Tunisian French Rapper Sadek Beats Tunisian French Influencer Bassem Braiki

Tunisian French Rapper Sadek Beats Tunisian French Influencer Bassem Braiki

Tunisian French Rapper Sadek Beats Tunisian French Influencer Bassem Braiki

In the French city of Lyon, a Tunisian French rapper who goes by the name of Sadek along with his mob of fellow immigrants assaulted and beat up a Tunisian French blogger, or as is popular to call them lately – social media influencer – by the name of Bassem Braiki.

Bassem Braiki, who hails from Vénissieux, and Sadek, who hails from the Paris region, reportedly experienced escalation of tensions over some prior posts on social media. I said it before and it keeps holding true – mainstream social networks, like Facebook and Twitter, foster violence, while Best Gore prevents it. Shouldn’t the sheeple and the enforcers of tyranny demand the banning of Twitter and Facebook, instead of getting their panties wet over Best Gore? Obviously, it’s not actual violence they are concerned about.

I don’t know what the health status of Bassem Braiki. Sadek reportedly took to Instagram to apologize for the assault.

Props to Best Gore members @hayem and some other people for the videos:

Another video but with shitty overlay graphics:

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  6. Fuck, there never used to be this many comments, bloody hell

    Anyway, I agree with bestgore preventing violence DEFINITELY, you get to see other people make the mistakes so we learn from those casualties instead. It really touches my empathetic side too.
    And i can also say i am guilty of getting mass rage from ‘Social media’.

  7. “mainstream social networks, like Facebook and Twitter, foster violence, while Best Gore prevents it.”

    Buddy, that is litterally wishful thinking. I’ve seen more hate speech and arguments on this site than god forsaken youtube, lol. These people would kill each other if they ever met man, lets just be honest here.

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