13 Year Old Mexican Girl Commits Suicide by Hanging in Closet

13 Year Old Mexican Girl Commits Suicide by Hanging in Closet

13 Year Old Mexican Girl Commits Suicide by Hanging in Closet

I only have one pic of this incident. According to the backinfo I got, a 13 year old girl committed suicide by hanging herself last night near the house of Best Gore member @demonica.

She reportedly broke her phone before hanging herself and her little brother found her hanging in the closed this morning at her grandmother’s house.

It happened in Jalpa de Mendez, Tabasco, Mexico and her name was Brissa Cristhel C.

Thanks a lot for the exclusive pic, @demonica.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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155 thoughts on “13 Year Old Mexican Girl Commits Suicide by Hanging in Closet”

    1. “… and her little brother found her … ”

      Too soon, she ejected herself from future female privileges..
      Perhaps mom didn’t sit her down to give her lectures that all she needed to do was cross the border. And then whatever she wanted to do would be possible at the expense of men.

      R.I.P lil thot

        1. Suicide by victims of bullying is not a fad. I`m sure it`s been happening since the dawn of man. The part that`s a fad is the attention seeking element of if.. The whining videos on social media beforehand, the superficial cutting behavior, cry for help attempts, live streaming suicides etc… The actual suicides are nothing new though.

    2. I think the description is slightly typo. There’s no proof in the images provided, but I have to assume that like it says “the little brother found her body the next morning in the closet”. Not that he was hung along side her like we’re misunderstanding.

  1. A blonde decided to commit suicide by hanging herself from a tree in the park. A few days later, a man was walking spotted her hanging from the tree. He asks the blonde what she is doing and she replies, “I’m hanging myself.” “You’re supposed to put the noose around your neck, not your waist,” said the onlooker. “I tried that,” replied the blonde, “but I couldn’t breathe.”

      1. Or the one with the blonde that climbed in the oven and closed the door behind her. She tried this numerous times, getting in, getting out and kept getting the same failing result.
        Actually I think this is the same blonde from all three stories. Can’t say she’s not persistent. πŸ™‚

  2. A lot of young kids are committing suicide nowadays, over peer pressure from social groups. I’m not saying this is the case here. However, it is happening at an alarming rate. More people in general, are interacting over the internet and not with each other. This as a result, creates a society incapable of establishing a sense of who they are as a human being.

    Young kids especially. It’s during their adolescent years, where developing a sense of purpose, courage, discipline and social responsibility, play a key role in maturing into an adult.

    My knee jerk reaction, is that she didn’t have someone to talk too. But even more alarming than this, is the fact that she may never have realized, that she had that option to begin with. You have to recognize a problem, before you can deal with it. And if she lived a life of fantasy over the internet well, she probably thought her problems were unavoidable.

    Sad shit here…

    1. I used to work psychiatric crisis and saw a lot of young girls like her, usually they are upset over a relationship, stuff that to us would be no big deal but to them it’s everything and a reason to die. Sad.

      1. No doubt, and I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of this Bubba…

        However, it’s these same “so-called” relationships on social media, that can yield the same results. Kids nowadays, spend too much time interacting with people they’ve never met face to face on social media. Even our corporate media promotes this. (for obvious reason$$$) Kids seek attention, more than interacting with one another. When one let’s say, befriends someone on Facebook, there’s no sense of accountability in that person’s actions. And as a result, the kid who was befriended, ends up being betrayed, to the point of hurting or killing themselves. Reality to them, is spending time with people they’ve never met in Fantasyland. We should all know by know, that many people will play keyboard warrior, before actually saying the same thing to someone face to face.

        And when most kids do this on social media, there’s simply no sense of accountability for anyone’s actions. Only attention seeking participants, spending too much time doing things on social media, that prevents them from developing a sense of who they are. This can only come from being around other people. Adults can learn from this as well.

          1. @svarg26 Well I wasn’t pregnant and eating the chalk. My mom didn’t eat weird shit when she was pregnant and she loves Jesus so you know she’s okay. So maybe chalk-eating didn’t cause this either. But you never know. This girl may have eaten generic chalk. You gotta stick with Crayola or look what happens.

          2. @illegalsmile55
            Don’t spout on about things you don’t understand. Jew squids ink, Jew jellyfish snort hopscotch lines off of the sidewalk.
            The powder of Jew compels you.

          1. “Early explorers in the Americas noted the existence of geophagy amongst Native Americans, including Gabriel Soares de Sousa, who in 1587 reported a tribe in Brazil using it in suicide”

            i’ll say it wherever it is relevant. cheers.

    2. The funny thing is, if she didn’t kill herself, in 5-10 years she would look back at her situation and think “Was that shit ever a problem to me?” And now bang, she’s dead, she won’t ever understand how stupid she was to throw away a full life ahead of her. Fuck.

      1. Sad indeed Andrew…

        That’s why it’s so important to have real friends outside the social media circle. Someone you can personally bond to, in times of need. Personally I think there are many, who’ll never break the chains of social media oppression.

  3. Hung herself? That picture doesn’t look right. If she could touch the ground. . .instinct to escape pain would have kicked in. Sorry to digress, but me thinks she was killed and placed in the position she was in. Ya know how many ‘political interests’ have been ‘hung from doorknobs’ lately?

    1. You haven’t seen much BG have ya? Sometimes the will to die can overpower the will to live and than you are left with this instance. Majority of this site is the will to live but fell short. There’s also plenty of articles on this site that will make you think otherwise.

    2. If she made the noose tight enough, she would have blacked out. The lack of blood flow would eventually kill her, if her airway wasn’t fully occluded by her weight after going limp.
      In summation… she could easily have done it herself.

  4. I am so saddened by this…. Why would she do such a thing? Why would she break her phone instead of live streaming it so we could see her gag and struggle for her last breath? What a pitty.

  5. i wonder if her little brother put his cock in her mouth to mouth fuck her? my little brother did that to me one time while i was sleeping the little Rat came in my room and stuck his dick in my mouth and cummed inside my mouth before i knew what happened.

    1. And what did you to him afterwards?, did you tell your parents what he did to you? I just can’t believe your own flesh and blood brother that came from the same mother would have done this to you. How old was he when he did this to you?, you should probably cut his dick off before he fucking rapes you, your mother, o any other woman.

      1. @AllanSnackbar well since i was asleep i did swallow most of it like 95 percent when i woke up i had a little on my lip that,s how i knew LOL. and yea hes Lucky to tell you the truth for him to get a blowjob at age 9 not many do LOL

        1. no she didnt, i just climbed into bed with her and tried to fuck her lol..
          it was more of a feeling inside i was trying to share with her via my penis πŸ™‚

          completely innocent

    1. Actually, she did piss in her pajama bottoms. It isn’t very easy to see in this photo due to the angle and the lighting, but there are 3 or 4 different photos of her on other gore sites from different angles and with more revealing lighting. No sign of a puddle in any of them, but there’s a long yellow piss stain running from her crotch down her right thigh and past her knee in them. She definitely pissed herself.

  6. I can’t even fathom what would make a 13yr old kill herself… It truly boggles my mind, several years ago I followed a story about a 16yr old girl who also hung herself… The crazy shit is that she really had her whole life set the fukup fer her.. Great athlete and scholar, no visible problems in the house(parents were well off) full ride for college, very beautiful no visible deformities.. Idk, sometimes life’s just fukn batshit crazy..!

  7. Smells of fugazi. How did this demonia get a photo like this?

    “Hey, our daughter is dead. Call over that demonia down the block so she can snap a photo.”


  8. I have had multiple people tell me that one cannot commit suicide in the position/manner that this young girl has done it. i tell them that they are complete idiots and have obviously never had anything wrapped tightly around their neck and had their own body weight hang on it. most people think that you can just stand up… “oh ill just stand up, it takes a couple minutes to die that way”, and “i would have time if i changed my mind”, they tell me, and they are so ignorant or just plainly retarded to not realise that you would be unconscious within 15-20 seconds from lack of blood to the brain. TO anyone thinking about suicide, IT IS A PERMANENT solution to a TEMPORARY problem. Please dont experiment with hanging and think you can “just stand up” cause more times than not you wont be able to.

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