African Suicide Bomber Ripped in Half

Upper Half of Ripped Up African Terrorist

African Suicide Bomber Ripped in Half

There’s next to no backinfo to go with these pictures, but apparently they show a terrorist suicide bomber who got ripped in half. Whereas I got no backinfo, I don’t know whether he was able to kill someone other than himself.

By the looks of it, both the alleged terrorist and the people standing around his ripped-in-half remains are African, so I assume this happened somewhere in Africa.

Props to Best Gore member @farruk for the pics:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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        1. He smiled when he died… he really got a big virgin camel and boom box that he can rock reggae music! Roots rock reggae… allah gave him the best gift ever!
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  1. If it was a bomb you would see more splatter and more burns to the torso area. Also. There appears to be some tire marks on the ground where his legs used to be so my guess is that a truck of sorts ran over him which would also explain the blood pattern and why the legs were the most damaged part.

    No mor muh dik for himz fo. Sheeeeit.

  2. This reminds me of a period in August 2020 when I flirted with a post-lockdown, high-fibre diet which was mostly Corn-on-the-Cob and Blue Cheese (Danish Blue, ripe English Stilton and a Scottish Strathdon Blue). It really got my digestive system going after a tortuous few months of sedentary lockdown. During week 2 of my specialist diet regime I accidentally drank rather a lot of Cabernet Sauvignon on top of a few BIG Corn-on-the-Cobs and about half a pound of Strathdon Blue. I might have had a few slabs of sulphuric Stilton on Oatcakes to help soak up the wine. It doesn’t matter.

    I woke around 4am and had to run to my stone-floored echoing toilet where I just managed to park my pale buttocks on the Armitage Shanks before WW3 began. I almost blew out a Kidney with the force of the solid, liquid and gaseous expulsions. After about 20 minutes of near-constant bombardment, I felt the last few salvos of Oxtail Soup splash down and I started to relax a little. I didn’t think there could be anything left besides a few fragments of bowel gravel and fartdust. Mais Non!

    That was when the real gaseous exchange started. Whining farts, strafing Stuka attacks and noises like a child crying for its mother started emitting from my tortured ringpiece. It was awful. At one point I heard a stray dog (or perhaps it was a wild Fox) howl outside the bathroom window in the grey dawn light. The stench in my bathroom was unbelievable. My eyes were watering with the toxic atmosphere, but I was crying anyway because of the horrific smell and the fiery state of my anus… to cut a long story short… I had to finish up with some after sun Aloe Vera Cream spread on the toilet paper and completed the clean-up with a shower. If I’d had a man-sized nappy (American = diaper) I would have worn it back to bed.
    I believe this Negro Man had been on my Corn-on-the-Cob & Blue Cheese diet. Somehow during his period on the diet he became disastrously constipated. Perhaps his close Negro friends superglued his arsehole closed or rammed an irretrievable butt-plug into his anus. Anyway the poor fucker exploded. The explosion even peeled his skin from his thighs down to below his knees. Let this be a warning.

    1. That’s the worst shit story I’ve read in awhile. Fucking brutal shit right there mate. Sounds like you painted the bowl real damn good. I was never much of a wine drinker, but the last time my guts rumbled like that was when I was a few days into drying out and drank several plant based smoothies. What happened after that was legendary. I could actually feel my intestines twisting and churning as I heard them roar with anger. I was in the throne room over a dozen times that day.

      1. @coffindodger “I was a few days into drying out and drank several plant based smoothies” Good Lord Man! Are you insane? What were you thinking? When you are “drying out” always start with a few “Beer-Based Smoothies”. I had a friend who was lured into the dark-side of Vegetarianism for a few months by a closet Lesbian who had a malign influence on him. I was living in a rented flat in Edinburgh at the time. He came round to visit and he (let’s face it his name was Frazer) “followed through” when he thought he was just going to fart. He fucking strained about two pints of his Vegetarian shit-juice through his 501s into my settee. Thank fuck there were no lumps – but I ended up having to get a new settee.

        It is important to get perspective on these things. “A few plant-based smoothies”? What the fuck did you think was going to happen? The only reason I am able to handle the seismic bowel-trembling, fart-quakes, turd jets and toxic gas clouds is because I am inured to it following decades of applying myself to the rigour and discipline required to handle such things. My intestines churn, twist and moan all day long. That is how I roll. The Throne Room is a battlefield where I always win. Sometimes it is a close battle – but Victory shall always be mine.

        Once I was working with a pupil individually in an exam situation. An invigilator from the Scottish Qualifications Authority was also present in the small room to ensure exam conditions were being met. My insides were making so much noise that the 70-year old invigilator said “I thought I heard a Cat.” twenty minutes into the exam. I managed to slide out a few totally rank, sulphuric and eye-watering “silent but deadly” air biscuits and then simply brassed-it-out… looking from Pupil to Invigilator and back again while sniffing. I tried to look as if I was ‘undecided’ as to which one of them had ‘dealt it’. The 70 year old then got up and opened a window. I said “Thank you.” in a manner which let both pupil and invigilator know that I had decided on the invigilator’s guilt.

        1. I think it would have happened with many different combinations of things. Chili probably would have had the same effect. I was pretty dry at that point, but I didn’t realize how empty my guts were. I should have done the tomato beer thing, and maybe ate some corn chips, but I figured after two or three days I was good to go. It all worked itself out in the end, and I don’t partake in the spirits nearly as much these days, and limit my intake of eggs and hot sauce, so I am no longer chained to the commode. I’m in a different stage of life now.

      2. @coffindodger

        A few years ago I bought a box of frozen hamburger patties from the supermarket. Cooked 4 of them and ate them.
        Three days later, I was in the hospital with (explosive diarrhea) as they call it! It was so severe I began to get dehydrated which in turn caused problems with my circulatory system and heart. Ended up being transferred to the intensive care unit where they put adult sized diapers and a bed pan next to my bed. There was nothing they could do except try to keep me hydrated and give me some useless medication for cramping and gas! It was embarrassing for me and agonizing for the nurses who had to scrape my shit from the bed pan to give to the lab and clean me and the bed sheets multiple times a day! I was hospitalized for 15 days. Yes it was salmonella and it scarred me for life (my butthole too!) lol. I don’t eat frozen hamburger patties from the market anymore! FYI- I cooked my burgers medium! So I guess I did deserve to suffer! A week after I was released from the hospital- that brand of frozen beef patties were recalled ! How ironic!

        1. I once contracted Campylobacter Food Poisoning from a badly stored and reheated Curry. I had audio and visual hallucinations on top of the explosive shits and vomiting for days. It it best to keep your digestion and gut tolerance in constant training and at top strength. Put it through its paces regularly. That Campylobacter would have killed a lesser man than I.

          1. Damn I didn’t know you can get audio / visual hallucinations from curry! Fuck acid and shrooms- I’m trying curry ! Bahaa ha ha ha! Can you imagine playing super Mario kart on shrooms? I did that in high school and that was some seriously fucked up shit!

      1. @dubya I haven’t tried Stand Up. I’d be too scared the shit would land in my pants and trousers dropped around round my ankles. You’d really need to be confident about the projectile force horizontally that one’s arse could muster – you know to ensure clearance of your clothing and footwear. I did once have to lean against a tree to pipe out a massive Guinness Shit in a Glasgow street late one night after a perilous journey home across the city. The leaning did allow me to brace myself against the knobbly trunk and fire the MASSIVE Guinness Shit onto the road. I saw it from the bus the next day and a Crow was pecking it. I am still haunted by that image. The shit was half the length of my arm. The Crow was enthusiastic and determined. But I digress – the answer is firmly “No”…. I would never try to do a Stand Up shit.

      1. @illegalsmile55 Kale and Brussel Sprouts? That sounds like a pleasant mid-week workout for my digestive system. I’ll stir in some Ripe Stilton and wash it down with Prune Juice. It is important we challenge our Alimentary Canal along every yard of its course. In order to keep this digestive tract healthy up into old age this means a lifelong approach. I feel my mid-life stringent Alimentary workouts would challenge a 18 year old athlete. I walk easy and feel unburdened and clear-headed. The August Incident was due to me “taking my eye off the ball” briefly. I wavered in my course but still clutched the rudder.
        Of course the Negro Man in these photographs possessed neither
        A) the intelligence to study the discipline required,
        B) the tenacity to actually manage the transit of his Blue Cheese/ Corn-on-the-Cob payload or
        C) the ability for his lazy hands to hold the rudder and steer his way. He was lazy and thought he “could take it” and manage whatever happened. We can all see what happened.

        A robust fibre-rich diet featuring strong vegetables like Kale, Asparagus and Corn-on-the-Cob alongside strongly flavoured soft (and/or hard) blue cheeses is a firm favourite in my part of the dark, misty glens of Lanarkshire. I often combine this with rich beefy casseroles featuring Paprika and red wine. Venison cooked slowly with Juniper and Sloes is another great side dish. Some roughly mashed Potatoes with Stilton and Garlic topped with Leeks and Mature Cheddar Sauce is a must-have accompaniment. Wash the lot down with fat, round Burgandy, Claret, Merlot or Sauvignon Blanc. Or all four. Some of the pleasant side effects I have noticed is the lack of house flies even in High Summer, fewer visitors and a lack of Mildew or Black Mould in the toilet.
        I shall get back to you about the Kale & Sprouts.

          1. Stop eating Cholestorol. Eat plenty of Beans, Nuts, Barley, Avacado, Porridge Oats and any amount of Fresh Fruit. Fill your diet with this kinda magic shit. It will rip out all the Cholestorol sludging up your arteries and blood and make you all new. You’ll also have some great shits too.

    2. I would like to dedicate this poem to Lord Wankdust

      The more that you stir it, the more it will stink –
      The higher it’s piled, the deeper it sinks –
      The more you proclaim it, the less that you know –
      The greater the load, the more pompous the show –

      When you throw it, it splatters –
      When you crush it, like jam it spreads out –
      When you fart, there’s always a danger that some might come out –

      Go home, and it’s with you as you walk through the door –
      If you don’t have enough, you can always make more –
      Give it to someone you love, and they’ll soon send it back –
      Released in your undies, it leaves a brown track –

      Now doctors won’t tell you what any turd knows –
      The more that you eat, the bigger it grows –
      If it plugs up your butt, it can ruin your day –
      When nature comes calling, it’s best not to delay –
      So don’t blame it on God if your bowels should protest –
      For to him, what we call shit is in fact one holy mess.

  3. He isn’t a suicide bomber, his body would be all over the place if he was. A Bomb wouldn’t cut him in half that accurately, they’d be finding his nigger parts all over town, in trees, on roofs etc….To me it looks like he’s had some sort a collision with a vehicle, probs a truck of some sorts!!!!

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