Weird Fight on Street Leads to Fatal Head Slam on Curb

Weird Fight on Street Leads to Fatal Head Slam on Curb

A weird (drunk?) two on one street fight, involving a mixed gender couple battling a guy wearing a towel turban, leads to the turban guy giving the other guy a push, and the other guy slams to the floor, hitting his head on the curb.

I don’t know where exactly the video is from, but it has that south Asian flare (India?). Also, I don’t know what happened to the guy who fell on his head, but that slam looks rather fatal to me.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. lmao tim my man…if that happened anywhere(even the US, i know you must be surprised) people would still video tape cuz thats how we are. we want fame and taking videos like these gives people fame and attention…personally i would have wanted to examine the wound for educational purposes 🙂

    1. Do they know if you close your hand it’s more effective while hitting someone. They slap everyone. Is this like a culture thing ? I haven’t seen an Indian throw a punch yet. You know when I think about it lol. My friend is Indian and from the US. He got into a bar fight here. Omfg HILARIOUS. Guy told my friend binod to go FUCK his mother. Binod open hand slapped the guy and the guy knocked him out. We called him slappy for months. Is this an Indian thing?? Someone help me before I start blowing up binods phone. Omg I’m sending him this video. IDC if he sees my comments. It’s true bin. You Went to a bar fight wearing a dress. Punch!! LMFAO. Now go fill some prescriptions. And bring me some !!!

        1. ADD I def have lol. But I’m a grateful man. I do stand up comedy and I work in film. My life is amazing and I’m generally a happy man. Oh yeah I also have the best wife anyone could ask for. Honestly after coming here I realized how lucky I have it. I enjoy all you people. All of you. I love the medical knowledge. The smart ass comments lol. And just the reality of other parts of the world. I’m gonna throw a twist of humor in this. Why not?? We deserve to smile and be happy. I’m also in recovery I attend N/A and A/A. Omg a story another funny one for you guys. Last night im at a meeting and a guys speaking and he says how sometimes he just wants to just punch people In the face. The nicer you are the more he wants to punch u. He also said he use to watch gore videos. Omg i was shaking In my seat. I’m Like here’s my chance to get it out that I am a goremonster. And how I watch this as a survival tool and comment. Well as soon as I was called to share I meant to say the above but It came OUT like this. I’m fucking nuts too bro. I watch people get their heads sawed off every day and i have no emotion to it. Everyone is staring at me. I was trying to pick up the fumble but it was too late. I JUST said that’s all I got. Lol. These people prob think I’m some fucking murdeter. Noooo lol. You guys get me. HAHAHA. Love u guys.

      1. They wipe their asses with their left finger. They do not use toilet paper. They have a bucket of water next to the toilet (if you can all it that). They take a shit, wipe their ass with their left finger. Then wash it in the same bucket as 50 other people. They are not allowed to use their left hand to eat because of this. True fact. So maybe that is why they just slap. Also never eat anything from India. They drink, and bathe in the river. That same river is full of dead bodies and garbage. Indian people are nasty people.

  1. First of all, that bald guy was completely inept. Why the fuck is he staring at those other people for? DUDE, you should have learned a long time ago that you can’t count on anyone except yourself (American Beauty). I can’t tell for certain, but it looks as if he fell on his neck, which probably paralyzed him, but I’m willing to bet he just bumped his head and decided to just lay there, useless piece of shit as he was, anyway.

    Gotta give props to the woman for standing her ground, but after the first time he forced her on her ass, that should have been the end of it. You’re no match for this guy, lady, you’re only begging to get pile-driven into the sand.

    1. So this guy died instantly you think?? No pain ? What sucks even more was he was basically a rag doll. Zero strength. Gotta remember it’s India too. But I see how hitting just right can end it all

        1. I love it when BG threads get technical. Intelligence is a huge turn-on for me and reading comments from our medically (and scientifically) -inclined members always leaves me smiling.

          PS: Don’t worry, it’s not a stalker type of appreciation, I’m just using you for your minds. Wham, bam, thank you synapses.

      1. I’m not a racist. That’s the exact words he said in the movie and I said it under NIGGER guys name. I like that dude and you Hyde. So not a racist. I’m a realist. Best friends Indian , black , puertorican. We mess w EACHOTHER but LETS gets it clear I’m no racist.

      2. Why is it that so many douchebags are so quick to label someone as racist? The guy quoted a movie line and nigger is just a word, it doesn’t mean a person’s racist for saying it unless they are calling all blacks niggers. If I see any person behaving like a totally worthless reprobate, a human piece of garbage, I might call them a nigger regardless of race. I don’t think all black people are niggers and I’m not scared of using a word. I refuse to give it that power.

  2. First thing is this man has a two on one (one and a half really) odds. So it’s not his fault that the guy just happens to fall down and hit the curb to do some serious damage. Then the crowd starts turning against him because he fell that way. That’s great people that are extremely thoughtful who will probably be migrating to a neighborhood near you soon.

      1. The singing to the doll is a little weird, but look how the advertisement of toys were, women were trained since they were young to be good mothers. Nowadays, advertisements often depict girls dressed as little whores advertising some sort of make up kit or whatever.

  3. As if it needs repeating – if you have to fight, move to some grass if possible. If we have learned anything from watching videos here, it is that cement and curbs can fuck a guy up quicker and more devastatingly than any punch ever could.

  4. the guy just nudged him. goes to show that, it doesnt take much for a skull fracture. heck, a few months ago an MMA fighter got his skull cracked during a fight when the other guy elbowed him in the forehead. doubt he will ever be allowed to fight again.

  5. That guy was too weak to even defend himself, let alone the girl. It’s better this way. Darwin’s theory in action.

    and wtf how can someone fall down with such a small force.. he barely pushed him. What i think is , the guy thought he would act unconscious so that he doesn’t have to save his girl. But went a little too far and smacked his head right there on the curb.

  6. This is lunch break at a “Telephone Computer Service Centre” where they call North American homes and tell you that your computer is in need of a fix. They then ask you to log in and give them access to your computer where they steal your info. These people were arguing over who was to get the new headset after lunch.

  7. This is definitely an instance of someone with little or no fight experience getting knocked the fuck out and inadvertently hitting his neck right at the brain stem on the curb. Most people don’t realize how fatal an unexpected TKO can be when you fall from 5’9″ straight to the concrete. Given the crowd reaction, all of whom were watching the whole incident unfold before lamely rushing in at the end, I wonder if a subsequent lynching video isn’t impending. Going limp from standing height and directly hitting your head on the pavement equals brain damage at least if not death.

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