Two Race-Mixing Whores Get Into Revealing Cat Fight

Two Race-Mixing Whores Get Into Revealing Cat Fight

This video is dedicated to all the virgins of Best Gore. This is as close to pussy as you’ll ever get! Haha.

I have a doozy for you here. All too often we see a certain demographic portrayed in our cat fight videos. Today, I present the lighter side. A white cat fight which has it all; ass, tits and pussy. I unjustly call this a cat fight because there is actually little fight in it. Skank #1 completely owns Skank #2, ripping her clothes off and leaving little to the imagination. Skank #1 herself also flashes the snatch because…well, she’s a hoe out on the town with a bunch a niggers. Don’t know what sparked the fight but it eventually cools off.

What a fucking disgrace. Not the fight, the fact that if these race-mixing whores were with white men, they wouldn’t be acting that way. Niggas can have ’em cuz I ain’t interested in any woman who sticks turds in her pussy.

Mad props to Best Gore member, @amnyc, for this little gem.

315 thoughts on “Two Race-Mixing Whores Get Into Revealing Cat Fight”

          1. I agree with ob1s_dark_side your can have those hoes, and being a male and boasting about white dicks look better then blacks is pretty homo…. all penises look ugly to me :l I’m just saying that was gay af.

          1. @Brad, The reason you have those whores is because self respecting non nigger would have them. What you don’t understand is after a bitch has been with a nigger, she’s seen damaged goods forever! We don’t want it so basically your just getting our leftovers!!! Hahahahaha think of that NIGGER!


          1. Man all i gotta say to you broke ass, KFC eatin on yo welfare check days, finger lickin white mans hands on yo off days, EBT hoardin publictransportation boardin, big ol stanky pubic hair fro’in niggaz is THIS: Nigga, once they gone black … WE DONT WANT THEM BACK! Who the fuck wants HIV? Damn public knowledge that you niggers be carrying that shit like a white mans carries car insurance. Stupid ass nigger, aint no one want no HIV like you got, bitch

      1. Shut the fuck up, some of you say some of the dumbest lamest shit. You sound like a fucking 3rd grader, sneaking to curse on the school bus. Try doses of education between all those extra doses of hate. Illiterate piece of shit. Lol lol lol lol

    1. This is race mixing for you… These bitches chose Niggers Ape, they are living like animals too. Niggers can only be nice in forest with their leafs on the dick and hunting for food. Bad choice for giving these animals rights of humans.

  1. That monkey on 0:13: “Dey see me rollin’, dey hattin’…” 😆

    You know, if there was anything good that bolsheviks brought to the world that we could borrow, is the idea that we could grab all this worthless degenerates, lay them all in like with a common grave, shoot the back of their pathetic skulls, and let them rot in there… 🙂

          1. Hmm, actually ive come up with a better idea: The world is running out of oil, and oil comes from decayed organisms, right? When i was youger i came up with the idea of using melanin rich skins and fat as fuel… 😆 With the fast reproducing niggers, and modern libetard societies parenting failures, resulting in a burst of coalburners to be created

        1. Hahaha that’s a rare one I’ve never heard before
          Btw @dre, yes, I freakin’ cracked up at your comments about me on the other post. I treasure other people that are genuinely good-hearted + have my same kind of sense of humor, and you’ve always been one of my favorites.

      1. White men don’t mind fucking dirty black ghetto bitches leaving them fatherless with half breed as babies to raise off my fucking taxes! White mutterfuckers do the same shit as stupid ass niggers do! It the fucking way of the world to mix the races! All them sinning bitches going straight to hell need get a rope and hang they white ass to a tree right alongside the niggers to!!

    1. @DirtyDream exactly, no sympathy for the ho’s who willingly lower themselves below a dog in heat to rut with a nigger.

      @Dre my dear class was long forgotten by scum like this let the niggers have them Its not like any of our fine real White MEN would ever touch polluted puss like that and for the wiggers who do the niggers can keep them too.

      1. @Am0ur, There is perfectly logical, scientific reason why white men don?t touch women like this.

        As you know, no light ever escapes from a black hole; thus rendering it invisible to the naked eye. To a white man then these women simply cease to exist, they become invisible.

          1. @boozer how do you think the white race got infected with half that shit to begin with? 😉

            @Nightmare and just where in the hell have you been lately?!

    2. You tyranny looking hard life living blue collar corner bar meth addict slut. Bet the niggers aren’t mad they can’t have you. A good white man wouldn’t want ya. Ugly legend of Zelda looking whore

    3. It not the niggers that got them bitches doing that shit! They dirty trashy ass white bitches just like black bitches! White pussy stank infected with all kinds of shit just like all the rest!

  2. Money cant buy class. Don’t like queen bees that actually have no sting. Just punch the stupid fkin bitch with a fist in the nose. Pretend you got some passion about something at least, rather then rolling around showing fanny and an unshaven arse. Not taking sides but i would fuck anyone up so bad that try to be on top of me with no good intention!

    1. But they are doing that as the nigger ritual goes. The females aspiring to be the next alpha silverbacks must impress the males in a trial of ritualistic combat. The winner will get to mate with the males. Ahhh BBC Wild life has taught me much… 😆

  3. W.T.F. was that? both with no undies acting like hoes, showing their snatches to the world,,, nice. I know that i was vulgar last night talking about pussy, but @ Obli, this is payback, i guess! 🙂 Fuck, i have a nasty hangover still, and it,s almost 6pm. I Quit Booze forever!!!

          1. I think they didn’t read the “How to guide to a healthy vagina” if it doesn’t smell good, taste good, and tight enough to where it doesn’t feel like throwing a hot dog down a hallway, then its safe to say you’re snatch is no good.

          1. I think we are all fucked @nightmare. What kind of backwards society praises skanky bimbos who bang nignogs and look down upon those who see something wrong with it? I swear, I’ve always thought if aliens ever actually visited earth they would do the universe a favor by quarantining us.

    1. Yeah fuck that. Seems i am on a memory trip tonight. My bestie gf thats in a coma since 1994 loved that song… When i was 14 Madonna was playing on the radio and i asked my mum and her best friend what a virgin means. Was mortified after i found out lol .. anyway.

      1. Holy shit she’s been in a coma for over 20 years?! That is so incredibly sad I’m so sorry!!! I saw a documentary not too long ago about a woman waking up after 30 years (I think) in a coma.

        I still remember very vividly when I young and first learned certain sexual things like a blowjob. I was like people do that? O_O

          1. Lmfao!!! I got into some awkward situations when I was younger because I didn’t know what things meant. Which is why I make sure to know all the dirty things people can get up to so if someone asks if I want a ‘Dirty Sanchez’ I can say fuck no.

        1. I’m sorry but as a Jack Kevorkian fan I can never understand why a family would allow that to continue.

          So sorry Everlong that’s extremely insensitive of me. But I also have to think if something like that were to happen to my son, who knows what I would do

          1. That’s a really difficult situation and I think it’s hard to say what any of us would do when faced with a decision like that. I have discussed with my mom and sister that if I ever turned into a vegetable or brain dead where I had no real quality of life to just let me go.

          2. Don’t feel bad @trainwreck! It’s a perfectly logical way of thinking. You have every right to your opinion! I agree with your opinion but it’s just one of those things where you have no clue what you’ll do until it happens to you 🙂

          3. Yeah I guess but when I give a shit about someone the last thing I ever want to do is hurt their feelings. Everyone else is fair game. I think after a long time being here you get it with me. I just need to learn to watch what I say to some people.

          4. I think @Everlong knows you would never try to say something hurtful. The thing that sucks about the internet is it’s hard to know how somebody is saying something. There’s been quite a few times where what I believed was obvious sarcasm on my part was taken seriously by others. It sucks but I think you’ve been around long enough that everyone knows you have a big heart and are a good person and wouldn’t try to hurt anyone’s feelings.

          5. @LF Just like with a family member or coworker, you can joke around 100 times , then you catch them in a shitty mood and they go all off course on you.

          6. BTR that is really true but it shouldn’t be that way. We all have our moods. But if you care about someone it should be different??? I know what I want to say but I can’t find the words sorry

          7. @BTR

            That’s so true! I’m much better though at saying things in person in a way that people can see my sarcasm and that I’m joking versus here some people actually take me seriously. I’m never serious about anything…seriously 😀

      2. Yeah it is sad LF she was special but that is life for you =) I was raised very conservative, my mum said if you sleep with a boy you marry him and that was it ! ;P

        I’ve always had a dream until a few months ago to find my soulmate. Not going to happen, majority of man got no respect for women and fuck or slap them around. No such thing as gentle loving man, its fisting and horrible sick shit. Off to blast couple songs and ZZzz.

        1. It’s funny because my mom is so conservative but I’m not in the least. Even when I was young I may not have known certain things that happen but I was eager to hear about it. I would be shocked at first to learn what 2 (or more) people could do but then I was strangely fascinated by it. I was always a dirty perv lol.

          I know exactly what you mean. I’ve given up on men and prefer to stay single. All of the good ones are taken. A few of my friends have really awesome men but I only attract the crazies and I’m surrounded by them so I figure I’ll stay single…and safe lol.

        2. My advise would be do not think that far. Live your life as full as you can, enjoy every day even if you feel like killing yourself slowing with a butter knife lol. Follow your natural instincts, it wont let you down <3 Night nighs

          1. And yes the good is taken that is where the handicap joke comes in and the rest is opening a can of wurms.

    2. No joke, when I was young, and best guess is up until I was like 11 years old, for some crazy strange reason I thought “virgin” was only for girls.
      I knew it had SOMEthing to do with sexual stuff (which I knew veeeery little about at the time), but for like 2 years I thought if a girl was a virgin, that meant they had no breasts.
      Only reason I can think of is that it was always a girl my age that a kid would call a virgin, so maybe I’d think like “Well the girl they say is easy has boobs, and the girls they say are virgins are flat. Ergo; Virgins = No boobs. Oh God I was (“was”) such a nerd…

      1. Hahahaha!! It’s so funny how naive and how little we knew back then. I used to think getting to 2nd or 3rd base was when a guy took a girl out to the baseball field at night and made out with her at those particular bases. This is so embarrassing but I also thought adult dicks were completely covered in hair all the way to the tip after seeing that SNL skit where King Kong’s dick gets stuck in Salma Hayek’s apartment.

          1. Hahaha!!! Hey at least you know now and that’s all that matters. Men tend to not always know about that 3rd hole. Probably because if they can’t put their dick in it they don’t really care about it lmao!

        1. Haha @Lil’ Foot!! The strange thing is, is that thinking back now, I don’t see it as weird that you would’ve thought that! There’s so many hilarious things that I thought as a child, but since I was too embarrassed to ask or tell anyone, that I just figured I was a weirdo ya know.
          I don’t remember that skit but you can be damn sure that I’m watching it tonight if I can find it

          Just popped in my head. I was maybe 10 or so, & remember hearing someone older tell that joke “What’s grosser than gross? A midget going up to a girl & saying her hair smells nice.” I used to tell that joke to ALLLLL my older sisters’ friends & I’d laugh & laugh. Thankfully none of them ever asked what was so funny because I thought it meant he was talking about armpit hair
          Because apparently I also didn’t know at the time that most women shaved theirs

          1. Lol I’m sure it’s on youtube somewhere but for a short time I was convinced that when puberty hit they grew hair ALL over down there. I was pretty embarrassed to ask stuff too. My mom would never tell me anything but my best friend’s mom gave us every detail so at least I eventually got my information from somewhere.

            Lmfao!!! I’ve never heard that joke before! I love remembering stuff like that. It’s a little embarrassing but so funny to think how naive we were.

        1. In 5th grade I’d draw naked pictures of our teacher. I thought a guys balls were above his dick. I’m pretty sure he found those pics.
          When I first started my period I thought I was stabbed. I didn’t live in that crazy of a house, why did that pop into my head?
          BTW Mikey I was hoping you still were a nerd. Nerds are sexy doncha know?

      2. @Mikey, I remember when I was grade 4, the teacher said “put your hand up if you don’t know what a penis is” Well I was the only person who put their hand up! How could this word have escaped me until I was 10 years old? I knew what a penis was, I had always just called it ‘a whistle’, lol. My parents were not conservative, I was an only child, but still. The teacher said “you have to go ask your parents”. I still remember calling out from my bed later that night “mum, what’s a penis?” I got the ‘talk’ that night!

          1. No really is absolutely fine. I get you 😉 > Cunt and fuck, fuck the cunt. Fuck the cunt right into the abyss with a piece of hard rock mucous =0) <3

        1. Bless him. Well I’m not going to criticise anyone doing it. I’m perhaps just naive to not want that in a relationship. Now that I’m older I understand not to take it as a rejection or that feeling you are not good enough cause your partner rather go and watch a ugly stretched our bitch pussy.

  4. Those were whores….some niggers property….once you go black welcome to single motherhood and STD’s and fighting other small change bitches for choice corner strolls and crack rocks like Pit Fighting…only with whores instead.
    Niggs are welcome to that…invite them Ho’s home to meetcha mommas.

  5. “Any woman who sticks turds in her pussy”

    I see a lot of white men complaining about white women dating black men… Well, I’m a white girl and I can assure you that if there’s ever a black cock in me, it means I’m being raped… I’m not into bestiality XD

          1. Holy shit Grim I don’t know why but I thought you were male. Yay that’s great. Not like it would’ve made a difference man or woman. But I’m pleasantly surprised

          1. @Nightmare

            LOL yeah, I’ll just carry some fried chicken around and if some black guy tries to bother me, I’ll just throw a piece of chicken and then run in the opposite direction XD

          2. @grim
            I can ashure you, they’ll be confused as fuck!

            True but I don’t feel too comfortable with carrying around that intestines soup thing :/
            But than again… Maby thats why it’s so damn powerfull?

  6. And they both talk like niggers as well… shocking. No matter how many niggers they fuck and how much AIDS they get they know in the back of their mind there is always some dipshitty thirsty, thirsty, White beta male out there who will take them in, along with the welfare system to help them raise their future criminals that the niggers were smart enough not to stick around for. Once you go Black, we don’t want you back.

  7. Two dressed up trashcans fighting over who’s the funkiest…

    I almost threw up from the close up from those oil wells… They need to plug those things before we have another catastrophic oil spill…

    Thanks @amnyc and @Obli… Now I gotta get my brain-scrubber back from @Am0ur…

          1. Well there is a fish market close to the docks, but I was referring more to the awful after smell that lingers and lingers once the boats have left the harbour. Mackerel tend to leave the most rancid reek, a stench I imagine is something close to the waft of putrid air that eminated from these bitches piss flaps when they rolled over.

  8. Of course we see a fine display of the civility that most blackies exhibit in situations like these which holds about as much weight as a five ton anvil in space. The dudes that were with these whores obviously didn’t have the decency in them to stop a fight that was probably occuring over trivial shit.

    That’s okay. Dem white bitches can take a punch. Or a foot. Or a whole leg…anywhere… Niggy nigs can have all the fun with those. You think fucking white chicks is getting back at the white man, but once again, blackie are claiming credit over something else that white folks gave them. You don’t think that trash sits in at whitey’s Sunday dinner, do you? That’s the stuff whitey leaves on the curb for the dogs. Eat up, me darkies, yo ho. No niggers wives for me

      1. I’ve been mostly trying to stay busy in the outside world while I go through the process of quitting cigarettes after 15 years of heavy smoking. I havent been near my computer for a good while now. its hard because Im used to just smoking a bowl and then lighting up a cigarette right after, while im getting my daily bestgore fix. but i had to change up the routine because I was feeling the cravings far to strong while Im sitting here at the desk. i kinda got the cravings under control now, so im slowly making my way back

        1. Oh wow good for you. I can agree with that. I leave for a few weeks at a time myself only because I need a break from gore once in a while. That’s why I leave when I do.

          I commend you for not trying to smoke. I have for a long time. Not in my cards to quit. I have the medicine Chantix here at my apt. I can’t take it though. Makes me sick. I’m rooting for you.

  9. Every time I see a video like this it always reminds me of that scene in “Lion King”, the one were the two hyenas are fighting over the zebra bone. Filthy savages.

    As for being a virgin, im savin myself for marriage.

    Don’t judge me…

  10. Ish…bet these females where innocent and much beautiful at one point before they’ve gone this far, they may be still young but down the road turns out to be some drug addict kick side of the street/alley by her pimp with missing tooth/teeth’s, greasy hair, pimpled face drunk ass! Probably end up having a baby with one or two from different n*ggar and live off welfare of our working hard taxes!

  11. Lmao at the stupid pink shrimp dick peckedwoods on this site . You dumasses these dudes wasn’t fucking these honkie trash white bitches . Most likely they were getting pimped on!!!! That’s what they are good for ….everyone loves a trashy white bitch to make fast money . You little pink dick ,skinny lip ,stringy hair can’t sit in the sun crackers your times is coming up soon . Remember u honkies are are genitically modified !

    1. Congratulations @Justaddwater you’ve just proven yourself to be slightly smarter than the dumbest flea biting the ass on the concrete statute of a dog in my front yard. I break the truth down for you bit I don’t have thousands of years to wait for evolutionary development to remember niggers exist so you could understand.

      1. Hey @gnat!!! Sweetheart your nigger got out of the cotton field again and seems to be hanging around my pourch lol you might want to throw his ass back in the field be he’s hanging a different way 😉

    2. Look you boot lip… Baboon ass… Chocolate chicken eating… Purple drank drinking… Back of the bus riding… Pavement ape… Shit dick… Did I miss one?…

      Go wash your ass!… You need to be hanged for being stupid and shot for stinking…

        1. Hey boot lip… I stopped fucking your Mom a long time ago… But she can still shine a good boot…
          So therefore I’m not a “family fucker” anymore… And I got that lice thing took care of too…
          I don’t know about the “peckerwood” thing though… But you sound like you’re an expert at it…

          Don’t forget to eat your peanut butter… Boot lip…

    3. You better pray for the sake of your species that our time is not coming soon. You live in homes, built by us, you eat food, grown by us, you drink water, purified by us, and you use technology, developed by us. You wont survive a month without us, idiot. 😆

  12. I`ve got a former classmate from Romania who got herself a big black cock in the USA. Moved out in the ghetto, had a baby and started acting out like a black woman. Kid is cute though.

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