Thai Man Kicks Random Child in Head and Walks Away

Thai Man Kicks Random Child in Head and Walks Away

In Bangkok, Thailand, a woman was walking down a street with her grandchild when a random man walking in the opposite direction delivered a kick to the child’s head and continued on his merry way like nothing happened.

The bizarre incident was caught on a dashcam of a car stuck in a traffic jam. The back-plant with the feet-flop performed by the kid was pretty epic:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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212 thoughts on “Thai Man Kicks Random Child in Head and Walks Away”

    1. Not to question credibility or anything, but if it’s a dashcam, why is there movement? It looks as if the camera was following/focusing on the grandma, the little bruv there, and the bipedal-kicking-turd walking down the street. You could think that it was a dare or something that was planned by turd sandwich with the camera. Or it could just be a video of a video, since the pointing finger looks in a different hue than the background vid. Who knows? Maybe its’a fake’ah, maybe its’a real’ah.

    1. It’ll be funny… If the kid grows up training haard in martial arts an shit… Sees the dude that kicked him alll those years ago, as a feeble looking old man with a cane…. He runs up to the old dude to deliver a punishing spinning roundhouse kick… Old dude, hooks his leg with the cane, trips him, then kicks him in the face….. Again.

        1. No. To be honest, the kicker goes on to have a fantastic life, being such a confident badass, whilst the innocent child grows up to have a shitty one.

          Humans have always had this idea about karma. That what goes around, comes around.
          I call bullshit. This is just the idea that people like to comfort themselves with, because it conforms with their ideas of justice and fairness. But in reality, life is random, and not always fair. Just like a kick in the head from a grown man in the street.

      1. Everything about what that guy did was both shitty and wrong! If I’d witnessed that I’d have knocked him the fuck out. . If it was my kid he kicked I’d fucking kill him…. That said, I almost pissed myself laughing at your comment…Crazy as fuck

          1. Hopefully the strain from this kick will give him another nasty case of the hemorroids, on top of the ones hes already got. He never learns.

          1. Football is rugby. Soccer is the sport where you kicking the ball and can have goal. But the problem is a lot of idiots doesn’t even know the difference. And the funny thing is i don’t even play football or soccer and i know the differences. Well… If i can’t help check out Wikipedia.

          2. WOOOWWW!! Let me speak with ur motha. FOOT(foot) BALL(head). Look up Peanut the purple monkey thing pupput, he’s got somethin to show ya. 😉

          1. football originated in england and was coined football, hence kicking the ball with your foot. americans later called american football just football then called football soccer.


      1. Drugs are bad. I recommend intensive desensitisation therapy.
        Locate your nearest kindergarten and walk around the playground randomly kicking kids in the head until the urge to look like a raving lunatic has passed.

        That advice in on the house.

  1. The way he walks off reminds me of the beginning of Saturday night fever,where he strutting down the street with his paint can munching on his pizza,ah ah ah ah stayin’ alive ,stayin’ alive, fucking chinks man , they should stay in the chippy or the betting shop where they belong………….

  2. Hi guys
    this is my 1st post, ill keep it brief, ive been watching vids for yrs but ive only now decided to bother registering, I have one question,what is the MOST GRAPHIC VID here on best gore for eg.someone tied up and getting their nose cut off, eyes gouged out, tongue cut out, hands cut off, and than decapitated? is there anything ever like that one here? anyone have a link please? thanks a lot, its nice to know there are people out there with the same kind of interests like I do

  3. Dash cam my big fat libertarian ass. The camera wasn’t mounted, it was handheld and moving around but magically the person had the camera on and pointed in the direction where the assault was going to take place. Put on your logic hats people, what does that mean? It means it was a pre-planned assault. It means the person in the car was in on it with the person who kicked the child.

  4. I’m tired of the moralistic people, of the people who come into this place to talk shit. let’s be honest, stop be innocent. The people that are registered here are because we have participated in something similar to what we see here. and if we do not participate we surely have the fantasy of killing and for lack of guts we do not do it and to lower that desire to kill we watch videos, we enjoy seeing damage in people, stop being innocent and pure.

    1. LOL I don’t think people that are registered here have necessarily participated in anything remotely similar to what they see here, nor do they necessarily have fantasies of doing similar.
      For all their self-righteousness and fighting talk, most people in here probably wouldn’t hurt a fly.
      They just have an interest in macabre things.

      They are just here to see what the world is really like. Some come here after a hard day’s work, and before they start cooking, they spending time looking at sick shit on BG with a glass of red. If you’ve had a bad day at work with a psycho boss, this puts it all in perspective. You look at some poor, unfortunate fucker who died a horrible death and say to yourself, in a Clint Eastwood voice. “Do you feel lucky? Well do you, punk?” lol.

      A lot of the stuff on BG is not about unfortunate people being criticised, it’s about outright negligence, carelessness, free will being exercise for evil. And I don’t think the people who did that stuff care what is written about them on some internet site somewhere.

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