Strong and Independent Wahmyn Gets Knocked Out for Spitting on Man

Strong and Independent Wahmyn Gets Knocked Out for Spitting on Man

Strong and Independent Wahmyn Gets Knocked Out for Spitting on Man

This happened before the coronacircus, so it’s not a v2.0 of this type of video. They are alike in the denial of pussy pass, though.

In the video, the strong and independent woman spits on a man during an altercation on the street. That’s where the man’s acceptance of her pussy pass ended, and he proceeded to treat her with equality.

The guy knocks the bitch down and appears to want to stomp her for good measure, but the nearby white knights poop their pants, and the cameraperson flinches, leaving too many questions about the outcome unanswered.

Props to Best Gore member @shortbutthin for the video:

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165 thoughts on “Strong and Independent Wahmyn Gets Knocked Out for Spitting on Man”

    1. Looks like Brooklyn, NYC…If he gets cuffed and stuffed, he’ll get out immediately with no bail, and he’ll be rewarded with Seasons Box tix to the Mets. He’s to uncivilized to get Broadway Play tix…

        1. You have to understand that in NYC, and further in NY State, under DemonCrat rule, the cops have been ordered to not make most arrests, and there is no detention upon arrest. All offenders are released without bail. Some of these assholes are getting arrested two or three times a day. They are given goodies, like Mets and Yankees tickets, to bribe them into showing up in court when their court date comes up.

        2. You have to understand that in NYC, and further in NY State, under DemonCrat rule, the cops have been ordered to not make most arrests, and there is no detention upon arrest. All offenders are released without bail. Some of these assholes are getting arrested two or three times a day. They are given goodies, like Mets and Yankees tickets, to bribe them into showing up in court when their court date comes up.

        3. You have to understand that in NYC, and further in NY State, under DemonCrat rule, the cops have been ordered to not make most arrests, and there is no detention upon arrest. All offenders are released without bail. Some of these assholes are getting arrested two or three times a day. They are given goodies, like Mets and Yankees tickets, to bribe them into showing up in court when their court date comes up.

        4. You have to understand that in NYC, and further in NY State, under DemonCrat rule, the cops have been ordered to not make most arrests, and there is no detention upon arrest. All offenders are released without bail. Some of these assholes are getting arrested two or three times a day. They are given goodies, like Mets and Yankees tickets, to bribe them into showing up in court when their court date comes up. In particular, NYC is like the movie “Frank Miller’s Sin City”. I kid you not. My wife has a house in the Bronx, and we spend half our time there. Ergo, I know of which I speak !

    2. All good while the fat cunt gives the man shit , but no , soon as he reacts its ‘ oooh no , youre not supposed to react…youre supposed to just stand there like an idiot and take it , on camera , so she can go show off to her nigresses later on ‘
      Then SHE is the victim , me ? Id have turned her lights off before the spit left her fat chicken grease covered mouth , fuckin weave wearing fat welfare claiming cunt

      1. Nigger cunts count on the pussy pass; when this pussy pass is denied they’re then reminded that they, indeed, are not men. As such, they will be immediately reminded that, no matter how much they wish and hope, their nigger cunt-ness will not protect them from a barrage of fists and subsequent head stomping. I hope this particular nigger cunt fell with the back of her head flat on the ground so this dude could stomp that mushy grease pit inside her skull into the concrete.

        BTW, this is my first post =) Been here for a while just observing, but finally made the account.

    3. I most certainly would have let them at it. Too bad he couldn’t hit this Thing right and permanently put her lights out and then onto many more of these loud ass coons.

      1. Today we still find negroes who are ‘knee-benders’, literally and metaphorically … in mind and body. None of them [negroes from the Gold Coast] can straighten their knees. When at work in the fields, they do not stoop like white people; their heads being thrown back, their knees bent, their legs bowed out, their feet flat, hips thrown upward, their abdomens are brought parallel with the earth, as if moving over its surface on their bellies …. We have only to look at them eating the bread which they prefer to all other kinds of bread, the ash-cake, and to witness their fondness for the ashes, and eating dust by the handfuls, to see re-written upon living negroes, a translation of the Hebrew words, ‘and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life.’ The iron wire-muzzle that used to be so common, fastened and locked around the negro’s mouth and face, to prevent him from eating dust, has gone pretty much out of use since the negro has been brought more immediately into the light of civilization and Christianity. But even yet, they are the only people in the world who are the victims of that peculiar disease called dirt-eating, cachexia Africana, or negro consumption. Long ago I wrote a treatise on it. I proved it to be a disease of the mind, occurring in consequence of the negro not being properly governed, and his falling back under the empire of his indigenous superstition. Happily, as foretold, the seed of the woman is bruising the head of the serpent, and Christianity is setting the poor negro free from slavery to that evil spirit, which seizes upon him whenever he gets beyond the hearing of the crack of the white man’s whip (The Diseases and Physical Peculiarities of the Negro Race, by Dr. Samuel Cartwright, vol. 11, pp. 135-136). So says the honorable Dr. Samuel Cartwright (1793-1862).
        [Comment by Clifton A. Emahiser: Since Philip Jones has brought up the topic of “cachexia” disease, it would be well to define it: “Definition of Cachexia:
        “cachexia hypophysiopri´va the train of symptoms resulting from total deprivation of pituitary function, including loss of sexual function, bradycardia, hypothermia, and coma.
        “malarial cachexia the physical signs resulting from antecedent attacks of severe malaria, including anemia, sallow skin, yellow sclera, splenomegaly, hepatomegaly, and, in children, retardation of growth and puberty.
        “pituitary cachexia see ‘panhypopituitarism’:
        “panhypopituitarism … generalized due to absence or damage of the pituitary gland, which, in its complete form, leads to absence of gonadal function and insufficiency of thyroid and adrenal function. When cachexia is a prominent feature, it is called Simmond’s disease or pituitary cachexia.”]
        [Comment by Clifton A. Emahiser: I fully agree with Philip Jones when he describes the negros’ malformed “bent knees”, the negros’ malformed “heads thrown back”, the negros’ malformed “legs bowed out”, the negros’ malformed “flat feet”, thôõe negros’ malformed “hips thrown upward” and the negros’ malformed “abdomens brought parallel with the earth”. I also agree with him concerning the malformed negros’ tendency to develop “cachexia” disease. What I don’t understand is: Why does Philip Jones continue to blame Yahweh for creating such malformed
        this matter of “ash-cakes”, as no known flesh in the categories of man, animal, bird or marine creature can eat and digest “dust” by the handfuls! Living creatures can digest nothing larger than an “angstrom”, a unit of length equal to one tenth of a “millimicron”. A “millimicron” is a unit of length equal to one thousandth of a micron; or one billionth of a “meter”. A “micron”, also called “micrometer”, is the millionth part of a meter! A snake may swallow a certain amount of dirt with its meal, but the dirt will pass through its digestive system unabsorbed

    1. He better have went straight home, not touch anything in his house and scrubbed his hands raw then used a can of Lysol on them. Hopefully he didn’t have any cuts and that Thing didn’t exchange fluids with him. He better get tested twice just to make sure

  1. @fredandrose

    You are spot on, my man, about music.
    Zappa had ‘some’ talent, but it all got lost in ‘mind-fuck mumbo jumbo’
    in the end. Yes?
    And as for Abba, you had 2 great composers, with 2 opera trained singers,
    delivering some astounding songs!
    This ‘zappa’ guy has just had too much 7os mind fuck dick rammed
    down his throat.
    Musical moron!
    Taking down one genre of music, never makes the other one ‘better’.
    Only an idiot would think that.
    I present … A total idiot !!!

    1. Lol. Yeah. As soon as someone indicates ‘you have no taste’ , that their musical taste is superior i know im dealing with a cunt. Its the playground of the critic. Usually insecure these people with strained ego and inferiority complex – ‘no my opinion is superior to yours’ , childish.
      And as for the Rolling Stone being a yardstick of what’s great, didn’t they have Kanye West on the cover? Lol

      1. well. Abba indeed sold more records than the Mothers of Invention.But that doesn’t determine quality. its like comparing Walmart to Tiffany’s. Walmart has the numbers but look at the shit they sell

          1. Zappa the hypocrite who eschewed drugs was a chain-smoker who used more than 3 packs a day. He bragged about it and called tobacco his vegetable of choice. I’m not a doctor, i just play one on BG, but I’m fairly certain thats how he died from cancer at age 52. I bet that prostate looked like a black lung. By the way, his wife died of lung cancer shortly after he did…and I bet his kids aren’t too long on the planet either

            Puff up, its springtime

          2. his cancer wasn’t fast growing, He had gone to a doctor years ago who assured him that he was fine. And he accepted it without getting a second opinion. Frank could have easily been saved. He was a fatalist who really didn’t care about much of anything, and he grew up on horrible food from being so poor in his youth..lived off Bologna and Hot Dogs and tons of coffee.

            Zappa lived inside his mind, in the 17th century, with the other classical composers. What he truly needed was a time machine

      2. Good point that tar-baby Kanye West, mocking Jesus
        on the cover of : Rolling Stone
        Just because he’s a devil worshipper like Rhianna, Beyonce,
        Jay-Z ?
        I wish the ‘gentle’ people of the World would rise up and kill
        the Satanists that control our music, hollywood, novels, TV
        et cetera …
        Death to Illuminati !!!

        1. yes. he engaged in moden music, and was proficient in guitar because he knew that was the future, that it would replace the 50’s saxophone. And he fully knew psychedelia and R&B but?

          it was just a job to him. he was a composer. He didn’t enjoy engaging in the rock scene. Most of his music was spent decrying and mocking that world he was forced to participate in through happenstance. I met him several times, and the best way to describe him was “aloof”

          1. A couple years ago, one of the greatest dogs I’ve ever known died. I had to have him put down because his liver was failing. His name was “Cowboy”. He was also aloof. He would howl when he heard sirens, and the sweet sound of his howls were far better than any of that Zappa shit y’all have been posting. Ha!

        2. saw the vid. God, are those bogans so dense that they have to have canned laughter to inform them something funny just occurred?

          Despite the attempt of the comedian to mock and ridicule? you will see at the end that, given time, eventually something decent might have turned out from that little jam session.

        3. see? sounds like you are a fan now.. my work is done here.

          and remember about Lennon the plagiarist…he was a genius like Zappa, but only for about 3 years, then he blew his mind on acid, his voice on tour, and lost it all. His assassin made Lennon a legend….were he still alive he’d now be in Vegas like a sad, fat, useless Elton John

    2. i have to be fair. I was embarrassed by Zappa at the end of his life, pandering to metal headbangers with poo-poo comedy music in order to feed his family. But he made far more money doing that then being a maestro in front of an orchestra or the very limited jazz audience which is only a remnant in the USA> Zappa, rightly so, was entering the field of politics once he turned 50 and actually was running for president when he was struck down by cancer.
      Zappa’s musical genius is legendary, but once people heard his political views his popularity was growing by leaps and bounds….It’s sad to imagine what this true American could have offered to his people in leadership.

        1. He didn’t think so. he said many times during his slow death that he felt he made no impact whatsoever on rock music and that he didn’t care at all if he was remembered for it. He was a classical composer born in the wrong century, and forced to dance and sway for the ruling peasants in order to feed his family. He used modern music as a means to an end. His mind was actually in the 17th century. But he was born in the age of Doo-Wop

          1. Okay Wow .. that makes sense .. that reveals why he
            always had this internal struggle to be truly classical,
            or morph with jazz/rock/pop and that torment I think
            showed up in his music.
            All I can say is:
            Long live Frank .. his music will NEVER die …..

          2. Didn’t Frank die relatively young of prostate cancer? I’ve heard so many times that prostate cancer is very preventable and the mortality rate is low compared to other cancers. Either Frank didn’t have symptoms, or he ignored them or he didn’t care. And its an easy test right? A doctor just sticks a finger up your arse and feels the prostate?

  2. Wait a sec, man ! isn’t she a clone of Whoopi Goldberg ? first she spits out and later goes challenging his manhood and finally ends up kissing the deck unceremoniously which she hadn’t bargained for.

    Just saying ! what a crying shame it is in man’s world that she’s paid so little for what she tried doing .

    1. This is part of a nigger mating ritual. Females don’t want nigger bucks (not even nigger sows want them). So, to be able to mate, the buck beats the sow senseless. The sow is impressed with the strength and physical prowess of the buck and equates it to the buck being able to protect nigglets from predator attack or from other niggers cannibalizing it. The more severe the beating, the more the nigger sow is attracted to the buck.

      Human children should view this so they can see how dangerous nigger beasts are to humans. This is normal behavior for niggers and it’s educational to see this natural and unique mating behavior. The mating ritual usually starts with the buck wearing it’s pants half pulled down displaying it’s ass and emitting it’s foul scent. Then, the buck will drink some malt liquor, eat some chuggun, watermelon and purple drank and smoke some Newport cigarettes. When the buck sees a sow, it initiates a dominance display among the other bucks by strutting with nigger jive walk, head tipped back looking threatening, angry and defiant with it’s chest puffed out. After this, it starts grabbing it’s crotch often times putting it’s paw elbow deep past the waistband into it’s pants. Verbalization then begins with sounds such as, “Muh-dik, Muh-Dik!” and, “Suck muh-dik biotch!”. At this point, the sow may have a mild curiosity toward the buck. They will pair off, and after a successful brutal beating, the sow will mate with the buck.

      1. @the-captain

        A quick internet search for Chimpanzees brought up these fine examples,

        “Relations between different chimp communities tend to be hostile. Intruders on a group’s home range may be attacked, and adult males engage in boundary patrol. A group may invade a neighbouring territory that is much smaller in size, and fatalities among the smaller group result”

        “The battle of the sexes is supercharged in the chimpanzee world. Males charge at females, rip out their hair and kick, slap or beat them. Males often kill the babies of rivals to increase the availability of females to mate again. To deal with this behavior, female chimpanzees play a delicate balancing act. They mate with almost all the males in a troop to create uncertainty as to who’s the father of the offspring.”

        Sound familiar.

  3. foolish EuroAmerican dealing with an African without a firearm? He deserves everything that happens to him..Why has he ventured into this tribal homeland?
    The inner city ghettos are the reservation of Slave-Descended Africans, second-class citizens and captives who rightly despise the nation they live in. Soon, once the new republic emerges from the Apocalypse we are about to experience, the majority will be repatriated to their tribes in Africa at governmental expense

    it is pure folly for any sensible EuroAmerican to enter these bantustans without the technology that enabled us to dominate the Africans . I’m surprised he wasnt speared to death

          1. As far as I’m concerned, organized crime has a whole lot of sensible EuroAmericans in it. and a few Colombians and those clever jews

  4. Two black eyes?….a slow learner.

    What does every battered woman have in common?
    They didn’t know when to shut up.

    My wife asked me for a new watch once. I said why? There’s a clock in the kitchen!!!

  5. These types of Flavor Savor Niggers get on my fucken nerves. Pussy Pass my ass. Why are you standing there arguing with a woman like Bitch anyway??!! And now yr bragging. I would’ve ended his ass.

  6. Spitting on others is a vile thing ..also spitting all over the place in general ..doesnt serve much purpose really aside from looking vile and spreading your shit everywhere…she deserved a bit more than a punch or two considering now he could have a lifetime illness

  7. @happy

    I’ve said it before and I will say it again, using niggers as an example to evoke specific emotions and therein specific responses is completely worthless unless the emotions and responses you are wishing to evoke is that of apathy or hatred towards blackness and that is because niggers are hated by anyone and everyone and for justifiable reasons I might add. Per-capita crime ratios being just one such example.

    If you wish for a position to be endeared by the first world masses best you steer clear of anything pro-nigger, or at least seen to be pro-nigger and for obvious reasons.

  8. I Just watched-it 5 Times,,, 5 Times-Man, as I Love-It. And Just By That Fucking Smack Sound,,, you could tell that it was well connected, and on the money.

    But Seeing her get knocked Da-Fuck-Out like that,,, well *It Was Priceless*for sure. I’m sure that it sent her right past Pluto & straight through That Dome/Firmament, where she landed into The Waters Above.

    After she Awoken her from That Ultra-Deep Coma That she was most-certainly in, i’m sure she will now think twice before spitting on a man again, lol. Hopefully he knocked some fucking sense into her. But then again, i highly doubt it did.

    1. Lol, I also had to watch it over and over I couldn’t help myself it was just so damn funny! Unfortunately he didn’t put his back into it as well as he could’ve… At least hard enough to knock all the fake hair, fake nails, eyelashes and retreads they call LIPS off of her Face. ENCORE!

    1. Western feminism teaches that women are “equal” to men, so they can use their feminine instincts to try and bully men with no consequences.

      Thank you for pointing out western stupidity.

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