Russian Skank Gets Elbowed the Fuck Out for Tossing Match at Man

Russian Skank Gets Elbowed the Fuck Out for Tossing Match at Man

With Brazilian men being the biggest pussy whipped, white knighting mangina simps in the whole fucking world, somebody had to step it up and add some balance into the open. And Russian men are it. In Russia, men do not crawl on their knees begging to hand out pussy passes like the subservient Brazilian sissies. In Russia, there’s gender equality.

The video shows a young Russian woman of a skanky variety, dressed up to bait men (I’m sure she’s wearing the heels because it’s comfortable to stand in them, and the short skirt because the weather is balmy warm in Russia in the fall, right manginas?), react to a man taking the bait by tossing a match into him. It looks as though the man took the bait by trying to blow the match for her after she’s used it (or attempted to) to light up her cigarette.

The man quickly responded to the cock teasing skank’s move to humiliate him by knocking her the absolute fuck out with a righteous elbow to her facking (yes, facking) face. Pussy pass denied! Some random white knight then raised his voice at the guy, but since this is Russia, maybe someone will knock the white knight right the fuck out of him in the next video.

Props to Best Gore @shiddy for the video.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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300 thoughts on “Russian Skank Gets Elbowed the Fuck Out for Tossing Match at Man”

  1. Lmao!!!!she looks dead when.she sucks that cigarette lol!for me he was wrong and definitely drunk!!looks like they were friends standing there and.the pussy comes after probably to ask for fire!no reason to hit that hard and I’m ddefinitely not support those fucking sluts needs equal rights

  2. She’s a bitch. But he’s an ass. What he did could have easily killed her. What she did could have hurt his feelings and made him say ouch. His level of force doesn’t match her level of bitch. The same applies if the match flicker was a dude. But like most things, I highly suspect there is more to this story than a simple assault by match that set off his reaction.

  3. I would have given my front seat in hell to have been there. I would have absolutely wrecked this asshole. Let me break it down for you idiots supporting this. A pretty girl, a drunk asshole that had probably been coming onto her and being disgusting all night. After avoiding him, and telling him no for the 100th time… she gets frustrated and tosses a match at the piece of shit, playfully. She did not deserve to get hit like that.

    1. I think she was sensitive as she was the one that ended up on the floor…plus I don’t think he’ll feel to bad when he gets home…her on the other hand will be blessed with some time to sit n think about what she did wrong…..which was be born for starters…..

  4. My dick has more brains than most of the ones on here that can’t see for shit. She was smiling , kidding around and he fucked up just like most of you fail to see. You boys need to be prisoned together and bung fuck each other.

  5. My dick has more brains than most of the ones on here that can’t see for shit. She was smiling , kidding around and he fucked up just like most of you fail to see. You boys need to be prisoned together and bung fuck each other.

  6. his attack was completely uncalled for. he should be locked up. you can kill someone from striking them in the head like that….hes a fucking piece of shit….cant expect much from the race of fucking worthless drunks. slavic men are generally trash thats why their own women dont want them.

  7. The asshole knocking out the woman is a piece of shit. He has blown the girl’s match, so she was apparently irritated by that (why wouldn’t she). The piece of shit should just go and kill himself and rot in some ditch.

      1. gentleman john singleton: lets elaborate.

        1) sucker hitting is for faggots

        2) force was excesive for the target

        3) response was unproportional to input

        4) she could die from the pavement impact

        has your rational mind any response to these facts?

  8. He’s lucky he doesn’t live in Brazil, lol then again, WE would get lucky to see a video of him in jail. Granted, he wouldn’t deserve the jail treatment, but I’m sure it would be an excellent thing to watch. Double the pleasure!

  9. Of course that was an extreme overreaction. If he’d hit a guy, I’d say the same. No gender situation here; just alcohol and an anger issue. Anybody enraged so easily will meet up with someone with more rage soon enough. If you think his reaction was perfectly normal, you’re kind of fucked up.

  10. The worst thing about this video is not even shown. She likely lost her sense of smell and with that taste as her brain shifted from the fast bounce on the pavement. It ripes the olfatory bulb with the nerves and there is a slim chance of it ever connecting. A life without taste. DAMN

  11. I think that ALL of the “men” posting on and on about the female deserving it, pussy pass denied, blah blah blah, are just trying to out due each other, as each new comment is hilarious and more ridiculous than the last. With MOST “men” (and I use that term EXTREMELY loosely. I should say most humans with a penis) EVERYTHING is a contest or battle with a winner and loser. In this case, it’s whose comments are the stupidest and provide the biggest shock value. ANYONE who tries to reason with them, or talks to them like they are real people with a normal life and functioning brain cells are literally wasting their time. You are doing EXACTLY what they want you to do!!! You are giving them attention!! Giving them an opening to continue to spew ridiculous and sometimes, albeit very rarely, hilarious nonsense. Don’t feed into it, people!! Just allow that small group of men to have their own little club where they talk their bullshit to each other. With ,”Vincent” as the club president who gets his little ego stroked and blowed by all the other ridiculous minions with the same opinion as his.

  12. WOW it takes a great courage to sucker elbow a 50kg bitch, and to the wannabe mens here in the forum celebrating this sad thing, you could simply cannot see where is the line between what a man can, and cannot do.

    ****Responses to inputs of life in any civilized mind,,, must be proportional. ****

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