Shotgun Blasts Glasgow Smile into Victim’s Face in Brazil

Machete Attack Victim Adorns Authentic Glasgow Smile

At least when the scar heals, he will always look like he is Happy and on top of the world with an authentic Glasgow smile.


Location is Brazil not Mexico and the people are speaking Portugues not Spanish. Also, the weapon is a shotgun not machete, stated earlier. Triple fail!

Here is what @masterplan substitute has to say about the video:

This is a disgrace to the Portuguese-speaking community! He is clearly speaking Portuguese from the periphery of some city, probably from the famous country of violent deaths depicted on this site. BRAZIL.
Throughout the conversation, the new hole in his body was by a shotgun.

What they said:
– We’re in the support here [face off scene]
[inaudible face whisper in focus]
“I went after him, but he did not want to come in with me there [face in focus]
– Who, bro? [face out of scene]
– The guys stayed on the street, man!
[inaudible face whisper off scene]
– This bug is fucking. I told him not to go there [unlike the others, probably a third person]
“Mano, did not you have any” pens “? [face out of scene]. Pen probably means gun in the slang of criminals.
– I was … I had a shotgun. His wife got in there.

By inference: I find it difficult for a Brazilian to leave the country to go to Mexico to do shit.

Props to Best Gore member @wireless666lhev for information on video:

96 thoughts on “Shotgun Blasts Glasgow Smile into Victim’s Face in Brazil”

    1. Glasgow smile? Glasgow smile would be a smiling mouth full of brown teeth or no teeth.
      Chelsea smile, that is what it could be called. Glaswegians don’t smile they have nothing to smile about. “It’shite being Scottish,were the lowest of the low” – Renton on Trainspotting. And it’s only got worse since then.

    1. Not here, a scar like that on someone’s face is a scar of dishonor plain and simple… This guy has clearly done something dishonorable… no matter what story he’s telling the person he’s talking to here in this video… they don’t do this to someone for no reason… Irregardless of what the guy says afterwards

    1. Haha good one!

      Nurse: “The plastic surgeon, Dr Proctor, will see you now, Ben”
      Ben: ” Hi Doc”
      Dr : “Hi Ben, now what can we do for you this time? – By the way, how was Mexico?
      Me and the wife just loved Fun in Acapulco..”

      1. Haha. Remember that Indian Subcontinental doctor who was operating in Gold Coast Hospital? Hahah
        The butcher kept cutting out mens’ prostates unecessarily rendering them impotent etc. I think they proved he got his degree on the back of a CornFlake’s Packet. The stupid Aussie doc association here brought him here from Oregon usa and that is where he escaped to practise again until we extradited the thickhead!

          1. That was him! Money-grubbing cunt and the doc jackasses who licensed him in Aus did not do the appropriate checks. Too busy medicating to get commissions for their new yachts and wife’s shopping sprees in Gdstad!
            Yanks didn’t look into him either. I tell you if i was born evil I would have given James Bond’s Ernst Stavro Blofeld or Dr No a run for their money. I would run rings around the Pm and presidents of the Uk,Aus and the Us.hahaha .Donkeys!

        1. @hopingfornemesis

          I was gonna make an Al Pacino comment but you beat me to it lol.

          And no I haven’t heard of that one. I heard of some Aussie nurses and doctors who raised money for a prostitute for a 15 year old kid dying of cancer though who’s dying wish was to lose his virginity… now that was some shit lol.

          1. @badfairy nailed him. Dr Patel ,practised in the Gold coast? But def QLD. About five ten years ago. Butchered men and women with unecessary and incompetent surgeries. Some people so badly they wanted to die! Nurses would hide patients from him so they could not be found for surgery.
            Fifteen year old kid? Good on them. I would do the same! A good nurse is worth five docs anyday.

            That is ok. Sphincterpiston always beats me to some good comments too. I hate that!

        2. But in all seriousness. I feel sorry for this cunt! I mean, he’s gonna have a lop-sided smile somewhat similar to a Japanese grandma’s cunt! Because all those nerves to contract the muscles of the cheek can’t reattach properly.
          Poor Mole!
          Let’s shout him a Corona, followed by a shot of ‘T’.
          And yes, he can eat the fckn worm this time!

      1. worse things i saw is childrens getting executed for no reason. sometime dismembered, put on the pile or let against the wall they get executed.

        i didnt saw all the thing, but just the bodies.

        when you see that, you wonder who the fuck can do that…. but in a world and a place where some 10 years old childs are used as soldier wearing AK…. everything is to expect.

        some places are really fucked up.

        i also see a friend of me blowing on a mine and lost both legs at 30-40m of me. he survived and now in chairwheel. But at the moment, between the dust,smoke and the gore… its really a big mess that can break some mind. adding that you dont know if you are attacked or not… cant know instantly if its a mine or a mortar strike or else… (good thing he is ok now, but for months he was constantly scared to blow on another mine everywhere in the hospital.. real traumatic way.)

          1. @hollyeat
            O.M.G. Girl,,, i am also sorry to hear that you had o witness such atrocities at such a young age, because seeing this as an Adult for the first time is hard enough,,, but to have to see it as a kid can screw with your head for life. God-Bless You Girl. 🙁

            Is it me or does it not look like he was already stapled-up with 2 huge staple from a very recent other deep vertical laceration where the Dr. keeps pressing right beside-it midway through the video, and on? Maybe it’s associated with the older one on his forehead also. Man there crazy over there, getting chopped-up on a bi-weekly basis as regular as their paychecks for fuck-sakes, lol. What do you think bro?

          2. Could be. I also note a fresh horizontal scar on his upper chest that looks stapled !
            He is starting to look like Frankenstein with all those scars everywhere.
            Toughguy has a voice like Mickey Mouse but I am not disparaging him. In the same cirCUM stances,my balls would shrivel up into my stomach and I would sound like Shirley Temple singing!

          3. dont know why everybody think i m a girl .. lol

            i m a normally builded men 😀

            is it because of my nickname ? or the way i talk ?

            no idea :/

  1. For future reference, machete attacks don’t happen in Mexico. That’s only in Africa level poverty stricken god forsaken dumps like Central America, Caribbean or Bra’ziw favelas

    1. No real Scotsman would use a shotgun to make his face look so sexy and pretty. That would be the kind of thing a poof would do. If this was really a Scotsman it would be a self-inflicted injury done with a brick because it is January, traditionally the month when Lesbians go out looking for Mancock.

      In January, Scotsmen (particularly Glaswegians) traditionally beat themselves across the face with discarded half-bricks to deter the predatory Cock-Starved,Blue-Monday-January Lesbians who try to cheer their miserable cunts up with some exotic Mancock for their once-a-year chuff-pounding. Glasgow Lesbians will prowl the city streets looking for handsome faced men with fine cocks to wrap their lezzer-flaps round and get their minges slimed-up with. By uglifying themselves with half-bricks, many Glaswegian men avoid this horror. I simply stay deep in the quiet countryside until it is all over. By February Glaswegian men’s faces have healed up, the lesbians have recovered from Blue Monday and are happily back at their Kipper-Licking, Fisting and Scissoring.
      I think this guy was trying to avoid a predatory woman, possibly a cock-staved Lesbian and he panicked and reached for a shotgun instead of a half-brick. That’s why he still looks a bit pretty-boyish and not like a Scotsman at all. Plus… think of the Dentist’s Bills. Actually… don’t get me started on Dentists, teeth and crowns…

        1. @illegalsmile55 I do have one little dentist story. I was having to have a tooth removed recently. I was not looking forward to it. It was big tri-rooted molar on the upper left side. I didn’t want to lose it – but it had to go. No treatment possible.
          My dentist is a wonderful doctor, a woman in her late 30’s and very, very good at her job. She is so good I often don’t have injections for fillings and even once had none for a wee root treatment. She is very gentle and careful and we have a “stop” raised-hand sign for when she has to STOP! I’ve only had to use it once. She is THAT great.
          I appreciate this kind of attention from a woman like that as you can probably imagine. Especially one so tender in her ministrations (…imagine…). But I actually have to get my teeth poked, drilled or pulled out in order to get that attention. Anyway I had taken my glasses off and she was leaning over, peering into my mouth with her wee probe. I realised she was going to squash my glasses and so I went to change hands (pass the glasses from my right hand to my left) and accidentally moved my left hand over square onto her breast. Totally fucking cupped it. Complete accident. Jeez! This female was going to haul a nasty tooth out in a few minutes and I had just felt one of her (lovely) bosoms without asking first or being asked. Talk about a BAD MOVE. From my Novocained mouth I mumbled something along the lines of “…Just move my glasses out your way…” and pretended like nothing had happened.
          A few minutes later she nudged my gum back with a retractor, had a wee wobble on the tooth with her pliers and shifting spanner and had my rotten molar out painlessly in seconds. There is a lesson here for all of us males. If you want a lady dentist to do a great painless job with a tooth extraction… feel up her tits first. I may attempt a light fingering to prime her for my next scale and polish.

          1. Only my lord could make a visit to the dentist seem sexy. I’m now wondering if I should accidentally brush against my dentists nether regions. When the dentist asked me if I had any new stories, I toyed with the idea of telling the Guinness/birds story…. They really do think there’s something wrong with me….and they are right in doing so. 😛

      1. The EU tried to transform Glasgow into a World Lesbian Haven and encouraged great troupes of refugee lesbians to come to the city. However, only the real hardcore Lezzers survived as cock-haters due to the inate handsome-ness and palatable nature of fine Scottish Man Meat.

        Jimmy Boyle was a homosexual who fucked any male anus he could get his shit-flavoured cock near. You should read the late artist/ musician Sebastian Horsley’s autobiography “Dandy In The Underworld” for the awful details. Seriously.

        Scotland has its small share of fine hard-core lesbians and that is just how it should be. Similarly we have our share of homosexual murderers-turned Sculptors like Jimmy Boyle. These tiny (but not totally insignificant) parts of our population are just a couple of small parts of what makes Scotland such a fine nation.

          1. @karmen40
            Dandy in the Underworld by Sebastian Horsley is a VERY funny book. You have to imagine a totally dandified-from-birth, larger than life Oscar Wilde character, steeped in wealth, running a riot of Crack, Smack, Cocaine, bumming and Art throughout the 1980s and 1990s Pop and Art worlds with little Artistic talent but a great line in wordsmithery, loads of famous druggy friends and a very good memory.
            Jimmy Boy-el just keeps coming back like a very bad, very bent boomerang of booze and bumming.
            It’s hilarious. You can pick up a copy for £3 delivered on eBay or Amazon. Really funny read. And don’t worry… reading it won’t make you queer.

        1. @lord-wankdust i didn’t know Jimmy was queer but like the krays it was a criminal offence to be gay in those days. So it follows that already being criminalised would make you into a hardcore gangster. One extremity being utilised to hide the other. Extreme violence hiding the fairy beneath. You would end up in prison either way. I’m not sure we have a better world now though. All gays and lezzies snogging on the streets, eughh! i will certainly seek out that book

          1. Ha! my new word: snogging. I want to read that book too.
            I hate seeing gays swap spit, it really turns my stomach (even females) To be fair, I don’t want to see heterosexual people doing it either. It’s everywhere, and ‘they’ shove it down our throats everywhere. You notice commercials now have lots of gays, and also bi-racial couples. When I was young, that was one way of being disowned, bring home a black guy. I’m so glad I don’t have kids…what a shit hole this earth is becoming.
            Calgon, take me away.

          2. @illegalsmile55 I also don’t like seeing hetero people kiss. I loathe seeing men kiss, it’s disusting. To think they used to keep it all hidden, like sort of discreet. Now we’ve allowed this behavior and it’s got out of hand, like you say, they’re shoving ot dowm our throats.
            You’ve actually made a very good decision not having kids.
            haha , sorry using old english words. Snogging is very old meaning kissing with open mouth. Should really be done in the bedroom in private x

          3. @illegalsmile55
            Really? The word/term “Snogging” has been around as long as i remember.
            My first kiss was definitely referred to as a “snog” at the time.
            Maybe just a British thing?

            So, if I find the book in digital format, i will write you with the link?
            Not had any luck on the torrent sites ive tried so far…. but i will keep trying. Couple of people i know [online] who could help
            Hope you settling into the new year ok love.

          4. @carly69
            You Know, i find the kissing between gay men the most difficult to watch… especially if they both have facial hair.
            If it happens on TV, i immediately (almost instinctively) let out an “urgh!”, turn my head, and put my hand up between the TV screen and my range of vision. Im not particularly “anti-homo”…. I just have that reaction when it happens on TV, like, out of the blue.

          5. @carly69 I’m afraid homosexuality was NOT a criminal offense for consenting males over the age of 21 when Jimmy Boy-el was murdering and maiming in Glasgow in the late 60s and early 70s. He just loved bumming, getting bummed and snarfing cocks down the back of his throat. It has never appealed to me but “good luck and have fun” to Jimmy eh? I think once in prison there is little choice in the matter but Krays and Boy-el fucking loved it inside or outside.
            I do NOT think it should be promoted as a lifestyle choice for the young. Particularly in Scotland. As far as I know California was set up to specifically be a Gay Colony and I suppose it kinda works in a Burt Reynolds-Palm Trees-Sunset Boulevard with Hot-Tubs, Fisting and Hollywood sort of way. But not on a wet weekend in Saltcoats or Greenock.

            I don’t like anyone snogging on the streets. Gay men, Kipper-Slurping Lezzers or Heterosexual Heavy Petters… I mean have they no sense of dignity or decorum? Keep that for the privacy of one’s own West Wing, Colonnades or Private Chambers.

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