Teenage White Knight Delivered Beating Concluded with Stomping

Teenage White Knight Delivered Beating Concluded with Stomping

Teenage White Knight Delivered Beating Concluded with Stomping

In Bourgoin Jallieu, France, a 16 year old white knight tries to impress a damzel in distress by standing up to a pair of Chads who were not giving her pussy a pass.

The aggressors assault the mangina, who quickly realizes he bit off more than he can chew and tries to run for his life. They catch up to him, take him down and conclude the beating with a savage stomp. The kid ended up in hospital.

Props to Best Gore member @anus456 for the video:

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          1. Use your brain fuckknuckle, I’m not hard to find here. Sheesh! Like if I went to the Arctic and asked for the gayest, fake tough guy ~ the Polar Bears would immediately take me to you.

          1. Thank!…I love anything or anybody that loves me 😛

            You good people.. all I remember saying for some reason: Atkinson disease or die*t can’t remember why, though 😀


      1. Thats not a fight, but it’s something you are ok with, so I’d love to see your kid getting the shit kicked out of him and i’ll come along and help out with an awesome fucking headstomp on the little mini-svarg faggots noggin.

    1. I remember my early teen years, there were a couple out of towner dreadlock hippies that my brother n’ his boy’s found out had sold coke to a minor on our street. They set up a drug deal with them behind my brother’s apartment on the dead end side of the street. Dumb fucks fell for it n’ got rolled on n’ robbed for all their shit. My brother told me I had to stand back n’ just watch. To add insult to injury he placed the battered hippie p.o.s.’s head on a decent sized rock, sideways. He was wearing Timbs n’ took a leap ’bout a foot high with both feet onto his head. Was my first intruduction to gore, n’ I fuckin’ loved it… here I am today. 🙂

        1. Not sure, It was a duplex, woman in the bottom apartment was screaming like a fuckin’ banshee out the window, sayin’ STOP!!! I’m calling the cops! We all just booked it in different directions after it all. Didn’t see anything in the papers or news, so I assume he still lives… who cares.

      1. Hoping…

        Many times, bullies become bullies, simply because they were bullied themselves, earlier in life.

        Let’s hope these bullies learn a lesson by us carrying handguns, so we can stop these destructive chain of events.

        1. You are right. The longer I am on here the more I like gun ownership. We are not allowed anymore.

          One thing worries me ,why are Americans so high in gun deaths. Many countries have gun ownership like you guys yet they have a much lower gun deathrate ? What is it?

          1. Most of it has to do with the strict laws on drugs which causes a huge black market with huge margins and artificially inflated prices which leads to a lot of violence over ‘turf’ in which to make those profits.

    2. Well, human are such being, that even one word or wrong movement from an absolutely random person, can make us wish he would die a horrible suffering death as soon as possible.

      Has any one ever cut you on the road? Then you probably know what I mean.

        1. But hey, at least they have an Award, better than nothing. At least we wont forget them, their stupidity at least. Normally when a person dies without spreading their seed, they get buried 2 meters beneath the earth with the most basic and cheap method possible and with a duration of 25 years before their gravestones get removed. With the darwin award they get some remembrance at the very least.

          1. The cycle of life perfectly portrayed by your words. But most of them were that stupid enough they already had multiple children, sadly. Now they are being raised horribly under parental brutality, famine and poverty . The only logical result of this is the kids turning into psychopaths who seek revenge in their past. This means massacring their own parents, later turning homocide into an addiction. The Darwin Arwards might even be a “Thank you for exiting the gen-pool” awards.

        2. Our world is already overpopulated as it is, wouldnt hurt if some of them die anyway. The Darwin awards is for people that either willingly or unwillingly die to purify the human genepool from stupditity, disabilities etc. As Humans we are supposed to evovle and not devolve and those who cant must die. Every death is a contribution to the human genepool even if Samaritans and other do gooders say otherwise.

    1. Q: Why did the Post Office have to recall its series of stamps depicting famous Frenchmen?
      A: People were confused about which side to spit on.

      “I would rather have a German division in front of me than a French one behind me.” — General George S. Patton

      Q: You are approached by three men while walking down a dark city street. One British, one American, one French. They all seem intent on mugging you. However, you have a gun, but alas, only two bullets. What do you do?
      A: Shoot the Frenchman twice. Good day!

  1. He just wanted attention that mommy and daddy never gave him and he got it after a good beating.
    Thats why i turned from a white knight to the exact opposite.
    Remember kids: The healing is not as rewarding as the hurting.

  2. May as well fight and get a kicking rather than just get a kicking. Plus those were closed handed slaps, wouldn’t have hurt that much. And they guy that joined in on an obviously defeated kid, is just a cowardly cunt.

    1. To be fair they are probably not white.

      It has been a few years since I last visited France but their accent sounded French-Algerian to me.

      Also, the only woman I could see in that video was black so I don’t buy the damsel in distress angle. No one would risk their health and life for a nigger, not even niggers and although my French is quite rusty I heard no mention to the actual cause just the usual words of excitement.

      Sheboons are never damsels anyway. They are more often than not the instigators and screech ook and eek in support as the alpha male chimp lays the beat down because they are hoping for mating rights and the commencement of a new litter.

      In my opinion then this is just French Muslims having a group dispute and sorting it out the primitive way.

        1. Yes Nem. I got the joke.
          True story. I’ve been aware of the existence of Chad since I got my first (whispering) globe as a youngster. I spent a lot of time with my finger on the Niger/Chad border while saying Nigger Chad, Nigger Chad, much to the pleasure of my father. “Goddamn right!!!” he always said.

          1. … That’s not the way Danacoondas “dad” explained it to me… He told me they took in a black guy as a BORDER some years before Daño was born and when he was a kid, Daño pointed to a picture of the black man sayin.. “niggr, dad… Niggr, dad…” and THAT’S when his “dad” said “Gahdamned right…!”

    1. He thought he was Usain n’ decided to Bolt. Direly miscalculated that one. Dumbass should’ve been prepared with an equalizer since he has zero fighting skills, only chance he would’ve had. Oh well.

  3. This looks like dogs trying to hunt. Weak, side-fist punches, lack of confidence, attacking while downed. What happened to hitting someone and either knocking him out, shaking hands or letting him run?

  4. Yep, that’s how to do it moron, chase the kid down when he’s running away, stomp him when he’s down and covering up, kill him or give him brain damage, have someone record it then in court claim self defense.

    Fights used to be punching each other and drawing blood then going on about your business. These fucking retards nowadays who think they’re MMA masters should be shot in the fucking face. I know I would!

    1. The world is filled with moronic cowards ,what can I say. Tough guys when winning and bootlicks when losing. Welcome to modern day youth.

      This is what a diet rich in electronic games and Facebook does. In my day we played with globes; rubber ones ,our own between our legs or the ones on a girl’s chest. That is why we grew up to be real men…


    1. Plot twist Pigs…he was actually propositioning the two alphas and had zero interest in the chick….hence the A Class head stomping lesson.
      You’d think in this day & age with the readily availability of gutters that they could’ve dragged his scrawny arse over to a decent kerb and really done a number on his bony head?


  5. Jumping on or kicking some cunts head…. That’s one of the quickest ways of ending up in prison for murder.!
    Fucking morons.!
    Is it just me, but when you’ve knocked some cunt on their arse, you don’t kick them in the head.?
    By all means give them a broken rib or two or a good swift kick between the legs if it looks like they’ve still got some fight in them.!
    But the head.!?!.. You’ll end up doing as much, if not more harm to yourself.
    I’ve had teeth kicked out & it’s highly unpleasant, especially when it happens on Xmas eve & your Dentist decides to show his displeasure at having his Xmas fucked up by not giving you enough anaesthetic before yanking your broken teeth out.!
    Live & learn, eh.

  6. i’m shocked at the speed and movement these guys have considering the tightness of those misses petite tight jeans. rather impressive. unlike the stupid asshole trying to act like billy badass over there with the fighting. no one likes a bully.

  7. Translation:
    So when the video start,one of the dude in the crowd is saying: go for it(vas-y).
    At 0:14 They are saying ”niquer le niquer le” which in good old english is the same as ”beat him up beat him up”.
    When he gets ”pushed” on the floor they are saying ”niquer lui sa mere” which is kinda hard to translate in english but the closest i can think of is ”Beat this motherfucker”.
    When he’s getting stomped they are saying this: ”lachez le lachez le,c’est bon” which mean” let him go let him go,he’s had enough”.

    This is a poor translation but it’s the best i can do since im french from canada and they are french from france,which is verry different and the audio quality isn’t the best too.

  8. That ridiculous jump kick he is lucky the guy was so distracted by the other fellow. Would have been extremely easy to slam that dude in that awkward vulnerable sprawl of a monkey flying kick. Been watching too many ku fung movies it seems.

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