Shitface Defaces Private Shop with Graffiti, Owner Delivers Beating to Him

Shitface Defaces Private Shop with Graffiti, Owner Delivers Beating to Him

Shitface Defaces Private Shop with Graffiti, Owner Delivers Beating to Him

In Otavalo, Ecuador, some shitface decided to deface the wall of a private property, which was a hardware store, with a graffiti.

The owner popped out with a hunch that something nefarious was going on, and when he noticed the worthless shit fucking up his business, he got in his face, swept him off his knees and delivered beating to his worthless self with a few punches. The useless shit deserved worse than that.

Props to Best Gore member @impiacopetona for the video:

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117 thoughts on “Shitface Defaces Private Shop with Graffiti, Owner Delivers Beating to Him”

  1. Kudos to the man, that’s how it’s done. I loved how the scrawny shit tried to walk off like he was minding his own business after spotting the shop owner lol… although I think he should’ve taken it a bit further and emptied that can on his face for good measure.. fuck it, why not piss on him to? If someone’s gonna be a dick to you, you might as well show them that you can be a bigger dick than they’ll ever be.

      1. Shopkeeper can wipe the cunts face on the wall ‘till it comes off and charge him for the extra labor. Like people don’t have enough work to do at their jobs without douche bags like this making them work more.

      1. I had to rewatch it because I too thought he was going to spray hi m with the paint! I see it now it’s when he’s standing over him , he’s like straddling him.i thought right then he was going to get him! now I watch it and he could just as easily pissed all over him. he should have delivered nice knock out stomp to face then piss all over him and then bust the nozzle off his spray paint and hand it back to him am I right?

          1. Next thing you know the shop owner is paying you not to do graffiti as protection money and then maybe he needs a little more protection cuz now he can’t keep an employee as they all keep getting scared off for some reason… so now you let me go in there and manage the place for you because nobody’s going to fuck with me right??? And before you know it I’m running the place for you and purchasing all of your back stock for you which I know you’ll pay me back for before you get your shop back right?? and you’re only getting a small percentage of your shop cuz you’re deathly afraid you might be murdered in his sleep …. Things can go downhill pretty quickly once you let them local gangsters into your life

          2. how do you jump from graffiti artist to local gangster? if he already was a local gangster then the shopkeeper is already screwed?

          3. Well do your graffiti on your own damn property then. If someone put an “art form” as you put it, on my property that I hated and certainly didn’t want, I’d be pretty pissed too…

          4. @nadyaes96
            I agree, the shop owner is truly fucked now.
            Whether he’s a gang banger or not, I’m sure retaliation is at the top of his to do list now.
            All I know is, that owner better have lots of yellow paint and rollers ready.

          5. @nadyaes96 Do you often get a pussy pass? I know we’re all supposed to be a bunch of alpha mgtows here but some time ago i realised whilst holding the door open at work for a pretty girl that i am that weak man who still can’t help giving out those pussy passes. I always go the extra mile for a beautiful woman. What a fukkin wimp.
            I was actually going to say….oh…i can’t remember now it was so long ago. 
            can someone tell @happy we need smiley faces ?
            …… Or gory ones.

          6. @carly69 um opening a door isn’t a pussy pass. i do it if there is someone behind me too. its just good manners. and tbh unless we’re close, if you do nice things for me without me asking for anything, its more creepy than sweet.

          7. Have you heard of incels? I am not creepy, only when done on purpose.. plus it’s in a non funny kind of way… That is my humor.

            I am married and have child 😉

            BTW wheres that sandwhich at? I’m nothing but skin and bones now .. i will teach you. mwahahaha!

            Have you let your guard down a little, yet? Mwahahaha!


          8. @carly69
            Holding the door open for that pretty girl wasn’t a pussy pass, you were just hoping she’d follow you to the back seat of your car. 🙂
            It doesn’t always work though.
            You have to do the smiley faces and such the old fashioned way.

          9. @hamburgerbob I hold the door open for her but i also know she has a slight hair lip, mmeaning she has been through the low self esteem bit growing up and i recognise this. I know she welcomes the compliment as do all girls hair lip or not. You have to love them, flirt with the and tell them how beautiful they are. Yes you’re right it doesn’t always work but sometomes ir does and that’s good enough for me…and for you brother.

          10. its not art if its done illegaly on someone else property.

            otherwise, the whole amount of tombstone in all cemetary will be covered by neo nazi tag called “art”.

            he can be happy to not get shot with gun for that. i would.
            at least, make him clean the wall by licking the tag with his own tongue.

  2. Love the way the dog and the bloke on the corner with the white hat just sitting there all the way through this, very laid back, as if this is a normal daily event. Probably is for all I know.

  3. Settling down nicely with a few Ales to watch the World Championship Darts at the Ally Pally in London, Van Gerwen v Adrian Lewis.
    I do like it when the players come out, walk the walk onto the stage to their music and a couple of bitches in skimpy knickers are doin the Cheerleader routine to the music.
    I’m not saying that ISN’T entertaining, not by by means, but I really do think that the organisers would draw more interest for this tournament if they replaced these dancin whores with a live Beheading on the stage.
    Dress the Darts scorer as Jihadi John to detach some cleaner’s head whilst they’re having a quick smoke break in the rest room. Just a thought..

          1. I agree. He is the wolf -in-sheeps’s clothing slotted into France to fool the sheeple for the Globalists. Riots ,deaths,poison gas and the silence is deafening! No cries of “Macron must go!”by the braying ass Natoist/Atlanticist politicians .None at all. I am stunned!haha

            What we need is a lot of humiliating 10sec clips of Macron’s gay sex stitched into world-wide state tv broadcasts by hackers to finish him off.

  4. The pimp on the corner didn’t seem to have a clue that anything was taking place. All he was thinking was: When muh bitchez beez back? Dayz ben gone too long. I’z be axin demz ho’s way dayz ben…na meen? No’me sayun?

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