Al Qaeda Suicide Bombing in Sanaa, Yemen – 96 Soldiers Dead

Al Qaeda Suicide Bombing in Sanaa, Yemen - 96 Soldiers Dead

An offshoot of Al Qaeda in Yemen claimed responsibility for suicide bombing which killed at least 96 people and left at least 300 injured. The bombing took place in al-Sabin Square, near presidential palace in country’s capital city of Sanaa.

The bomber was in a military uniform belonging to Yemeni Central Security and was partaking in a military parade which was broadcast live on state TV. Fellow soldiers practising for the parade were clear targets.

Yemen was ruled by a despotic president Ali Abdullah Saleh who’s big buddies with Barack Hussein Obama so when popular uprising threatened his dictatorship, he made a gesture of stepping down and move on to a new life as a red carpet guest of Kenyan in the USA, while the rest of his family still retains full control over Yemen, only now with new puppet president.

This video shows the aftermath of the May 21, 2012 suicide bombing in Sanaa, Yemen:

This is a longer version of the aftermath of the bombing, but audio seems messed up and not in sync at all:

This is from live broadcast by Yemeni state TV. Cameras were rolling when explosion took place, but it happened off camera’s field of view:

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