Street Fight Breaks Out After Guy Is Smacked Over Head with Machete

Street Fight Breaks Out After Guy Is Smacked Over Head with Machete

Lookie lookie, this is Dominica (not the Dominican Republic) – the island in the West Indies, the Caribbean, where yours truly is residing. I know where exactly this road is. I lived not far from there for a bit, but moved to the opposite side of the island precisely because it wasn’t safe around there.

The video shows a weird brawl that breaks out on the street after a guy is smacked over head with a machete. That blow could have taken his head off, but somehow it just grazed it and the guy was able to pick himself up and stand up to the attacker.

A bunch of women however interfered and jumped the victim. The guy was either too pussy whipped to deal with violent women, or didn’t want to deal with them because Dominica has a heavily negative female to male ratio (ie- it’s a sausage fest), so there’s too much dick for too little pussy.

Woohoo, content from my place. First one ever:

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88 thoughts on “Street Fight Breaks Out After Guy Is Smacked Over Head with Machete”

          1. What the fuck?!? Does anyone over there know how to throw a punch…slap fighting is not really fighting although I felt kinda off about the one dude getting jumped by a bunch of sheboons. Also, by the sound and look of that machete slap, Im pretty sure dude got the flat side of the blade…not the business end

      1. That machete was a piece of shit, garbage K-Tel Type, as when he swung it the blade flew-off with the handle still in his hand, lol. Every time that the blade hit the ground it sounded like thin tin, and not thick steel. 😉

          1. I purchased an awesome solid hardwood machete, with a handcrafted handle in Dominican Republic for 30 Canadian Dollars. This thing is bad-ass, nothing like that flimsy tin unit made in Chico’s back yard. The 1/8th of an inch thick blade has a Bull Stamped on it, and the Brandname of “PROMEDOCA” Producto de calidad insuperable, fabricado segun las normas DIN de la industria alemana. Marca de fabrica registrada por PRODUCTOS METALICOS DOMINICANOS, C por A La Vega, R. D. All of this is written on a 1 inch x 3 inch sticker. This Machete also came in a Super Thick Lether Holster with a belt loop. I then felt secure while riding my little red scooter in town, with it strapped to my back, lol. 😉

          1. @bunkermentality Yes it does go back quite a bit. I was waiting for somebody a little older to get a chuckle over this, lol as the younger generation probably don,t have a clue what i mean by this, he, he. 😉

          2. ronco records = Funny Bone! let me tell ya about Ahab the Arab the sheik of the burning sand and..may the bird of paradise also fly up your nose! name game, what else?
            the younger generation gets it! (smile)

      1. Ok so I’m a rich motherfucker… or maybe not but I have it like that and I want to visit a different country just to have some fun and learn about different cultures…
        I cannot picture anything fun to do in the Dominican even with all this money…
        The ideal place for me to visit would most definitely have to have a 3 to 1 female to male ratio and not that many blacks…
        Africa would be out of the equation and a few places in South America and more than half the countries in the middleeast…

      2. WTF Mark,
        You run a gore site, get into trouble for running said gore site, go to jail for being a patriot for freedom of speech/expression because of gore site and now your sipping mojitos in the west indies thanks to the gore site….. Well done brother, well done!

  1. Ya, the dude with the machete is a pussy, had a free swing and couldn’t accomplish shit, then runs away and waits for the bitches to overrun the dude. And I’m sorry, I don’t support beating a bitch, but if I was just attacked with a machete, I’d be pure survival mode and everyone, man, woman, baby, EVERYONE would be getting punched in the face.

  2. Why can’t you just choose one humble sub-Saharan African country? I bet you will be @happy from this other side of the world. You will be treated like a ‘God’ by some brain washed locals. Wishing you all the very best with the good work you are doing.
    Signing Off A.A

  3. I don’t think he’s “pussy whipped” or considering the male to female ratio during all that. He just doesn’t know how to hit for shit. Did you see that swing he threw at her? Just as horrendous as the other dude’s machete skills. Weird video indeed.

  4. Wtf…why did that skanky whore attack the buddy who got hit with the machete? Wish there were more details on this…..buddy should have punched the birches lights out then went after the pussy boy who hit him with the machete!!

  5. With all howls and ear shattering screams gotta get used to seeing apes let lose from the zoo .
    If the machete was put to use I saw no trickle of blood .Was that something the guy carried made out of plywood or something non metallic?

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