Teenage Boy Beat Up, Kicked and Stomped After Picking on Wrong Guy in Moscow, Russia

Teenage Boy Beat Up, Kicked and Stomped After Picking on Wrong Guy in Moscow, Russia

In Moscow, Russia, a teenage boy hanging out with a girl approaches a guy and appears to tell him something. The guy responds with a swift punch to the face, knocking the teen off balance. With a slew of follow up punches, he brings the teen to the ground, where he repeatedly kicks and stomps his defenseless ass.

A man standing nearby attempts to stop the aggressor from continuing to beat the defeated opponent, but the aggressor quickly turns on him, forcing him to retreat and leave the aggressor to keep beating on the kid. When the teen’s girl attempts to interfere, she gets lightly slapped, but the aggressor shows a lot of restraint with her, granting her a typical pussy pass.

The incident happened on the night of June 8, 2017 and was caught on a CCTV camera. The 16 year old victim was taken to the intensive care unit of the Morozov hospital and is said to be in a very serious condition.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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250 thoughts on “Teenage Boy Beat Up, Kicked and Stomped After Picking on Wrong Guy in Moscow, Russia”

        1. I didn’t say things are better there ..(i believe they are compared with the rest of the world)I just love Russia Russians and those videos I see from them ..they are always drunk doing dumb shit @

          1. It’s the same everywhere…talk shit, get hit!! That ass whooping just humbled that teen for life..all the confidence sucked out of him for the rest of his life..his girl will leave him for becoming such a pussy…in fact, he’ll become so much of a pussy that he’s gonna start peeing sitting down…any guy that wants to impress his girl will run up and punk him…with that ass whooping, he just became the town bitch

        2. i had a blonde skinny exchange student from moscow live with me (in the us) for a couple months in 2010. she was “nonreligious” Tatar (according to her), and said her family back home was Muslim. I never caught her praying 5 times a day or anything like that.

          I still remember all the good fucking. nothing was off limits. bitch was into submission bondage and didn’t mind anal & ass to mouth. crazy wild bitch. she went back to moscow after visiting a bunch of US major cities for a couple more months.

        1. What a fucking piece of shit! Overreact much? I could see knocking the guy out for talking shit, but he could have left it at that. He damn near tried to kill that guy, and why spit in the girl’s face? Fuck this piece of shit!! I hope he gets similar treatment from someone bigger and badder, some day real soon.

      1. I’ve surely witnessed that before. My other half scared the fucking piss out of some young faggot trying to impress his chick and being a smart ass sitting in front of the wrong bad ass dude at the movie theatre. If I was that kid, I would have taken one look at who he was talking shit too after my other half told him to shut his fucking mouth during the movie or he would shut it for him. My dude is 6’2 sitting at about 285lbs right now. He couldn’t even quality for super heavy weight… he is too big. And he can be a mean mf. I have seen him knock some nigger out cold turkey who tried to gang up with him with 3 of his friends to be “tough guys” in the middle of the mall parking lot. Knocked the one out in one punch and the other 3 told him he was crazy and they were sorry and they ran,… leaving their buddy knocked out in the middle of the parking lot. He never starts shit, but he will shut that shit down quick.

        1. The word ‘nigger’ is highly offensive to black people, really no need to use it. You can pick on people for their beliefs, ideals and opinions but not the colour of their skin, they can hardly control that can they? People like you are what prevents the rest of us ‘right wingers’ from ever being taken seriously.

          Also, your partner sounds like a fat sweaty cunt, and you sound like a stereotypical white trash whore.

          Oh, btw, i’ve sent you a friend request : )

        2. I don’t know if you are referring to MMA or boxing, or what, but “Super Heavyweight” has no limit. So, sorry to burst your bubble, but he isn’t “too big” for it.
          -Always someone bigger, always someone badder.

          1. When I investigate Brazil, there is always tons of cases to go thru. Couldn’t find anything else on this one. Is a hell of a beating!

        1. Hahaha. I suppose potheads are not sent to rehab, are they? I don’t think the boy was British. Got to enjoy your time. You should check the Optical illusions when you half drunk. I sent you a link thru the dead guy. 🙂

          1. Please ignore that comment LOL I really let myself down sometimes, Went to my friends at 2 in the morning and had a bong while I was drinking. And walked out of his house not on this planet,At least It was warm last night I fell asleep in my garden.honestly I haven’t been like this for a while,At least a year it really went to my head,And Ime not a fan of drugs these days,But why do I do it when Ime drunk LOL.

          2. For a moment I though you were answering the jobs post on the forum, hahaha. I refuse to believe weed is a major issue. Drinking in the other hand… I don’t think Aussies can asleep in their gardens, even in good weather. A saltwater crocodile may come and eat you, after you have been partially devoured by fire ants. 🙂

          1. How can one be a rehab worker when they don’t know shit about drugs? Is about time to use weed as a rehabilitating ‘drug’ against real life threatening drugs.

          2. Thanks for the link @illegalsmile55 Maine is doing well.
            “23-year-old Britney Lashier described how smoking marijuana “saved my life for sure,” helping her break a heroin addiction that she picked up in Morocco while studying in college.”
            hahahahaha. What kind of parents sends her girl child to study in a crap 99% muzzie country?? That’s really fu***up! I guess she can have all the weed that she needs now. Maybe even Moroccan hashish as well. 🙂
            It is very important to emphasize, since there is so many ignorant people out there, that weed does not make you act like in the video above. Some other drugs do!!

          3. I know about weed it’s been used for thousands of years as a remedy for almost everything. Ime not against it we don’t see many weed addicts asking for help because they don’t exist. We have Cannibalictic path ways in are brains,That all humans have evolved.We all know weed was attacked by the logging companys because of hemp’s ability to be a use as a renewable fuel and paper manufacturing resource. It has many medical uses I didn’t say it was bad , I was just on a depressive hang over and abit ashamed of myself for getting drunk and passing out in my garden.

          4. If it sounded like I was criticizing you @alustforblood, I was not. I was criticizing the use or priests and housewives to perform your job. You told a bit on your drug experiences and, to me, that’s precisely what that job takes. I bet people in withdraw symptoms can be very troublesome, complicated and perhaps dangerous, so I praise you for what you do. It just annoyed me a bit that you sounded like you regretted smoking but completely undermine drinking. It’s a criticism to the system that can make you loose your job over weed but not over drinking. I was wandering if courts in UK could force kids into rehab for weed, like an alternative to detention. I guess your garden is safe. 🙂

          5. I can see where you’re​ coming from,It’s ok I really digged myself in with that comment. I really don’t know what it is the summer weather, But the last couple of weekends I’ve been drinking, as a recovering Alcoholic it’s stupid for me once I start I really can’t stop and it completely changes my personality. Ime lucky for having my wife she actually locked me out and I don’t blame her, And when my 3 year old son is upstairs Saying( Daddy’s in the garden)​ at five in the morning. I’ve really got to sort this problem Ime having,But thanks honestly it’s good to hear some constructive criticism sometimes. Peace out

        2. And yes it’s safe in England just got to look out for badgers ,We killed off hundreds of years ago anything that was remotely dangerous. Thought I was dive attacked by the Nuts Magpie that’s decided my garden belongs to him,And woke up with my four cats laying on me,I swear they were secretly planning on smothering me in my sleep 😎

  1. That was brutal, hard to watch. You guy only care about babies?! I’m confident I saw a lot of injustice in there. God knows what he said to him. He made no threaten gesture. Lady is incompetent at best, she had a nice weapon with her and she left it right next to the boys head. I would certainly stab him if I had the chance. Who piss me off the most was the black shirt guy at the door, he acted like he sees this everyday. I vote this fucker was on drugs, that can’t be normal!

    1. I considered her hitting the guy with the bottle but I don’t think she could’ve hit him hard enough to stop him. If she was drunk, that would’ve made her bottle swing even more useless. I don’t think it mattered very much. She would’ve possibly just angered him more and then also had her head jumped on.

      1. I have to agree with you. She seem totally incapable of putting up a fight. Really feel sorry for her. To see someone you love been kicked mercilessly and be powerless do do anything can be quite traumatic. I guess she tried. Too bad she doesn’t know martial arts. If only she was a firewoman, she would know what to do! 🙂

    1. I agree, great video! I don’t put up with cocky, tiny little puss-boys trying to clown me either, drunk or not. I’m sick and tired of this generation of whiny little entitled bitches that grew up without any decent parental figures. They cause nothing but problems with their douchey ways.

      1. I’m everything you mention here, and jumped over the bar to attack a barman for insulting and eyeballing me. Is there a cure for this condition? In my defense, we are all products of our environment. If I had known I was a douche and seen it like I do now I would’ve changed it.

        1. Try to think about the consequences. Since a young boy I realized that you can get into trouble with the law or end up shot in a simple altercation that started over words, even if you were provoked without no reason, and as words don’t hurt you are better off controlling yourself, and as time goes by if possible not caring about them, as most loud mouthed low IQed braggarts don’t know what they are saying, and you don’t want to pick a fight with a low IQed beast. Of course, it’s easier said than done and we all have our limits of how much provocation we can take, let alone when we are physically threatened.

        2. And you can see in the video above the guy stepped up to the other and invaded his personal space, so this goes beyond mere provocation with only words, although we don’t know why the guy was provoking the other, but there doesn’t seem to be a good reason as he just wanted to be left alone.

        3. I’m glad you have that perspective now and I guarantee you that this punk never had a father figure in that he was ever scared shitless of doing anything bad to a guy like this for.

          I’m sure this kid never even had a fucking clue what a father or this guy would do.

      2. some mother fucker at work slapped me on the shoulder and i said, if you touch me again i will snap your arm over the back of your fucking head. invading someones personal space is never a good idea.

      1. Women are typically more attracted to what guys do and what they appear to be than who they actually are. That’s why you see this young girl with this douche who is trying to act big and bad against an obviously far superior male. That’s why young guys buy new cars and pretend to be wealthy. Women are a terrible judge of men’s character, just as men are a terrible judge of women’s character. So that’s why we have a large amount of couch living douche bags in the world that are the product of single moms. And it’s why many women won’t hesitate to spread their legs for Mr. Neck Tattoo with a prison record, but pretend to be a prude and make Mr. Beta Bucks wait at least 6 months or more for the POG. One thing I can’t stand about women is their spin of reality. Women think that only if the world was controlled by women it would be a much better place. Well the reality is that women carry the eggs and they mostly make the decision on who they breed with. We just carry the baby batter. Women are the reason the world is filled with douche bag men, not men. It’s women’s breeding choices where they continue to produce Mr. Neck Tattoo to the world.

        1. Not only that, but they are less rational and tend to make decisions more with an emotional judgment. They don’t have as good a concept of long term planning as do men, so they tend to go more with the moment.
          As to a world full of women, I saw part of a Dutch reality show where they split women and men in separate islands. The island of men prospered while the one that had women in didn’t, as one would expect as men are better at working with things, hence there are still more male engineers nowadays despite the push to make Universities female dominated. So a society dominated by women would be one that is backwards and unable to deal with crisis. Moreover the idea that world peace depends on women is ludicrous, we know how women demand that their mates have resources, and many don’t care as to the origin of these (the example of the wealth criminal teen with his slit girlfriend fits well here), hence men must fight for resources one way or the other…

          1. Hmm. Women think the world would be better if we ran it? No, not really. Something I’ve never said. And not a slut; never was so nope to Mr Neck Tattoo or mr wealth unless we’re a real couple. But I will always point out the “not all women” scenario. I’m proof. It only takes a few to not be ALL.

          2. First, there are exceptions to every rule, second, where have I stated “@itsplaster said that the world would be better if ran by women”. It’s something I have heard from feminist propaganda, and seems to be what many women and cucks are pushing for nowadays in their actions, even if they are not feminists per asy…

          3. You said “women think …” So you spoke for every woman. I’m a woman. Be specific and say feminists think that. I don’t think most everyday women think that. There aren’t that many women who are extremely liberal. We’d have a different president if women were all liberal.

          4. OK, to begin with, @itsplaster it was beneath who said “women think”, and I agree in great part with him, so let me explain. Most women don’t declare themselves as feminists, but I see a lot of them who jump on the feminist bandwagon and have been “contaminated” by the ideas of the movement. So much so that their actions are those of who believe that “all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others”. Example, feminists (probably fueled by social engineers) complain that there are more men in engineering courses at Universities, but don’t mention that lots of courses, such as medicine are female dominated.
            And as to your example of Trump, to begin with young women were the ones who voted the least for him, and in any case, as you have seen on BG, he’s part of the establishment that keeps pushing feminism, false opposition, so much so, that he didn’t touch on such issues…

          5. OK, to begin with, @itsplaster it was beneath who said “women think”, and I agree in great part with him, so let me explain. Most women don’t declare themselves as feminists, but I see a lot of them who jump on the feminist bandwagon and have been “contaminated” by the ideas of the movement. So much so that their actions are those of who believe that “all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others”. Example, feminists (probably fueled by social engineers) complain that there are more men in engineering courses at Universities, but don’t mention that lots of courses, such as medicine are female dominated.
            And as to your example of Trump, to begin with young women were the ones who voted the least for him, and in any case, as you have seen on BG, he’s part of the establishment that keeps pushing feminism, false opposition, so much so, that he didn’t touch on such issues…

          6. OK, to begin with, @itsplaster it was beneath who said “women think”, and I agree in great part with him, so let me explain. Most women don’t declare themselves as feminists, but I see a lot of them who have been “contaminated” by the ideas of the movement and use such ideas for their unfair self “benefit”, or at least what they think is for their own self benefit. So much so that their actions are those of who believes that “all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others”. Example, feminists (probably fueled by social engineers) complain that there are more men in engineering courses at Universities, but don’t mention that lots of courses, such as medicine are female dominated.
            And as to your example of Trump, to begin with young women were the ones who voted the least for him, and in any case, as you have seen on BG, he’s part of the establishment that keeps pushing feminism, false opposition, so much so, that he didn’t touch on such issues…

          7. I agree that feminists that claim not to be feminists are actually feminists, so long it benefit them. AKA always.

          8. @weller Ah well, I take responsibility for misreading who said what. It’s so similar, it’s easy to get mixed up. So, my bad on that. Then I kind of semi-read the rest and MP’s post and it’s very similar. I just don’t have the fire I used to have to pursue this stuff. I think some of you need to really take a look at a modern “feminist” and compare their issues to that of “concerned women” like me. They are vastly different. Modern feminists want to be above men whereas I just don’t want to be a glorified punching bag or sex doll. That’s reasonable and hardly the same as thinking a cat-call is sexual assault (which 3rd wavers do and that’s psychotic.) So, I don’t know, really compare feminists with women who happen to not take shit. Not the same agenda at all.

          9. @masterplan It would be cool if you were specific. Which things are non-feminists actually feminists about? I don’t mean that in a smart-ass way. I just want to know if it’s something very transparent like saying all men are rapists or something vague like “benefits” already put in place and we don’t reject them.

          10. @itsplaster “I just don’t want to be a glorified punching bag or sex doll.”
            I see your fear and agree that this shouldn’t happen, as women are important just as men are, only they have different functions. Traditionally women weren’t seen as sex dolls, on the contrary, there was a certain preoccupation of society as to portray and preserve women as being pure (perhaps with the exception of social outcasts, aka whores), I hope you get what I mean. Only with the sexual revolution, I think that’s what they call it, of the 20th century did it change and women in fact became more of sex dolls than they were. As to women being beaten, I agree there were abuses, but I just saw a book from the beginning of the 20th century where women (in Britain, London if I am not mistaken) who were beaten by their husbands and taken to the police station to press charges. So there was already a system in place to protect them, not only that, but there’s also the culture that only coward men beat women, now I don’t know when it started, but I think it is nothing new, only nowadays it’s gotten ridiculous, where if you merely slap a bitch who is taunting you on the face you are liable to face prosecution or be jumped upon by a cuck.

          11. I absolutely agree with @beneaththeplanetoftheapes comments. I read what you wrote @undergroundweller and I also agree with the points you make. Not all women are ‘cunts’ @itsplaster. Thank you all for your comments.
            What I could add, regarding women behavior, is that in the third world Gold-diggers neck tattoo type is much more widespread. Politically, the west have been completely whipped by ‘women’. Which things are non-feminists actually feminists about? I guess we could address them in the forums. Retirement age gender disparity is sure a good start.

  2. It did look as though the kid was being annoying somehow…… and the chap tries to move away when first approached, then changes his mind once the red mist descends….. it just goes from bad to worse!

    1. No. I just think the boy went up to him and said “I think you’re a fucking homo. Just go home” and then the big guy, who probably was a homo, but hated himself for it, decided the truth hurts and started to beat up the boy.

      I’m glad the girl got a pussy pass. She didn’t hurt anyone, her only crime is being the girlfriend of a wuss who got felled so easily after first punch.

  3. The plan was this, the teen was going to pick a fight with that brute cause he wanted to impress his girlfriend. The brute and the teen had gotten together earlier to formulate the plan. Unfortunately for the teen, he did not realize that the brute has a chronic condition called ADHD ( Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder).
    The brute forgot all about the plan and was high on PCP, which he had bought from the money that they teen had given him.
    The teen was probably more embarrass than hurt. I think he got up and walked it off.

  4. That was insanely uncalled for. There’s nothing annoying enough that kid could have said to deserve that. Obviously, that guy’s entire bad day was taken out on one person and then almost another and then another. And he was going after the girl at the end but I don’t know what he did. He already hit her once and was screaming in her face when the footage ends. What a piece of shit. Totally a person that came unhinged from the rest of his shitty day. That anger had been brewing all damn day or he belongs in therapy if his temper is that short.

    1. It seem to me they all knew each other, the boy was not expecting a fight. It feels like the boy was talking him out of doing something stupid, like beating someone else, and suddenly got all his anger. . his argument with his friend was -“don’t fucking touch me” so his friend chicken out. Poor girl couldn’t do much, but was certainly more courageous then anyone else. He hit the boy until he was satisfied. She got a pussy pass. I don’t think he hit her further or there would be footage.

  5. The Mongoloid-Russian is clearly a psycho. He (oops I mean ….fucking tard) knew exactly what can happen when you pound a skull on pavement. Tard-guy didn’t give a shit, pranced around like a drag queen peaCOCK fool and went back and stomped again and again. Have another fucking drink idiot.

        1. Oh shit ya…. krokodil! Saw some videos about that ‘recreational drug’ eating the users alive! One had a woman with half of her face eaten away, and had (medical?) people using gauze wipes removing dead tissue from her eye socket. Some believe she had that ‘flesh eating’ bug. Never-the-less, there are people walking around the country doing this homemade drug knowing full well that it rots their flesh; they can’t break the addiction. It’s one hell of a cocktail to use! They’re completely helpless… it breaks my heart really. (shuddup, don’t laugh at my comment; I have feelings too!)

  6. “A man standing nearby attempts to stop the aggressor from continuing to beat the defeated opponent, but the aggressor quickly turns on him, forcing him to retreat and leave the aggressor to keep beating on the kid. When the teen’s girl attempts to interfere, she gets lightly slapped, but the aggressor shows a lot of restraint with her, granting her a typical pussy pass.”

    haha .. that is some exaggerated/twisted shit right there ..here’s how it should read if you actually watched the video

    “A man standing nearby attempts to stop the aggressor from continuing to beat the defeated opponent, but the aggressor quickly turns around to swing a punch at him. Then quickly realizes it’s his bro and stops punch midway and signals with his hand to GO AWAY, while his bro CALMLY walks away and leaves the aggressor to keep beating on the kid, thus granting his bro a mangina pass. When the teen girl attempts to interfere, she gets slapped/knocked around without discrimination

    1. You’re supposed to look at the video in the post, not a different video, bimbo. The video in this post shows the aggressor punch a man without a second of hesitation, and continue punching him even when he’s down. In contrast, he does not retaliate against the woman for a while, even though she kept getting in his face, an action that landed the man a knock out punch within a split second, so the woman got her pussy pass right away. But even then, when she really pushed it, he only smacks his with an open palm, and instead of knocking her out and continuing to hit her, like he did with the man, he kept granting her the pussy pass and let her go with just that little smack.

        1. It’s a common prerogative of snowflake feminists and pussy whipped manginas to compare apples to oranges when a fair point of view doesn’t fit their agendas. If that one guy was somebody the aggressor knew, which it would seem he probably did, then don’t compare him to what he did to the couple he either didn’t know, or didn’t want to have any dealings with that day. Both of them got into his face, but compare his reaction to the man vs the woman and tell me if you’re not a cuck by trying to diminish the extent of a pussy pass she was granted?

          1. He discourage his friend to fight thru intimidation. The guy was insane. Had it been another boy instead of a girl, she would certainly be smacked to the floor bleeding. She clearly got a pass. She wouldn’t give up, but he dealt with her thru intimidation as well. I assume he didn’t beat her further.

        1. I don’t think he’s saying she deserved it. But that this out-of-control guy somehow controlled himself because she was a woman. But at least she was smacked. Not quite good enough to please BG but better than not getting physically assaulted at all. Had he beaten her up as well then that would’ve been “equality” and BG would’ve sang and cheered.

          1. Crazy guy was a white night?
            She was very brave.
            She did not try to hit him at any moment. Does that matter?
            Maybe if she did, she would get beaten down.

          2. I think she may have had it easy because the guy just slapped her instead of punching her, as he threatened to do with the guy who tried to stop him and maybe would have done had he not been an acquaintance.

        2. Where did all these bimbos with reading comprehension issues come from? Where did I say she deserved a beating? Mind addressing what I actually said, instead of putting words in my mouth and then making a deal out of what you wish I had said?

          1. Some of these new Members crawled out from underneath a piece of Rock from the wailing wall, me thinks Mark, @happy As they have nothing better to do than Fuck, & Troll with us Real B-G Members.

      1. You didn’t read what I said and just twisted my words to YOUR AGENDA … I’m talking about the GUY that tried to break things up … I don’t give a fuck about the turd getting the shit beat of him or his cunt rag bitch girlfriend

        yes the turd got beat on like a red headed step child, the cunt rag got her pussy pass and SO DID THAT GUY trying to break things up

        1. You compared apples to oranges to fit your agenda. I called you out on it. Between the people on the same level, one got the living hell beat out of him, the other got a little smack on the face. The only difference between the two was that the latter was born with a pussy. Hence the pussy pass. The third guy was someone completely different, someone possibly known to the aggressor, or at least in a different position or relation to the aggressor, and thus not on the same level as the other two. I compared apples to apples without mixing oranges in. You compared apples to oranges.

          1. What are fucking talking about? I called you out on this…. mainly the last sentence .. “A man standing nearby attempts to stop the aggressor from continuing to beat the defeated opponent, but the aggressor quickly turns on him, forcing him to retreat and leave the aggressor to keep beating on the kid.”

            That is exaggerated and not what video shows. You know it’s true. You keep talking of my agenda, but what is that? You assume I’m a bimbo (female) and assume everyone is a cuck/mangina/pussywhipped whatever .. you don’t know anything about me, you think you do, but you don’t .. I know a lot about you and the regulars here from yrs of lurking and reading comments .. I didn’t reply to start shit with you .. I just called you out on a simple sentence about that other guy that tried to break it up .. think whatever you want, I don’t care, nor should you, cause I don’t give a fuck and for all I care you and everyone here can shut the fuck up and eat a dick 🙂

          2. That whole quote is a sentence. And the entirety of it is true. It describes precisely what the video shows. Like I said the first time, whereas you just proved the initial point I made, if you talking about a different video, not the video in the post, then maybe you shouldn’t be commenting in the first place.

          3. Fuck-OFF will You? @eatadickyoufucktard You argumentative degenerate Dick Eating Fucktard, as your name states. What,,, you cannot make-up your fucking name, Dumbass. One minute you call your pitiful Self “NoUse4AName” yet you have one and it,s about “Eating Cock” ( Baby Foreskins), you Stupid JEW-TROLL-YOU

          4. Two people interfered and each got different treatment. Who got it worse is subjective. An almost punch or an actual slap. Depends how you look at it. Meanwhile the guy getting beat down was definitely the true loser here. This was not his day at all.

    1. True this, as this guy was high, or Drunk on Vodka for sure, to have gone completely Ape-Shit on that dude. Cause most Russians that i have befriended, know when to stop a fight, and when enough, is enough!

    1. Agreed brother, as he was way out of control. And I also love Vladimir Putin, as he truly loves his Country, People, Christian Roots, and Heritage. And the fact that he protects them all to the Death from The Destructive Jewish Agenda, makes me respect That Incredible Man, that much more.
      “Viva Mother Russia” and the Respect it truly deserves. I wish that Western Countries would take notice, and do as he did, by paying-off all debts to the Jew-Owned Banks, and The I.M.F. What he did was called “The Russian Miracle” with good reason.

  7. That was awful. The kid may have deserved to be punched, but not neat and stomped to death. And no one really tried to help. Three guys could habe taken down that sick piece of shit.

    The kid’s head looked a bit flabby the time that asshole was done with him.

      1. Agreed. The head kicker is just a pointless piece of shit.
        Take off his shirt and you will see he is just a fat ‘roid ragin’ bastard with a spare tyre.

        Anyone else in the building could have stopped him.

        He just picked a fight with a 16 yr old chump who is not even in the same weight division. Worthless prick. I fucking hate head stumpers because they typically are low Iq twassocks.

          1. What? @illegal simply relayed her feelings on being touched then described the massive beat down she would deliver were it not for her COPD.

    1. Yeah. It must be soooooo embarrassing being beaten up so badly in front of your girlfriend by some fat prick. Hehehe

      It’s going to be really hard for him to be manly and protective towards her in future. I think she will split up with him over this. No wait she will split up from him simply because he is a vegeburger now.

      1. I don’t feel any more sorrow for this dork than any other guy who fucks with the wrong guy and gets his ass handed to him. It’s the law of the jungle, happens all day in the animal kingdom. Any time a young punk fucks with someone or some animal older and bigger than him he should expect to get dealt with. They don’t teach respect or anything to young people these days, so they never learn this except the hard way. All they know is that they are young and nobody is legally allowed to do anything to them now matter how many boundaries they cross, what property they destroy or what kind of bullshit monkeyshines they try.

        1. Well, yeah, you don’t have to feel anything. The point still stands that the guy just snapped. I wouldn’t call that normal behavior at all. But of course you don’t have to care. No one said ya had to.

          1. Then your definition of snapped and mine are different. My definition of snapped is if you suddenly decide to destroy everyone and everything around you. That just looked like a harsh beat down to me. I’ve seen and been involved in a lot worse.

  8. Altrough watching some shit through the internet doesn’t affect your emotions much,if you don’t find absoultely nothing wrong with this beatup,then you’re socio/psychopath.Sure,we all like to see some good beating,but there are certain limits and lines you don’t cross and the beater crossed it.And have in mind that this teenage girl will live with some serious trauma if the boy died that night.Remember that they’re still teenagers,don’t lie that you never acted cocky back at that age…

    1. I normally don’t justify hitting someone when they’re down, but the little bit of body stomping he did was still looking deserved depending on what was going on. Now when the other guy tried to pull him off and then went away and the stomper went back to trying to smash the dork’s head into the pavement is where I think things crossed the line. But we obviously don’t know all the details either. Most of you guys with your comments sound like you’re never even been in a fight.

  9. Russians were always known as Tough, no nonsense individuals, but they were known to always polite, and respectful towards anyone, if they were respected themselves. But if some new idiot went, and told a 5ft. 5 inch Tall Russian Guy, to “Go Fuck Yourself, Or Your Mother”, Man-O-Man, you would light a smoke, take your 15 minute break, and watch the fireworks go off. Cause us veterans guys knew what was about to happen, as they would instantly turn from being a good hardworking dude, and into The Incredible HULK, lol, and they would kick The Living Snot, and Disrespect, out of anyone in their way, including the big mouthed “Usually A Canadian White Cunt” who spewed it to begin with. Russians have always enjoyed a good and clean fight, it some asshole called them on. And i assure you all that i speak with Years Of Experience under my belt regarding these incidents, in my many past, day to day interactions with them in Construction. And to be upfront with you all, i found them to be some of the most respectful, very friendly, and hard working people, that i have ever had the privilege to work with who still put much pride in their work, no matter what they were asked to do, and without ever bitching, or complaining about it, as opposed to Many Lazy, and disrespectful young Canadian Sociopaths. Fuck,,, i had to fire these disrespectful, very weak, & lazy Cunts on a weekly basis, because they put more hours sitting on their Fucking Asses, and hiding in the basement staircases, texting on their fancy little $ 1000.00 I-Phones all the time. I used to sneak up behind them to the top of these same basement staircases, and yell, or sometimes even whistle at the top of my lungs at them. Once, one of the little Goofettes dropped, and smashed the glass on his precious little Gay Toy! It felt sooo damn good, cause right after, i would fire the little bastard on the spot for insubordination. It would take up to 3 Lazy Canadians to do the same work that 1 Russian Guy could get done without breaking a sweat. Russians were NO COWARDS unlike most young Canadian, Construction Workers Today.

    1. I hate the ambiguity the word Coward can bring; A guy who chickens out from a daring brave act to another guy who crushes defenseless people. Cowards!

    2. Why is one race tougher than any other? People said that of the Nazis/Germans once but they were just a bunch of regular pussies who couldn’t conquer damp island Britain back in ’40.

      When I think of Russians I just think of useless fat drunk bastards. Or if they are tough, I’m thinking of Zangief from Street-fighter III.

  10. This is why you should always be careful who you start on, you never know who’s a fucking nutcase, that guy probably thought he was going to show off to his girl and get a Bj when he got her back home, after those head stomps the only sex he’ll be getting now is in his dreams.

  11. The dude in the black T -shirt sure was pissed up about something terrible and then this stupid inebriated SOB comes on the scene trying to impress his slutty woman asking for deep
    trouble .
    That was akin to running in to a charged up bull .
    The guy either may have gone unconscious with broken jaws and several cuts or simply gone in to a state of coma after all those blows and kicks . It would be difficult to revive him but the next time the two won’t be this careless & laid back .

  12. Haha that was bad ass. That shit almost happened between my 6’2 285lb fiance and some jack ass wannabe teenager at the movie theatre a few years ago. We haven’t been to the movie theatre since. Time before a car next to me dinged mine… let’s just say I turned my back to watch for security and we jetted like lightning shortly after. That guy dont take NO ONE’S shit. Good for him. That was BAD ASS.

    1. What did you do to the car that dinged your car?
      A long time ago when I was like 19y/o I took a steaming dump on a cars windshield. He’s lucky his doors were locked.
      The best part of that was the options the car owner was left with.
      Smear it all over with the windshield wipers, peel it off with a stick or drive across town to a car wash with a dump in his face.

    2. i kid you not there was a bouncer in manchester around 98/99 and he was tall as fuck well over 7 foot id say even 7’4. he was fat as fuck too and wore a huge black jacket that came down to his knees. sometimes he wore knuckle dusters too. once we were all leaving and we turned around heard cheers and screaming as to our surprise this bouncer was getting arrested for drug dealing . . . . he had a copper on each arm he was shouting fuck off etc then he span round and lifted both of them in the air and they crashed to the floor then there must have been like 15 police swarmed him and pinned him down. the sheer weight of this big fat fucker was his weapon. he probably never boxed or did martial arts or even exercised but that weight got him a bouncer job. he must have been 400lbs. his head was huge but you could see it was fat. turns out he had been dealing ecstasy tablets to certain club goers and was busted by plain clothes. never saw the fat cunt again.

    3. Eh. My husband is big but he’d really have to be pushed to punch someone. He’s a very chill person with patience. He lives with me so, you know, the patience is a good thing. I know I’m annoying as fuck.

  13. No messing around. He beat the living shit out of that sack of cum. The meddling bitch who egged her stupid boyfriend into riling the guy deserved more than the tickle on the chin she got. This was brilliant.

  14. he got a chance and used it to attack and beat and stomp harmless – to say the truth – drunk nearly to death. stupid and eager for evil person. and most of them are the same. you guys dont understand russia at all. you see white skin and you think they are white as you. i understand. i live here all my life.

    1. Hi @krotov, here is UK is very easy to get in a argument when you bump into someone. You say:
      Y- I’m sorry, it was my fault.
      H-No, it was my fault. I’m sorry.
      Y-No it was mine, I didn’t see you cause I was looking the other way.
      H-Ye, But I shouldn’t be here. Please forgive me.
      And it goes longuer… Sure, London is very diverse, I’m talking about white people. Not all of them of course, but coming from Brazil, the difference was tremendous. Cops here are very nice as well, like a fairy tail. I wonder what do you think of yours cops.

      1. In general, the police primarily pursue their interests, but not the interests of the suspect or the victim. If you are a citizen of the Western state, then you will be treated with respect, since you can create problems for them by filing a complaint to the consul or to the embassy. To citizens of their country the attitude is worse, people can extort a bribe or refuse to register a crime, or vice versa – they can be imprisoned for the sake of improving statistics. But we must understand that policemen are recruited from society. Not from Mars or the Moon. When society is corrupt, then the police too.

        1. I guess this Order vs Justice is a common occurrence everywhere. Indeed a police force tend to be as corrupt as the system the surround them. I assume lack of free press collaborate with that. In Brazil, there is a major ‘I choose to save the police officer’ marketing campaign that is trying to bring the public to their side, but without addressing the real problems. Thanks for your input. Since your Russian, Do you got any info on this beating?? @krotov

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