Romanian Man Drags Woman Out of Establishment and Delivers Beating to Her

Romanian Man Drags Woman Out of Establishment and Delivers Beating to Her

Romanian Man Drags Woman Out of Establishment and Delivers Beating to Her

On June 2, 2018, a shirtless and shoeless Romanian slob dragged a woman out of an establishment and delivered beating to her as various taxi drivers watched from near by. According to the information I got, the woman was the attacker’s mother.

There’s a CCTV footage of the rather weird beating during which the alleged mother looked like she was living up her incest rape fantasy, and the subsequent arrest of the attacker.

A grand part of Romania is a Roma gypsies producing factory, so who knows…

Props to Best Gore member @sunormoon for the video:

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97 thoughts on “Romanian Man Drags Woman Out of Establishment and Delivers Beating to Her”

      1. @2asshole
        Wrong slap the fuck outta that skank. You think she’s a saint? Let these cunts burn forever. She s a whore, an alley cat, a fucking demoness. They created all this, everything we see here, a direct result of THEM..It brought My soul into this hell. Fuck them.

      1. shirtless and shoeless Romanian slob needs to understand mother finished with bringing you up, she has every right to go dancing and be the slut she always was, that’s how you got created mr slob

          1. @inkedarmymom I certainly hope so. If he can do that to mum he deserves it. She spent all those years slaving for him and he didn’t realise she has a right to a little recreation

          1. Regardless, I think we all throw intentional and unintentional insults at one another on BG for the sake of purging our hatred for this once fruitful rock we’re now living on. They mean nothing to me as I’d hope they mean nothing to you or any other BG member. I kind of like them, if anyone is genuinely insulted by any comments on BG, they’re obviously on the wrong site. Didn’t mean to “offend” anyone, thought it was all in good fun! (:

    1. If you look again, that lightweight had a hard time dealing his mother a quality pimp beat down. He’d be no match for a real man wanting a fair fight. Hope he has no plans for the octagon! He’d better stick to the old gypsy staple ………
      Picking pockets at the bus stop!

      1. Strange, I thought the dude was trying to dance with her on several occasions


        She had alcohol poisoning and was trying to pass out.. he didn’t want his mum to sleep, yet….

        They were having such a great night on the Town

  1. There is a difference betwen romani and romanians.
    Romani are noamds from India, but as always 30% of bestgore is crowded by edgy teenagers 50% sadists with no culture and 20% good fellows you can have a conversation with.
    Its funny because we dont have the biggest gypsy population but im glad they go outside to rob retards like frenchies and brits, keep up the good work you great subhumans!

    1. Who gives a fuck what shit hole the gypsy came from they are big nozed greasy sweaty arsed nomads,like stray dogs shitting on our polished floors street beggers…..Big nose bastards

    2. There are nearly one million of these miscreants crawling around Romania, easily identifiable and just waiting to be dosed with warfarin and tossed off a cliff. This gypsy Romani motherfucker gets a ride to jail, where hopefully the police misplace his cock and balls.

  2. You gotta be a special piece of shit to put hands on your own mother. I had my issues with mine, but would NEVER consider actually beating her like she was a man. I’m oldschool about that I guess. Just can’t do it.

    1. Here at best gore we don’t give 2 fucks about your mommy problems and how your all moral and shit. If you want to discuss that than go to church or facebook fucktard. Not a hardcore gore site from which people enjoy this type of horrific fun.

      1. I say what I want to say, when I want to say it. If you don’t like it, don’t read it you fucking hypocrite. So it’s ok for you to watch a VIDEO about somebody having “mommy” problems, but when somebody speaks on it and makes a valid point you get all sensitive and buthurt about it? Fuck outta here with that shit snowflake. Been here for years stating my opinions and will CONTINUE to do so. So get used to it and stay in your lane kid.

          1. @ip Config..yes, that are both me…keep keeping it real in here…this site isn’t for the weak minded or thin skinned…

        1. You are the one who is preaching your moral aptitude on a gore site meant for spiritual enjoyment of the dark art. As for the kid comment, I’m older than you. Of course you don’t know anything about who you are talking to.

          You seem more or less like a man who likes to listen to yourself speak and who thinks all others relate to your principled caliber. Surprise, they don’t.

          1. I don’t give a shit how old you are chump. You can be Methuselah for all I care. You act like a fucking CHILD, we here at Best Gore will TREAT your ass like a child. And put you in your fucking place. You aint the arbiter of who gets to say what here, so keep your bullshit half ass ad hominem attacks to yourself. You talk shit to one of the vets here, we will respond in kind. Learn your fucking place as I stated before.

            Obviously there are others on this site who in fact do “relate to (my) principled caliber as you can see with some of the OTHER opinions expressed in this thread. So don’t start shit here, nobody said anything until you opened your big fucking mouth thinking you had an easy mark with your disrespectful ass. So kick fucking rocks jr. Let the ADULTS handle this. Learn how to interact here, and you might just do fine. But talk shit and expect to reap the whirl wind. I’ve been here for YEARS, and don’t need your so called “advice” on what to type.

          2. Through my line of work a man who talks like you is afraid. You Americans call this, a punk. Like I said you don’t know me very well because if you did you know what I am capable of doing and how I could make one phone call, tell my children to find you and drag you and your pretty family back to me so that you’ll be tomorrows video of the day on this website and many others that we occasionally send in from time to time.

            There is worse monsters in this world than prison rats my friend. Take a long thought before you respond..

    1. @wopa12
      I wonder how much damage was done by mothers to otherwise decent men throughout history. Women wonder why some of us are assholes. Well, difficult moms are to blame for much of the negative outlook many of us have towards the opposite sex. By the time we grow up we’ve been rung through the ringer so much at home that it’s a wonder we put up with women in the least bit. I went and married a woman who was the polar OPPOSITE of my mom. And I can’t to this day figure out why my dad is still with her! lol

      But seriously though, no matter what, I just cannot fathom laying hands on my own like that. I mean, just out of respect for myself and my two daughters. Maybe I’m old school but even as a grown man he can simply just stay away from her right? Either that woman in the video was a major BITCH while raising him, or he is a special kinda piece of shit. And I don’t believe that the majority of men who come to this site and had difficult experiences with their moms growing up would do that. I know you wouldn’t.

        1. Yup that’s true. It works both ways. Which is why I do my best to treat my daughters and their mother well so they know what a good man is supposed to be. Hopefully they take to heart so that when they are adults, they make a good choice for a husband. Bad dads can poison a daughters heart just as easily as a bad mom can poison a son.

    1. Yeah, I remember that. Like that one time she was scratching at a years old yeast infection through her boxers and told you to go get my cigarettes and a cold beer.

  3. Its unethical to beat up women no matter what the reason may be. Women are fragile & a lot weaker than guys no matter what you’ve been told. Its advisable to use lubrication in bed & do it slow regardless of what they say as they might get hurt. Feel really sorry for poor baby girl no woman deserves to be treated like this

    1. Are you serious wih that shit? Ever had a bitch throw a punch to your nose during a argument? How about over-handing an object or 2 at your balls?
      Many men are physically abused by women. So I say… hit em back. And sure… if she’s a little thing, you may only need 50% power for her to learn you won’t take it like a cucked mangina.

  4. translation:
    guy whispers something
    shhhh, so that it films the entire action (somebody else)
    oh look what he’s doing to her, look, woah (SHUT UP! – the other guy), bangs her against the tree, woaaahhh
    look nobody in the station helps, there was somebody looking, even people passed by, nobody helped, look this guy who came out of the taxi, he’s watching tv or what?, look he takes her and drops her, to kill her(no joke! – the other one), look at those how they don’t care fucking people, I saw and started caring and took initiative, look how that guy looks, look at how fucking uncaring people look.
    dude if he did this to me…omg… they filmed it, they have him on cam…. look at how people stare, they just pass by

    police scene : fuck you you’re fucked you’re going to jail, everyone see the criminal he’s going to jail
    omgggg how dare he beat his mother

  5. I Fucking Hate That race Almost As Much as the Filthy Zionist-Cunts Themselves. The More of them DEAD,,, The Better, and much cleaner our world will be. Trust Me, Brothers, they are nothing but a Useless Bunch of Parasites, & Leeches

  6. Kicking someone in the head with no shoes on is asking for a broken foot, he’s going to get a broken colon soon too, not too bright this guy. I hope he gets the bad AIDS inside and infects his entire Tinker family.

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