Young Bully Picks on Retired Boxer, Get Knocked the Fuck Out

Young Bully Picks on Retired Boxer, Get Knocked the Fuck Out

Young bully picked on an old man in a street, not realizing that the old man was a retired boxer and paid for it big time. Aged or not, the old man could still pack a punch and sent the diversity’s finest down like a sack of shit that he is. Bully got knocked the fuck out once with the old man’s rock hard fist and then again with a punch from the concrete floor.

Liberal’s favorite misunderstood youth showing themselves in true light. Go diversity! Props to Best Gore member SrbijaBgd for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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86 thoughts on “Young Bully Picks on Retired Boxer, Get Knocked the Fuck Out”

      1. Agreed, all I see is a bunch of sub humans that were referred to as the “ beasts of the field” in all the ancient texts. The JOOO has been very clever in hiding this fact and integrating them into the civilized world , people live with the false notion that if you have two arms two legs and a head that you are a human being – WRONG! there are over 120 major differences between blacks and the White race, starting with brain size, intellect and IQ. That’s only 3 to start …..

  1. Nobody picks their parents, or the society to which they are born, nobody picks the life influences that shape the development of their nervous system. You are no more responsible for the micro structure of your brain, than you are for your height. So the roll of luck in our lives appears decisive. One has to be very unlucky to have the mind and brain of a psycho-path.

    Hey Mark, this is off topic but I was wondering if it would be a good idea to do some open posts on philosophical topics such as do we have free will or the cosmological argument.

    I know these topics obviously take some thought to write but it would be nice to have them every so often. Cheers.

    1. Pick, pick, pick, pick, pick, pick, pick, pick, pick….. I just felt like the GOV in Blazing Saddles. They “can’t pick” but they still do have a “choice.” Can i get a harrumph? lol =P

    2. Free will or freedom of choice is an illusion. We are controlled by the same mechanism that controls the universe, does the universe have choice or free will? Energy flows though our brains and moves our muscles once a specific flow has concluded. Thousands of energy flows dance through our brains simultaneously giving rise to complex behaviour and even our own conscientiousness. We have as much choice as a planet orbiting the sun.

    1. Notice the boxer hit him on the chin, a single punch to the chin can knock even seasoned boxers out. I had a friend who is an expert muay thai artist and he would always dislocate his jaw prior to a fight in order to prevent that happening.

    2. You probably couldn’t. I boxed when I was younger and trust me, it is really difficult to put someone down with one punch. I was never known for power, but even for guys I knew that could hit hard, KOs like that were rare.

      This guy had great technique and still has very quick hands despite his age. Flashed the jab to distract his opponent and unloaded with the straight right to the chin. Knowing how hard it is to do that makes me appreciate the beauty of that ass whooping even more.

    1. I’m not too sure that he was minding his own business because they were all wearing some article of red clothing, is it their gang colours or something? and in that case the old man was one of them.

      Also when the old man won the other lot did not jump in and beat him to a pulp which would have happened if this was a fight against a stranger, they instead just laughed.

      My conclusion, they considered the old man to be one of them and this was just an example of a drunk loud mouth getting taught a lesson.

  2. I love seeing people get theirs. It would have been way more badass if the guy would have knelt over the KO’d loser and said, I will not give up on you son, even after you have given up on yourself. And then the KO’d fella wakes up with a tear in his chocolate eye, and then it cuts to a montage of them together training in the old mans back yard, maybe a night scene with him playing electric guitar on the roof like brandon lee in the crow.

        1. Well I feel better knowing I’m not the only one that pitches a fit when they spill liquid gold…damn i will have to be more careful, that 20¢ adds up quick with the amount of Rojo Toro I drink lol

  3. I watched it a few times and to me it seems like they knew who he was. Towards the end one of the guys said- “i told you not to go over there! The dude that was KO’d, was provoking him on purpose because he probably thought the other guy wouldn’t fight him-even knowing what he was about. Funny as hell to see his ass laying there looking dead though! Ha!

  4. Why no one sees it is beyond me . The old man hit the punk twice . One straight punch to the chin, that is semi covered by the angle of the camera and a hook that sent him to the floor . He is old but it is fast . If you go slower frame by frame you’ll see two punches .

  5. Too bad he wasn’t wearing a Cestus, then things would have gotten “juicy”. I guess technically it would have been mushy-chunky. But hey, either way I’m making lemonade with the lovely lemons life gave me.

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