My Thoughts on Bullied BC Teen Amanda Todd and Her Suicide

My Thoughts on Bullied BC Teen Amanda Todd and Her Suicide

The sheep world is abuzz about a teenager from British Columbia by the name of Amanda Todd who committed suicide because she had been bullied. The sheep, as you know, follow herd mentality. Because it is currently popular to jump on an “oh poor bullied girl” bandwagon, that’s exactly what all sheep do. But let me step right in the middle of the sheep bleep and slap them in the face with a dose of reality.

I looked at the video in which Amanda Todd tells her “life story” and thought to myself – kid, I wish I had your problems. This whiny sheltered kid was so spoiled, she opted for suicide simply because a few minor things did not work out for her:

Oh noes, somebody will see the pic of mah 7th grader tits on teh interweb. Oh noes, I gots to kill mahself!

I’ve been half way around the world and have seen way too many teenagers who would wish all they had to worry about was a pic of their boobs on the internet. They’d wish their minds were merely bothered by the fact that a popular guy only hooked up with them for the sex and schoolmates mocked them.

Speaking of having been used for the sex by a popular, pretty faced guy – I’m sure there was another guy somewhere around Amanda Todd who was really interested in her. A guy who liked her and would have brought the world to her pretty feet but the likes of Amanda would never waste their time on a guy who’s not a popular, pretty faced jock so she blew him off.

I thought he really liked me…” – bitch, please! You readily spread your labia for a wigger and spit in a face of a decent guy and then you’re surprised that you had been used? Fuck that shit!

Dear sheep – I’m sorry to bitchslap you with a dose of reality again, but Amanda Todd was not bullied. She was just too spoiled to assume responsibility for her actions is all. She was blessed with good looks with which came the admiration and attention. She was so full of herself, she couldn’t grasp the idea of people not defaulting on their asses when they saw her.

There are girls who have not been blessed with comparably stunning figure and attractive face. These girl have never received the type of attention that’d followed Amanda since she was born. When Amanda was being hit on, these girls were being ignored. How do you think they feel about “not having friends”? Perhaps they would like a popular guy to ask them to flash their boobs on a webcam for them, but they never get that far cause the popular guy would disconnect or never initiate a chat with them. They are the real victims with the real hard knocks yet they’re not committing suicides because of it.

Likewise – how do you feel all the boys Amanda rejected felt when she gave them the finger to waste herself away with a popular, pretty faced jock who sleeps around? She rejected these boys because they did not meet her standard of looks. She thought she was too hot for someone so plain or below average looking. I’m surprised she did not end up becoming a single mother, cause that’s who your typical single mothers are before they become single mothers.

Amanda also needlessly blew that whole “tits on the internet” thing out of the proportions. Wherever on the interweb I look, I see naked chicks. I’m talking about millions upon millions of people who had their naked pics leaked. It even happens to celebrities who are widely recognizable – somebody hacks into their email account, or their cell phone is stolen, or a paparazzi snaps a pic when they think they are in a private and secured area – for them the leaks are actually hurtful because they are widely known. In comparison, Amanda Todd was a nobody, only known in a small geographical area.

There are also people who are subjected to heavy smear campaigns. Way more is at stake for them that had ever been for Amanda Todd. Yet again… they do not readily commit suicide? Why? Because they are not spoiled little brats who thought the world revolved around them. You on the other hand had it all. You had what most people will never even come close to taking a sniff at and it was still not enough for you. One day you found out that the world did not revolve around you and your world shattered.

You, Amanda Todd, could never possibly grasp what it is like to live a life of hardship. You have never woken up worrying if you will have any food to eat today. You have never watched your children being raped as you’re being lead into a torture chamber. Your only worry was that someone may see the pic of your tits on the interweb. Give me a fucking break.

And all the fucking media and all the fucking sheep are talking about bullying and how we need to address it so things like that don’t happen anymore – are you fucking kidding me? Yeah… let’s interpret spoiled kids acting sulky as bullying so we can shelter them some more cause they’re not getting their way quite enough. Let’s do that and ignore the real victims of bullying. Victims who are picked on for no fault of their own, unlike Amanda Todd who was picked on because she couldn’t keep her shirt on, an action she was unwilling to take responsibility for. That’ll show them.

Here’s photo of Amanda Todd dead:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. “There are girls who have not been blessed with comparably stunning figure and attractive face. These girl have never received the type of attention that?d followed Amanda since she was born. When Amanda was being hit on, these girls were being ignored. How do you think they feel about ?not having friends?? Perhaps they would like a popular guy to ask them to flash their boobs on a webcam for them, but they never get that far cause the popular guy would disconnect or never initiate a chat with them. They are the real victims with the real hard knocks yet they?re not committing suicides because of it.”

    I quoted that, because I know how this feels like, if you did nothing to someone and this happens to you. I mean, if you show your tits on webcam or taking a photo and showing it to someone, do you really believe the pics won’t go around? That’s naive. I think she really had the mental disorders, but if she wouldn’t have done that, everything would have turned different.
    I don’t approve the things that happened to her, if they are ture, but I can’t understand the fact you’re going to YouTube and you do such a video. I could tell a whole story if you really try to get help and nothing happens or if you’re being bullied without reason or people are stealing the last money you’ve for lunch and telling you: “I think you don’t need it. It might help you to loose weight and not to eat much more, because you’re already fat.” without asking why you’re like this.

    Amanda Todd, you had chances to stop this. You was able to call the police when the FB message arrived, you was able to do this and this, but you was wasting your time in making such a video and to upload this on YouTube? You wanted the attention and you got it. Happy?

    Other people who are being bullied without reason don’t get such an attention and they’ll never do. Other people who are being raped or childs are being kidnapped, raped or/and killed do never get such an attention like she gets. Other people who are being killed in young age don’t get such an attention. Other people who commits suicide too, don’t get such an attention, but she gets it. People who try to get help because of bullying and don’t get help and it continues until they’ve a mental disorder like depression or something else don’t get such an attention. Something’s wrong.

  2. Good looking people get bullied much more then ugly or plain looking people, thats a fact of life its the ugly bastards in society that push most of the misery on us because there miserable.

  3. damn, how many times did she move and change schools? & she had counseling and medication. it sucks that it’s too late for her to realize that being a teen sucks for EVERYONE. i fucking hated teens when i was one. it’s just Life, unfortunately. hopefully teen girls read her story and watch this video & Hopefully they’ll see how not to act.
    Learn. Remember. LIve.

  4. Before I was taken out of high school and put into independent studies I was bullied in all respects. Being a guy I thought of doing to my school what those two hero’s did at Columbine before there was such an incident. I was a minority mixed white guy with a handful of friends in the same boat. I jumped ship before I ruined my life and succeeded due to that vital decision. In hindsight I could have ignored most the harassment and said something when I was jumped and beaten. It’s very hard to tell on a mexican when there are 15 of his family members at the school. I wanted to kill them, record my success and post it to Nothing Toxic or whatever back then. Yes, I’m deranged but I am not truly violent anymore, just sharing my story. I just wanted to be candid.

    1. My best friend in high school had similar feelings. He promised to not come after me. I talked him out of it for the sake of his mom. Last I heard he got accepted to Harvard and found him self a sexy booth babe. Haha.

      Kids now a days need to be reminded the best revenge is success.

      Heck I thought about taking people out still.

  5. She should taken boxing or kickboxing lessons so she could be tougher since life can be tough sometimes. She could charge people that circulate her naked pictures for child porn charges and they would be arrested and penned. RIP

  6. worse things have happened… if she lived long enough to realize that kids can be so cruel, she might have led a good life…. shit happens and its nothing to kill yourself over…. she should have cut deeper and she might have felt a little better.

  7. I’ve enjoyed this website for some time now, but only registered today. Your brazen and ballsy, yet 100% accurate perspective on this issue was my inspiration….Bravo, Mark. I love people who spit the truth and aren’t afraid to make people feel uncomfortable. Ignorance is life’s biggest fail. I look forward to being part of the Best Gore Family…

  8. I agree with you a hundred percent actually created this account to tell you that. When I was 14 and this was years ago I’m much older, I had a very similar problem to her, an older male stalker of me and I am female. Instead of whining about it I did what you should do and went to the Police. They went to the FBI and with my help found the guy and he went to jail. Because of her selfish attitude there is no one to ask questions of her and get information and stop the guy from striking again if it’s really who she says and she didn’t make it up, wasn’t delusional, or covering for someone else. I can’t feel sorry for her even if it makes me seem like a monster.

  9. Hey guys. I want to throw in a new twist…

    Does anyone feel the RCMP are to blame in allowing this story to escalate this far?

    I mean… the mom and daughter (by her own account) visited the RCMP two years ago and the police were unable to do anything.

    It sounds like they tried to rectify the situation, but the body responsible for public safety failed.

    So. Could the police somehow be implicated in ultimately failing this girl?


    1. That’s a tough one,…should they be held accountable for some of the misery she suffered? Certainly. More probably could have been done. But they can’t know ahead of time that this chick was so mental she’d actually kill herself over it. Bullying is not going to stop. It’s ridiculous to even try. My kids know how to handle bullies, so they aren’t bothered by them. Hate to beat a dead horse, but she was failed by her parents through years of being taught the wrong priorities in life.

  10. Not sure if anyone mentioned this, as my eyes were hurting from reading all the comments. But it was much more then a tit flash. She was a regular on 4chan, posting pictures of her self, time stamped and everything. She was block from multiple webcam sites for being underage and masterbating for men. Even when the bullying was going on she continued these actions. She had tumblr pages getting removed for self posting nudes. And the reason they turned on her in school is that Ken she fucked had a girlfriend, which she knew about. I don’t pity her because I’ve followed her journey and saw her self destruction.

    From 5th to 11th grade I was bullied. I had people throw things at me, made up rumors so bad there was police involvement and they investigated me. I had a girl make up a story that I molested her. I was pushed, shoved, had gum stuck in my hair, had a teacher bully me, all because I was different. And you know what I did, delt with it. I thought about suicide every day, looked for attention from males, and went down the same path she did. But I reminded my self that it gets better. I lost two friends to suicide from bullying, I know what they went through and I mourn them every day. This child created her hell. I agree on that she was spoiled. Kids now a days grown up faster, look at the world around them.

    I’m only 22, so those experiences are still fresh. Homeschooling doesn’t solve anything because you still see those people when your out. We had one mall and going there was hell. And I’m rambling because its late. So I hope this made sense and you get my point.

  11. I think Mark has said it, and hes put it much better than I could any day. Its sad that she felt she had to kill herself, but I think she needed some perspective. She should have visited BG and seen her life could be so much worse.

  12. I cannot for the life of me feel sympathy for this girl. I know rape victims and incest victims and they’re all still alive. They tell me yeah they went through a period of depression but they pushed through it and moved on. If rape victims can live then this bitch really shouldn’t talk. Ah well. One less spoiled brat in the world is better than one more.

  13. You sir are right, This girls already has overn1million Fb likes in a few days and people are talking about her like “Damn,this has never happened before” Thousands of people in Africa and other parts of the globe have been dying for a long time. And it’s not that they don’t want to live it’s because they don’t have a choice. she CHOSE not to live so fuck it.Trust me they would probably thank it would be heaven if they could eat atleast once a day and have a decemt shelter. They consider that LIVING!!! This girl had that and much more, but i don’t want to talk about what she had because all of guys have pretty much covered it.

  14. its ironic that she killed herself over pictures of her boobs. i wonder as she was taking that last breath, her legs kicking in the air, feeling her bladder begin to release,did she think “i just fucked up”
    did she for a moment ever think what was going to happen to her when she was undressed in front of15-20 people in the morgue. enough photos taken of her boobs genitals and body to make any playboy model envious. to have her nude body poked probed touched handled and looked upon that would make a 5 doller hooker cringe. god only knows what happened to her body at the funural home, before she was dressed for the last time.

  15. … she killed herself because she flashed her tits? what. the. fuck. That isn’t so bad, flashing your tits isn’t going to ruin your life, she didn’t deserve her life if she took it over something so stupid. Her reason for suicide was NOT a good one. There are people in this world with MUCH better reasons to off themselves, but they’re still breathing. Little spoiled slut.

  16. When someone commits suicide there is always a deeper reason than cyber bullying. To handle cyber bullies is simple, turn off the computer, mine has a power button I am sure her’s did too.
    To handle people asking at school about her tits that are on a facebook page say, “they are not mine, it is all propaganda created by my enemies to tarnish my nearly pristine reputation.”
    If you are going too sleep with other girls boyfriends, then learn to fight where you can not only take out the girl but, her friends and her boyfriend! People rarely bully those they are afraid of!
    Amanda Todd was disturbed to begin with, and she couldn’t spell so she didn’t pay attention in school. If she had focused on academic excellence then no of this would have bothered her.
    Geeks don’t have any friends in high school but, they go on to rule the world! remember Bill Gates!

  17. The melodramatic youngster could have just adjusted her self accordingly instead of off herself but if she’s that immature enough to want to kill herself over shit that isn’t the end of the world than maybe it’s better that way.

  18. I could not have said it better myself. I am new to BestGore, but I seriously like your thought pattern and sense of justice, Mark. It restored some of my faith in humanity to be reading what you said on Amanda. Finally a place that shows things as they truly are. I would have said the same but only the fewest would have listened to me, but you are a known figure and what you say is mostly accurate, but even at that, there are still some sheep and moral fags around here, claiming to know better. People like LadyLazuras really piss me off, but here, people like her can’t win. As we are suppressed by society in public places and most of the internet, here it is reversed. It is just and true, and those from the other side will have to feel what we endure all the time. LadyLzuras, if you read this, then fuck you. Get the fuck out of BestGore and go whine about Amanda Todd on one of her many dedication pages. Go be blind with the sheep, where you’re supposed to be.

  19. i’m 18 since a few months ago.and ive met a very big lot of pretty sluts like Amanda since i was about…13? all of them just the same type,they always went after “hot guys” and always told me i should “kill myself ’cause i’m useless on this earth and i won’t find someon to like me”.well,i didn’t kill myself,and i found someone,so yeah.this type of bitches really do a favor to the community and humanity by killing themselves

  20. Ok no. Its never good when someone kills themselves and yea this situation is kinda sad because she did have a lot to live for and her reason for leaving before it was really her time was retarded. So what people judge you. You made the mistake and its something you have to deal with. If you wouldn’t have posted that dumbass video about how much the “bullies” were effecting you, they may have just let it go. But instead you had to probably crush your family and friends by killing yourself. Not to say bullying is a good thing because I kno it does hurt, but its gonna happen no matter what you do. And now that you have killed yourself, look at how much more bullying you’re receiving and you’re not even here. You could’ve gotten over it and made something of yourself by now but no. You had to take the “easy” way out. Shame…

    1. I agree with you in this, plus, she could ALWAYS have blocked the idiots on Facebook, even closed her FB account and made a new one and made it far more private. Like someone said above, she probably craved the attention, no matter what kind it was, she just couldn’t handle the ‘bad’ attention…

  21. She was young, dumb and stupid. She made a mistake (Like we all do we all make mistakes, it’s what makes us human) But she made a very big mistake. But she didn’t deserve to suffer. As for the bullies they should all rott in hell. I know how it feels to feel suicidal and believe me it isn’t pleasant. It feels like you’re trapped and can not move or get out, or it feels like you’re in a never ending dark tunnel what doesn’t seem to lead to anywhere. It feels like you’re in a dark hole and you’re going deeper and deeper into it and you can’t climb out. So yeah I know how she felt. he probably trusted the guy she sent her pics to. If she knew he was going to send them to others I doubt she would of done it.

    R.I.P xx

  22. you can always shorten your life
    and if you cut yourself next time then cut deeper
    that’s the best thing to do if you don’t want to be among the living.
    but hey…BestGore can always opt good ways to guide you trough your suicide..

  23. to be honest when i first started to read that, i got mad with you because i automatically taught how could you speak about a child this way.. but without disrespecting amanda too much, because she was just a child, maybe spoilt, but i can see where you are coming from. There is people who are really suffering and need our help out there.

  24. All because she flashed her tits, fuck!
    It’s shit like this is why I’m NOT on face book.
    It’s just a way for people to talk shit about each other and what do you get?
    Shit like this happens is what!!!
    I feel I can be myself on BG! I’m home.

    1. Same. I just wonder if the stalker would’ve been able to even get any of her information if she wasn’t in there… It seems like he wouldn’t have had any way to bother her if she had deleted it after she moved

  25. I got a bit mad watching that video because some of her problems that were caused by her flashing are issues that I’ve faced my whole life, just for being me. For example, I’ve never been able to make friends, I’ve always eaten lunch alone, I’ve been suffering anxiety since I started school and also anxiety attacks. Depression, check. Not wanting to leave the house? Check. The difference is that I didn’t do anything to make it happen. I was just the unfortunate weird kid that wasn’t pretty enough to warrant friendship or anything. I got bullied my whole school life because I was ugly and I listened to the wrong music and people thought I was weird because I liked doing my school work. Fuck me, right?

    I’m not trying to complain. I’ve actually had a pretty good life aside from school life being absolute shit. What I’m trying to say is that at least she was pretty and had friends, something I can only dream of. I can’t even comprehend some of the terrible things that happen to people everyday… I think maybe she didn’t even realise that there are much worse things. And I gotta say, if she’d just explained to her friends that she was young and just did it for shits and gigs without actually realising this would happen, they’d be like oh okay. And if not then they obviously weren’t great friends anyway.

    I don’t know though, I stopped going on Facebook and I’ve been happier. If she wasn’t on social media the guy wouldn’t have had nearly as much information to go off and probably would’ve left her alone. As important as it is to stop bullies I also think it’s important to tell people that they can take steps to stop it themselves. I know this because I was internet bullied by my own sister and ignoring her gave her less fuel to be a dick.

    TL;DR: I agree with OP

    1. Yeah. I had a simmler experience is high school. After all the bullshit,
      I just went on after a while keeping to myself.
      That’s how I spent the last 4 yrs of it. It worked!
      No one bother me at all. We did have the socal meda like face book back in the 90s, It was just talk. Oh I’m so glad im not in school no more, the attention would kill me or someone elts. I can’t imagine how it is now only, HELL!
      The poor girl didn’t deserve this at all, she was gorgeous!
      What a waste. RIP AT & to hell to all those who caused this to happen! If I could I would cut all there heads off!

  26. Dear Amanda Todd, I am sorry for not being there, I know what u feel, been thru, and more of what u been thru; and still going through it. With these things come wisdom, knowled, and strength. Now I care less about what any one got to say Mmmm people always talking I still walk out head high especially now cause I know whats comming say something else

  27. Guessing OP is a “nice guy?” Anyways this was stupid, everyone caring because she’s pretty. Yay media, good job! If (read: when) people die who cares? Yeah it may be “sad” for weak people. This is reality, accept it.

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