no stink you gotta find those very light skinned bitches (99% white educated momma & 1% dumbass negro father)

          3. Pavlova
            I’ve never heard of him either.
            If I’m quoting from someone they will be credited.
            That fella thinks I’m using someone else’s material..!
            I am NOT.
            It was straight off the top of my Head.
            Possibly a case of 2 minds thinking/saying alike.

            As you are aware of
            I do not watch anything from television shows, never have my entire adult life.
            Merely films now and again, mostly black and white.
            Oh my Bollitical Infections

        1. Yes Jack, I know you wouldn’t do that.
          So this Bigsby guy is apparently a fictional character who’s black and blind and had been lied his all life that he’s white.But even after finding out the truth, he remains faithful to his beliefs and continues being a black white supremacist.
          Didn’t have the time to search out for more but it sounds funny to me.

          1. Nahh i hate the nigger one motherfcker stole my nintendo once, but the point is, the black tyrones are fucking the whites crack whores, that is a problem, results in low iq violent abominations

    1. What about those blacks, particularly the ones with fame and money, who will only date non-blacks. I’m talking about pretty much every black athlete, singer and actor here.

      What say you to those sell-out, self hating coons?. Are they not racist to themselves?.

      You don’t see this same self-hatred amongst others races, just blacks. Most other races on the planet date within their own racial group primarily and sometimes out. The complete opposite of first world blacks who it would seem exclusively date outwards.

      To conclude. The nigger is repulsive even to themselves and I can’t exactly blame them either. However. Truth be told. If they don’t even like themselves fuck knows why they expect me to like them when I am not even of the same race as they are.

      1. Look at Nigger Woods stable of several dozen White whores. Nigger Woods is the perfect example of what you’re talking about. There are certain Black athletes like Kobe that married Black women, but only raped White women on the side. But they are the exception, rather than the norm.

    2. @10inchdick
      Fuck u niggerluv. When your neighborhood is overrun by these nignogs you’ll be able to live in constant harmony with retarded violent monkeys. But until your dream comes true you’ll just have to sit at your computer and call people racist with your keyboard commando skills.

    3. I am not a racist I am a realist. And if we went back far enough in history, we would ALL be due reparations in some form or another from somebody. The Irish were slaves, the Chinese were slaves, Christians were tortured and thrown to the lions, Russians were the slaves of Mongolians for over 300 years….hell, even American Indians kept niggers as slaves. No one else cries and whines that they are owed reparations but American niggers. And why is that? Becuase it’s just another ruse to get money from Whitey. In fact, anytime niggers raise a fuss or whine about anything, more often than not, it’s just another way for them to get more money and free handouts from whitey. Niggers already have access to free housing, food, education, clothing, and a welfare check every month. But I guess that’s not enough “reparations”.

      Where’s OUR reparations for the billions of dollars given to them for welfare? Where’s our reparations for the cities they have destroyed and left in ruins? Where’s our reparations for the holocaust of crime they have wrought upon us for decades? The murders, rapes, robberies and property damage? Shall we add all that up and send them the bill? Throw in the trillions of dollars sent to Africa and the amount is just astronomical.

      Are you really afraid that if you simply looked the world around you with an objective eye you would become a racist too?

  4. American Pussy Dolls. No one has fucked up this nigger? So lame. Sitting on benches in a park looking on mobiles. Poor nation of pussis. But ok…try this in germany…same thing. So whats happend to us!?

    1. Ask any real estate person. How many times has a white couple seeking to buy their first home and raise a family asks for a nigger neighborhood?

      It’s unheard of. Why? Because nigger neighborhoods are violent, filthy shit holes and everyone knows it.

      Now, to address the niggers and whiggers who post pictures of low-life whites living in trailers, I would ask you to compare them to the average nigger existence in Africa. At least the ‘low life’ whites have running water, electricity, access to schools and modern hospitals, and can read and write. Our lowest of whites enjoy a higher living standard than your highest class niggers in Africa. In Africa, they are living in straw huts sucking nectar from a cow’s ass for breakfast.

      1. Exactly, his “head” and “hair” were white, like wool. So his head, meaning his whole head, face and all, would be white. His hair would also be white.

        When they were referring to white wool, they were not saying his hair was wooly, as blacks like to say. They were saying he was white, like wool. As in, wool is the colour white, and so is his hair. They are referring to the colour of the wool, not it’s texture.

        Religion is make believe anyway, LOL.

  5. Fucking sucker punching little bitch. White people standing around watching doing nothing, don’t even check on the person. They need smacked to. OH how I wish I would have been there. I may have been fighting alone but i would have taken his coward ass out. I wish I hadn’t seen this shit. Feed them to the buzzards. They ant worth burying. BASTARD.

    1. It’s not about color… I am black and nothing like them in the video… If I had seen this in person… I would have beat his ass and the person recording and that’s facts… But I also know that violence isn’t key! But for PEOPLE like this it seems to be the only answer.

    2. Yes, it’s not like you can just leave or ask them to leave or say hey leave me the fuck alone. The only thing nignogs understand and that motivates them to discontinue their ape behavior is violence. So in that sense you would be communicating with them in the only effective way possible.

  6. This is why black lives don’t matter and never will because racial minorities living in other countries must by their unnatural position be well behaved and seen to be contributing otherwise they will be viewed as parasitical and a burden to society, of which the niggers fall within the latter.

    Niggers on average commit crime at rates many times above their own head count (per-capita statistics). In America they are emphasised as the 13% because they commit 50% of all violent crime there. However, every country in the world that houses these charcoal fuckers shows a similar coon to crime ratio.

    Is it wrong to be racist towards them?. Well, is it wrong to be speciest against lions?. Both groups are inherently more dangerous than others and therefore more likely to attack and kill you. The statistics back it up. If it isn’t wrong to want to avoid lions then and to keep them far away from you then of course it isn’t wrong to do the same with niggers because at the end of the day you are doing both for the exact same reasons, self-preservation.

    To conclude. Its not racism, its race-realism. Just as the avoidance of lions is not speciesism, its species-realism. AKA common bloody sense and to those who say I shouldn’t compare blacks to animals I say once the blacks stop behaving like animals I will stop comparing them, which lets be honest is going to be never.

    However please do keep such behaviour up niggers. Please keep up your failings. Your bitterness. Your anger and your resentment and your jealously of others, as in non-blacks. Please do keep rioting, burning and looting. Please do keep raping white women. Please do keep getting women pregnant and running away. Please do keep choosing crime over hard work and normal jobs. Please, please, please keep up the stereotype. By doing so you turn the whole world against you and we non-blacks/non-libtard types love it.

    We get to sit back and drink beer whilst you self-destruct on the world stage thus sending a message to every other homogenous place on the planet not to let you in whilst we ourselves work to reduce your numbers in the places you have already unfortunately invaded.

    To think if these baboon liver lipped charcoal fucks were intelligent, law abiding and civil we would have accepted them by now and merged with them. Thank fucking God that they are not. Their bestial nature saved us you might say which is about the only positive thing that I will ever say about niggers.

    1. See, i’m black, but i’m an engineer, and i work mainly with white people, and i kid you not, your race respects me more than anyone in the entreprise, and it’s a big one. Black people has nothing to do with violence, it’s poor people who do, this happens in white poor countries in eastern Asia, happens in Russia, mostly white people but kinda fucked up. Happens in arab countries because they are poor and stupid.

      I’m everything you can be racist against, i’m an arab, black, muslim, african person. Imagine how much i suffered racism to be a great example of not being a failure, but hey let’s summorize all blacks to be bad people and judge them by skin colors. Let me remind you, 400 hundred years ago, galileo galilei a great white scientist who was tortured and killed by white people because .. because they were dumb and stupid, what ! are all white people fags and not clean ? i guess so then.

      1. I used to be racist-lite once upon a time, the low calorie version most people are. That changed however when black people started treating all white people like one gigantic racial blob who share all the same faults and past sins regardless of their country of birth and where their ancestors came from.

        BLM even made us Europeans out to be responsible for the murder of George Floyd when it happened in another fucking country. Not to mention the black led idea that all white people are responsible for the Transatlantic slave trade, even the whites from the countries that had nothing to do with it and never benefited from it.

        What with the constant attacks on whiteness going on, being told by blacks that white people don’t have a culture when Europe is fucking full of white culture and the riots they take part of demanding that whiteness be destroyed you can’t be surprised then that many of us milk skins are becoming more racist, more broad-brushing and more angry in response.

        Add to the above the fact that blacks commit far more crime than any other race per-capita, even when poverty is taken into consideration, the white man is left with no other choice but to be hateful towards them. Self-preservation.

        You won’t find any race on the planet that would put up with this shit on their own indigenous soil.

        1. So according to what you said, I should create an automatic self-hatred system for white people because they are being racist towards me? I hate to say that, no one is pure, everyone has a little devil in him. For example, I’ll never marry an Asian, I just find them unattractive, BUT, my best friend can be, my coworker can be, my sister husband can be. Being Asian should not mean that he’s worthless to me.

          And yes, believe me, white people crimes are as equal as black people ones, just look at poor and uneducated areas. I’ll not say where I live, but it’s pure white people, and I kid you not, sometimes, these stupid farmers are acting so stupid till the point of asking myself how the hell did he live until now. Probably that’s why Arabs, Asians and blacks are taking the jobs in first world countries. Cuz they give credit to this chance to make their life much better.

          Here, I’m not saying blacks are pure, more than 60% are retarded and I hate to say that but they don’t deserve to live, but so is the same rate of white people, just being fat, fighting for human rights when they themselves don’t agree with it, such a level of hypocrisy that is mind-blowing. Should all white people be eliminated ? of course not, I love a lot of them, but yea to 60% of them. and mostly to those who think ignorant shit about other races when they themselves are a total failure.

          1. “So according to what you said, I should create an automatic self-hatred system for white people because they are being racist towards me?”

            Its what happened in South Africa against the whites so yes that would be the natural course of such things, human nature as it were.

            People indigenous to their own lands do not like to be attacked and told what to do by outsider groups and since the blacks worldwide viewed it to be perfectly fine for the black South Africans to have attacked back against the outsider group there (whites) then it is fine for the white people of their own countries to do this too.

            To put it more bluntly. If foreigners don’t like it where they are they can fuck off back to where they came from.

            The Japanese wouldn’t put up with this shit. The Chinese wouldn’t. The Kenyans wouldn’t. Pretty much no other race on the planet would put up with it so I’ll be damned if I do.

            I would be perfectly happy then for blacks to hate whites, as if they didn’t already. Blacks are only 4% of my country though so I say good luck to that. They’ll need it.

      1. @kaizian-tnd
        A misconception?
        First of all, fuck you nigger!
        You’re as every single niggroes around… a selfish piece of shit that will never take a second of is worthless life to think and figure out why others(whites) feel that way towards him, but will rather do everything he can to turn the blame on them by any means possible.

        I’ll tell you whats going on my little niggwa…. listen carrefully

        Here in Québec, Canada
        we pay a 15% tax on everything we buy, plus an income taxe between 30%-60% deepending on how much we earn.
        In fact we’re the most taxed Canadian province and one of the most taxed place on earth, if not the most.
        That’s because we have a lot of public services financed from these taxes, a free-for-all healthcare system for example. But you neggroes are coming here at a rate of
        tens of thousands/year, and because it seems negroes cant give a single fuck about anything except themself, and because there’s a bunch of social security programs they can benefit , they all refuse to find a job and contribute to the financing these public services and social security programs ,they prefer to let Quebecers pay for their parasitic existence.
        Look how majority of niggers are behaving , the crimes they commits, the blm protests and their monkeys throwing racism accusations at us etc….
        So fuck you piece of selfish trash, you and the rest of the parasites wont get any respect from any of us, you simply not deserve such a thing

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    He’s face was shown clear , i hope you send it to the police, some time their brutality is required, i will be glad to get know if they sent him back to the zoo he belong…
    But this isn’t a new video…
    I think originally i saw that here few years ago…
    So he must be allready dead by something…..
    If not , i think it’s time to find him and drop him back to the black hole where he came from….

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        1. I don’t know, I’ve lived next to some real fucked up white trash meth heads that ruined a lot of people’s lives, so I wouldn’t want to live in honkyhood either. I prefer to stay away and keep away all of these motherfucking parasites so that I can live my own life.

          1. I live in an isolated and well to do area with little crime and no niggers. It’s awesome. There’s a member here who likes to portray me as living in a shithole trailer with no insulation or heat….but actually the opposite is true. I AM considered on the ‘poor’ side in my town, but that’s because the income for a lot of the home owners here is half a million and plus, we even have a few billionaires living here. Middle class here IS the poor people…I’ll take it, poor here is better than middle class in say…Boston or NYC.

        1. Those Blackcock Down Somali niggers are just some of the Somali niggers I am referring to. But they are in other spots as well. For some reason it was decided they belong in the upper Midwest. Makes logical sense right? They blend in perfectly.

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  10. I have friends in a multiculturalism manner and consider people all races ..just want to make it clear yet this excuse of a person just felt in powered cause his homies where backing em up and cheering his “ manhood “ while he earned it simultaneously .. Shame ! Kill em !!

  11. This is a old clip….beside the point tho.
    Negros want more more power and respect when this is all they have to offer. Look what down in Detroit when white people gave more political power and finally left. Beautiful city now!

    1. If you were referring to something I said in the above commentaries as regards someone called Clayton Bigsby
      I don’t even know who is, and haven’t even looked him up yet.
      What I said came straight off the top of my head.
      So maybe a case of 2 minds thinking/saying the same thing.
      If I use anything of anyone else’s then I’d credit them so,
      just wanted to clarify that.
      If you were not referring to myself or MY words, then it doesn’t really matter does it…

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  13. Is it racists? We don’t have enough info to determine that. Saying that this was racist is like saying that the cop that killed George Floyd was racist. Both videos had people from different races attacking one another. That’s it. Let’s start acting like shepherds, and not like sheep. Or better yet, let’s be the wolves who devour the sheep.

  14. Black people are protesting, burning, looting, and murdering because they don’t want to be assaulted or murdered by cops. People all around the world are protesting for them.

    But blacks don’t care at all about anybody else. They shoot babies in the face, beat up white women, murder them, burn their bodies, and they could care less.

    Have blacks pulled the Jedi mind trick on everyone? Should we really be caring about these violent people? You know what I think? I think people are just afraid of them.

    1. I think that we should have burnt this shit to the ground a long time ago. Fuck babies. Fuck women, and everyone else. How else is the bird going to be freed from the cage. Someone’s gonna have to shake the Fuck out of it. People just need to change a word. POOR lives matter. THATS what it’s truly all about.

      1. The problem with the United States is multiculturalism/ multiracialism. If the USA had stayed all white, non of this insanity would be happening. Perhaps it does need to be burned to the ground, so whites can start all over and not fuck it up this time by letting in other races.

        The United States is an example to the whole world of the disaster of race mixing.

        1. The USA is to blame for its own mistakes . It had slavery and then had no further use for blacks afterwards.

          Europe and the rest of the Anglosphere is to blame for allowing in rapefugees and Indian and Chinese tax exiles. Canada and Aust are swimming in taxdodgers who have eaten us out of house and home. To me it is not racial with the two latter peoples ; it’s an economic war . Yet ,with rapefugees it is definitely a cultural/ “racial”issue.

          What will you all do with those butchering jihadis? Germany ,Holland and Belgium I believe will be the first to go.

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  17. This is what liberal social policies give you. Does anyone doubt that this POS grew up in a Democrat district, living with an uneducated, single mother who had multiple children by multiple partners, living on public aid (ie, sucking the white man’s teat)? And yet he thinks he’s the victim of systemic racism, and he punches an innocent white lady because he thinks she’s the cause of his problems.

  18. I’m going to tell you a little story ! These mother fuckers always bully whites because they know most are truly scared of them . Rose bowl Pasadena California 2013 I am at a UCLA game with my girlfriend and a group of people she is hosting at the game . They are in a concision line to get food and I come out of the mens bathroom to see my girlfriend and another in a heated argument with these black thugs . I walk up and ask what’s the problem and my girlfriend said they cut in line right in front of everyone ! I said man that’s not cool why don’t you go wait in line like everyone else . Their response ! Fuck you motha Fuka what you goen ta do ! But before he finished his Ebonics laced diatribe he was looking up with his eyes rolling back in his head and his buddy charged and I gave him a throat shot that left him gasping for air . Police showed up and hooked me up but people came to the police and told them they were the aggressors and they ended up in jail and I watched the rest of the game feeling very satisfied that for once the tied had turned on these bully bastards . Am I the baldest SOB on the planet ! Of course I’m not ! But I did spend 12 years on SEAL Team 4 class 114 ,Roosevelt Roads , Puerto Rico . So for all you Bully Thugs out there , never judge a book or white guy by its color ! I HATE fucking bullies and there are a ton of black bullies in Lost Angeles !

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