Woman Convulses When Her Pass Is Denied After Attacking Another Woman and Two Men

Woman Convulses When Her Pass Is Denied After Attacking Another Woman and Two Men

I don’t know the background story behind this video, but it sounds to me like they’re speaking Spanish.

The video shows a woman attacking another woman and two men. She keeps getting her pussy pass and uses it to senselessly throw punches at the men, when one tackles her to the ground and denies her further use of the pass.

The tackle lead to the woman convulsing. The convulsions don’t really stop before the video ends, so the head bang was presumably quite severe.


Best Gore member @Samael1983 did some searching and found out that this happened in Villavicencio, Colombia.

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117 thoughts on “Woman Convulses When Her Pass Is Denied After Attacking Another Woman and Two Men”

      1. It happened in Colombia, they were fighting and her mum told her that she won’t go back home tonight for something she did and she didn’t take it well so she beat her up and people didn’t like it…when the guys were trying to stop her at the end…one of the guys punched her very hard in the head and that’s why she was flopping like a fish 🙂

    1. Whaaaat? Beating your own mother? Where’s the respect, I’m so schocked!
      That makes me so mad…
      Good for her that she convulses. I know from experience that one can die from epilepsy. I hope she dies, little cunt!

    2. yea i understood that too. and when the bitch went down i was cheering. the stupid ass bitch got exactly what she deserved. karma will jump up every now and again and bitch slap your ass. and she got hers.

      1. That’s what I was thinking. Because it didn’t look like she hit her or anything. And the guys looked like they were just trying to restrain her.
        So who can translate what the mom was saying. And what she was saying to her mom.

      1. see if a man is addict to drugs, you can go robbing and go out steal for money yeah. but a woman on drugs is a big NO NO the only way she gets the money is by prostituting (AGORA É SÓ PUTARIA – funny song :P) or steal from family members. if her daughter is fed up seeing her mother being a whore just for drugs or alcohol sorry i would slap my moms too. ive been in this situation before when i was myself a user, but like i said a man can go out in the streets and make money by stealing and robbing. But if the whole neighborhood see your mother is prostitute is a big load that daughter is carry with her, so she try to slap some sense into her moms. and “big sin” thats true if it was a real mother but in this state of mind she is now she is just a ghost, need to wake up and leave that shit behind you.

    1. She was definitely faking a seizure my auntie fakes it all the time and everytime the ambulance comes they laugh all the way to the hospital. One time I rode with her and the doctor or nurse took me out of the room and said they had done testing and she had not had a seizure, but that we should be more worried about her mental health than her having any type of seizure other than a fake one. It’s was actually quite embarrassing after the 1st ten times but now it’s just comical. My other auntie has her on video faking a seizure, it’s really ridiculous.

  1. i think if you got beat on another person they got the right to protect there self i think they handled her in a way that was kind compared to her. i dont think they slamed her they eased her down perhaps she was epileptic and began seizures from stress. i could be wrong but i think she was let down nice like.

  2. I hate bitches who pull the pussy pass shit. I can’t watch feminist bullshit for that reason. I find it disgusting. Also I think if a girl is gonna slap a man she better be able to take a hit like a man. i have a son and I tell him all the time never let anyone hit you, guy or girl, you hit back.

      1. O wow another female that agrees!!!!! Awesome, thank you Frenchcat, I was expecting a female to jump on saying “boys can’t hit girls” or “why are you telling your son that” bullshit. Iv taught my son to be a gentleman but not to take shit from anyone.

  3. I didn’t see her hit her head or anything wtf are the jitters, lol, B-Grade acting at best, should have walked off just like you deal with toddler tantrums, she’ll just get back up with pride issues later

  4. We have no idea what’s going on here or what the real issues are. It seems the other people involved knew these woman, or at least understood what the deal was. Her mother obviously did something that pissed her off, probably having to do with a bike.
    When things escalated too much they finally intervened, and her head was accidentally hit on the floor. Things happen when shit gets out of control. What bothers me is that her mother wasn’t worried that her daughter was convulsing on the ground. I think that right there shows what kind of mother she is.
    People choosing to stay out of other people’s family affairs does not equate to this so called pussy pass shit that’s all the rage on BG now, either. Also, Wtf happened to the gore? Getting more life Facebook all the time.

    1. Her Mother knows her habits better than she does, I bet. It’s all part of her game. You know, she’s the kind of gal you really don’t want to fuck, or make love to, because she’ll fuck up your life forever. If you do, make sure she’s passed out and doesn’t know where the fuck you live at. Like now…I just bet, if that guy grabbing her ass just pulled her pants down a little bit she would’ve come out of that swoon so fast it would make your head spin. He should have grabbed her right between the legs and gave her a good squeeze and a little rub.

  5. In high school I saw a fed up guy beat up a bully and he convulsed and went to sleep, it took one hit. After that I doubt he’ll mess with weaklings any more, forever. And guys don’t say ” pussy power” don’t exposed your virginism.

    Be careful kids.

  6. They both had to be on drugs cause that crazy bitch just wouldnt stop n the mom wasnt lookn to good. Then her body crashed… literaly lol.

    But some times beuatiful woman make a career out of “faking it,” 😉

      1. Don’t hit a woman you will just get called a “sissy” and thrown into jail for “sexual assault” even if you are caught murdering a woman using a sniper because somehow they will find a way to get evidence that you penetrated her… And no I don’t mean the bullet…

    1. Exactly. She got off easy I’d say. I never hit females, but if one came at me seingin like a guy would, like she was really tryin to do damage, damn right I would use an appropriate amount of force to stop the assault. Maybe she will have learned a lesson when she wakes up. I know, wishful thunking.

  7. She put that pussy pass into overdrive once she lost the upper hand. Blagging it to fuck just like the little rodent she quite obviously is. You should “Never Ever” strike your mother, and the same goes for bitch blooded men that beat on defenceless women, it’s just wrong on so many level’s. and that’s not siding with the feminist at all it’s called common decency which so many people nowadays have seemed to have forgot.

    1. so if you were on a night out with your women and a big ass momma bitch started fighting with your women and got on top of her hitting her,would you not give her a fast slap to get her off and give your women the upper hand?

      1. In certain situation’s a slap (not a punch) is acceptable. but to be honest lad some of the women iv met along the way could brawl with the best of em haha you know the type the ladettes who end up drinking you under the table of a night. and I’m ashamed to say that i as a teenage man, raised my hands to a woman once when she damn near broke my eye socket with a diamond ring, and iv regretted it ever since, even though she fucked me up, that just isn’t how i was raised.

        1. Should have dropped your forehead on her, for her own good.
          They wanna scrap like a bloke with a bloke, they get the same treatment a bloke would. Picking and choosing when and where they wish to be treat like a lady is a pipe dream. And shove their feminist rhetorical shite right up their split arse.

          1. Haha yes and i agree, but the reality is men are much more physically built than women. now that’s a fact that no amount arguing for this or that is ever gonna change. its basic biology that men are stronger than women. unless your brides Ronda rousey then by all mean’s fire away, and good luck with that, she’d knock ten bells of shit outta most men.

        2. so the upper cut and knee into her jaw i gave her was a little over the top?i new she was knocked out when my girl started pounding on her,she thought it was her that did it,i got some wild sex that night,she thought she was xena warrior princess.

  8. i went back and watched a couple more times and though it sounds more fitting that this crazed woman is faking to get out of trouble but i dont think those around her were seeking legal justice. in us she would face charges of assult an battery on each man then bodily harm to house hold member her mother but in other countries people dont whine plus what man hasnt been slapped a time or 2. all men know women are moody changing like the wind hell it makes us love them its quite easy to look down on a video and assume we know whats best but we dont know any more than half the pussy pass come on no true man beats a lady cowards do. i had a mexcan gf that id pin to the wall once a week while she tried to beat me due to jealousy i found it funny i ended it when she hit my daughter. women are all differant but without them the world wouldnt be all men should be thankful of them our mothers an grandmothers and sisters etc but most of all our lover a friend man is half full without a lady at his side are there bad ones yes but too there are bad men. as a youngster my gf punched me busted my lip i was mad i seen my dad and said i should have slapped her my dad said are you stupid at least you know she can handle her self and you tried to dishoner her yes i tried my dad said she would be a lady to cherish. it seems many men are upset to see women equal yet there very important part of man i love them all heck ive met a few that blew my mind society needs love not hate when you see a lady open the door for her and help there not as strong physicly but there just as smart teach love what if it were your mother in need?

  9. She must have been epileptic to begin with i have a mate that seizures when his emotions run high , we could play gta5 for hours , strobe lights hardly a problem , a little heat mixed with fun and Boom shake city, we always had to make sure he was laid on the ground quickly considering he was 150 odd kilo grams, oh alcohol never help either. He’s a good Cunt!

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