Two Skanks Get Into Fight – Lots of Ass Crack, But Not Much More

Two Skanks Get Into Fight - Lots of Ass Crack, But Not Much More

Two Skanks Get Into Fight - Lots of Ass Crack, But Not Much More

Is that a strip bar backstage? No idea, but per usual, it shows what great privilege it is to be born a woman. As a man, to sell you need to create a product. As a woman, you are born with a product so you merely need to exist to earn easy living.

In the video, two skanks get in each others… weave? One is naked and flashes her asscrack on camera, but even though the video has the potential to show more, we never get to see if she has properly developed labia or the grotesque extended asscrack. This one’s much better in this regard.

Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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124 thoughts on “Two Skanks Get Into Fight – Lots of Ass Crack, But Not Much More”

          1. That is a possible, the one had tits done, the other only had fried eggs for tits, maybe she’d arse inflation first. Tho I’ve seen some of those skinny nigger chimps with assess like that, it being about the only asset they’ve got.
            Still not for me so, Doesn’t do much except repulse.
            Especially the faces
            I just see monkey’s…

          2. Dunno, it just doesn’t look natural to me.It’s nice from behind but when you look at it from the side it’s just ridiculously big and the shape is kinda weird.It doesn’t move like fat would but it’s also not shaped as a normal muscle is.As I said I’m not an expert but something stinks here!

          3. Both their asses do look enhanced. Not sure if it’s implants, injections, or if they’ve had a “BBL” (very common for exotic dancers to get this procedure nowadays).

            Either way, I’m not complaining. Looks good to me.

          1. Hahaha.
            Similar tale, Nems.
            Involved my youngest Brother, myself and our wenches of the day, plus an older Friend who was supposed to be looking after us 4, because we played it like we were on day release from an institution.
            That is all for now I’ll email the rest, as I’m thinking of it I’m laffing hard, also it would take another Opus sized write..!

    1. I’d never fuck an ape… But if you’re referring to the women…Give four rubbers and I’ll be walking like Marion Michael Morris the next day…
      And for the retards and shit kickers that’s John Wayne.

        1. they say no black men on their advertisements because black tricks are more problematic than orher races. they’re more likely to rob the girl, be too rough with the girl, and they tend to be cheap. they’re also likely to just be a pimp trying to recruit so hoes just tend to deal with black guys.

        2. @yandaone

          That ad is asking for Trouble…: BLM protestors might sue for Sexual discrimination.

          Be fun whore : Black dude gets some scar covering foundation and covers his big black juicy mambo cock and skin until he resembled a Creme egg boy and rolled up for some playtime.

          As she goes down to her knees, like the good cocksucking bimbo she is.. *licking his balls first to appease, then taking his hard cock straight down Past her gag mode, oooh she is the queen of deep throat but oooh fuck the wetness exposed his black mamba and she screamed so his slit her fucking deep throating throat for being a racist bitch…

  1. Well….they both had great looking asses but I’m not really that picky. A whole-body condom would be a necessity though as I’m sure there is all kind of disease particles floating around these, ahem, ladies.

    1. ” Alright fellas, next on stage we’ve got Chlamydia, and she wants wants in your pants. You know what I’m talking about. It’s about six inches long, has a big head on it, and it’s green. No, not your diseased penis, pull out those dollar bills ya lonely bastards!”

    1. Really have you..?
      Soo sad, find a couch to lay down upon, and tell the good Doctor all about the troubles and issues, they supply tissues for you to cry into, after a few sessions (also an exorbitant amount of your income).
      There is every chance you may feel better about yourself.
      Rare are the cases of Female’s with Mother ‘issues’ but, because of your bravery in saying so here, I could recommend a Friend to you,
      who specialises in the aforementioned.
      Wish you well Sister,
      take care…

  2. More often than not aged women have ‘properly developed labia’ who also tend to have wrinkles all over. What is sometimes referred to as ‘ass crack extension’ type labia generally belongs to younger women


    Flappy = Aged
    Non-flappy = Youth

  3. I am so glad that the girls in the Women’s National Basketball Association are still able to find work, then again not even niggers care about niggers. Just this weekend in Chicago the Final Stupidity Tally: 13 killed, 65 wounded better yet…
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  4. It’s funny how skinny nigglets think they can fight that shit was pathetic, then again that’s what they do and they’re in the back of a strip club lol those milk duds on her chest were funny lookin, kinda looked like raisins, I ducking hate raisins

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