Women Fight in Street, One Ends Up Naked

Women Fight in Street, One Ends Up Naked

Women Fight in Street, One Ends Up Naked

Language in the video sounds Spanish to me, though I don’t know where exactly the incident took place.

God know what the hell they were fighting over, but one got her dress stripped off her, leaving her butt naked because she wore nothing under it.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

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    1. Tattooed bitch celebrates her victory. I wish my latin wasn’t so bad

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    1. south American? ahhaha that is like saying a”British” or “Briton” is “Australian” or “American” ahhahaha not even close in culture, the ONLY thing in common is language and even that one is NOT even the same due to the slangs just as American speak English compared to british but the culture is very far apart

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  2. by the slangs they are saying like “dale de tire”(kick her ass) and “mama bicha”(pussy licker or lesbian) this slangs are spoken by Puerto Ricans, also their accent is from Puerto Rico, and they never said what the fight is about but for what the one who is with the camera said:”why did she came out the house like that(the one that got naked) when she new she will be fighting” so appears that they “schedule the fight or both women agree at this particular time and place”

  3. Here, I’ll translate*:

    Dress: WTF Drakisha!?! It was your week to do the laundry! I’m TOTALLY out of clean underwear!
    Jeans: Ow! Chill, I’ll fucking do it tomorrow.
    Dress: No, you’ll fucking do it tonight, I don’t have anything to wear!
    Jeans: Actually… *whips Dress’s dress off* NOW you don’t have anything to wear!
    Dress: That does it! Your weave is history, bitch!

    *Translation results may vary.

    1. Dang, @benitocarmonaparada posted a real translation while I was working on mine. If only I’d gotten here a few minutes earlier the joke would have been funnier. (I did appreciate the translation! Too bad the backstory wasn’t in the video, it would have been hilarious if I was right about the laundry.)

      1. I speak fluent P.R. Mexican too. Your translation is the most accurate.
        Also, there was some mention of wallpapering the bathroom with used panty liners not being funny anymore.

        1. @dan-a-conda

          Wow, and I thought it was bad in High School when whatever girl most recently used a stall’s ‘special trash receptacle’ didn’t bother wrapping her tampon in TP before disposing of it. (Bonus icky points if it’s crammed full and the damned thing tries to leap out at you.)

          Of course, these ‘ladies’ would have an endless supply of homemade Rorschach tests in case they forgot reading material, so I guess there’s a silver (panty) lining.

  4. They sound like Puerto Rican scum. Nothing like a pair of uppity greengo beans having at it.

    I’m sorry I couldn’t finish the video, but listening to subhumans trying to speak spanish makes me nauseous. I had to endure a whole fucking decade listening to these assholes from puto rico back in the Chicongo.

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