Aftermath of Suicide by Train in Lisbon, Portugal

Significant Cranial Trauma Caused by Kiss from Train

Aftermath of Suicide by Train in Lisbon, Portugal

After recent high speed carnage, Brazil’s European cousin, Portugal, is making BG news again.

In the nation’s capital city of Lisbon, a man committed suicide by apparently jumping in front of what looks like a subway train. He died on the spot, with a chunk of brain matter knocked out of the hole in his skull.

Best Gore member @doctasd notes:

I don’t know if the man was full of debt or was cheated by his wife. But decided to wait the last subway of the day to kill himself.

If he was married, probably both. Many thanks to both @doctasd and @rickfiregamespt for the pics:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. Let me translate for fifi.

        “How is there a hole? Is that the where the wheel ran over, like an edge.. I made no sense, Oh Lord”

        “I have a gaping hole that needs to be filled… I make no sense constantly and oh god.”

    1. Hey This is said out of pure charity. I noticed you used the Lord’s name lightly, just as an expression. Most people don’t know that using the Lord’s name lightly, just as an expression i.e. in vain is a grave matter. It’s one of the Commandments (the Second) because our Lord wants us to know what will keep us alive and what brings death. Using the Lord’s name lightly without due reverence is a grave matter meaning if done deliberately and with full knowledge it constitutes a mortal sin….meaning if done with full knowledge and deliberate consent one suffers the loss of the life of grace in the soul/hell eternally unless one recieves absolution from a Catholic priest. Any way it’s done is a mortal sin but it’s even weightier when the holy name of Jesus Christ is used and if you don’t say anything or post content in which it’s used or are silent you commit the same mortal sin via ommission or tacit approval.

      1. Okay. Yeah. Lord’s name in vain. I get that. So what about commenting “Lord Knows”. I am pretty holy, so I only comment as such to remind of faith and allowing others to know that those of faith are aware of the pain and struggling. To me there is many videos and not even there or videos but just regular daily living that to mention The Lord is only to give praise to him. I do not ever take it to be like why, oh why.. it is just a recognition.

        For this comment I was wrong and though I could explain the context but I won’t but just take the L, i seldom if never use it as I did, but i agree it was incorrect. You can file through and see my use, Lord knows I did not mean harm. Thanks much Aaron.

        So funny because I never use it in vain.. like that is always a strong suit of mine.. lol.. thanks because now I can repent, even though I was probably hyper and ‘calling up’ more than complaining!! Smiles Aaron.

          1. I’d rather be caught blowing my uncle at a denny’s bathroom, instead of being filmed under a highway with no direction in life… if I dance, I dance to make others laugh. Cause I general am bad at it.

          2. @robc, I just went back to being a ginger after dyeing my hair dark for about eight years or so. I don’t like it at all. Might change my profile picture so you guys can see me in my pale, freckled glory.

          3. I actually shave my head. I’d show you but the last time I put my face on my avi, I was accused of turning BG into my personal dating site. By a moderator no less. Dude actually called me out on one of the articles he posted lol. @janiel

          4. That’s hilarious. Bad things would happen if BG members decided to date one another. For one thing, there’d be a hell of a lot more content being posted.

          5. Okay, your choice. No good to me because I like my women to look like they just left school, not just started. No closet paedophile tendencies here. To each their own, I guess.

            I’m guessing you haven’t cut the pink nipples off though. Still one to go (o )( o)

          6. I have a ridiculous ethnic background. Don’t know how accurate those ancestry tests are, but I think I got the green eyes and red hair from distant Viking relatives. As far as I know, I’m the only one in the family who has it.

  1. Portugal is coming back hard as we are.
    Fucking shitty country, always trying to play the role that we are a good country to live in.
    Brutal taxes, lots of homicides, worst drivers in the world, shitty salary, scumbag governors, we can’t even live single in here, we need to accept Tyrone and Chad in our lives and be cheated on by some woman because we can’t even pay for the rent all alone.
    Be prepared, new things are coming from here, let’s bring some reality of what Portugal is about.

  2. With a hole drilled by the train to his head he had chunks of wisdom lost in a flash and strewn around those tracks. with his life quitting his flesh forever .
    As soon as it happened there were dozens of train goers and alike who alighted thinking those big loaves of greys were up for grabs not realizing the one who went committing suicide was a look alike …………….of Mr Marvin Lee Aday of MEAT LOAF .

    1. Causing a domino effect… 23 people lost thier job that day… 14 of the 23, fell into a deep depression, 5 out 14 committed suicide by hanging… Only one botched suicide, had him/her run for the trains at rush hour, continuing the cycle.

    1. What kind of sedatives and how much… can you extract it’s properties to make it potent?
      Oh it not for me, it’s for for my neighbor, apparently he thinks it’s funny to make noise while I try to sleep, my remedy should help him and me sleep.

  3. If I ever “suicide” I’ll make sure it’s 10X more gross and messy than this… @hopingfornemesis will you do the honors of filming it? You’ll need to keep your distance though… I plan on using a few dozen claymores from Ol’ Papa’s WWII shed.

    1. Oh honey Portuguese public transportations work better because of suicides then on a daily basis, we’re used to “oh another missing or late train hum wonder what was it just now?”
      Turns out it was nothing our government is shit and so are our public services in all aspects

  4. I’m thankful to these suicides because the trains and subways are always late anyways, but suicides are a good excuse that I can stay home and don’t have to go to work

    Also portugal isn’t the “European cousin”
    We are the motherfucking parents they don’t speak Portuguese by coincidence

  5. Please dont compare Portugal to the 3rd world shit hole that is Brazil. Yeah it may be poor af compared to European standards, but its also safer af than the other European countries.

    So much that even Donald Scumbag Trump said its one of the safest places to live in the entire world.

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