Aftermath of Apparent Suicide in Iloilo, the Philippines

I Wonder What This Inkblot Would Expose in Rorschach Test

Aftermath of Apparent Suicide in Iloilo, the Philippines

All I got for backinfo is that the incident happened in Iloilo, the Philippines. By looking at the pics, it would appear that they show the aftermath of suicide. Or murder staged to look like suicide.

The dead guy still holds a pistol in his right hand, but lost his left flip flop and his eye glasses flew off.

No idea what this was all about nor why he would take his life. Props to Best Gore member @delimanu for the pics:

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21 thoughts on “Aftermath of Apparent Suicide in Iloilo, the Philippines”

    1. Its possible. Its not typical but some people might prefer to lay down to get comfortable for their big nap. Its uncommon enough to make there be reasonable suspicion to at least do a cursory homicide investigation, but alot of times, most cops don’t bother with it in communities with high drug use and violence cause its not only incredibly difficult to get reliable cooperative witnesses or other ways to get evidence to prove for sure, and at the end you proved nothing for sure but you pissed off alot of powerful people by trying. This happens in every country too. It actually happens quite a bit in the US. Take cobain for instance. I dont if he was murdered or he shot himself, but I do know no one cared even a little to investigate it. In places where heroin is a big deal its quite common. Theres resurgence of the stuff where I live and its pretty much cops calling it like they see it and moving along. Theres something that happened in 2015 where I live. sorry I didn’t get pictures and send them here but alot of people did cause cops didn’t mind people coming up to the crime scene and poke around and take pictures when there was a very obvious murder of a man called Eric Cates and his dog Gypsy and they called it a suicide and didn’t even examine the truck they died in they just left it outside to the rain and the elements and that truck sits in the same place and never been touched by any investigator or law enforcement in over five years.

    2. Yeah that’s possible but it would be a very small amount of people who would do it that way. The spatter is inconsistent with a standing suicide but the thing that sticks out the most is he is holding the gun in his right hand, which looks to be a clone of the 1911 pistol so its a .45 ACP. Not a small bullet. Exit wounds are always larger than the entrance, the majority of damage is to the right hand side of the face. So the gun should be in his left hand if he committed suicide.

      It honestly looks like someone held this guy down on his side and shot him in the left side of the head and came out the right side. Then staged it.

      Plus he has a backpack with him, suicidal people do not ever bring their belongings to kill themselves because why would they?

  1. My theory is someone knocked him out, shot the same side they hit, placed the gun in his hand and walked away.

    I mean why shoot yourself laying down or the better question, why shoot yourself at all unless you are avoiding a great torment.

  2. You are right on the money Mark About this **Apparent** Suicide.
    It’s almost Unheard of & Highly Unlikely that a pistol would remain in a dead mans grip, as everything lets go once your melons Jello has been compromised because of The guns kickback. A Staged Suicide.

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