9/11 World Trade Center Jumpers – Best Videos

9/11 World Trade Center Jumpers - Best Videos


According to some estimates, around 200 people jumped to their deaths trying to escape the inferno on the top floors of the World Trade Center towers after two planes flew into the New York’s skyscrapers on September 11, 2001. The WTC’s north tower was hit first and collapsed after 102 minutes. Vast majority of the 9/11 jumpers took a swan dive from the north tower, only about a dozen jumped from the south tower.

It took the jumpers 10 seconds of free fall to hit the ground. At the moment of landing, they were reaching speeds of 150 miles per hour.

This first video is a compilation of footages of people desperately clinging onto the outer walls of the towers in a losing battle to escape the heat and smoke. Unable to hold on for very long as the intensity of smoke and heat kept rising, they let go. Lots of WEEEEE though not so much SPLAT to see there:

This second video was filmed from the Millennium Hotel which is just across the street from the WTC. A person by the name of Tami Michaels and her husband stayed in a room on the 35th floor and filmed the tragedy as it was unfolding. During the course of the video, Tami Michaels appears to speak to someone on the telephone and sounds like she has a stick up her ass so mute the audio if you want to avoid feeling like you want to stab yourself in the ears with knitting needles. At around the 6:40 minute mark the video shows people falling to the ground. Brief close up of the ground shows jumpers splattered there:

One more video filmed by a guy on the ground in close proximity to the WTC towers. He appears to have been joined by someone all too eager to accompany him in filming. The video shows a good closeup of a jumper free falling at around the 7:17 minute mark:

Props to Nicole for some of the videos. BTW let me guess – if you still believe that the 9/11 attacks were the work of some terrorists from the Middle East, you also believe the closeted fags at the Aurora movie theater dove to shield their girlfriends from gunfire and the Kenyan lead twinky child rapists killed Osama bin Laden. BLEEEEEP!

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224 thoughts on “9/11 World Trade Center Jumpers – Best Videos”

  1. Well that must have been crazzy for all of them..no where to go hit the ground..i wish they had a swimming pool around that area..few of them could have lived today..or probably some 4 wheelers parked around the area..

      1. it depends on how you jump..you jump flat it will surely be like hitting the conrete..if you jump in a standing position, you probably might end up with few broken bones in your legs. but yes considering the fact that these are tall buildings theres is every possibility you might land anywhere and in any position..

          1. lol..i dont want to be in that situation having death on both sides and no where do go.. R.I.P all of them..i was only wondering what could have saved them.i believe nothing..they had a bad at work.People who didnt go to office must be thanking god.

        1. Jumping from that height is going to kill you, no matter what position you land in; unless your descent is slowed by something like a very large tree.

          150 mph doesn’t break bones; it basically turns you into a large inside out splat of gel.

          I know know what music the devil plays in hell.

          1. I have a friend who jump from several meters into a lake and his lung collapsed from the pressure, so I doubt the jumping in water idea would not be a viable solution. It’s situations like this where you probably would want to have a gun, so you know how your end would be. Or wish you had spidey skills… Asphyxia is probably the easiest way to go, so perhaps crawling into a corner, low to the floor, would be your best way, all oxygen would be sucked out of the room by the smoke, and you’d just lose consciousness. This is how my sister and four year old son were killed, asphyxia. The coroner said they didn’t likely feel much, if anything…(housefire) well my sister did, something had exploded in her face(burns inside her throat, indicated that)

          2. That’s actually exactly what I was thinking while watching a couple of these. I would want to just lie down and breathe deeply. It probably wouldn’t take but 15 seconds, and you’d be out.

            But…I know it’s probably completely different to actually be in that situation…for people to choose jumping over hanging on a little longer…they must have been in excruciating pain…with their skin practically melting off or something…

          3. Actually…it just occurred to me…maybe the people falling didn’t jump…maybe the ones you see falling are simply the ones who lost consciousness from CO. They’re at their windows trying to get fresh air, but the smoke is so thick and overwhelming that even that bit of ventilation isn’t enough to keep a sufficient supply of oxygen. So, they pass out, and slip out the window. I bet that’s exactly what it is, not sure why I never considered that.

        2. at that height it wouldnt have mattered how they landed in the water, they would have died on the impact alone, wouldnt have mattered if they had the ocean beneath them, you arent going to survive a fall or jump from that height, most of them probably suffered cardiac arrest before hitting the ground, hopefully they did, the people jumping had some big balls, ive jumped out of planes and heli’s in the army, never really liked it, but i dont know if i would have the balls to make that leap, think i would burned alive

          1. It actually happened on January 3rd/1990, so it’s been a long time. Thank you, though for your expressions of sympathy. I guess it’s never one of those things you get over, you just learn acceptance. I didn’t mean to hijack this post(once again) but fires are one of those things that bring back the memory, so that’s why I mentioned it, also, because, at that point, I was made aware that asphyxiation, smoke inhalation and being burned to death are all different ways to die via fire. I would pick the asphyxia part any day over burning to death. Over smoke inhalation, your face and throat swell all up too. One of the survivors of the fire was her almost two year old son, and he had suffered smoke inhalation. He’s never been normal in the head, believes he’s met Jesus, and all sorts of things. Mind you he’s been baked ever since I could remember, so that could be one of the possibilities, anyhow, all this to say, asphyxia is quite probably the most merciful of ways to leave this world behind you. 🙁

          2. @daweeka, you didn’t hijack this post, you shared personal knowledge. No, I don’t think a person ever gets over things like that, the passage of time just makes it somewhat easier to bear. I am sorry for your loss.

  2. You know what would have been funny, is if they had those ‘suicide nets’ around the buildings!

    “I don’t want to burn! I’m gonna jump!”

    falls into net and the net says, “Not today buddy!”

    Mr. Fire come along and says, “Hey, how YOU doing? What a tasty little piece of ass you will be!”

  3. Superman cound fly. These people? Not so much. I bet it was one Hell of a rush. At least, at the beginning of the free-fall. Not so much at the end.
    What the Hell was playing in that last video? Sounds like Muzak (elevator music) I recognized Billy Joel’s She’s Always a Woman from The Stranger album. And, How Deep is Your Love? by the Bee Gees:)

      1. “I Believe i Can Fly” is from that black child molester R. Kelly, from that cartoon with Michael Jordan and basketball and all that crap. Amazingly, R. Kelly’s criminal charge was dropped for lack of evidence. They had Videotapes of him fucking 12 yr old groupies, but the FBI decided they didn;’t have enough evidence. That means R. Kelly’s work is too important to the Justice Dept. They want him to pimp more 12 yr olds for those old Black Robe wearing judges. . .

  4. i was in the 8th grade when this happened that morning some dude ran fast to our classroom letting us know what was going on the class was boring at the time we were not doing anything and the teacher let us go to the cafeteria to see it live the whole classroom saw when the second place crashed into the other tower we all laughed our asses off ahaha those were the good ol times before things got shitty years afterwards oh well ~!

    1. I was in 9th grade faking a sprained ankle to get out of math class.

      And then I seen tv’s on carts rolling along down the hallways… (pushed by humans of course)

      I laughed so fucking hard!

        1. I was on my second year “clerking” for a badass BR criminal judge and some lawyer I was talking about some case said “did you hear that the twin towers are on fire?” I kinda don’t gave a fuck and continued with my duties, until another guy at the office turned on the radio and it was all OH GOD…ten minutes later we were all clinging on the phone with my daddy (who had a TV in his private office) playing geraldo riviera reporting on how the towers were coming down

      1. And Dickass Cheney. Have you seen the video of the kids reading to Bush as the towers were hit? (haha kids reading to Bush, because he can’t) It’s odd the choice of words they used. Kite, must, hit, steel. They make it obvious yet people are still loyal to these “leaders” of ours.

      2. I am sooooooo fucking tired of hearing shit like this. Why the fuck would Bush and how, find the money to pull this shit off and throw his countries economy into recession? In order to pull this off, he would have had to convince 100 people to commit mass murder of their own people? The simplest of explanations is usually the correct one. It was terrorist!! By the way, I am not Americana.

        1. Do more research. Finding the resources necessary to pull this off isn’t hard for a president that pleases his masters. This wasn’t the first time we attacked ourselves and blamed it on someone else to start a war. War=money, and they want it all. Sorry, but this world is fake, top to bottom

          1. @Nicole, it seems like every problem we have on this planet that involves our species all comes down to extinction. Sounds good to me!

            @Spanks, so you trust our government? And I’m not trying to start an all out shit flinging contest, I just want to hear your opinion.

          2. Because everything that’s “proof” their was bombs Is easily proven that it happened cause of the planes. Why would they crash planes into it to blame the Taliban (Osamatool credit he even announced he would do somthing before 9/11) when they could simply say that the Taliban put bombs in the building. Bush didn’t plan anything he was an idiot and that’s it.

          3. I’m with Ug and Nicole here…
            We need a good plague that just wipes humans and leaves plant and animal life alone.

            See y’all in HELL.

          4. And who trained the terrorists flying those planes?!
            The US – that’s who.

            @Spank & meow…

            Do some freakin’ research.

          5. The Bush family and the Bin Laden family have ties that go back way before 9/11. Even if the Taliban planted the bombs, they would need help from our government to gain access to the entire building. And no major news source said a word about building 7. No planes hit that one. And the pentagon was just a joke. Not a single bit of evidence says a plane hit the pentagon. Even the surveillance footage showed what looked like a bomb or missile. Why wouldn’t they just say the tali’s planted a bomb there? Even the ones who survived the attack couldn’t see remains of a plane. Rumsfeld stated that trillions of dollars were unaccounted for the day before the attack and the part of the pentagon that was damaged just happened to destroy those very accounts.

            @Meow, the masters are the ones with all the money. That goes waaay back to the Rothschilds. Ever since those greedy inbred fucks established their banks this world has slowly but surely gone to shit.

          6. Well said @Ug…

            I have posted a comment below with a link to a video showing the BBC reporting the WTC 7 building coming down 23 minutes before it actually did… you can see the building in the background of the newscast.

            It’s just waiting approval from our leader.

          7. Thank you @Fiend. I don’t mind debating shit like this but why do people take offense so easily? When something like this happens there is a line drawn immediately, on one side are the ones who believe what they’re told, and on the other the ones who have questions. Naturally, I tend to lean towards the skeptical side, mainly because most politicians are pathological liars. If I’m wrong, so be it. No one wants to be wrong but that’s part of the learning process. No need to get all worked up about it. Is it just me or has BG been excessively hostile lately?

          8. Yes I agree @Ug… it has been challenging lately reading some of the comments posted.
            Definitely some hostility going on.
            Having said that I realize that I may have contributed some of that hostility.
            If so my apologies to you and all BG folk.
            BUT… me being a Fiend and an opinionated asshole it’s bound to happen.

            I would happily admit I am wrong, especially where the moon landings are concerned – I would love to be wrong but I don’t feel I am.
            I just want to see the proof for myself through a telescope.
            Supposedly crap was left on the moon (Tang wrappers, moon rover etc). But ‘they’ say there is no telescope powerful enough to see the garbage left behind.
            Riiiiight… Supposedly ‘they’ landed a robot on Mars yesterday… but they can’t give me a telescope powerful enough to view the surface of the moon?!
            Give me a LARGE freakin’ break.

          9. @Fiend, hey it’s hard at times not going off on someone every now and then. I try to avoid it, I’m not here to start shit with anyone. Just a little exchange of knowledge, no matter how odd it may seem.

            I’ve been wanting to get a telescope, partly to check out the moon’s surface. I haven’t read into the moon landing myth myself so can’t say either way. How shitty is that? Humans lie so much that I don’t know what’s real anymore. Maybe I died years ago and I’ve been in hell this whole time. I should’ve found j?sus whilst I had the chance. Damn

          10. Well, if there are so many people in favor of extinction, than why care if someone shoots up a theater, why act like you care about ANYBODY when you wish there deaths, maybe you all should start by killing your children and then everyone else, seriously, if there’s a will there’s a way, what say you! ;(

        2. And I’m tired of morons like you @meowlacy who spout off without doing your homework first!
          Because the US was ALREADY fucked up regarding it’s economy and instead of admitting to the mess they create chaos and start a new war.
          Which equals more money coming into the US.

          I have NO patience for numb skulls like you.

          1. Mohamed Atta, Marwan al-Shehhi, and Ziad Jarrah early in the summer of 2000 to undertake flight training in south Florida.
            Mohamed Atta, Marwan al-Shehhi, and Ziad Jarrah meet in Germany in the 90s. Maybe you should actually learn before looking up some YouTube videos. They studied at a public library not in some top secret CIA school lol.

          2. You guys have clearly seen a few YouTube videos so their isn’t any arguing with you but I’ll say my piece and move on.Mohamed Atta, Marwan al-Shehhi, and Ziad Jarrah early in 2000 took flight training in south Florida. They did most of their planing and a lot of studying to fly larger planes in a library down here in SF, they never went to a secret CIA school. They meet in Germany in the 90s and became friends with Mohamed Atta, ?Jarrah and Ramzi bin al-Shibh they formed the Hamburg cell. Most of the terrorist never came to America until 2001 so not much time to be trained by the American government sadly. I’d love to say the gobment did it but they didn’t. The bush family has ties to Osama from back in the 80s when he wasn’t against America you guys trained him.

          3. Mohamed Atta, Marwan al-Shehhi, and Ziad Jarrah early in 2000 took flight training in south Florida. They did most of their planing and a lot of studying to fly larger planes in a library down here in SF, they never went to a secret CIA school. They meet in Germany in the 90s and became friends with Mohamed Atta, ?Jarrah and Ramzi bin al-Shibh they formed the Hamburg cell. Most of the terrorist never came to America until 2001 so not much time to be trained by the American government sadly. I’d love to say the gobment did it but they didn’t. The bush family has ties to Osama from back in the 80s when he wasn’t against America you guys trained him.

          4. Why am I a moron? I am just expressing my opinion. Research you say? Well I can google enough and find a web site to appease any side of anything. I’m sure I can find some valid “evidence” that I sucked and fucked bin laden and he fingered me behind the furnace. Last night. Maybe a picture too!! Not really but get the point? Well, my research begins with you fiend, please enlighten me!!

          5. I know I’m not speaking Trollese, it’s funny how you had to insult people when you couldn’t puke out more bullshit, this is what happens when you insult people, they fight back, I love these kinds of “talks”, 😉

  5. I bought “Love and Theft” by Bod Dylan earlier in the morning at Target (the cd was released that very morning). Bush was visiting a school right up the road from our office here in Sarasota! My dad and I were griping because we got caught in the traffic heading back to the office from our errand run. Bush was reading My Pet Goat to all the little kiddies…..lol. I watched the entire thing unfold on the small tv in our office. It was quite a ride. Later on in the week, our area got hit with a tropical storm that knocked out the power in my apartment for 4 days. But, those problems were pale compared to the suffering and carnage other were going through because of these attacks.

  6. I couldn’t imagine being put in that situation to make that decision but I’m sure the intense heat woulda made it eazy for me 2 decide.. having 2 brothers in the Fire Service, my heart goes out to their families…243 firefighters lost their lives that day trying to help people..while others were trying to get the fuck out of the buildings, firefighters were buzy making their way up!

          1. Me too!!!! Yeah Feind, you talk allot of shit but don’t back it up hey? Oh I get it, YOU are part of the conspiracy hey? Woops. Wait what’s that? Shit it’s Bush in a go cart, he’s trying to run me over. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

          2. If only loudmouthlacy, if only.

            I know how you troll types have to have the last word so – blather on.

            Consider yourself now ignored by this ‘conspiracy’.

            What a putz.

          3. It was a typo and you know that! Kind of desperate hey? Just because someone has a different opinion doesn’t make them a “Troll”. You are really starting to sound like a “sheep” , because that’s what THEY/YOU do! DOUCHE

          4. Fiend, your acting like a thirteen year old troll, quit fucking trolling with insults, you are the only troll here, how can you not see that your making yourself look like a troll, it’s all here for everyone to see, hahahahaha

    1. New gore member, so Im just seeing this. I feel the same way, I lost my uncle that day Engine 279 so that day brings back alot of sadness. But im proud as hell, knowing atleast he died saving lives. R.i.p. to anyone who lost people on that day.

  7. I didn’t know what 9/11 was until a few years later.
    I believe I was about 9 or 8 when it happened , If it weren’t for system of a down I would probably still not know what it was. =)

    1. I never understood why they couln’t make it to the roof, and get airlifted by helicopter. It would probably only manage a few lifts and not get everyone before they collapsed, but more people above the plane impact could have been saved.

      1. @archamedes, I believe there were people on the roof, but on one of the towers there was some type of radio antenna and it had cables holding it up, the helicopters couldn’t land because the rotors might have hit it. Also, and this is sad, I think with the people frightened like they were, if the helicopter COULD have landed the people might have mobbed it, all trying to get on at once….sad situation.

  8. this is what happens when people feel the need to build things bigger and bigger alll the time…once again its the cock complex….whats bigger is better …..yeah right

    maybe they should ask the firefighters how to build a proper building….apparently anything over 7 storeys is a death trap

  9. Anyone see the third video? Some fat black bitches on the ground are just soo “taken” by the drama they pass out and need medical attention. I hate obnoxious obese black women. Everyone knows the kind.

    1. Oh fuck i know EXACTLY the fat bitches you speak of. They feel like they should have the attention and assistance of everyone at their fingertips at all times. Dummies.
      However, i was at Macy’s buying a wedding gift(yeah isnt that sweet of me) the other day and the hefty black woman who rung me up was a darling sweetheart. One of the first times ive met a person so nice and down to earth.

    2. You and me both rammfan1. I was at the emergency room once, this guy came in with a gun shot wound and he was bleeding everywhere. This fat black woman came in BECAUSE SHE WANTED TO KNOW if she was pregnant and was scared that she was having a miscarriage.

      She was seen before the guy! The guy who had come in first with a gun shot wound!

      Although, it could just be the area in which I reside. I wouldn’t go to that hospital if I had my limbs cut off in their parking lot.

  10. This shit was kinda censored from almost everywhere, it seems that it became some sort of taboo for AFY media and govt…perhaps they wanted to hide something like if the guys were really taking a half mile dive to shield they girlfriends on the street from the CIA, mossad and reptilian moles who really blew the building…..oh wait, perhaps not….

    1. @ Mouse, that had to have been a freaky experience, to be that close to it. I’ve never been to NY city, I heard it used to be pretty bad, but it’s been cleaned up a lot, as far as crime. But man, to be that close, must have been, well, at least, memorable…wow.

      1. Crime died about 20 years ago in N.Y their are areas that are dangerous but its just like any other major city. N.Y.C also has a shitload of Police so if something were to happen to you cops would be their very shortly so I would consider N.Y pretty safe.

  11. The first video was the most enjoyable for me… more freedom flyers.
    Video 2 is more proof that any moron (Tammy and boy toy) can buy and video camera but never learn how to use it. They were filming while the second plane hit and they missed it?! Pathetic.
    3rd video had some hilarious commentary… “just keep filming, you might find a hand”.

    I am SO over this 9/11 crap… anyone who doesn’t realize those buildings were imploded are just mindless sheep.
    Too many witnesses hearing explosions AFTER the planes hit.
    Wake the fuck up people!

    1. Fuck you bitch – My Dad died that day, he worked in ABM Industries. Guess you think that’s funny. I stood on the ground watching this horror. You need to let go of the conspiracy theories. Planes hit the towers – I saw it all happen from the firehouse (Engine 7, Ladder 1) Jules Clement Naudet and Thomas Gedeon Naudet were in New York to film a documentary on members of the Engine 7, Ladder 1 firehouse in lower Manhattan. You are ignorant and full of shit. Read the issue of Aluminum International. A materials scientist – Christen Simensen of SINTEF – a research organization in Norway details the scientific facts.

  12. My uncle was living in New York at the time, he witnessed the event with his own eyes. He is not as fucked up as me but he described how people were jumping to their deaths and I was able to picture it. Maybe it would not be a bad idea to have emergency parachutes.

  13. I can’t watch these videos. I was at my parents house that morning and someone called and said turn on tv…we saw the second plane hit…I couldn’t imagine facing the choice some of those people made…plus the brave firemen, policemen, the people on the planes…heart wrenching.

    1. The hijacked planes that flew out of Boston had me on edge that day because I wasn’t sure if someone I knew were on those planes, a relative, a friend. Unfortunately, My best friend’s cousin was on Flight 11.

      My boss (at the time) was at Logan waiting on a flight out of Boston and he happened to be in the same waiting area as the passengers on Flight 11. He ended up stranded in Chicago and the FBI had questioned him and others stranded to ask if they had witnessed anything unusual or suspicious in the waiting area that morning…. durr..

      I had the day off from work and I remember my father saying a plane had hit. I put the TV on and watched as the 2nd one hit and pretty much was glued to the TV the rest of the day & feeling completely sick to my stomach when they said people were jumping from the building and also when the buildings collapsed.

      I think those black women at the end of the video #3 were forcing it. You saw some people walking around in shock, full of blood and refusing help. So what the fuck…..? Go the fuck home and watch Oprah.

      To those saying if there was a pool of water some of the jumpers could have possibly survived? Bullshit. There is absolutely no way in hell. You’d hit that water like hitting the concrete ground… Head first, feet first, ass first.. Doesn’t matter. Some of those jumpers probably passed out on the way down or lost their breath entirely. One man in the 2nd tower said a woman had a look of ‘shock’ on her face as she was falling. And some people were PUSHED out the windows and others blinded by black smoke and walked out not knowing they were about to free fall to their fucking death.. This wasn’t synchronized jumping.

      There is also a video of a man filming and it shows 2 fire fighters, one kneeling down and looking up at the buildings.. then the man zooms around and you catch the landing of a jumper hitting a barrier or something.. It’s really brief and from a distance but can also hear the loud thud as he hits and see blood spray out..Anyone else see that vid?

      I’ve seen video #3 before and around the 6:30 mark, you hear the man filming (or his excited friend) say.. “you see that blow out” and rumor is that it’s a body? Can anyone tell or screen snap? Maybe it’s a chair but it does look like it could be a body being shot out the window.. (top left)

  14. I watched a documentary these twin brothers made on the attacks, fire department radios were failing due to so many transmissions(system was overloaded) so as one tower came down FF’s in the other tower weren’t even aware that one of the towers had collapsed, so they just continued up.. plus when 1st plane hit the FD was having a shift change so you had a lot more personnel at the call then normally would have been there.. these two things contributed greatly to FDNY suffering more casualties that day than any other emergency agency..

  15. I have to hijack this post for one important announcement:

    Today is 50 years anniversary of the invention of the Brazilian flip-flop! This is important stuff and we need to remember to celebrate these special days.

    Happy flip-flop fellow BG.

      1. No, Nicole. The videos are awesome – really. I love watching new videos from 9/11, especially because all the media and documentaries seem to use the same clips. I?ve never seen footage from the Millennium Hotel before. So thank you for them! You wanna hug?

  16. Actually if their was a large pool with enough depth you might be able to survive the fall. The key is the surface of the water.You must break the surface before you enter it so like if you threw out a chair first be fore you jumped and it fell right below you it could take the damage of breaking the waters surface and you can be safe ..well theirs a lot of if’s in that statement I made but … just don’t hit the chair when you fall in :). maybe a power glider would have worked. As long as you can get far enough away from the buildings surface.

  17. I don’t feel bad for these jumpers. For all any of us Living know, when you “die” your matter could be evolved into some kind of higher state of being, and could transcend into some sort of paradise universe where you’re reborn. A place where all of your dreams come true, and you get laid every day. Or it could be something very bad. Or nothing at all. I’m not talking about a religious afterlife. I’m talking about Conservation of Mass. Anyway… All theories aside, all I know for certain is that a cosmic joke is being played on all of Us. The Living. The ones who have yet to find out what happens at The End. In a strange way, I envy Famous Allah’s Original Street Pizzas. Because now they Know.

  18. Perfect time to show these videos . This will silence many , as yesterday i decided to avoid commenting on a certain issue. @ nicole well done, @ mark, well done & perfect timing. the truth has always been the best…

          1. Hey Spank, you cant help these kinds of people without dumbing your IQ, just listening to them will make dumber.

            @Ivegotyoundermyskin, I want to know what you think about the moon landings being fake?

      1. Being sarcastic babe. Riddle me this…The govt set 9/11?

        The same govt the Runs the DMV? LMFAO!

        Think about how many people would be in on it? you think all of them can keep a secret? Its nice to romanticize the thought but the fact is it was done by smart but religious wacko’s

  19. as a new yorker and i will represent new york on this one, we dont talk about 9/11 anymore and we have put it behind us but the rest of the country keeps bringing it up and we really don’t like to hear it anymore.

    1. What happened to “NEVER FORGET” .. Unless you mean New Yorkers don’t want to talk about the conspiracies? Because they’re more common to talk about nowadays, rather than the tragic events that unfolded.

  20. Fuck Bush, Cheney, and all the false-flag ops who were involved in this. Those cunts knew this attack was coming, and it gave them a great opportunity to steal all that oil in Iraq. 9/11 was payday for the Bush family and all their affiliates.

  21. UFO UFO!!! From 4:22 seconds too 4:29 seconds on that seen you can see a UFO clear as day appear out of thin air =4:27 seconds is when it appears… I shit you not! Please tell me what you guys think. I watched it like 50 times, it’s defiantly a UFO that appears out of thin air. Its not the only footage of ufo’s appearing around the towers on 9/11. As well as footage of a ufo before it 9/11 on a helicopter like 2 years before. The UFO appears at about 4:27 seconds (its white) and appears out of the blue sky looks like a disc shaped orb…check it out!

        1. I want that clip (4:22 – 4:29). UFO watchers like people at Mufon.com deserve to see that footage. If they already haven’t, I’m sure everyone would love it. A body jumping in the same scene a ufo appears…That’s rare!

          1. It’s a helicopter in the distance, because the camera is not focused on it, it’s blurred and has no shape making it look like a saucer, and if I recall correctly MUFON has already seen the films from 9/11 and came to the same conclusion.

          2. Well thanks! I guess it could be a helicopter that just took a second to be focused on… Though it does seem to just appear out of thin air. Yeah I’m sure your right on the mufon subject too.

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