Teenage Gypsies Assault Bar Staff for Being Refused Service After Hours

Teenage Gypsies Assault Bar Staff for Being Refused Service After Hours

Teenage Gypsies Assault Bar Staff for Being Refused Service After Hours

In Alunu, a commune ten miles from Berbeşti in Romania, a bunch of chest naked gypsy primates aged 16 to 19 years old were refused drinks in a bar for showing up after hours with the bar closing down for the night. Drunk as shit as they were, the gypsies decided to storm the place and trash it.

While initially they were repelled by the staff, the gypsies came back armed with metal rods and beat the living shit out of the employees (the female one got a pussy pass, I guess) all while hilariously trying to destroy the security camera, but being dumb monkeys, all they managed to do is offer clear mug shots in the process.

Props to Best Gore member @mikepatrick for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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87 thoughts on “Teenage Gypsies Assault Bar Staff for Being Refused Service After Hours”

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          ps. If you profess to be a good Nazi, at least learn how to spell their slogan.
          Will bet you don’t even know how to draw a proper swastika either.
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    1. If this annoys you then sorry you are a pathetic hopeless feminist.
      rowdy brawls, every male should experience this at some point in their lives, it’s fun…
      After this they should hit each other up and have a drink together to reconcile…
      This is less cowardly than us in the US where we shoot people for every little reason.

      1. This isn’t a brawl, this is drunk thugs who out number some waiters and destroying property. If its too similar sized group in a fight, I get that. This is not that and what annoys people is that it’s just a group of assholes not looking for a fight but show complete disregard for others property in a childish hissy fit. Not manly at all.

          1. The manly equivalent would be to not go jumping people who wont serve u alcohol and NOT destroy other peoples property. Besides this isn’t a game, if u want to go be manly and fight people then do it in a ring. They will put u against someone of equivalent skill to ensure you are challenged. Or is it only manly to run around in large groups of drunks and attack innocent people who u out number? Tell ya what ill come by your home or place of business destroy everything, jump you and your family. Then a week later we will all come back and have a drink on you of course. But honestly if your the kind of person who finds manliness in jumping people and destroying other peoples shit, well maybe a few rounds of 5.56 are just the meds u need.

  1. It’s not about after hours. it’s about protection. The bar owner will be hiring protection and guess who’s already approached him. The gypsy king.

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          2. @sloth12
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            No Wonder Albania has been struggling to join the European Union for over 20 years now.. just no chance… Ironically, it’s one of the few societies in Europe that are run by straight people and commonsense, along with Bulgaria, Serbia, etc…

            Thanks for your great courtesy

        1. Thanks Nem. She (gropey) is still bleating away but i actually don’t even read her comments anymore, they’re so long winded and boring. I saw something about albania and sodomy.
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          1. I like a man honest and self -deprecating. I don’t think you would ever need a fat slag Polluted ,yet i like that you are honest enough and fun enough to admit you may consider it if the drought sets in. More power to you!

  2. Basically gypsies are the niggers of eastern europe. Everybody hates them. Dumb, aggressive, criminal. And no amount of social engineering will fix it. Even the communists failed to reeducate these rats into people. It’s fundamentally a biological problem. Too bad Germany didn’t win that damn war. The Jew won and this was the death sentence for the white race…

  3. There are Gypsies in Washington State.
    The best ones offer to do bodywork in parking lots, but do the shittiest work imaginable. The rest grift the elderly by becoming “companions”, change the will and the old person “dies”.

  4. i’m shocked that anyone was beaten badly considering those dudes are wearing skin tight jeans. i doubt they’re getting full range of motion in those things.

    they do look to be in good shape physically though, so, thumbs up for that. i guess.


  5. I want to know who manufactured that security camera… that thing took nearly a full minute of hard beatings and all that those idiots managed to accomplish was to change the angle of the shot! Damn, if I ever need CCTV security I sure know where I’m looking first!

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