Vehicular Assault with White BMW at Gas Station in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Vehicular Assault with White BMW at Gas Station in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

At a Shell gas station in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, a driver of a white BMW was filmed assaulting and running over a young man.

The incident happened on December 18, 2017. I don’t know what started the altercation. Women filming the video from inside the station like to test the pitch of their shrieking throats.

Props to Best Gore member @iwetimer for the video:

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33 thoughts on “Vehicular Assault with White BMW at Gas Station in Johor Bahru, Malaysia”

  1. … and of course, everyone’s just commenting on the fact that it’s a BMW. no surprise there.
    heck, if anything, we should be surprised that anyone driving a luxury car would risk damaging their car in the first place.

  2. The BMW was a stolen vehicle. Thiefs and murderers in Malaysia often steal vehicles to do their ghastly deeds because cars are so easy to steal, and they do not have to worry about being identified through the license plates. Crimes are getting increasingly violent and vicious in Malaysia because of the impact of drugs, human trafficking and what not. Add to that, the police forces in Malaysia are really inept, and I know this from personal experience, poorly trained, poorly paid and most often, corrupt. Most times, the criminal perpetrators get away scott free, no thanks to the inept police forces. This happened maybe just a few miles away from the border with Singapore, which is ultra safe and ultra secure. People in both countries are basically the same ethnicity, and our economic livelihoods are not that different, either, but Malaysians have to suffer the consequences of serious crimes, while criminals would not dare to attempt a similar murder in Singapore. If such an incident had happened in Singapore, you can bet that the perpetrators would be identified within minutes and captured within hours. In Malaysia, this will likely become a cold case, and no punishment for the murderers. That is why they dare to do it again and again. Very sad state of affairs for Malaysians.

    1. Meh. Singapore is so fucking tiny and thats why police can find the perpetrators so easy. Plus if Singaporeans do shit at their country they can always hide in Malaysia. Singaporeans also love finding food in Malaysia rather than their own country because in Malaysia got freaking many variety of food.

      P/s : Both country are the same plus, Singapore before this is part of Malaysia LMAO

    2. but malaysia and singapore have la la land musical talking habits, should you go there you should speak some words and end it with, la.. example: no la, how can la, stop that la, you bitch la, you defaming malaysia la, i call police la.. etcetera.

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