Toddler Flykicked in Head As Mother Receives Beating in Brooklyn, Illinois

Toddler Flykicked in Head As Mother Receives Beating in Brooklyn, Illinois

Toddler Flykicked in Head As Mother Receives Beating in Brooklyn, Illinois

In Brooklyn, Illinois, a seasoned cock carousel rider with a toddler in tow and allegedly another crotch goblin spawning in her belly, was attacked by two young females. A Tyrone jumped in to throw a kick or two as well, but with his opening flying kick he succeeded in kicking the toddler in the head.

The incident took place on July 14, 2020. I don’t know why the hood rats attacked the girl. Maybe because she’s already sucked every Chad and Tyrone in the hood, and they were having a hard time matching her body count? She took the beating like a champ. Hardly any whining. I’m surprised none of the involved women was a 5,000 pound land whale like they usually get.

Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the video:

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136 thoughts on “Toddler Flykicked in Head As Mother Receives Beating in Brooklyn, Illinois”

    1. It’s kind of funny how the camera operator expresses “oohs!” and “aahhs!”, in a fake attempt at showing concern, but does absolutely nothing but hold the camera and pretty much being a spectator.

          1. Like every black person can beat everyone. Dumbass. Many are pussies and you say fuck you nigger they’ll back the fuck up. Unless they packing or with they homies knowing they got back up. Saying that i have a MMA black mate that would fuck you up on their own. So be careful who you verbally abuse.

          2. I do say that to their face on a daily actually, definitely gotten into lots of fights. but I’ll still say it to their face haha

      1. All people= everyone else but blacks

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        Blacks commit 53% of all murder, despite being only 12% of the population. Source: FBI Crime in America 2013 Report
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      2. @weezybaby
        I am not down with the words used either, but you won’t get far preaching at people about their language on this site.

        Go on tell yourself that other people act like this all you want. But truth is they don’t. You may be different but it is what it is. You aren’t responsible for what anyone else who is black does just as I am not responsible for what other white people have done or do.

        But lets have a relationship with reality.

        It’s black people gathering in groups of 50-300 to rob, beat, loot and commit mayhem (chicago this last weekend for example). Long before floyd riots. This has been the norm in cities such as chicago, Philadelphia, quite a few.

        Over 75% of mass shootings involve black shooters and victims.

        It’s black people who commit the majority of violence on buses and trains throughout the USA, they love beating the crap out of transit workers.

        It’s black people who are committing “one hitter winners” also known as sucker punches or the knock out game usually on a white person. Thousands of these cases.

        It’s black people who commit the most interracial violence (confirmed by every crime database which exists) its black people who commit the most intraracial violence (70% of violence perpetrated upon a black is committed by another black). Blacks are hugely disproportionately represented in murders, car jackings, robberies, home invasions, every category of violent crime. This fact is ignored however when people discuss why black people are disproportionately represented in the prison population. The lie is that they were picked on because they are black. A lie.

        Black men kill black transgender women. Remember that next time you hear that black transgender women of color are disproportionately murdered. They leave out who the murderers are at their black trans lives matter rallies.

        Schools which are predominantly black are the most violent. There is a steady flow of fight videos showing this reality. There are often fights with upwards to 100 even more fighting, including parents which makes it no wonder why the students are fighting instead of learning.

        You won’t find evidence showing any other demographic equally guilty of these and other violent behaviors. You will find excuses for as to why this is the case. Ridiculous excuses such as the cctv videos are simply being suppressed. Nope. If it was happening the videos would be posted. There is no white ‘world star’

        This month alone there were no less than 3 occassions at airports where black women went berserk because they missed their flights or were having to wait longer than they wanted, so they resorted to beating airport staff.

        While we see white women “Karens” being called out for alleged entitlement, I see these black women who think they are entitled to beat the shit out of people when they don’t get their way.

        For every 1 fight with white people you can find, there are 50 with black people.

        I lost count how many times I saw a black person laughing hysterically at someones suffering.

        1. exactly, I’ve NEVER seen gorillas act this way… 70 IQ and now offspring not going to school (like they ever learned anything but sports anyway) so year 2021+ is going to get a LOT worse in our neighborhoods…. mark my words!

          1. @PacBear,
            Shit will be seriously fucked up if Marxist main stream media suckers stupid Whites to vote in joe “on the take” biden! That asshole will give away the farm to these stupid lazy baby makers. Besides he has no idea where his basement bathroom is located without a fuckin map. But joe knows bowing to the American negro. No maps needed there!

  1. “I don’t know why the hood rats attacked the girl”

    No pondering needed on this one because the answer is simple. They are niggers and are simply doing what comes natural to them, TNB. Typical nigger behaviour.

    Niggers acting peacefully is what I consider a shocking scene in need of further questioning.

    1. I absolutely hole in the heartadly agree with Dover Sole there. To witness the calm and serene Wog would INSTANTLY throw up red flags and trigger alarm bells to me without a shadow of a doubt, as such a situation is without question an unnatural event for species Coon. It just doesn’t ‘sit right’ to accept that a relaxed, calm, joyous, without chip on the shoulder chimp is genuine and that nothing dreadful has happened to some other poor twat at the hands of the Baboon.

    2. Funny that”Racism’ is a mental health crisis but dressing up as a woman in high heels, a dress, and a wig and taking it up the ass at the park toilet all night is not.

      Only a brain fried with 5G waves could exist in today’s world and not see the absurdity of it all.

    1. You are so right. Not one of them ever invented anything because they have no original thoughts or ideas and they know it. This is why they have to try to obliterate all things white because it all reminds them of their lack of intelligence. The problem is if you eliminate everything white you’re left with nothing. They’ll need to cross that bridge when they come to it. As always.

      1. Watching vids of the crazy shit that’s happening in America at this present time for example that group of black NFAC members walking around that NP demanding that the us authorities carve them out a peace of land that they can call their own ( that land being fucking Texas ) just proves their level of intelligence! I mean Texas!!! Probably the most patriotic state filled with gun patriotic cowboys and rednecks and many armed forces personnel! Yeah ok they’d get far claiming Texas as their own lol maybe California lol
        Bunch of retards

        1. LOL that’s such a bad idea. Giving them land. They’ll just ghetto-ise it and make it poor. A far better thing is to give them the opportunity to compete on equal terms with white people.

          But wait….they already have that opportunity. In the US and UK, school is free (paid for the taxpayer, i.e. free). Going to school every day is the LAW. All they have to do is turn up to school every day, get qualifications and then you get a decent job.

          Either that or be an entrepreneur that takes big risk and get rich. Or have rich connections who will give you a job despite yourself. Only those three paths are the way out. As for training to be a DJ, rapper or footballer, forget it…very few actually make it to the top on those professions.

          1. Well said Spock, in some instances they get more opportunities than the white man, in my profession they and women was only given the opportunity to climb the promotion ladder even though they was not suitable for the job or good at it! The white straight man has no chance.

  2. I thought black lives mattered?
    Look here you fucking apes: I don’t hate you for the color of your skin, your body odor or the way you talk. I hate you because no matter where you go in the world, you do the same things; theft and violance, you lead an eresponsible sex life and foster a culture that very few wants anything to do with.
    A lot of people I know will proclaim their support for you, but in the next breath, they’ve turned around to me and said ‘fucking niggers’ – because that’s what you are. If you ever want to stop racism, stop behaving in such a manner that causes it.

  3. See that monkey with white shirt, short boxer and probably some overly expensive shoe over there? That’s a typical nigger for you. Instead of response the the cry of a child it just hurting, Oh no no. It just has to get straight right into the kicking again as if its afraid to missing a chance to show the world how alpha it is. Yes totally disgusting. I do not consider this piece of shit as a human being at all. at this point on.

  4. Towns of ANY size where humans DO NOT want to be…

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    Remember if you see a nigger, don't touch, run away and tell a grown up.

  5. On my 1st landing on bestgore i was like bah, negroes are human just the same as whites and all that ….
    Now i’m well educated on niggers social science and i just cant deny i was totally wrong, there’s no such a thing as racism.

  6. One can clearly see genetics overriding median popular culture here. If they lived in a society with zero visual clues about what civilised behaviour looks like, you might mitigate your feelings of revulsion and disgust. I’ve seen 100% white working class and tough European towns of my youth, where kids were instinctively always pulled out of the way before heavy duty fighting kicked off.

    You can’t undo this mentality, you just have to completely avoid them until they expire. Hopefully those coming up behind will be a bit better, but I have serious doubts.

  7. In my opinion you have black people and then you have niggers. Black people are law abiding, hold steady jobs, raise polite, decent children and are a benefit to the community in which they live. They do exist, I live next door to a black family. Both parents work in education, their kid are pleasant and well behaved. They are all very educated would never dream of behaving badly.

    Unfortunately the black people are vastly outnumbered by the niggers. Niggers sell drugs, steal, fight, stab people, kill and generally fuck everything up around them. Believe me, we have more than our fair share where I live.

    1. I think Black Lives matter should become Bleak Lives Matter.
      Their problem is not being black, it’s just having shit prospects and aspirations all their life.

      But if you say Bleak Lives Matter, people think you are saying the same thing in a South African accent, and then accuse of being a Libtard.
      No kidding. I speak from experience, lol.

  8. That previous video with the prom night dumpster baby kinda gives me hope. Surely they’ll see no reason to make copies of themselves in the upcoming bright and colorful future. Maybe she’ll just say no due to the depression, but I’m sure he’ll find a way to rape her anyway.

  9. There is one thing that can be universally said about black people….they are nothing but fucking animals. Who tries to jump over a toddler, kicking her in the head? No matter what the issue is between adults, leave the kids out of it. Animals.

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