Shop Owner and Employees Attacked for Not Selling Cigarettes After Hours in Radom, Poland

Shop Owner and Employees Attacked for Not Selling Cigarettes After Hours in Radom, Poland

Shop Owner and Employees Attacked for Not Selling Cigarettes After Hours in Radom, Poland

In front of the Żabka store in the city of Radom in Poland, the owner of the premises, her son and his friend were attacked and beaten. The woman ended up with serious head injuries and had to be hospitalized. Her son and his friend, who were the employees, only suffered light injuries.

The police have already arrested one of the perpetrators. He is a 40 year old resident of Radom. The identity of the second one has already been established and steps are being taken to arrest him, per spokeswoman for the City Police Headquarters in Radom.

The incident took place on Sunday September 13, 2020 after 8.30pm at the Miła Street in Radom. It all apparently started when a man walked in as an employee was closing the store. He demanded that he be sold cigarettes. When the employee told him it was already after hours and they were closed, he became aggressive.

The CCTV video of the incident shows him punching and throwing a pallet at a storefront as if trying to bring down the door.

Then the 50 year old owner, her son and son’s friend run out of the store. They knock the attacker down and with the help of passersby, they take control of the situation for a while. It doesn’t last long, however.

A presumed buddy of the attacker joins the action soon after and attacks everyone in sight.

The video shows that the shop owner is trying to explain the situation, as the man gets up, knocks her over and kicks her in the head. One of the employees tries to help her, but is also attacked.

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37 thoughts on “Shop Owner and Employees Attacked for Not Selling Cigarettes After Hours in Radom, Poland”

    1. He should’ve said: “Please, i need some cigarettes really bad or else I go completely insane and it always makes me break cigarette shop windows and shit, plus I lost my medication” .
      Something like that would’ve worked with me if I was the owner.

    2. Nah you never want to open the door after you lock it. That is when you get robbed. I never made eye contact with anyone in view, bang on the door and I made zero reaction like I couldn’t hear it. Best to have just made call to citizen killer, theyd have handled it

    1. Or a gun- seeing that pepper spray these two fucks were most likely Antifa homos chimping out because they didn’t get their way and figured they would get away with it because there is no consequences in that commie ran state that whole area can burn- oh yeah it already is

  1. shops in poland open till late ,some are 24hrs open,seems this argument is over something other,most polish are cucks who put the woman first ,this guy went next level hitting that lady ,surley the policia will break his arm upon arrest .the night security even patrol armed with 9mm ,body armour ,big guys.this chump will get it for sure..

      1. Can’t be Detroit then despy.
        Reminds me of the negress in NYC that went nuts because the clerk wouldn’t sell a single Kool cig, she went and got her brother who shot the clerk dead.
        The punch line is she never did get her Kool cigarette !

  2. Now bunged up in prison for years to come all for the sake of a bunger (that he didn’t even get in the end). The funny part of it all is that smoking is now banned in pretty much every prison in the civilised world. What a wanker. Why do we have to suffer fools?

  3. Miserable country and a waist of property it sitting at…
    Hypocrat fags , or evill beasts drunken or drugged straight from hell..
    Please take them to those camps that still there, put them in shuwer , open the gas valve and throw a zippo through the opening at the roof…
    Spare us from their abusive existence..

  4. That’s why we get our cigarettes early people in anticipation not when we’re all partied out and think that they have it when ever it suits … I got to learn that early in my life started smoking at 13 and stopping was a beatchhhh ! D: lmao …. that beat in the woman was so unnecessary though in my opinion yeeeouchhh 0.0 some back yard wrestling there extreme style daiiimmmmnnnn

  5. He probably yells after first no and they didnt want to sell him cigs just because they didnt like him.
    Anyway, he loads years of frustration on that entrance plus, cig crysis is horrible. I know it first hand. Btw i quit long time ago..

    It would be nice to fill us with update.

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