My Thoughts on Bullied BC Teen Amanda Todd and Her Suicide

My Thoughts on Bullied BC Teen Amanda Todd and Her Suicide

The sheep world is abuzz about a teenager from British Columbia by the name of Amanda Todd who committed suicide because she had been bullied. The sheep, as you know, follow herd mentality. Because it is currently popular to jump on an “oh poor bullied girl” bandwagon, that’s exactly what all sheep do. But let me step right in the middle of the sheep bleep and slap them in the face with a dose of reality.

I looked at the video in which Amanda Todd tells her “life story” and thought to myself – kid, I wish I had your problems. This whiny sheltered kid was so spoiled, she opted for suicide simply because a few minor things did not work out for her:

Oh noes, somebody will see the pic of mah 7th grader tits on teh interweb. Oh noes, I gots to kill mahself!

I’ve been half way around the world and have seen way too many teenagers who would wish all they had to worry about was a pic of their boobs on the internet. They’d wish their minds were merely bothered by the fact that a popular guy only hooked up with them for the sex and schoolmates mocked them.

Speaking of having been used for the sex by a popular, pretty faced guy – I’m sure there was another guy somewhere around Amanda Todd who was really interested in her. A guy who liked her and would have brought the world to her pretty feet but the likes of Amanda would never waste their time on a guy who’s not a popular, pretty faced jock so she blew him off.

I thought he really liked me…” – bitch, please! You readily spread your labia for a wigger and spit in a face of a decent guy and then you’re surprised that you had been used? Fuck that shit!

Dear sheep – I’m sorry to bitchslap you with a dose of reality again, but Amanda Todd was not bullied. She was just too spoiled to assume responsibility for her actions is all. She was blessed with good looks with which came the admiration and attention. She was so full of herself, she couldn’t grasp the idea of people not defaulting on their asses when they saw her.

There are girls who have not been blessed with comparably stunning figure and attractive face. These girl have never received the type of attention that’d followed Amanda since she was born. When Amanda was being hit on, these girls were being ignored. How do you think they feel about “not having friends”? Perhaps they would like a popular guy to ask them to flash their boobs on a webcam for them, but they never get that far cause the popular guy would disconnect or never initiate a chat with them. They are the real victims with the real hard knocks yet they’re not committing suicides because of it.

Likewise – how do you feel all the boys Amanda rejected felt when she gave them the finger to waste herself away with a popular, pretty faced jock who sleeps around? She rejected these boys because they did not meet her standard of looks. She thought she was too hot for someone so plain or below average looking. I’m surprised she did not end up becoming a single mother, cause that’s who your typical single mothers are before they become single mothers.

Amanda also needlessly blew that whole “tits on the internet” thing out of the proportions. Wherever on the interweb I look, I see naked chicks. I’m talking about millions upon millions of people who had their naked pics leaked. It even happens to celebrities who are widely recognizable – somebody hacks into their email account, or their cell phone is stolen, or a paparazzi snaps a pic when they think they are in a private and secured area – for them the leaks are actually hurtful because they are widely known. In comparison, Amanda Todd was a nobody, only known in a small geographical area.

There are also people who are subjected to heavy smear campaigns. Way more is at stake for them that had ever been for Amanda Todd. Yet again… they do not readily commit suicide? Why? Because they are not spoiled little brats who thought the world revolved around them. You on the other hand had it all. You had what most people will never even come close to taking a sniff at and it was still not enough for you. One day you found out that the world did not revolve around you and your world shattered.

You, Amanda Todd, could never possibly grasp what it is like to live a life of hardship. You have never woken up worrying if you will have any food to eat today. You have never watched your children being raped as you’re being lead into a torture chamber. Your only worry was that someone may see the pic of your tits on the interweb. Give me a fucking break.

And all the fucking media and all the fucking sheep are talking about bullying and how we need to address it so things like that don’t happen anymore – are you fucking kidding me? Yeah… let’s interpret spoiled kids acting sulky as bullying so we can shelter them some more cause they’re not getting their way quite enough. Let’s do that and ignore the real victims of bullying. Victims who are picked on for no fault of their own, unlike Amanda Todd who was picked on because she couldn’t keep her shirt on, an action she was unwilling to take responsibility for. That’ll show them.

Here’s photo of Amanda Todd dead:

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216 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Bullied BC Teen Amanda Todd and Her Suicide”

    1. I guess it’s a competition for the most valid and proper excuse for one to commit suicide. Not everyone has the same emotional strength as some of us may have. Society fucked her over and won the battle.
      Nonetheless, she should have gotten help from someone or something. Too bad we don’t have pics. 🙁

        1. No. Nobody needs excuses to commit suicide…Everybody has their own. I’ve been through this. I didn’t make a video of it, I’m not proud of this…It wasn’t from bullying or anything like that. No attention needed. I just felt like I’d be in peace, for once, cause I suffer from anxiety and a lot of other stuff too…Stop saying suicidal people are attention whores, it’s not fair…There are a thousand reasons that can lead someone to kill themselves, certainly not attention or being selfish. To those who say it is selfish, go ahead and think about the person: if this is their choice but you don’t want to see them die, you can help…It’s actually more selfish to try by all means to keep this person alive when they don’t want to be…Think about it…I’m not trying to argue here, just giving my opinion…

    2. Ick! Agreed im so sick of hearing about this stupid whores bull. Seriously? Don’t flash your fucking tits and be a little slut and maybe life wont suck so harrd. I don’t feel pity for richie swine like her. One less turd to flush.

    3. holy shit I couldn’t say it any better than Mark. I thought the exact same when i read the story. I hate spoiled rotton brat. I have no problem with people with plenty of money. Just don’t rubb it in and think your better and bitch about the little stuff. Remember where you came from! I am well off ,enjoy my house and cars but I NEVER hesitate to give back where I can. I don’t bitch because there is not enough ketchup on my burger. When I can’t eat all my dinner, I think of the starving people who would die for the left overs, so I force myself to eat it or wrap it up for later (never throw it out ). I especially hate the apple users only because they use iot for fashing. My iphone 4 is not good enough I have to buy the 5. Stop crying and be thankfull for what you have! There are people living in hunger, blind, disable, on the streets ect. but they don’t give up and still fight to live. I sorry you had to lose your daughter like this but you can only blame part of it on the parents ( spoiling there kids too much) to the point that any little things that makes them un comfortable, they want to take the easy way out.

    4. Just from this video alone ( comming from Amanda herself) , she is the only one who brought this upon herself. It’s always a sad thing when someone chooses to take there own life. In this case, where were the perents and parenting! First your look for trouble when your meeting people on the net at such a yoiung age( that’s why there are age limits), then you flash your tits at someone you don’t know, then you sleep with someones boyfriend. What do you exspect is gonna come out of your peers? All this at what age?! If you think this happened because of bullying, your just as a moron as the media!

    1. starving kids/people/humans are not everybodys immediate problem. whats going on locally in their own life and town or area is. so obviously it would of had a big effect on this girl. especially when a big group of people you don’t particularly know can see what you actually look like posing naked in a photograph, on the internet. (loss of privacy etc).
      suicuide is extreme and yes there are people in worse situations………..

        1. Well I think heartless bitches like you should off themselves for being so cold hearted fishes, but that’s not gonna happen. It’s natural for many to feel sad. I don’t care if she was a whore, slut, titty flasher. But Im human, and I feel disappointed.

      1. you are so right man.
        plus this bitch just had a taste of suffering.
        i’ave been living since last 6 years with a schizophrenic mother who even tried to kill me several times and a father who was too busy with his affairs with other women ,smoking ,alcohol and beating me up that he just didn’t care.
        my girlfriend left me due to my bitch sister and my grades fell as hell.
        never resorted to smoking drugs or alcohol.
        and i’m still struggling and making stuff better.

        anyone reading this might think that i’m an attention whore as well, but when i see people quitting out of life over such silly things,i really feel like telling my story.

  1. Like your perspective on this bullshit story Marc. I highly agree with you, I never felt pity she committed suicide over something stupid. People like Per “Dead” Ohlin (Mayhem’s ex Vocalist) had a reason to die she didn’t so thanks for this post I found it amusing.

  2. one bitch makes a sex tape with some b-star celebrity and later she has her own show with her talent less siblings. And this girl flashes her boobies and her life is immediately over with, never to return. What the fucking fuck???

    1. How often do you hear about a chick flashing her tits and LOSING friends because of it? No, no, this girl had a horrible personality and there was no saving her. If she had lived, she would’ve been the next paris hilton (notice I did’t capitalize her name since she is nowhere near proper)

  3. It is true >.> hot chicks tend to go douche bags who treat them like shit and only want them for sex -.- these chicks never go for the good guys >.> that’s what the bitch gets I remember a stupid beaner guy in Mexico hung himself because his mom didn’t let him go to a party XD what a stupid ass -.- this world is going to shit people dying for stupid reasons >.> finally someone who agrees with me mark you sir are a badass ^_^

    1. some people are not mentally strong enough to continue living despite having many privileges and advantages .
      i say let them buy sharpies and flash cards and let the problem sort itself out.
      she should have smoked some good weed and mellowed out.

  4. Well if she hadn’t actually gone through with it and killed herself, I’d agree with your synopsis, but clearly if she took her own life she felt that her life was horrible enough that it didn’t need to continue. So whether or not her problems were trivial in comparison to others is not the point. She felt that her problems were insurmountable and that her life was over and she put her money where her mouth was. It doesn’t matter how miserable one’s life is in comparison to others, it just matters how miserable one’s life is compared to how that person has grown accustomed. I can honestly say that the years of junior high were my toughest years and I”m 36. I would never want to re-live those memories of being bullied.

    1. I agree. From what I heard, it was more than just flashing her tits that happened. She was aggressively stalked. I didn’t watch the video because those would be a few minutes I’d never get back wasted on emo BS, but I don’t view her so harshly. Just because you don’t have a wealth of intelligence or experience doesn’t mean you can’t feel an emotion deeply. She couldn’t cope. Someone else could have. Just another death at the end of the day.

    2. @SnapCracklePop, I was bullied very badly school, it was a boarding school so I couldn’t get away from the bullying. I had everyhting from 5 year olds kick me on the legs to high school kids setting my hair on fine and much, much more inbetween. I actually did try to commit suicide 3 times, but I think mine was more of a cry for help; which never came! I shut my mind away and became very intraverted and wouldn’t speak to anyone for years. That was my way of coping. I, like you, would not want to re-live those memories, although my mind is not coping so well and I still have nightmares.

      1. Agreed, it takes huge unhappiness to commit suicide and who are we to say what reasons are valid or not. This girl must of been going through hell to do this. If we all lived in a world where we think about others worse off then ourselves then none of us would ever moan and some bastard out there would be crowned with the worst life on the planet trophy here’s a noose.

    3. Bingo. Very well said. Thank you.

      I getting sick and tired of reading all the whiners hating on this girl. Jealous much?

      In my opinion anyone hating on a dead 15yo girl needs to follow suite and off themselves. Seriously.

    4. I agree with Snap, though I doubt my comment will be seen since this is a pretty old post.

      No one knows what the girl had been feeling before she offed herself, and can’t claim to know the facts. I think those who question the validity of such emotions have never felt such desperation before. It’s a world of concentrated weight on one person, no matter what the circumstances are. She was a kid. If she killed herself just because she didn’t get the Porsche she wanted, maybe I can see the point. But ummm… no.

      Everyone handles depression differently, depending on the severity. Some hurt others; some hurt themselves. Seriously- is one choice any nobler than the other? I wonder how many people actually stop to think about which category they would fall under…

      I’m not sugar-coating a thing, and I’m all for showing some good backbone when needed, but I question the integrity of those who tell others to suck it up with topics like this. Seriously- we’re not neanderthals, people.

  5. Bc is roughly 800 km from me. And my friends were talking about it how it so horrible. I 100% agree with you mark. I dont know why people make such a big deal. Bullying is just another way for people to complain on how bad there lives are. Like fuck me. Instead of teaching kids these stupid anti bullying video. They should just teach them to not give a fick about what those fags have to say. Another great post mark. Thank you

  6. Like Mark said. Own up to your own bullshit. All she had to fucking say was “yeah I took a photo. Get the fuck over it”. But since she got stupid over being teased they kept at it. It’s no fun to fuck with someone if it doesn’t bother them. Wahh wahh, take a flying leap. One less weak ass simple bitch down, millions to go.

  7. It’s amazing how people call one another friends but when the shit hits the fan where are they… Gone leave you to deal with the bullshit there will always be consequences for you’re actions bitch I wish I knew this chick >.>

  8. Bullying is like cancer. Homeschool would be cure for her. Get away from public school. Public school is full of cockroaches bullying each to others. Anyway I never heard of private school have any bullying situation.. I dont know much about private school. Homeschool would be best choice for everyone. Learn and eat good food at home is best. There is shitty foods in public schools. Which one is best choice for young girl???

  9. Oh man, Mark. First, I want to start by stating I love your analysis of the hot girl avoiding the average Joe to be fucked over by the Ken doll, no doubt it’s spot on. However, and unfortunately, I have to end the sweet…sweet lovin’ right there. This particular case is something of the peculiar type. This girl, Amanda, was 12 yrs old (!!!) at the time of her displaying her…extremities…online. This type of behavior does indeed set her up for induction into sheep-hood but I have to wonder if this behavior, instead, was more of a result of her being young and naive. If this were a woman of, say, 18 years (17 years even!), I would agree with her being spoiled. Nonetheless, she was 12 at the time of her “exposure” incident and under 16 when she…”hanged it up”. Being that Amanda’s journey happened and concluded under the age of 16 I feel we should take this into consideration and suspect we look elsewhere for the responsible parties. I propose Mark Zuckerberg and the brothel he names “Facebook” (haha!). No, I would like to put her parents under the hot lamp. Seems they extended to her quite a bit of liberties otherwise not enjoyed by most children her age under the tutelage of more diligent parents. Like I said, If she were older this would be an open and shut case but she was still a baby, in my eyes at least.

      1. Thanks Lady. My comment wasn’t focused on the bullying aspect but more on the young person making bad decisions aspect. I, and believe the majority of members on this site, would be hard pressed to find a person born with the gift of flawless decision making. I hate to blame the parents in situations like these, (because I think its an easy scapegoat) but in this case, until i hear evidence otherwise, I feel its a stone to be turned over.

  10. It goes right along with what you’re saying about stupid spoiled whoreness that before offing herself she’d put a fucking video on youtube for everyone to see “now before I kill myself I think everyone needs to pay attention to me one more time!” Here’s a crazy thought, don’t want your sweet bewbs all over the internet? don’t show your sweet bewbs on the damn internet.

  11. “fuck that shit” is becoming Tulio’s favourite word since he’s in america. I will say that you shouldn’t be so hard on teens, even Tulio behaved like a retard back then, but honestly, I can’t even understand their language anymore “flash ur boobs”, “put up a show”, webcams, virtual shit, what the fuck is going on? … That leads to my second favourite word I learned here: “that’s GARBAGE” hahaha

  12. What is with these fucking note cards bull shit? Talk you retarted mother fucker thats why you have a mouth, your not deaf besides since when is it cool to use flash cards as a suicide note…these kids now in days are wich faggoty bunch of sensitive fucks a giant waste of a generation they are, and sieve when the fuck do people bully people flash?!? That’s the most retarted thing I’ve ever heard! “Oh I saw your awesome tits so now I’m gunna bully you cause I’m a dumb faggot or jealous dike” stupid fucking kids now in days it makes me sick to my stomach just to think of the freaks that these useless children will spawn in the future.

    1. I’ve decided I’m going to mock these dumb fucking children into reality by showing them how fucking stupid and retarted they look, I’m going to make flash cards and play sad music and my flash cards will talk about my problem and say things like…I get three meals day and I have a mother and father that love me too much and they both have good jobs and dress me in nice clothes and buy me whatever I ask for and shelter me in a nice suburban house and how when I’m 16 they’re going to by me my first car and how I have nothing to worry about because I don’t pay bills or have a job that I have to worry about and how I’m a spoiled piece shit that can’t handle things when do go my way all because I’m a spoiled piece of shit and nobody understands my hard life and how I’m so alone and sad because I have all these nice things.
      It’s no wonder why foreign people from the poorest countrys hate us so much we’re all bunch of whiny little bitches that got everything we could ever need

      1. you can take the poorest teen for the poorest craphole on earth and put her on a palace to live like a queen and in 3 months she will be creating her own problems, that’s what we humans are, problem-creating machines

  13. No ones mentioned the stupid bitch mother whos only job was to be there to tell her daughter not to concern herself with the opinions of others, to take the lesson learnt and grow from it.

    Probably too busy standing in front of the mirror stretching the wrinkles out of her face crying over her diminishing looks.


    1. In her sob story video she talked about moving, changing schools ect ect. Why did no one call the fucking cops. Someone was basically passing around child porn (from what I understand it may or may not have been sent to friends and fam). Her parents failed her, not society.

      1. agree.definately parental failure here.Social media via internet should be like booze 18+ only.
        I am unable to feel for any who take their own lives,yet i don’t think this person was able to understand the ramifications of her actions at that particular age.The parents are the ones to take to task for this.Probably felt the internet was a convenient and cheap babysitter,when they were to busy to do their jobs as parents.Procreators take heed,and start doing a better job of raising your goddam kids!
        On a side note:1 more biped down.5-6 billion to go!
        And many thanks to all you SOB’s for the hours of gut busting laughter,i enjoyed reading some of your blackhearted comments on this site.

  14. Thank you mark for saying it how it is.
    we don’t need these kinds of humans complaining about useless things.
    The “I lost my hubby/wifey 🙁 FML I wanna die now! wahhh wahh”
    This is the ultimate grab for attention.
    At one point in the life of an attention seeker they will loose it all, so they will grab a gun and shoot out a movie theater, a school or shoot themselves.
    I didn’t even bother watching the video, don’t have to, I already know the kinds of people these spoiled brats are.
    Now if only more spoiled teens joined Ms. Todd.

  15. If you are going to flash your tits on the web, be prepared for the backlash (if any). She wanted attention and she got it, then she got upset and whiny.

    I have a question though, she tried to drink bleach?

    1. So if someone feels sympathy for another person’s pain or sorrow, they’re a fake sheep with no independent thought of their own?

      Damn- I’d better add that to my list of things to avoid when I grow up…

      “Learn to become a selfish, rude Bitch.”

      Got it- thanks. 😉

  16. She was a child. She was depressed and felt alone. It’s not about her boobs being posted on the Internet. You don’t all have to write nasty things about her just because Mark decided to trivialize her pain. I don’t even understand the point in putting her down. Was she looking for attention? well, duh. Its human to need a certain amount of attention. everyone wants to feel like they matter.It’s too bad she didn’t feel like there was any good in her being here. And it is terribly hurtful to be a loved one left behind wondering if you could have saved someone if you truly understood the amount of pain they were in.

  17. i have no sympathy for someone so weak…girls always want to act like sluts and then they can’t handle it when they realize they are just meat used by men. i have to go through life looking the way that i do, i am damn-near thirty, fat and covered in mostly self-inflicted scars, bullying, physical abuse and scorn from women has left me a sadomasochistic sociopath but i am alive and full of hatred. i watch sheep media like this because it angers me and my rage keeps me strong, you are a scholar mark

    1. And you believe you have gotten the better of those people by being pissy? To be strong is to not let them effect you, to know that none of that shit matters. It takes a strong, a clearly very depressed person, to actually go through with suicide. Hell is knowing you have to go on but being too scared to kill yourself, she wasn’t scared. But I think you might fall in that category.

  18. I can kind of understand where she’s coming from. You could say that in High School I got ‘bullied’ and teased for the same kind of thing. But she only flashed her tits and slept with one guy. I got pretty messed up and fucked one of the school teams. Yes, you read that right, the team. While I can understand that people in high school and middle school are dicks, I just don’t see the teasing getting as bad as it does when you fuck a team, they take videos of a few “questionable” sex acts, and the school finds out you know how to give a proper BJ and will swallow. That doesn’t stay within your school *district*. I’m sure her family buys into the lie that sex is bad and evil (only way she’d be so depressed about it) and they lost a lot of respect for her, but that doesn’t compare to having family prominent in your local church and not being able to tell them how many guys where there that night.

    So yea I can kind of understand where she’s coming from, but all she did was flash and sleep with one guy.

    1. @Blind…I can only imagine how badly you must have felt. And here I thought it was bad getting teased by all the popular guys and girls for being “half a man.” Now, decades later in life I look back on it all and wonder why I spent so many hours agonizing over it.

      1. I just reminded myself things could have been so much worse, and I had the excuse I was high off my ass. Yea, for a long time people from my school and others were mean to me and everyone decided I must be disease riddled (cause virgins carry STDs), and after that anytime someone in my family got toilet papered or anything like that it was my fault. But I don’t focus on that, I prefer to remember that for a year after that one of the guys thought he was completely in love with me because of what I did. Even though he was a virgin I’ll take that accomplishment.

        1. I’m sorry you had to go through that, especially with your own family blaming you for things afterwards. Just the opposite, my parents never knew of the taunting and bullying I took on a daily basis for almost three years, because I grew up in one of those households where boys/men cannot espress feelings. I had no siblings that attended the same school, so it just never got back to mom and dad.

          I will point out however, that growing up in the country, I had access to guns – hell I had a gun rack for my own guns in my bedroom since I was twelve or so- and not once did I ever even think about using them to off myself or someone else. Just thought I would share it for the anti-gun folks .

          1. I know what you mean, I got my blue card the day I was old enough and was rewarded with a long barreled12 gauge shotgun. Any given day I had my choice of shotguns, rifles, and handguns including a grandfathered .45 ruger with extended clip. Only things I shot up were targets and what was in season.

  19. What kind of idiocy is she going for?!?! jeez.this chick needed to be removed from the gene pool.I feel bad for the guy that ‘hooked up’ with that. Dont flash,you’re in 7th grade!! First problem solved right there. 2nd problem?You slept with a guy you knew was taken.Dont be a skank and people wont do that. 3rd problem? drama seeker drinking bleach? lmfao you brought that on yourself sweety. next time,use a noose,and remember the knot has to be on the left side. 4th problem? bullied online? dont go online. big woop,someone somewhere else is talking about you. Go outside,read a book,LEARN TO SPELL.I know I’m not the worlds best speller,but holy special spelling drama queen attention seeking aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh *explodes* I HATE girls like her!!!!!

  20. Ya know, I’ve been on this site a long time now,and there’s alot of times I make a comment and nobody responds to my comment. That makes me sad 🙁 . Sometimes I think none of you guys like me. There’s this girl I like at work and, and, and I don’t even think she notices me 🙁 I wanna be popular, ya know, like popular, like………you guys. I’m sorry, I’m gonna go be by myself now……………… 🙁

        1. Yes, Luna, YOU! I hope you’re kidding.. You know we all <3 you. And a lot of people will write a comment, but then they don't go back to the thread again and it can have replies! I'm guilty of doing that sometimes too..oops

          1. @Kels, ha haaa I love ya baby, yes I was just kiddin’, c’mon, just look at my profile pic! But,you, just by sayin’ what you said and the way you said it girl, is what (besides having a daughter) makes me keep goin on in life! You my friend my(secret lover 🙂 ) is what makes the world go ’round, You are a beautiful person!!! xoxoxo!!!!

    1. nooooooooo 😮 i’m guessing you’re a guy? either way,fck that b!tch!!!! lol other people’s opinions only matter when you let them….attention is good,but i’m sure there’s someone to give you some….if not,i’m bored,and should be asleep…so i’m giving you some…. 😛 there you go. post replied to. now suck it up and go drink booze,like normal depressed people. 😀

      1. Nooooooo, @CaT,, I’m a girl, can’t ya tell from my finger???? Haa haaaaaaaa. The better ya get ta know me the quicker you’ll catch onto my sarcasm! And I will drink booze (mine,(not considered booze), is vodka) and by the way, you are very cute too bad I’m old enough to be your daddy, but thanks for the reply hee heeee, you too are a beautiful person, now, on your knees bitch 🙂 🙂 🙂

  21. Stupidity knows no boundaries, if you don’t know how to use a hammer – don’t touch it. If you don’t know how to shoot a gun, don’t shoot it. If you don’t know the ground rules of the internet – stay away from it.

    1. You sir are right, This girls already has overn1million Fb likes in a few days and people are talking about her like “Damn,this has never happened before” Thousands of people in Africa and other parts of the globe have been dying for a long time. And it’s not that they don’t want to live it’s because they don’t have a choice. Trust me they would probably thank it would be heaven if they could eat atleast once a day and have a decemt shelter. They consider that LIVING!!! This girl had that and much more, but i don’t want to talk about what she had because all of guys have pretty much covered it.

  22. Nice to see more posts. All your points are right on target there Mark. Another pretty bitch is dead we have plenty like her out there, too many I would say. And yeah I am not a fan of bullying but if you can’t take a few kids laughing at your stupidity what good are you? And when I read bullying I thought they beat her ass because that’s what bullying is….

    Fucking idiots…

  23. Typical lifelong victim. If she REALLY wanted to sever ties with people in the previous city, she would have. She kept up with her Facebook and other social media because it was the only way this would follow her. This is what she wanted. Like mark said, if there was a guy that liked her and treated her nicely she would spit in his fucking face. I’ve known this type of girl, they’re all the same. Boo fucking Hoo. You’re sad because guys like looking at pictures of your ta’s. In high school, i would have given my life savings to have even a single girl want to look at a picture of my dong. Give me a break.

    1. LOL where were you when I was in high school?!?! I would have accepted simply silence….You dont say a word,I experiment and figure out what the hell it is,and how to do things RIGHT…..noooooooo i had to get the manwhore who didnt wait for me to play :/ haha *facepalm* people teach your male children that the quiet girls need attention too….

  24. Mark, I absolutly love reading anything you have to say.

    and this chick is just the sheeps fresh green grass. they are just eating it up. this will all blow over and nobody will give a fuck.

  25. Its not that bad if someone sees your boobs or in this case everyone 😀 Im not feeling sorry for her because she is just a stupid kid who flashed her tits to some random guy.
    I was actually bullied for no reason but did i kill myself.. no because im not idiot like this kid was. I know it suck when everybody hates you but you gotta move on. If you have to kill your self then do it some kind of fucked up way like jumping out of bridge wearing spiderman suit. 😀

    I fucking hate these emo kids.

    1. Same here…. Got bullied for no reason, and that didn’t make me weak , but it did strengthten my character and fought back. I do remem ber the teasing was all about not being a “nice looking girl” and for being the top of the class scores. XD XD !! Just show them you are better than that.

  26. well, my thougts (if they will ever appear on comment list) were almost the same as in the article, and the more I read the more I agree with.
    That’s why I love this site. BESTGORE <3.
    In society it's hard to say something other than the common thought of sheep-people (guided by mass-media).

  27. At first when reading this article, I thought it was the typical story. About how it’s all her fault because she’s hot and can’t do anything about it. But now I reached the end of the article, I finally get what this is all about. And I fully agree with you. Amanda Todd was nothing more than an attention whore who didn’t want to take responsibility for her actions, and decided to suicide instead. How fucking weak do you want people to be..

    Also, the sheep talking about it.. It makes me sick. I’m getting called ugly and such everyday and not a single word has ever made me feel sad or something. But oh, someone kills herself for it, let’s all talk about it and show respect so no one will ever know we tried doing the same thing. The sheep are people who shield themselves against reality, even if it’s about themselves. They gather around to ‘show respect for Amanda’, but don’t talk about they’ve all done the same thing. Next day, they’ll start bullying others again. Society’s fucked up.

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