Russian Skank Gets Elbowed the Fuck Out for Tossing Match at Man

Russian Skank Gets Elbowed the Fuck Out for Tossing Match at Man

With Brazilian men being the biggest pussy whipped, white knighting mangina simps in the whole fucking world, somebody had to step it up and add some balance into the open. And Russian men are it. In Russia, men do not crawl on their knees begging to hand out pussy passes like the subservient Brazilian sissies. In Russia, there’s gender equality.

The video shows a young Russian woman of a skanky variety, dressed up to bait men (I’m sure she’s wearing the heels because it’s comfortable to stand in them, and the short skirt because the weather is balmy warm in Russia in the fall, right manginas?), react to a man taking the bait by tossing a match into him. It looks as though the man took the bait by trying to blow the match for her after she’s used it (or attempted to) to light up her cigarette.

The man quickly responded to the cock teasing skank’s move to humiliate him by knocking her the absolute fuck out with a righteous elbow to her facking (yes, facking) face. Pussy pass denied! Some random white knight then raised his voice at the guy, but since this is Russia, maybe someone will knock the white knight right the fuck out of him in the next video.

Props to Best Gore @shiddy for the video.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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302 thoughts on “Russian Skank Gets Elbowed the Fuck Out for Tossing Match at Man”

        1. I agree with @john-singleton-mosby

          Women commenting here exhibit inferiority complexes. Females attack men for the same reason black males attack white men: jealousy, envy, and inferiority complexes. Women can’t deadlift their own weight.

          If women are really so “strong” and “powerful” as they make themselves out to be with words, then why do they have to constantly say it or put it on signs as if to convince people that they are? You don’t see men marching and yelling how powerful they are. Men put their money where their mouth is. As is seen in the video herein.

          1. Black men don’t attack white men out of jealousy. I think black people are just tired of whites still thinking it’s the 1900’s and the slave era….Most whites are racist. Most racists suffer from a lack of IQ and inferiority complex. Mostly men. I love white guys. Just not the hill Billy type.

          2. I’m pretty sure there are and have been a lot of racists who have very high IQs n it has nothing to do with racism nor is there a statistical relationship…I love how stupid you women are…to actually think that statements like that are iron clad…also blacks are just as racist as whites..

          1. Oh look, another “that’s what they nasty of” joke or attempt at humour…

            The comments section on Best Gore used to be good before it was turned into a competition of who could type the most retarded. There is not an ounce of humour in what you said.

          2. @Adolph Hitler….Stfu BG comments have almost always been the same since like 2011 2012….and if you don’t like what I said don’t read it…don’t comment…idgaf….with a stupid ass cliche name like Adolph Hitler who gives a shit what you have to say…n “see what they nasty of” is not an attempt at humor…maybe you’re just mad that others have been using it and taking a liking to it…maybe u should see what its nasty of!

        1. I think that was lil uncalled for. He was being a little dick blowing out her match. Alcohol the cause and solution to all of life’s problems.
          Y’all like it when dumb girl gets the mazzata…but what if that was your daughter or niece on a date? I’d go Brazilian on this fucker. Stomp his skull til eyeball popped out!…then smack him with a flip flop.

          1. The match was lit, blown out and would still have been hot. She threw it at him and he had an open shirt on and it may have burnt him. She then received a reaction from an annoyed drunk. Or he may he just been dumped by his own gf and took it out on this skank instead. Who knows?

      1. She was playing but this guy has gay face for days. That is one nasty women hating queen. No straight guy would ever do such a thing. A straight guy would be trying to score and play back. Fuckin’ fag.

        1. Women want to feel strong, not actually be strong. They automatically expect to be treated like princesses, and when they aren’t, they turn to shaming, calling men fags and women hating queens.

          By not playing into the woman’s expectation of being treated like a princess, the guy has hurt your feelings. It’s a blow to your ego thus you counter with accusations of homosexuality.

          You are perpetuating benevolent sexism and should be ashamed of yourself as a supposedly “strong and independent” woman.

          To a pathetic, privileged princess like you, every man is either a rapist or gay.

      2. She was playful definitely. This dude misjudged whole thing but, we don’t know what happened minutes before. He was probably provoked before and this behavior of girl was the last drop in full glass. Who knows, huh?

      1. You’re an idiot. White men think they are the top dog. White women fuck blacks because apparently they are more attracted to them than whites. I guess you’re the wrong color. White women are not excluded from being beat. Just ask white guys who beat them.

  1. Smoking is a filthy habit anyway. Who knows, maybe he saved her from a future of cancer and heart disease. In the grand scheme of things he seems to be a pretty stand up guy.

    “…of a skanky variety…” LOL!

    1. Oh come on…that is the way its done…I hope she has brothers n he kicks their ass in front of her n show her how hopeless her situation is….I’ve beat up brothers before…one literally was because he tried to shake my hand all hard n stare me in the eye with that “u better not hurt my sister” talk….it resulted in a fight with his ass knocked out falling on a bbq pit…n my ex’s family mad at me lol…

        1. Now that’s ironic @psychotherapist because if it was me- first of all I wouldn’t be flicking shit in anyone’s face.

          Secondly, I am much more discerning regarding who I’m keeping company with.

          However, when I was much younger and prone to fighting (I didn’t start shit but if you started it- I was taught to finish it and that there is no such thing as a fair fight. You fight to win. Anything can be a weapon to even out a fight) and I shocked more than a few men with my right hook. They didn’t expect a ‘girl’ to hit like that.

          You see I grew up with a violent father who was one scary son of a bitch. As soon as I got big enough and could actually fight back- I sure the fuck did.

          So when my 11 year old baby sister who was a virgin never as much as kissed a boy got gang raped on her way home from school by a group of much older boys- I first went to the big bad skinheads I knew- who were always talking so damn tough about killing Jews and niggers, asking them to help me to take those boys up into the hills to beat them to an inch of their lives. After all- it was a worthy cause. No such luck. For all the talk they were pussies too.

          So I skipped school one day and on my own I hunted the boys one by one. I didn’t have an older brother, my brother is younger than me.

          Let’s just say when the police came to arrest me for assault the cop told my dad that he got the report that I had been foaming at the mouth like a rabid dog when I did the assaulting. He was correct. I couldn’t handle it when one of the rapists said “she wanted us to do it”. Yeah like you wanted me to smash your ugly face.

          I didn’t bother asking my father because he had been beating my baby sister daily for getting raped because somehow it was her fault.

          Btw my little brother hated my guts because none of the boys would fight him because they were afraid of me. He resented the hell out of me for that. But I wasn’t displeased about it one bit.

          I’m not a feminist. Most women and girls are not suited to fight men, as are men. Only an idiot would think otherwise.

          When a man proves he’s a fucktard piece of shit- it should be other men who teach that fuck a lesson. On the flip side of that coin women should be prepared to deal with what a man doles out if she thinks she’s a badass and starts shit with a man.

          1. It should be other men to teach him a lesson?? According to who u entitled stupid bitch????…how bout when men are tired of taking the woman’s side???..or when alphas outnumber white knights n end up getting fucked off hard??…also if ur soooooo fierce (which I believe to be bullshit n doubt anyone is scared or impressed) why do other men need to handle it??? Fuck women…fuck em all n I hope bitches like you keep seeing other women getting the shit beat out of them and women continue getting fucked off…fuck your sister too!!! Lmao see what I nasty of

          2. Flicking a match doesn’t cut it. He is a PUSSY. Exactly the kind of fuck who needs to be buried up to his neck in the dessert so the sun will hard boil his head and the scorpions and bugs get a nice lunch. Or fit for a wood chipper then food for the pigs.

            Evil fucks deserve the maggots.

            Some of us mean business and we will disassemble you if you hurt someone we love.

            My dad was 6’4″ muscled and 260 pounds and I took his punches for years. Pussy pass? What pussy pass. At age 16 I took an empty bottle of jack Daniels smashed it and chased his ass around the house. I broke his face and he was never the same. At that time I had convinced myself I liked to fight. Thing is- I didn’t have a choice.

            As a grown woman now, I broke the cycle of violence. on one hand I resent that I had to fight like I did. On the other I know I CAN and WILL do what I need to do, defensively, if the situation arises and I won’t hesitate. But I’m smart enough to avoid DUMBASS MEATHEAD people and situations.

            Violence is EASY and BASE. There’s nothing extraordinary about it.

            Like the fucks celebrating this woman being hurt.

            Oh poor baby some bitch hurt your feelings and your ego is so fragile. WEAK.

          3. Shut the fuck up you privileged whore. I have been celebrating people getting smashed on Best Gore for 8 years. What makes you think I will make an exception just because this bitch was a woman? Fucking rights I will celebrate watching some whore get leveled. I will jerk off to the vid of your cracked skull being fucked by a rabid dog.

          4. @I program myself….everything you’ve said is complete bullshit…n I doubt you’ve seen any of the ugliest of shit….because if u had you wouldn’t be talking about…breaking the cycle of violence…n how easy it is…ur just a stupid weak little bitch…you’ve never been punched in the face by a man or you’d know you’d be knocked the fuck out…like the woman in this video….I’ve met lots of women like you who talk about how brass n tough they are….every last 1 of them started crying when they got punched in the face, beat up by a man, or had a gun in Their face…they all cried n it made me realize how lame they really were when they stated their tough talk. The only woman that I know that actually didn’t cry n tried to fight back (I’ve seen this bitch shoot a guy lol) was a crackwhore a fat crackwhore who had been beaten and raped multiple times..she was even missing 2 fingers…but not sure how she lost um…but I doubt you’re anything like this bitch…you are just a worthless bitch that has more feeling than grit…n I doubt you’re heartless

          5. Shut the fuck up bitch who gives a fuck bitch started something she shouldn’t of have and yes I’m happy she got beat maybe next time a video of you getting beat I will celebrate that hahaha

          6. Wow impressed. Id love to have been your man.not because youd beat me up but because you are hard when you have to be and im sure you are a kitten when needed.

            P.s i think he was a look at him and i can tell that. He was also most prob drunk,so a useless prick when sober.

            Now if she had done that to me a nice solid slap and hairpulling would have done the trick.embarass her and show her its not play time.

          7. From where I come from, the guy just bought himself a ticket to a serious pinata party.
            His face would be rearranged or worse. I hope that gurl has friends or family to deal with the thug in a way that gets featured in a Best Gore video.

    1. I wouldn’t doubt it if he did more than knock her out. That was a hard head hit, hard enough to kill her.

      All because he’s a WEAK PUSSY. Probably a faggot who is suppressing his faggotry. He really wants dick in his man hole but living in Russia he’s got to stay in the closet. His pathology has him over compensating by beating little girls.

        1. Don’t even flatter yourself. I don’t care enough to be upset by what some dumbass says on a website. I think it’s YOU whose panties are in a wad.

          Fuckin hilarious too

          And no you’ve never known a person like me, let alone one with a vagina.


          1. Oh I’ve known plenty of dumb bitches…n that’s what u are…lol…do me a favor…watch the video again….that’s a lil sample of me vs you…except if probably slap you while you were on the ground…

          2. This bitch claims in her post not to be a feminist but when her opinion is challenged she reverts to ad hominem attacks full of Code ‘XYZ’ shaming tactics: Code Orange, Code Red, Code Blue, Code Purple, Code White, Code Tan just to mention some…..and I could continue. You carry on with your feminist poison @nohumaninvolved . As I said to someone else after reading their post doing just the same as you’re doing: “Your own words condemn you.” Feminazi, pseudo tough-girls….lol! Your fun, big-mouthed slutty-days are numbered because the tide is turning. However, please do in the real world what you say you’d do in your posts because I really want to see the video of you being shown just how tough you aren’t.

      1. The guy is a hero. Not taking shit from privileged whores. No “weak girl” pussy passes. Should have also stomped her dumb skull like she deserved. Bitch has the nerve to disrespect men, bitch better be ready to take it like a man. The guy delivered it like he would deliver to a man. Equality. Fuck yeah! And fuck your entitled ass for thinking that just because she’s a woman she deserves a pussy pass.

      2. I really enjoy you go from being offended to offending other people by using slurs such as faggot.
        Like I don’t care for others speech, use niggers all you want, just don’t be a fucking hypocrite.

      3. Bingo! Didn’t even see your comment until I scrolled down but that’s an envious, bitter homosexual queen. Amazing that most men here didn’t pick up on it. Probably because none of them are acquainted or related to attractive women who are harassed by these vile, women hating homosexual men. I can tell he’s a fag from the still shot alone.

        1. @s1s1ck1tten

          You have some serious faggotry issues and I’m beginning doubt you’re even female. You sound like you’re a fat, pimply, teenage boy with zero access to females and so you turn into a total mangina and use white-knight tactics to make yourself feel attractive to women by defending them, hoping against all hope that one day one of those women might let you sniff her dirty swamp.

          However, I could be wrong. You may well be female, but if that’s the case then you’re just another nasty, feminist skank with low intellect, incapable of putting forward any form of argument without resorting to ad-hominem attacks, and you constantly ring the Code Lavender bell with your feminist shaming-tactics giving us the feeling we’re dealing with someone with room-temperature IQ.

          If you disagree with someone and wish to challenge them about something, try to construct a sentence using facts, relevant opinions and reasons for your challenge; and do it without resorting to name-calling. You’ll earn a lot more respect that way.

        1. @foff

          I read what you said to John, and then I scrolled down the page to see you commenting repeatedly on Best Gore. Go back to your two scabby kids and your beta-male husband, you hypocritical cunt…..and take your feminist attitude with you.

      1. Oh look, another “that’s what they nasty of” joke or attempt at humour…

        The comments section on Best Gore used to be good before it was turned into a competition of who could type the most retarded. There is not an ounce of humour in what you said.

          1. Oh I fuck…trust me I fuck bitches…n I treat um like shit…they love it!!! They can’t resist being ignored or being called stupid bitches…n they assume I’m playing n being cute…but I fuck…but then again they’re only women…nothing more than women…just stupid selfish POS good for nothing but a dick hole females…That’s all they are…women…worthless

          2. Lol well each to their own. I ain’t saying that some woman don’t deserve it cause their is a lot of slutty hoes out there so if they like to treated like that, then you do you man. But it’s kinda unnecessary to knock her out cause he’s all mad she didn’t want him.

          3. You saying your momma is nothing but a useless dick hole too? Awe, such respect for the woman who popped ya out of her tiny hole and brought you into this world.

        1. Same feminist tactic….soo stupid too because in the tactic they pretty much admit that all women are good for is a fuck…they never say ” ur just mad you’ve never got to engage a woman intellectually”….nope its always about how ur mad you can’t fuck one….at least this stupid bitch knows that’s all women are good for…n that isn’t even fun After like the 2nd time u fuck em

          1. Lmao I ain’t a feminist, im a realist. And yeah dumbass, cause that all men care about is a good fuck. so hateful toward woman in general. dumbass men like u just put all woman into one category that they’re all whores. And like ur other post u said about the way u treat woman like shit cause they ” like it” but that just kinda proves that u chase those type of females so like what do u expect?

          2. I don’t have chase um n treat um like shit…lol…that’s too much work…when they come in my vicinity because of my disregard for them I treat um like shit…n it works on them whatever magic it does…but anyone can tell when a bitch is ripe for picking n wants to go home. I could go into why I don’t like women but that would take a long explanation. Plus it doesn’t matter cuz I KNOW I don’t like um. now u can be upset about that or not idgaf. But I’m having fun treating u like shit lol…that’s the beauty of it grab a dog and just all day a foot up a dogs ass just BANG BANG BANG up its ass!!! THATS MY PLEASURE!!

  2. At first i laughed but on replay i realized how her head knocked the pavement, she could have died, or suffered more brain damage. She deserved the punch in the face but not the consequences that i mentioned.

  3. That… was SO unnecessary holy shit. He blew the match out in an obvious joke (but THAT was TOTALLY okay *note sarcasm*) but when she playfully tosses it at him the asshole couldn’t take being ‘teased’ back. Dick. Wow. Russians are INSANE lol

    1. I would say that throwing a smoldering match at someone’s face is taking it up a notch. He only responded to her violence. Of course, your gonna stick up for the whore, because like so many other cunts, you think it is perfectly fine for women to abuse men. Maybe someday you will be taught a similar lesson….

    2. A woman encouraging other women to abuse men, and not accept men to defend themselves. Come at me bitch and throw a match at me, I will knock you so hard that I will send you into another universe.

      1. Start the clip, right click, save video as…

        I’m trying to encourage my friend to join here so I send him emails of some of the more-amusing, less-gory videos to whet his appetite 🙂

      1. Scat scat scat! We need the Dilf back. That guy was fucking hilarious. And, like him or not, he was a great communicator. One well timed scat or POWER CRUSH would get lots of members participating and communicating with one another.
        A true gentleman and a scholar.
        Bring Back the Dilf.

  4. Why’d he blow a kiss in her face as she lit up? She threw the match at him in response to his drunk advance signaling she no likee. Now he has to fuck his drinking buddy in his asshole cuz she be dead.

  5. YEEESSSSSSS!!!!! its all I can think…such a short video for such gratification….this has to be at least a top 5…its like a Mike Tyson fight…thank you Russian Alpha for knocking that bitch out…make more videos Russian…n knock a lot of bitches out…the prettier the bitch getting knocked out the better!!! Show us all what they nasty of!!!

    1. That’s not an alpha. If she’s such a skank what’s he doing there? Alpha men don’t have to scrape the bottom of the barrel. They get the pick of the alpha females.

      You’d know that if you were an alpha LOL

      You come across as you’ve never been laid and you hate women for it. Or you just get the ugly and fatty ones.

      1. There’s no such thing as alpha females! That’s a bullshit myth….n actually alphas don’t care about women at all…not pretend like they don’t…THEY REALLY DONT…n that’s why we fuck a lot of women by treating um like they ain’t worth a fuck…they love not being cared about…cuz all the simps throw themselves at them…so when an alpha walks in not paying any attention to them they wanna see what’s so different about him…also because alphas don’t gaf about women…they’ll knock them the fuck out or choke the shit outta them if they get outta line cuz……..they….don’t….give….a….fuck….about….them….u stupid bitch…that’s what u are…a stupid bitch…never will u be worth as much as a man…ull always be the lesser gender…funny thing I mentioned “alpha female” cuz like 2 weeks ago I fucked a girl who said she was an “alpha female” n that she liked me because she got the impression she couldn’t take advantage of me or I wouldn’t allow her to walk all over me…I fucked her after about 3 hours of interaction w her…I fucked the dog shit outta her…fucked her in her ass made her cum…called her a stupid bitch n white while I fucked her…slapped her just a lol cuz she didn’t like that….n I was the best she ever had according to her…then I deleted her number n blocked her!

        1. I agree, women like being treated like shit but they don’t admit it, they evolved that way. But women like dating beta males because they can control them easy and take away their money. That’s why women struggle with alpha males because they don’t give them pussy pass.

        1. Vinci, you forgot “don’t you have a mom or sister?”

          Ask that to the whores who go around sleeping with the Chads or Tyrones of this world. Or even better, asks the mothers of the women who screw around and get murdered by those bad boys. Where they thinking about the grief their their mothers go through? Or the fact that their mothers have to bury them and possibly have to take care of their children.

    1. He didn’t use a motorcycle helmet or any other tool to hit her with, and didn’t sucker punch her from behind. You can tell societal misandry still runs deep when people who don’t see men getting much worse than this as brutal, quickly jump on the brutal train when the victim is a woman.

  6. These women are funny…the reason a man can knock a woman out and does knock her out is because he’s a weak pussy???? Lmao… I guess the reason wars are won is because the victors had a bunch of weak pussies to fight for them….of if a guy beats another guys ass for acting like a bitch its because he’s a weak pussy…but if a man protects a woman whether or not if she’s in the wrong n he stands up for her to fight a man for her then he’s worthy of respects???? What in the actual fuck kinda reasoning is that….that’s the selfish reasoning of women…only if its for their benefit is it respectable…but if its not then its a hater…a pussy…and whatever else….makes me want to punch a bitch just think in about that stupidity

    1. If she’s not dead then hopefully she learns her lesson; if she is dead then it’s one less skank to worry about plus other skanks might learn a lesson from watching the video. Either way it’s a win-win situation.

  7. from my point of view it looked like he tried to blow her match out before the cig was lit, and obviously she was playing around when she threw the match at him. so he elbows her on the street? okay i love doggin bitches out as much as the next troll. but goddamn man.from the video… that was unnecessary. fuck all the speculations and what ifs. so unnecessary!! an elbow to the face?! that could cause broken nose, teeth, or eye socket, then head hitting the street.. concussionnnnn….death maybe? should have just snuffed the whore right there.

  8. Any men that get there rocks off abusing anyone weaker then them are nothing but a punk! Man woman midget it doesn’t matter when you clearly see the person is no competition to you and you hurt them brutally like this then your nothing but a fucking punk with some very very deep seeded issues! In this video the girl was playing with him after he blew out her match and he most certainly overreacted completely!!

      1. That’s what you got from this? That’s your perception? That’s Aspie speak, dear. There are online tests you can take to see how far gone on the spectrum you are.
        You’re one of those Aspie retards. No doubt.

        1. Oh I’m bad…no I’m not bad I’m rotten…I’m all the way off the fucking charts…but trust me that’s where us men are going with your expectations…such as pussy passes…and listening to charges from women like you saying there is something wrong with us (look at the examples of the feminist shaming tactics that you yourself are employing)…be afraid…because I know I’ve seen a growing number of men adopting similar mentalities…maybe its the females perception of reality is fucked and its caused us men to act accordingly…were tired of it….but like I said there is no discussion with me…I’m all the way fucked up…n I love it…I want it…I’m all the way nasty of it!!!! So call me what u will charge me as you will…I will continue to be this and communicate this with my fellow man…there is no getting me to try n look deep inside myself and say “you know what maybe you’re right I need to change my way of thinking”….to me you’re a stupid insignificant bitch…n if u read the comments it appears the majority of us men feel this way…you see what we nasty of!!

  9. however…here is the man,the pussy! a really man,is going away from this women,but it gives a lot of men,that are pussy,tiny,little pussys,and they think,they are the greatest,or not John sinclar???

    1. Men are not giving women pussy passes anymore, I know women are evolved to always want pussy passes but women wants equal rights now, so no more pussy passes for you. I will treat women like shit and punch them if they miss up with me.

  10. ahhh and the comments increasingly prove .. just as i said, just as i told you, just as i claimed …. all my prophecies which i was mocked and caricatured as some tinfoil hat wearer, seem to be slotting right into place. take heed and let the knowledge i emanate soak in and fester in you as time will prove that i was correct on all fronts.

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