Aftermath Video of That Woman Who Suicided Off Overpass in Brazil

Aftermath Video of That Woman Who Suicided Off Overpass in Brazil

Here’s a follow up to the earlier published video of the woman who suicided off the overpass in Brazil. As is apparent from this aftermath video, the hard landing on her ass did not kill the woman instantly. She can be seen moving her arms and a leg in the video. Damage the drop caused to her spine was however too severe, and the woman reportedly died in hospital a few days later. I also found out that the incident occurred on March 12, 2015 in São Paulo, the largest city by population in Brazil.

That landing on her tailbone was probably the worst thing that could have happened as a result of her fall. It killed her eventually, but slowly and painfully. It literally left her damaged beyond repair and paralyzed, so the exit was likely more excruciating than whatever drove her to suicide in the first place.

Terrible. Hopefully she finally found peace. Props to Best Gore member Linguist__ for the tip on the video:

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      1. There’s nothing they can really be doing anyway, until help arrives with a gurney board. You’re not supposed to really touch someone if they’ve possibly broken their spine or neck, it can do further damage and make it irreparable. All you can really do is get in their face and talk to them and try to keep them conscious and coherent. Some years ago I saw a jeep flip right in front of my truck on the way to the lake, a girl flew out of the backseat and broke her neck, all we could do was leave her flat on her back (on hot arizona asphalt, I felt so bad even though she couldn’t even feel it) until help finally arrived.

    1. The camera operator was clearly a novice. Most times in such places the camera operator would’ve been right there, two feet from the woman, shoving his camera in her face. This video shows a timid camera operator by comparison, standing far back, and even behind the slew of onlookers.

      1. Yeah, it doesn’t. Still, her extra weight (mass) just made her crash more nasty, as everything, if you exclude aerodynamics, is pulled down with the same acceleration, regardless of mass. But to compensate for that, the force pulling you down due to the extra mass is considerably bigger.

      2. Does that law only apply in a vacuum? In any case, had she farted REALLY hard one millisecond before impact she would be fine now. Newtons little known law that tamale farts can negate terminal velocity.

    1. Dude. Shit falls at the same rate, regarless of mass. This chick should have gone to the library and google how shit falls or ask some schoolgirl cause she probably don’t got the internet in that crack house she crashes at, you know. She would have found people that do skydiving talk about rushes and describe freefalling like a real experience of death defying stuff and how they never felt so alive or something. But the 32 ft. per second of fall she done probably was like a quick butt-rape type smack. What a MF’n thought process this porko tripped on. Sad way to cheat your dumb ass out of some gnarly thrills, you know. -951-

      1. Hey guys. As an engineer, here is the physics involved in your discussion. A fat girl and a thin girl will always fall with the same velocity because, according to Newton, V = A * t (Velocity = Acceleration times time.) There is no Mass in that equation. Ignoring, of course, the terminal velocity phenomena caused by friction due to air; which is pretty much equal comparing one falling human to another. The absence of mass in that equation shows that two objects will always be travelling at the same speed.
        HOWEVER, injuries are caused by force not by acceleration; which Newton told us is F = MA (Force=Mass times Acceleration.) Since, the acceleration is the same for both girls, the force pushing up by the ground when stopping her will indeed be larger than the force stopping a thinner girl (because of their different Mass.) So, although a thinner girl and her will hit at approximately the same time and speed, the difference in force required to stop them will all be due to a difference in mass. Hence, she would indeed experience more stopping force than her jump-buddy (thinner girl) and thus experience more injury; assuming we don’t get into silly arguments like more padding etc.

        1. @DrRAD, You’re right except I disagree with your almost complete dismissal of drag coefficient.
          Agreed, padding aside, did you see the size of that ass? It had to be catchin’ air!

        2. Hey guys, engineer in Aeronautics here 🙂 The conclusion of the previous engineer is in error, because the final force will be distributed across the area it is applied – making the total force per square inch possibly/probably less for a fat ass; and even more essentially, the final force up the spine will only relate to the mass in and above the spine; so, in conclusion, there is no reason at all to make any comments about the woman’s weight in relation to the injuries of impact – and my guess, is that overall, a fat person would suffer far less than a thin person from a fall for numerous reasons – all otther things being equal.

          I don’t agree with fatty-girl bashing, because personally, I have the opposite feelings toward beauty, and do not find skinny women attractive at all, and generally dislike anything less than 155cm//5’2″ 150kg/330lbs. There is no beauty for me in a woman that doesn’t have large breasts and a round belly that overhangs the pussy. For me, that is perfect beauty, and no other.

          If you got a lot to give, it’s nice to have a lot in return.

    1. @blason I was thinking the same thing. Why the fuck was she still moving her leg? I think she broke a shit load of bones, but what probably ultimately killed her, was probably the way they scooped her up for transport to hospital. Im sure they fucked her shit up just moving her. And they arnt to smart on being careful with people when needing to transport.

    1. “Form two lines folks! A line to the left to fuck her while she’s still living. The second line forms to the right for those who wish to violate her postmortem.
      Both options are time sensitive so get your place in line now.”

  1. Just saw both vids. I bet no batty batter seeped from her ring in her last few days…. poor uneducated bitch. (I bet the mortician had a good go at putting some in though, all swollen and tight like it must have been, couldn’t have resisted eh?) She should obviously have lent to the side mid-flight and BOOM end of days. Job done.

  2. I like how that fat doctor is just standing there doing nothing, not even pretending to help her and waving at others like “Shooo! Shooo everyone! Im a doctor, i have priority to see bodies at first hand! Begone because im fat and i need a lot of space to… work.” 😆

  3. That’s awful. My best friend is an OR nurse, she told me about a guy they had to fix up 3 times because he kept trying to blow his head off but kept managing to survive it. Death will take you when it’s your time, not a moment before or after!

  4. Hurting your tailbone hurts like shit! I split the bottom of mine with a fracture a few years ago in an accident and it took 2 years for it to heal enough for the pain to be tolerable without meds. She is better off dead, but got a good high on all that morphine before she died.

  5. It always confuses me to see people video this stuff. Like you walks up to someone lying on the ground after jumping off a bridge and thinks, oh I will just record this shit. People are so fucked up

  6. Unless you are enlightened, the craving+clinging for sense-desires makes you just grab on to a compatible fertilized egg at the time of death. Life is just endless cycles of suffering, until you learn how to remove your craving for sense-desires. In order for a fertilized egg to develop, somebody must attach to it first. That is why most fertilized eggs don’t develop – nobody has died and grabbed that egg as a compatible match. The trick to end of suffering is to “die” before you “die”, and the proof of the pudding will be:

    1) you will be able to tolerate any amount of pain without any disturbance to your mind.

    2.) you will be awake even when your body sleeps.

    3) you will be able to die in any position: sitting, standing, whatever.

    Why? Because you have detached your mind completely from the senses, and although you can feel pain and the various conditions of the body, your mind is not disturbed by them.

  7. I just really don’t think I would be a jumper. I’d be afraid of living (I know the chances of that are slim, but that’d be just my luck) and just breaking my back or neck, and then ending up too paralyzed to try again.

  8. I’m wondering why, in every situation where a tragedy happens, why do people from a “circle” around that incident. Why not a triangle? I feel it should be known as a “death ring” from here forward.

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