Video of One on One Fight Between Inmates in US Prison with Lots of Ass Crack

Video of One on One Fight Between Inmates in US Prison with Lots of Ass Crack

According to the info I got, this was filmed in prison in the US (not UK – wrong info). The video shows a one on one fight between two presumed inmates. Following a slew of asscrack on camera, the fight ends with the loser getting body slammed after the beatdown.

There seem to be references to allegations of rape against the defeated inmate. Whereas AWALT across all demographics, given today’s epidemic of false rape allegations, regardless of his race, a rapist is a man falsely accused of rape.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

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59 thoughts on “Video of One on One Fight Between Inmates in US Prison with Lots of Ass Crack”

  1. Gotta love that shit shield he constructed for privacy… It’s definitely prison, C.O.’s wouldn’t let that shit fly in jails. They did sound awfully American, though.. not sure what’s up there…

  2. I hear many prisoners do this as an excuse to feel another warm body in hopes the other feels the same burning desire. Then we have some honey pots popping with sparks of passion until both are satisfied. I’m sure brokeback would agree with me.

      1. I tried to remember to shout ‘Bestgore’ the other night when filming the remains of a brutal car crash outside my apartment, which resulted in both cars being fully afire, but all I could say was ‘haha oh fuck’ when I played back the video…

    1. No … I believe that when the loser was fully knocked out the winner started macking on the losers unconscious body kissing and loving it until the loser woke up and joined in… Now that’s some perverted that shit right there… Just sayin’….. He was just lonely and needed some Lovins

  3. I’m so sorry everyone. Please forgive me for asking for a translation as I’m not super fluent in coon. Was he saying, ‘bitch ass nigger”? It seemed as though he really, really wanted to convey that message, what with him saying it over and over and over again. Strangely reminiscent of their other often exalted, “world star”!!!!!!! Hahahahah! (Sarcasm on ten!) Repeat x12 to 24 tines.

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