20 Year Old Man Commits Suicide by Hanging After Argument with Parents

Suicide by Hanging Marks on Neck of Victim

20 Year Old Man Commits Suicide by Hanging After Argument with Parents

I didn’t get the backinfo about where the incident took place, but the victim has the looks of someone from the part of Asia where India, Bangladesh or Pakistan are located. He was 20 year old and apparently committed suicide by hanging after an argument with parents. Best Gore member @durga comes with more of a backstory:

His name was Hemanth, but we called him Bablu. He was 20 and apparently hung himself. This happened about 2 weeks ago.

According to his parents they had an argument about money and/or his schooling, and so he locked himself in his room at 1pm and his father broke down the door at 8pm to see his son hanging himself with a laptop cord. Him and his wife couldn’t get him down and he died.

Why I say apparently is because it’s his father’s story and what family members saw is very suspicious.

His parents couldn’t get him down before he died, but could get him down after he died and lay him on a bed?

The cord other family members found was a white cord. It was tied around his neck so tight that they had to cut off.

His left hand was blue near the finger tips and had a line embedded in it like it was also under the wire.

His father paid off the coroner to not do an autopsy on the body.

He did suffer from depression and wasn’t taking his medication. Which makes me wonder why you leave your son alone after an argument for 8 hours and not check on him.
The door was busted.

I know that they didn’t treat him as well as they did his sister. And he didn’t like being at home.

I’m hoping the comments won’t be to harsh. He was such a sweet and helpful boy. When I last saw him I hugged him while he sat on the floor crying because he didn’t want to go home. I asked him why and he responded with “they hate me“.

It makes me sick to know he will not get justice. It’s their fault he died because all he wanted was his parents’ love.

Sorry to hear about your friend, @durga. The world as a whole is gynocrentric. Even within the tight family structures the women get the preferential treatment. If you’re born with a penis – tough luck:

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175 thoughts on “20 Year Old Man Commits Suicide by Hanging After Argument with Parents”

  1. Family sucks. I think the best motivation to succeed in life is to get away and be and do what you want. Too bad he wasn’t patient enough. But after you get out from their claws and life is still a cruel cunt, then maybe, if you can’t hack it, fine

        1. You maybe had an emotionally stable families, with healthy support. Why the fuck are you here lol? JK, my family, tried their best they knew how. That’s more than a lot of people get. Sometimes you’re just fucked no matter what

  2. Don’t even bother bringing flowers to the funeral, just lay that sheet down next to the tombstone… or just burn him in it….
    Wishful thinking anybody here is gonna go easy on him, that was sweet but naive.

    1. Lol most Indians, Pakis and Bengali’s don’t get women cuse they smell. Just like my country most men don’t get women cuse they tend to be old school machista phaggots who want women as slaves and can’t tolerate a female that’s independent lmao thus resulting in a depressed male population who wants to commit suicide.

      1. Lol.. Dude u should meet some people in india.. Yes I agree about the population.. And who told u men treats women like a slave..?
        For your information Indian Marriages stick longer than any other in the World.. Yes, in The whole World.. And trust me couples here don’t cheat like they do in America. Dont tag a country over some Indians. There are Some Bad peoples in every country, even yours.

        God Bless U 🙂

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    1. Suicide is so sad. To think what torment and pain the person suffers to make them do it. It’s not right to make fun of suicide victims, unless they’re niggers. Ha ha! Then you kind of get it.
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  3. He should’ve killed his fucking parents. If you’re gonna end your own life anyway then why not end the lives of the cunts who made it so miserable? Just because they gave you life doesn’t mean they should have total control over it and it sure as shit doesn’t mean you owe them anything either.

      1. I think the story given by his parents is WAY too sketchy to be a suicide.
        Maybe they had enough of him and decided to actually get rid of him and ruled it as a suicide,since he had depression.

      1. @durago – unfortunately you were hoping for too much. Amerikans are just gun loving, loud, fat, dumb as shit, ignorant terrorists who…..let’s just say ‘fucked up’ for space and time purposes (and they are obsessed with those boring and talentless Kardashians – what more needs to be said) -so don’t be too hard on them, it must surely affect their self esteem knowing every other human on the planet hates their guts……….

        1. Woops- I just read further down you live in Amerika….I too thought you were Indian, from India (ha ha) as you said,”last time i saw him……” and I realise that doesn’t mean you lived in the same country – I just assumed…..sorry…..but I still don’t like Amerikans………..

        2. @firstinline well I’m not sure how to respond to ur comment. I am happy for ur support and I would have to agree with you, but at the same time little insulted since I’m American. But no I have to agree, right now my country fucking sucks. I’m trying to move to my husbands country, yeah it sucks too, but at least I don’t have to worry about my kids getting shot up at school or having sugar shoved into all their meals. And due to the fact that most Americans are to stupid to learn about other countries, I don’t have to worry about my kids getting bullied for something they can’t help ( like their skin color or the fact they are mixed)

  4. Honestly, if life with Mom and Dad was too hard, he was really gonna struggle in the real world.
    If the back story is true, it was just a matter of time. Life is full of pain and disappointment. But remember…

    “nothing is real and nothing to get hung about….
    strawberry fields forever”.

    1. Ahh well.. It’s all forever now, at least as this guy’s concerned.
      As you say.. If it was so hard living with Mum & Dad.. Life would’ve fucked him right up.!
      At least he didn’t suffer then, eh.?
      Unlike the rest of us poor cunts.!!

        1. It’s indian culture for the sons to live with the parents, once they are done with college they get a job and get married and still with their parents, and take care of them in their old age. His sister will move in with her husband and his parents. In western countries it’s seen as shameful still live with ur parents, in india it’s shameful to leave ur parents house. He felt like he didn’t have a choice,It’s seen as you not caring for ur family, and he would have been looked down upon. @xavior99 @zekedog1978

        1. Oh well, I’m alright then.. Phew.!
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          1. @asskingforanal yeah you are, second I’m not from india. I’m from the middle of nowhere in south east Kansas. And I didn’t think it was insensitive, I found it amusing. Although, I do hear and watch a lot Telugu movies since my husband is Telugu

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          1. @rayf he is from south India. He was my cousin on my husbands side. There is more sand in the US than there is in india. Most of india is jungle, especially the southern part.

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  5. I think his grey hair could be due to constant stress. I’m also willing to bet he was murdered by his shit parents, or they egged him to off himself, to find out he actually pulled thru this time.

    Anyone remember that video with an asian storeowner giving his son a gun, and he immediately picked it up and shot himself? Sad stuff.

  6. my neighbor get their daughter dead, she hanged herself in her bedroom with her phone power cable yesteday.
    she was 10years old..
    its crazy…

    i m sorry i dont have video or pictures.. well, i would be a real asshole to take a picture of that honestly, i mean, i m good friend with my neighbors soo, its not cool to picture that scene.

    today , i hear that the father also tried to hang himself when he was alone ( his wife was in bathroom ), but he fail, he tryed to use some power cable too but the cable broke and that made a big loudly sound that make his wife coming, calling police and all.. well.. you can imagine the scene.

    damn…cant imagine the pain of the parents 🙁

  7. To bad he killed himself, now he is in hell and there is nothing anyone can do. I am serious as dead guys.
    We have people who told us what they saw on the other side while being clinically dead: Suidicers are damned.
    This is serious thing, do not fuck with eternity.

    I hate being dramatic but this got me personally. I lost my friend. She was cute soul and i still cannot believe she killed herself by drinking many different tablets.
    This case is sad and i would love to say “Rest in Peace” but i know that’s just empty words in his case but we don’t know if prayers can help because that is only we can do, praying.

    1. that’s bullshit.

      clinically dead is not dead.

      what make someone dead is the fact the heart stop beating, the person stop breathing and the brain stop working/responding.

      if they stop working for more than 3 minutes, its gone.. they are no come back. in 3 minutes of stop working, the brain is already destroyed, and if someone survive more 3 minutes of brain stopped, that person is litteraly a legum in human form. cant talk, cant think, cant remember or anything and the brain wont be able to maintain the rest of the organs by itself (that person need some heavy and complete artificial stuff to stay alive as a total legum with no reflex, no reaction, no movement or anything.

      i m not a pro medic. but i also not an idiot.
      who is dead, is dead, and will never came back. its a game over, no second chance. peoples who think the contrary are peoples who have fear on death and expect everything to avoid fear the unknown. but they are no unknown after death. you die, that’s it. no paradise, no hell. you just stop existing, you no think anymore , no mentality, nothing, you just like a rock, and your body end to desintegrate by himself with chemical reaction of putrefaction.

  8. Just to add that i would love to see faces of his parents.
    If i am detective, they would be scanned by me, every fucking day.

    Motherfucker payed obstructionist to not do his job? Who the fuck ask his ass anything?
    What police doing? If there is possibility that he is killed, this must be investigated madly!

      1. @durga
        And he is right. His whole story breaks my heart. It seems like he loved them unconditionally and they did not return the feelings? If his fingertips were blue and under cord, that sounds more like he was trying to get the cord off while someone else strangled him. I could be wrong though. Im happy you showed him some compassion when he was hurting.

  9. Thank you for the post, although i came here to see the parent reaction to the death, i found the paid off part far more intriguing then a parents reaction do a death of their child and if there was one in this case.

    i wonder where his family is on the caste system, paying off something like that cant be cheap, or maybe it can be.

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