Young Woman Assaulted by Pack of Antifa Fags in Murcia, Spain

Young Woman Assaulted by Pack of Antifa Fags in Murcia, Spain

In front of La Boca del Lobo – a club in downtown Murcia, Spain, a young woman was assaulted and beaten by a pack of antifa fags. The so called antifascists are among the most cowardly losers, who much as the degenerates they “protect”, don’t have the balls to face anyone in a fair fight, but gang up on random people who are on their own, and beat them up without provocation.

Usually sponsored by Soros or other Zionist pigs, antifa fags tend to target patriots and nationalists in their respective homelands. Antifascism, Zionism, cowardice and backwardness tend to go hand in hand. Hijos de fucking puta.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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103 thoughts on “Young Woman Assaulted by Pack of Antifa Fags in Murcia, Spain”

      1. @justme. Answer to your ? I’ve always been smart not to start trouble and def not w a bunch of people. But yeah they would’ve got me good. Funny story for you guys. Lol. It just came yo mind. I use to live w a stripper from scores Manhattan strip club. She had a sick body. Whole nine. Huge fake tits sick asss. Beat up face. Looked smoking w tons of makeup. Yep that’s her lol. We live close to Giants stadium. Those who dont know it’s ny Giants. NFL football team. The NY jets also play in the same stadium. The jet fans are completely nutsss. Throw bottles fight. One year had a ice ball fight and sent a bunch of fans to the ER from being SL iced open. Anyway the stripper is a Miami dolphin fan and I’m a jet fan and I have tickets to see them play at home. I have MY JETS jersey and she comes out wearing a Dan Marino dolphins jersey. Quarterback at the time for dolphins. Jersey is cut to her belly button And she had it tied in a knot right under her huge fake tits. Now always taking precautions already knew the fans were gonna fuck with her and i warned her there’s absolutely nothing I can do. I asked if she would not wear it and I’ll change my jet jersey and we have a great time. Noooooope she insists. We get to our seats in the stadium there’s 1000000000 green jerseys around me and one ORANGE FUCKING one. Lmao. The fans started whistling and calling her a slob. Lol. I got my head forward clapping saying SEE. Your on your own. All of sudden they start throwing hot dog buns at her. LMFAO. Yes fucking buns. I left. If I would’ve turned around and said anything. I would’ve got my asssss beat. Instead we got out unscaved. When we got home i smacked her w my dog. Moral of the story. don’t be a tough guy!!!

  1. Once again…Kung Pow.

    I remember hearing of at least two similar incidents that happened here on the East Coast last year. A pack of teenagers would walk past an unsuspecting person, then gang up on them and demand valuables. I’m debating whether or not a gun would be useful in such a situation, because you can’t tell whether or not one or more of the attackers is also carrying a piece.

    Then once they shoot you dead they can just blame it all on you and say you had threatened THEM, and they shot you in self-defense.

      1. And you are a retarded puddle of twice-ingested bukkake puke. I didn’t explicitly say a gun wouldn’t be useful, I was suggesting a situation where pulling out a gun could actually make things worse.

          1. “You, my friend, are the guilty orgasm of a rape victim.”

            That was comedian Glenn Wool, on his skit about how curses are going to have to become more complex in order to be offensive, because words like shit, fuck, pussy, bitch, etc have become so commonplace that people just shrug them off.

        1. @goreddict Tough to say if there is one, like, Sao Paulo where I live is safer than much of the rest of the country, but still violent, so I wouldn’t recommend it for you (although you’re from NY, so you ought to be used to the danger of big cities). As a rule of thumb, the further south you go in the country the better it gets, like the Northeast and Northern regions are the most violent. Santa Catarina is considered a safe state, although there was a guy who was mugged there just a while ago who posted a ranting on BG. If you want to visit, I recommend cities that are somewhat smaller in the south (as big cities there are violent too), many of which have strong Italian and German influences on them, like Gramado or Blumenau, I’d say they are probably the safest cities in Brazil (we don’t see a lot of stuff from there on BG, so that’s a further indication) but not the place to go if you’re looking for action. Now, I myself don’t go out of Sao Paulo very much, and one factor that doesn’t make me very willing to travel is the violence.

      1. That’s the happy scenario.

        The tragic scenario goes like this:

        “Let’s steal from this guy!”
        “Oh, he has a little pop-gun, but he’s an idiot to believe that we would assault someone and not have the lead to back up our authority. Four of us are armed and we have him surrounded. We can shoot the motherfucker first, rob him, then add his gun to our collection.”

        1. Regardless that is the whole point: to fight back. And even if you don’t succeed then fuck it atleast you stood up for yourself instead of going down like a fucking pussy. I agree guns make these type of situations worse, but wtf are you gonna do? I’ve been ganged up by bigger and more intimidating motherfuckers and the only thing that stopped them was my glock or atleast deterred them for a moment. It’s a jungle out there and I am packing.

          1. You make a good point, but you’d be walking a fine line between standing your ground and lighting yourself on fire before jumping into a pit of vipers.

        2. Now correct me if I’m wrong please because just by reading your comments it seems to me that you’re saying that when a pack of faggots gang up on you, you’ll just take it? I’m not following your logic. So let’s say you and your pregnant wife was walking down the street and all of a sudden BAM a bunch of niglets threatens you, demanding money, potentially raping both of you, taking everything you have and killing you, your wife, or your unborn child or all of the above. So even if those pricks had made the perfect plan to to rob, rape and kill you, you are saying that you’ll just take it? Any of these situations are gonna be “lighting yourself on fire before jumping into a pit of vipers.” Chaos creates chaos and I do not care how many there are I’ll die trying to survive. There are a lot of ifs with chaos and I’ll be damn sure that I’ll take out as many motherfuckers as I can.

          1. @ Goofy Goober

            My comrade, we could continue this discussion forever, throwing out all types of scenarios, but it all boils down to this:
            It depends on the situation. Sometimes a gun will help, sometimes its better to just go with the flow and wait to see what happens.

        3. But would it not be safe to assume the worst. Just saying for example what if you got home burglarized with the plan to just get items and leave. Then the burglars might decide to kill you just for fun just as we all have seen on bestgore. I guess it’s just me then because I always instinctively expect the worse in every situation.

    1. I never saw this Kung-pow you spoke of so fondly. After your first mention of it in the “Nazi” vid, I did a quick search to no avail. You said it was difficult to attin, so I knew my meger effort was in vain, so I let it die.
      But now, Kung-pow again! I been lurking on BG for years since the good days, never ran across it.
      If you check back, Can point me in the right direction?

  2. Maybe this is their response to that cocksucker who got stabbed on that train a few years ago in Madrid. Can’t beat up one lone man without dying in a pool of laughter, so lets attack a young woman! Hasta la vista Antifascista

  3. I’m confused. Why do we give a shit? And why did people bitch about the bouncer doing nothing? This would normally read “female out alone gets no pussy pass.” and say “bouncer doesn’t play white knight.”
    So, I know what this means, I have to restructure the BG hierarchy of hate. Just when I had that pyramid completed and laid out to perfection. Where’s a dry-erase marker?

    1. Was he a bouncer, it looked as if he was in normal clothes and not a suit, anyway, we might discuss weather he had any responsibility of defending her as she was out of the establishment he is (supposedly) paid to provide security for, although the event taking place rather close to the establishment and the fact that maybe she was a client may imply he had to intervene, anyway, if hes a bouncer it must be a shitty security he provides anyway, as he’s not intimidating in his posture nor that strong, just somewhat taller than the average.

  4. Some Nazi People here on best gore are really pathetic…. blame the Jews for everything. oh it’s raining “blame the fuckin Jews”..oh I’m late to work “blame the fuckin Jews” …. stop blaming the Jews for everything get over your self and get on with your life in peace.

  5. Nah~
    This looks strange, why would they gang up against a female, one is enough to beat the shit out of her, something must have happened in the pub before the incident.
    It is also strange as I could see two females in the group kicking her as well.
    She might have abused her pussy pass.

  6. despite our technology and advances in science it amazes me how primitive we still are, its like those deep primitive reptilian parts of the brain just dont want to leave the wiring of the brain, fascinating to study though, i was watching a documentary about the sinking of the bizmarck and marvelling at the sheer size and grandeur of the things the human mind construct and also had this video playing on my laptop screen and just watching the diametrics of both is intriguing, such brilliance in our minds yet such primordial behaviors still so readily visible.

    1. Yes sure you came here to have a vacation and while drunk and drugged you pissed in some church wall and the police arrested you? Nothing new under the sun.

      You couldn’t even know if we are ignorant or ungrateful because you don’t speak spanish. And probably I’m a better english speaker than you.

      1. Nope, not just holidays, work also. You won’t find a Japanese ambulance with Spanish words added, know why!?. And how many thousands of songs have you heard in English?. Universal language Like it or not.
        Greeks are lovely people by the way, as a direct comparison. And I always tried to immerse myself in the local culture, wherever I may have been, I believe in the saying when in Rome.

    2. haha, reminds me of that Bernard manning joke

      A Yorkshire couple go to the Costa Brava for a holiday, but on arrival, the wife says “I won’t be able to make gravy with your dinner, love – I’ve forgotten the Bisto” The husband says, “Don’t worry, there’s an English couple staying in the next apartment, I’ll see if they have any” So he knocks on the door of the next apartment, and says to the man” ‘Allo, ‘hast any Bisto” To which the man replies “Piss off, you Spanish cunt!!!

  7. Hey, after reading every comment I couldn’t help myself in answering here, as a Spaniard who really knows what’s happening in that vídeo (these are the facts and you can look them up in the internet if you want).

    That young lady being mauled is one of the most famous Nazi Gangers in Murcia. She’s actually known by name as ‘the untouchable’ (which you can really tell she’s not) and this video was made as a response for a previous agression by her gang, that same night.

    This has been going on for years, her gang and her committing hate crimes around Murcia against blacks, homos and gypsies.

    She fucking deserved it.

  8. ” gang up on random people who are on their own, and beat them up without provocation”
    reminds me of the flip side of the coin when we had problems in parts of Hamtramck Detroit in the mid 90’s when ol Eric Hawthorn/Burdi moved his resistance records operation to America and then all these attacks started to flair up and a crew of Hammer Skins (Northern)jumped a man named Sean Patrick Bianchi (1995 I think?) who was walking out of his house who had a huge Italian Flag hanging outside of it. Well in the ppolice reports one of the guys stated that “they were sick and tired of watching their auto industry get shipped over to Mexico and that they have been noticing this guy’s house who has a huge “Pro Mexican flag” flying in his lawn. So they waited with baseball bats and “fistfulls” which I think are weighted objects to put into the palm of your hand, could be wrong…anyway….So yeah this poor collage student who is not only Mexican, his last names translates to “white skin” or extremely pale..

    Violence and acts of violence are as human as procreation, and “rat packing” comes from all groups “crews”

  9. It just never ceases to amaze me. These Antifas who love to use Fascist methods of intimidations, harassment, and beatings to espouse their “anti fascist” rants. And if they are so proud of what they are doing, why do they adopt ISIS methods of masking or hiding their faces?

  10. In every english-speaking country it’s literally the other way around, and if the guy “fights” back by slapping her instead of cowering into a ball every braindead douchebag alpha male within a 100-foot radius jumps him and beats him within an inch of his life until the police come and shoot the first person they see

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