Woman Gets Knocked the Fuck Out After Assaulting Guy with Taser

Woman Gets Knocked the Fuck Out After Assaulting Guy with Taser

A guy trying to break up a chick fight gets repeatedly jumped by a privileged skank too used to having pussy passes handed out to her. She keeps pushing her luck with cheap shots, until the guy’s patience runs out and he retaliates, knocking the bitch out.

As you’d expect from privileged women, disregarding the fact that it was her who attacked the guy, the skank tells her friend to call da poleece, cuz he a bitch, he put he hand on wimin. He bruk hu noe man, he bruk hu noe.

Notice how the guy was just trying to break up the fight, without throwing any punches himself. He was doing the right thing when the taser hoe, supported by her camera hoe friend assaulted him with the weapon.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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190 thoughts on “Woman Gets Knocked the Fuck Out After Assaulting Guy with Taser”

    1. Shit I’m Native American/black and even I agree that they’re niggers. THAT’S a true nigger. I’m happy I’m not like that. I actually have brain cells. I couldn’t even finish the video because of how they speak.

  1. I loved watching her fall like a sack of shit…. I have been in his shoes before and did the same thing. But the girl who was hitting me repeatedly was bigger than me; but her head hit the pavement and it sounded like I dropped a canelop on the ground….. wish she just left me alone

  2. Why do people on here talk so racist you know who you are… I’d put money on it you wouldn’t talk like that out loud so they would hear it… your just a brave at typing your thoughts it’s your only way to be racist is by your messages, but a bitch in real life looking away not saying how you really feel

    You punk as bitches are worse than the people you talk shit about, cause I know they wouldn’t be afraid of saying shit to your face

    1. I’ll tell you how much of a waste of oxygen you are right to your face.

      Meet me on top of the twin towers, September 11 2001 at about 8:15. I’ll be there by 9:30.



    2. NineInchNails, I’ll bet you feel like you’ve just defeated the forces of evil again with your puny little anti-racism tirade that is nothing more than a regurgitation of everything the globalist media and entertainment industry has programmed into your brain. Now you’re stroking your tinycock before firing up another round of some shitty Star Wars video game, I just know it. When you’re crying yourself to sleep tonight remember that you’re the lone defender of all that is just and fair in the world and that you’re surrounded by racists who are all secretly cowards!!!!

    3. @NineInchNails you are one more nigger. But let me tell you why people don’t say shit on niggers’s faces: niggers, as other beast, travel in packs, never alone, so everytime you try to reason, stand your ground of fight back a nigga, you will always be attacked merciless by the pack of boons, and even get killed in the process, because niggers are cowards to fight alone, they are the real pussies.

    4. Not all of us so called “BITCHES” are as colourful as you so describe my dear. Some of us treat our men with respect and honor. We treat them as if we want them in our lives…. No sense treating them like crap if we want to keep them because they can always leave. Men tend to leave more often then women….. They wander…. My son for instance, he’s one penis I have to worry about but with my daughters, I have the male population to worry about. No wonder we have pussy passes. Men are PIGS as the saying goes.

    5. Looks like we have us another hypocrite, sjw in @n1ne folks…guess what?, I bet YOU wouldn’t be calling people here “punk as bitches” if YOU weren’t hiding behind your computer, you faggotty “keyboard gangsta”

    6. @N1ne That’s the difference, you think violence is the solution to every problem you come across.

      Don’t give me that hypocritical nonsense. Like you never trash talk people behind their back!
      I say, BUULLSHIT!

      I don’t support the racist talk on this site or anywhere. But i will always defend verbal arguments online in front of physical violence IRL.

      I do have a suggestion though, if dark people stop committing so freaking many crimes all the time MAYBE the racism will reduce and you will have less shit talk online and instedt have more friends to back you guys up. There you got 2 problems out of the way in 1 none violent hit.

      I think you’re all assholes! Racists, violent, criminal ASSHOLES!

      Now have a good day!

  3. Idiocracy is a very under-appreciated movie considering how fine a job it did depicting exactly what will happen to your society if you continue to dumb down your educational standards so that certain low achieving segments of it can feel equal and compete with everyone else when otherwise they would fail.

          1. @haydolf_hittler

            OK Haydolf my good man, after two bottles of red wine I now have enough juice running through my veins to force my punishing conscious into taking a back seat thus allowing my unadulterated ego to act as nature intended.

            Ex nihilo nihil fit. Niggers no matter where they reside and therein regardless of the history of their host country still often suffer from and deal with the exact same problems, that being violence; crime and low academic achievement. Obviously then this is natural to them where niggers are concerned because consistency is the line on which we human beings are judged therefore either success is the consistent or failure is and niggers tend to belong to the latter.

            To conclude, niggers are naturally their own worst enemies because they are drawn towards acts that the modern world despises and considers backwards.

            Evolution has made us other races what we are today and unfortunately niggers are not fit for this and our modern world.This is why they contribute nothing but rape, crime, shit music and muh dik in general.

            To step aside from the logic of such matters, niggers are fucking worthless and always have been.

          2. brilliant response yet again empty. one day i will compile a compilation of all your comments on bestgore and just spend an entire day reading them all. magnificent input… all of it. from day one your contribution has been extraordinary. i just hope shecat doesnt read your magnificence though she will be offended being a traitor and all.

  4. You wanna eat me for supper shoot I’d bet you would eat this dick 3 meals a day not just supper fooo$$$

    Also I’m totally right you guys say these racist things but you won’t say it to their faces … so who really is hiding behind a keyboard bro

    1. White liberals don’t say racist things and instead speak very highly of black people and yet they on purposely choose to live in secluded white only neighborhoods and communities.

      Black men don’t tend to say racist things about black people and yet far too many of them chase after every other race of women but their own.

      Your argument then that we are racists because we say racist things is flawed because it attempts to set us apart from those who do not say racist things when in fact their behaviour, whilst not verbal in expression, still shows that they very much are.

      Physically attacking a racist then is not going to fix racist attitudes because the ones who are the most racist are not the ones insulting blacks on the internet but rather those who spend all their waking hours making sure that they never end up anywhere near a black person whilst at the same time making sure that nobody else ever finds out just how racist they are and they do this by accusing everybody else of racism. In other words, your average liberal is far more racist than anyone you will ever see on this website.

      Also, the black propensity towards violence is one of the reasons why people tend to hate blacks so perhaps your tactics are a little bit self defeating.

  5. i know niggers like to miss out segments of sentences but now they cant even be bothered to complete four letter words such as nose? lazy fuckers. america will always be a borderline 3rd world country as long as degenerate cunts like these are in it. detroit has become the standard bearer for nigger citys in america. watch the decay spread.

    1. Nine Inch Nails – Just a few lines up you’re talking about how satisfying it was to see that chick hit the pavement and bragging about how you whipped some bitch’s ass. What the fuck do you care about racism? Are you a “good” person? Are you somehow better because you aren’t racist but you get off on violence? Get off your moral highhorse. You’re nothing special.

      1. He’s as Black as the night sky a real Nigger probably lives in a mudhut with his two aids infected ten year old wifes.I feel naughty for saying that Ime no troll but don’t ever say you hate white people we invented everything we are the master race you are the lower. If you ever watch a film watch ZULU it’s excellent if on it could happen today.

      1. He’s is correct, move the civilized populous out of the city and fence it off. Then systematically exterminate.
        Fuckin Chicago is a joke, did you expect anything else when leaving subhumans to their own devices?
        Seriously, now give it some thought, and please correct me. (The next tirade is quite long so I doubt “nigger nails” probably won’t read past this introduction)

        Whites are only 10% of the world’s population, yet are the most industrious, ingenious, and innovative race the world has known. Whites have formed nations, built civilizations, assumed and administrated power, created the Renaissance, the Age of Discovery, the Industrial Revolution, automation, technology, the space program which landed men on the moon and launched probes exploring beyond the solar system, discovered electricity, created wonder drugs and architecture and have harnessed nuclear power, have unlocked the secrets of DNA and relativity, created computer science and the internet age…… Sub-Saharan Africans still cannot feed themselves, and no pre-contact sub-Saharan African society has ever created a written language, weaved cloth, forged steel, invented the wheel or plow,
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How could they live with all that shoreline and never contemplate putting a sail on a ship like every other culture did? Blacks are the oldest race, they had a huge head-start so they should be the most advanced race; but they are the least advanced race. In fact they never developed until they were domesticated by Whites. 19 of the 20 poorest countries are sub-Saharan African (Haiti). There has never been a successful Black country. No modern creations or civilization exists in sub-Saharan Africa that was not brought there by Whites. There are no White Third-World nations, but all Black ones are. Put Whites on an island and you get England; put Asians on an island and you get Japan; put Blacks on an island and you get Haiti. Nowhere Blacks live are they considered achievers. In fact they are universally viewed as unproductive and disruptive to society. Simply, life is an IQ test. Sub-Saharan Africans have never made a contribution to the world. 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Show me any community, city or state that is predominantly inhabited and run by Blacks anywhere in the world that is equal or superior to a comparable White one. By their fruits ye shall know them. Show me the fruits of that intelligence. “There is no firm reason to anticipate that the intellectual capacities of peoples geographically separated in their evolution should prove to have evolved identically. Our wanting to reserve equal powers of reason as some universal heritage of humanity will not be enough to make it so.” Dr James Watson.
        If you aren’t a science denier, then do you acknowledge the physical differences between the races such as skull structure, skeletal structure, brain size, and melanin levels and the consistent differences in IQ test performance? The physical differences alone proves the races evolved separately from one another and when you combine that data with the consistent differences in IQ test performance and school standardized test performance throughout every country, it becomes clear that the races do not perform the same physically or mentally. If the environment is the causing factor for the different scores and performance, then why is the data and results persistent through every country? Why is it that in every country the data is always consistent, where East-Asians score higher than whites and whites score higher than Africans? Why is it that when income is the same for the different groups, the gaps still exist? While there is an environmental factor, it is primarily because collectively, races do not perform the same physically or mentally due to biological evolution.

Jewish-American average intelligence quotient level – 113

Asian-American – 106

White-American – 103

Hispanic-American – 89

Black-American – 85

Sub-Saharan African – 70

Australian Aboriginal – 62







        1. @benzparker This guy, you’re is so fucking stupid. Anytime you write something here it’s an epic brag about cracka achievements. Tell me which of the listed you’ve personally been involved in? Discovering BestGore? Endless troll? Dull brains like yours hide under cracka skin to claim glory. I’m sure if you’re sent to some lab with all tools to create any of those things you mentioned; you wouldn’t be able to create anything.

          Do you know how those things were achieved? Brainwashed fool. You’re completely useless to this society and the only thing you’ve managed to express in your long writing is insecurity. “Run lil kid run, the negros are coming to take over and rape your mom and kids”. What a weak fool

  6. Who’s a racist…….????
    Who’s got power……… Who’s gorgeous……. Who’s got a life
    Hello blue eyes……Are you a racist???..
    Pffffffffff……..!!!!!!!…..Jealous and envious?????????

  7. FFS, why can’t they talk properly!? “Call the polee, call the polee!”, There’s a fucking “c” in police!! “He dun’ broke her no. He broke her no.” It’s “noSe”, with an S. Ugh.

  8. I like seeing people get one hitted. It’s always funny when somebody falls down. As for the race thing? Not for me, but I refuse to criticize people for drawing their own conclusions. We all end up the same in the end, that is equality. Not some delusion of laws and social engineering clap trap. One good thing about racism is that it keeps things interesting… plenty of violence to go around.

  9. Must be tough to be a uneducated black person these days……I think they were one of a cursed tribe in biblical times…… Something​ like that……..Some serious shit happen to those guys anyway……Then they became slaves…….Then the libtards came in and say …….That yes ……..A worm could be in love with a mermaid….And that Einstein was one in a trillion…..!!!!.And ” voilà” …..Everybody ( I mean almost) was “sold”……!!!!…..
    If we are running our brains at 5% ……Of their capacity…..
    I mean we are not that bright either anyways…….
    Funny just watched the movie ” Idiocracy” from 2006……The writer in a late interview admitted ” I did not think I would be that close to reality”
    I say you’re​ the new Nostradamus buddy…..!!!!!lol.
    (Fuckin Jew knew already what the shit he was talking about.)

    1. She should be canned ” on the spot”……
      We should cane people who are not behaving decently……
      Wow!!!! how cool would that be……..Their cries would sound like Beethoven…….To many ears……..!!!!!!
      And…….That would mean it’s about time for me to get into the cane manufacturing trade……
      Billionaire garanteed within a year or so.

    1. You Idiot!! And white people are good for society? with all the wall street corruption, LGBT, feminism, police brutality, Hilary and Trump etc etc? You want to blame a powerless people simply trying to exist among us with our schemed doom for everyone. The worst thing black people have ever been is “stupid” (not evil agenda driven). No matter what it is, we’ve always been worse for their society than they’ve been for ours. After all we forced them here anyway so zip it and show some respect

      1. ag please, you blacks are just a waste of breath, since when did any black fuck do anything good except die?? Go fuck a baboon and make more dumb cunts like yourself. By the way, what have your “intelligent cunt baboons” ever invented hmmm?? Yeah, thats right, nothing, so please, take a gun and put in right up your ass and kill yourself, you deserve nothing less.

  10. Not so much out of topic…….
    Resulting from decades in a row of a socialo communism dictatorship regime………. in it’s last stages.!
    Venezuelans have resorted to eating dogs, cats, and pigeons.
    Nice to figure out that I could survive on pigeons only……
    And……Not only that though…..I know how to catch them
    With no gun at all.
    Now ……There is a lot of food right here……Still thinking
    Who they gonna eat first when no more dogs cats pigeons and rats are around…..??!?!!?)
    I dream of days when food would be zeee currency……
    (I mean not really …….!!!!)

  11. Not so much out of topic…….
    Resulting from decades in a row of a socialo communism dictatorship regime………. in it’s last stages.!
    Venezuelans have resorted to eating dogs, cats, and pigeons.
    Nice to figure out that I could survive on pigeons only……
    And……Not only that though…..I know how to catch them
    With no gun at all.
    Now ……There is a lot of food right here……Still thinking
    Who they gonna eat first when no more dogs cats pigeons and rats are Around……??!?!!?)
    I dream of days when food would be zeee currency……
    (I mean not really …….!!!!)

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