15 Year Old Felicia Garcia Commits Suicide by Jumping in Front of Train

15 Year Old Felicia Garcia Commits Suicide by Jumping in Front of Train

Teenage skanks are making suicides a popular trend all the while taking focus away from real bullying. Amanda Todd whored herself out on the internet, but she was nothing compared to 15 year old Felicia Garcia who took it a whole step further by taking on a football team. Yeah, she’s another one of those bitches who would suck cock of every football player in the dressing room, but would spit in the face of a decent guy cause he’s just not jock enough.

So this Felicia Garcia rubbed her 15 year old labia all over the dicks of a bunch of Tottenville High School football losers, football losers had themselves a bit of laugh over it, Felicia Garcia called it bullying and committed suicide by jumping in front of a train at the Huguenot Staten Island railway station platform. What a fucking loser of a skank. It’s because of little whores like herself and Amanda the skank Todd that actual victims of bullying are overlooked.

Unfortunately, the video of Felicia Garcia removing her useless self from the pool of the living has not leaked, so here’s a bunch of memes to make fun of her stupid whore ass. You let half the football team bone your ass, you ought to expect something to come out of it. Bet it didn’t feel like bullying when she was screaming into a football loser’s ear: “Yes, fuck me harder… You fuck so good… Oh yessss!”

I don’t know what these spoiled skanks would do if they were victims of real bullying. Calling a skank a skank is not bullying, it’s calling a spade a spade. I don’t know what they’d do if they received dozens of death threats by email like I do and have every single day for four and a half years. I don’t know what they’d do if herds of sheep bullies posted hateful videos all over YouTube as is the case with me for reporting on what really happens around the world. I don’t know what they would do if they had authorities relentlessly looking for a way to frame them because they exercised their right to free speech. Whiny skanks don’t know what bullying is. They are just too spoiled to accept the fact that the world does not revolve around them.

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137 thoughts on “15 Year Old Felicia Garcia Commits Suicide by Jumping in Front of Train”

    1. Yep, you don’t turn hoes and whores into wife, and for good reason.
      The more guys a girl sleeps around with the less strong her bond is to you as your wife. meaning she is more likely to divorce or slept around behind your back. A girl that slepts around with 15- 20 will never beable to bond or settle down with one man, a girl who is more chast could bond better with a single man.
      This is why men want women who are no sluts, because they make a married bond strong, whores on the other hand are a was of time, money, and energy and you might be raising some other fuckers kid.
      Just my thoughts.

      1. I don’t agree, Hawk. I was very *ahem* active when I was younger, but now I am the most loyal partner you could ask for. My best friend married the 2nd guy she slept with and now that she’s hit 30, she’s whoring it up like a champion.

          1. Haha Im grime the Midwest! At 30 I read these stories & just think wow what a lucky bitch! Haha I know that’s bad but.. Hey it’s a lot of girls fantasy!

        1. I agree with Kazzak, I lost my virginity at fourteen and at around the age of seventeen to twenty two I had sex with many a lady. I therefore do not make assumptions based upon past experience, but suicide is a daft excuse for atonement of supposed sin, shag who you want but at least be proud of the fact otherwise do not bother if the end result is regret.

  1. What fucks me off the most about this is the poor train driver who will forever have to live with the memory of this… individual… splattering herself all over the front of his train. If you’re going to off yourself, at least have the decency not to eff up someone else’s life into the bargain. Shitty. Very, very shitty.

          1. I was the nerdy unpopular type, but was able to become friends with girls…. but ended up being the support for them when shit happened in there life. kind of made me the middle man/informant but not the type they would normally date. 🙁

  2. Hey Mark, maybe you should post copies of the hate mails and death threats you get? Could be cool to throw out there. There’s something satisfying about putting a faceless twat in their place.

  3. If she was willing to suck many a dick then she should have been ready to take the stick, cause and effect. When I was younger the sluts were a proud bunch who never considered killing themselves, today’s breed are a lot more emotional.

      1. Not if you wanna receive countless hate-mail from friends & family. If you feel inclined to do so then go ahead and do it, watch the shitstorm that is sure to ensue, then laugh your ass off like there’s no tomorrow then change your facebook to avoid further reprisals. 😉

  4. Was she American ? maybe she commuted suicide to remind American soldiers of all those women and children they have raped and killed in Iraq and Afghanistan under the name of freedom and democracy ? I sure hope so and may she burns in hell ( not that i believe in one ) . Amen

  5. Not sure if she looked cute in real life (pics don’t really show a females beauty), or she looked this ugly. By the looks of her facial features, i think it would be safe to say that she was portorican, dumbinican, or some other caribbean.

  6. Plenty of girls like this where and when I grew up.
    Only reason I can initially feel bad for these girls is because I got to know quite a few of them on a personal and intimate level growing up.
    Most of them had this idea in their head that they would fuck and suck their way into love. Most of the time that backfired and sometimes eventually they realized this and just sucked and fucked for fun. The thing is where and when I grew up there were plenty of other loose and naive girls floating around that they could form like Voltron. So although they felt fucked up and marginalized, they had other people to talk to.
    Reckless sex, like recklessly using drugs, is a common mistake these tweens make. And like those who recklessly use drugs, some probably don’t know how to handle its aftermath.
    Four guys in one night? She OD’d.
    You’re right Mark, it is weakness.

    1. It’s not about being or not being a whore. It’s about pulling the bullying card when one should take responsibility for their own actions. Bullying is the new racism. This is how rape rumors are spread by useless bitches who sleep with 5 guys at a party and then have second thoughts. Somebody has to call them out.

      1. It’s not about how many guys you fuck, it’s about who those guys are. If your gonna screw dudes in the same school, and the same neighborhood, your asking for trouble. I dated guys from different schools, and older guys out of school, and nobody was the wiser. Who wants to date stupid highschool boys anyway. Except now at 35 I look at there tight little bodies! yum!

      2. The only reason girls have those “second thoughts” after getting fucked by a bunch of guys is because those guys go and tell everyone and then everyone starts to treat her like the slut she is and she doesn’t like that so what does she do she crys rape to get back at the guys who fucked her and told everyone about it and also to get sympathy from everyone calling her a slut and let’s not forget crying rape keeps her looking like an angel in front of her parents, suddenly she’s not the school slut anymore now she’s a poor victim of rape

    2. Inside a woman is where a baby is harbored for nine months. A guy bangs a chick, cleans his dick and moves on. A girl gets fucked and has contaminated her insides with multiple partners. Think about your future potential kid being lodged inside a filthy woman’s stomach for nine months. That’s just my take on it.

  7. You have got to be kidding me. She had an orgy with that many people and she decides to kill herself boring. Why should anyone care. Same thing happend with amanda todd. A whore dies and suddenly this?! She wont rest in piece. Only pieces.

  8. Eh on the fence about this one yet again.
    Still kinda shocked that it’s 2012 and girls can’t be active with their sexuality without getting judged as a slut.
    But then again, if this girl was actually liberating her sexuality she wouldn’t be offended and butthurt (lol) when she was called a slut.
    If I slept with a whole football team because I wanted to, if people called me a slut because of it I’d just take it on the chin (lol)

    1. “Active with their sexuality?” As in, “sexually active?”

      She WAS a girl and frankly, if you aren’t mature enough to be even called a woman, shut your legs and grow up. It sure as hell is 2012 and stories like these big-titted, small-brained tarts are commonplace. Every idiot teen wants to be older, but they don’t want the responsibilities that come with it.

      1. Pretty sure the two mean the exact same thing, yes.
        The wording I chose is because it is her sexuality that she wants to be active with.

        I think people should be focusing on the fact these girls can’t take the responsibility for what they do, instead of saying things like “keep your legs shut.”
        She can do whatever she wants with her legs, in my opinion, it’s just frustrating that she didn’t expect shit to go down when she slept with an entire football team.

  9. This is sad and I’m glad she is at peace and all BUT- I’m tired of the slutty girls who kill themselves getting all the media attention. Yeah a suicide is a suicide but I think the media should bring up the kids who were actually good students, who actually tried to have a good life, but in the end it didn’t work out for them. Not slutty hoe bags who sleep with everyone then can’t handle when people call them out on being the town cum dumpster.

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