American Tourist Falls to His Death from the 27th Floor of a Condo in Pattaya, Thailand

American Tourist Falls to His Death from the 27th Floor of a Condo in Pattaya, Thailand

A 52 year old American tourist who was staying on the 27th floor of the View Thalay Condominium in central Pattaya when he apparently committed suicide by jumping from the balcony. He came crashing down right in front of the pool while people were there. The area was cleared until the body was removed and then the people were allowed right back in the pool. Even if he didn’t actually hit the water, that still seems a little weird. Then again, it’s Thailand, it doesn’t have to make sense.

The man, identified as Douglax Rex Rinehart left a note explaining that he had run out of money, but did not want to leave. Police were initially called in when other guests heard yelling coming from his room. Thai police came in to find the man about to jump and tried to talk him out of it, although they were unsuccessful. Why does this sound so familiar? What do you guys think, is it a legit suicide? Maybe he was diving to shield to his Thai girlfriend…

Mad props to Best Gore member CheeseNutButter for the pic and story. Where do you guys come up with these user names?

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    1. I’d expect to have seen far more carnage from having fallen 27 floors. Almost no blood to be seen, and only one obvious broken bone: the leg.

      Sure, the arms look a little funky, but, it looks like he landed softly in a bed of small stones, in between two tiled stone divider walls. I expected to see his head based open and a lot more carnage from having fallen 250 feet.

        1. mine? pretty good. no real complaints. hey, let me ask you something; why are you here? i’m actually being serious. It seems someone with your views would usually just avoid people like us, no? I only ask because while you have made the occasional on-topic comment, for the most part you seem to just enjoy irking members…trolling, in other words. Why is it so wrong for us to have a place to just air shit out? we aren’t hurting anyone.

          1. I’m not hurting anyone either. If people here are bothered by my presence, they may need to look within themselves and find out why they get so riled up over nothing.

          2. No, but seriously @ Chosen, i am also curious, as is our brother @Obli is, regarding his honest question! What is your objective here, if you have one, that is! Are you just fucking with us, or are you for REEL ? As in reeling us in like a good Troll ?

          3. I swear @ Obli, I think I’ve got a mad crush on you. I was thinking the exact same he just fuckin with us or……fuckin tryin to piss us off??

          1. @chosen.

            You seem to have a sense of humour, which you do need here, also a thick skin some people are easily offended, so what brings you here? Are you looking for something, something to say?

            People vent their spleens here and whilst I do not agree with some, they can say their piece and I can live with it.

            Anything to vent?

        2. I think he is here for the gore and to bait the racist members. He’s not really hurting anyone either to be fair. The members that jump on him do so because its a fun way for them to vent their hate. They would be saying the same stuff anyway only now they have someone to aim it at. I imagine what he gets out of it is amusement. I don’t really see what the problem is. Looks like a mutual exchange of entertainment to me.

          1. To be clear, I’m not here looking to rile people up. But I’d be lying if I were to say I wasn’t amused by the racists and anti-Semites losing their shit over me being here. It is pretty funny at times.

        3. I think he is here for the gore and to bait the racist members. He’s not really hurting anyone either. The members that jump on him do so because its a fun way for them to vent their hate. They would be saying the same stuff anyway only now they have someone to aim it at. I imagine what he gets out of it is amusement. I don’t see the problem. Looks like a mutual exchange of entertainment to me.

          1. ***To be clear, I?m not here looking to rile people up. But I?d be lying if I were to say I wasn?t amused by the racists and anti-Semites losing their shit over me being here. It is pretty funny at times.

            …surely, I’m not losing any fecal matter over your comments Chosen

            …and I’m not a racist either

            However, stating that you have never taken a “handout,” (um)

            …is a lie

            And I’m as calm, as calm can be…


            …you should be shining MY SHOES!!

        4. That honestly seems kind of fucked up Obli. Oh wait, I guess you’re just picking on our Jew too? Ok, I’ll stop being a tight asshole about everything. I usually enjoy the exchanges between Chosen and most of the others in the community anyways.

          1. I don’t mind ya @Chosen. Even if I did completely disagree with your views or your opinions, it doesn’t bother me that you post them. I usually like 98% of the people on here and some of them think entirely different than I do, but I find them funny or nice or whatever. And if I’m not in the mood to read their stuff, well it’s easy to skip over when I see their avatar.
            And just to be fair I like @POZ too but I just assumed he already knew that 🙂
            Ok just had to add my lil comment, back to vodka & Sons Of Anarchy 😀

    1. @Obli, @thedre, Chosen probably isn’t even Jewish he’s just having a laugh by playing the devil’s advocate. Some people just find humour in other peoples reactions and the greater the reaction the more amusement can be found.

      He doesn’t actually have anything against Best Gore per say otherwise he wouldn’t keep coming here. He obviously does enjoy viewing gore but just doesn’t care about the social/political side and that is why he provokes and laughs at those who make comments against the Jews because he views those kinds of comments as self-satisfying nonsense.

      He sides with Israel because he doesn’t care much for Muslims, he views capitalism as a far better alternative to medieval Islam and naturally believes that the destruction of Islam and its people by capitalist Israel is a good situation.

      I would guess that Chosen is from a lower, middle class background and as such regards modern capitalism to be good because he has never experienced the negative side of the system.

      I would also say that he doesn’t have a good understanding of political history, particularly the political positioning throughout various historical periods, hence his reluctance to accept the idea of modern political direction being the result of the twisted past.

      My conclusion, Chosen does have a good point when he says that some people are getting riled up over nothing because people do have a choice whether to get offended or not, whether to react emotionally or not.

      This is an uncensored, open forum after all so it would be self defeatist to kick out those we don’t personally like or agree with, If people don’t like what he has to say just don’t reply to him, it is that simple. Engage in conversation with those you enjoy talking to and don’t start up a conversation with those you don’t.

      The worse way to react however is by trading insults back and forth because all that does is hijack the original post for personal, self-satisfying reasons and sidetracks related topic matter.

      Once you take emotion out of the equation it is a very simple situation to deal with.

      Remember, pride is a poor substitute for intelligence.

      1. Wow, so much attention for me on this site. I should have my own page on here.

        To clarify, I am a reform Jew, so I’m fairly liberal in my practice. Despite the ignorance of some fools on this site, I do not support some of the practices of the ultra-orthodox, which I feel are behind the times.

        Politically, I am a conservative libertarian who supported Ron Paul. I study politics and history a fair amount so I can properly defend my viewpoints in debates.

        I do not hate Muslims. In fact, I have met many great Muslims, especially while traveling through the Middle East. I want peace between the Israelis and Palestinians, but am realistic about the situation.

        I’m not looking to get into beef on this site, but I am amused by the half-witted bigots on here who follow me around.

        Needless to say, my time here has been a trip.

          1. I don’t really get this obsession you have with me, but I really have no time to read all of your comments, much less respond to them.

      2. I have a proposition to make – there’s been some back and forths, some funny and some hurtful things were said, how about we put it all behind us and pretend it never happen, and move forward from this point on as friends.

        I know I should be the last person on this site to vent my yap on this, as I’m guilty of more attacks on the Jews than anybody else, but still want to welcome Chosen (and other Jewish people, if there are more of you here) among us and try to work together to look for things that unite us, instead of focusing exclusively on those that divide us. Chosen does not fit the profile of a shill. They are trained to act in a completely different way. He’s here to discuss and just stands his ground despite overwhelming opposition. And I’m not gonna try denying that I’m the member of the opposition too, but I still think none of us has anything to gain if we keep the hostilities on. How about we give it a try to accept one another as members of Best Gore. I’m not trying to influence anyone’s views. Just suggesting that we leave hostilities behind and talk to one another as fellow SOB’s.

        1. I have to say – I’ve never seen this at any other site: a troll discussion starts amongst people with such different opinions, and such big axes to grind as here on BG – and then everyone just calms the fuck down!

          You all – are AWEsome.


  1. Hmmm… he ran outta money, but he doesn’t wanna leave… That sounds odd, I think is more like.. I ran outta money trying to get the fuck outta here, god help me!!..I highly doubt he off’d himself because he loves Thailand!.. Whatever the case great article Obli, thank you!!, and thank you, errrm cheesenutbutter, for the picture!!..

      1. His shirt gives it away….he was holding onto the rail while they were trying to lift him over the rail….thus the shirt being up around his upper chest….this was yet another murder declared as a suicide….no money no honey but in kill land it’s no money no life….cheap pussy isn’t so cheap as one free falls from a balcony….

          1. @Dawn Umm if you haven’t noticed he’s into that almost gonna die, wanna jam it in a bag of bones kinda girl…no what I’m saying? Just check out the avi…I’m sure we’re all a bunch of fat asses to him…lol

        1. Shit yeah….didn’t think of that. This is no suicide, he is merely a hotel runner with bad height to pool trajectory judgement. Didn’t get his calculations too far off, but off enough to make sure he did not wind up in Bangkok Hilton Jail.

    1. That makes alot of sense chosen!… Of course we shouldn’t judge people by their looks.. it’s bad to judge a book by its cover, no?… For all we really know her could have been there as a missionary or something…. Lolz! 😉

  2. Hi Gorians. I’ve been a longtime lurker on this site and have finally decided to take the plunge and join. I’m like the majority of you guys and gals on here, I enjoy seeing the world from a realists viewpoint but also impressed how a good majority of you see through the Jooows systemic world wide hatred of everything that is not Kosher. Hope I can bring something to an already fantastic little community and I thank you all in advance for the endless hours truth you have already given me.

  3. It was a planned suicide ’cause you go to get the forbidden shit up over there and fuck’n went the distance when he found that trim the bomb, but she wouldn’t have that slop so it was all a head trip before the chump knew it, it was go time. The scene and shit was the attention whore he really was deep down.
    Hey, would someone like to be my special friend? I’m into quite contemplation. -951-

  4. Time to move on. This jew business is boring me. An avatar cannot hurt us. I have seen enough to draw conclusions and ive determined this is not worth the effort and aggravation.

    This is not a whites only site. It never was. All people are welcome as long as they adhere to the rules…

    Mark has strong political views…some would say controversial, and he was never shy about sharing his opinions but he didn’t shove his views down everyone’s throat 24 fucking 7. Everyone got a fair shake. he debated and conversed intelligently with those who challenged him. He never told anyone to “go die”.

    The integrity of the site is at stake. Time to move on.

    1. “This is not a whites only site”. Well said and very true that Mark founded this site based on his opinions, though controversial, hater of Jews for the reasons we all know and a few racial remarks towards blacks. Lets keep the site running. Nice to see you Obli as an author.

    2. The “jew business” that you and other like minded members brought up? The boring and predictable comments aimed at @Chosen now bore YOU? Of course an avatar can not hurt you… but it did do a good job of making you and other members look stupid. He came off as witty and fun, where as you and the others came off very badly. Nobody challenged him! If anything the members who did “challenge” him were hoping he would go die lol. I felt this needed to be said because people here seem to have their heads up your arse as you contribute alot to the site. This should NOT give you a pass.

      1. Fair enough.

        He appeared at the same time as troll who has since been dealt with. I had every reason to believe he was of the same ilk with the same motive and treated him thusly.

        Last night I did not start shit with him, I attempted to have an actual conversation.

        And through watching his interactions and his answer last night I had no choice but to change my original impression.

        Anyone else?

        1. @Obli, you don’t have to change your impression of him, after all Chosen is very childish in both his behaviour and social/political standpoint.

          I suppose the best way to deal with people that rub you the wrong way is to just ignore them because as you said as long as they obey the website rules they have to be given freedom of opinion and expression.

          Anyhow its good training, if people want their own way of thinking to become part of the mainstream they need to learn how to debate without letting it become personal. Learn how to destroy opponents using wit, cunning and facts rather than yelling insults and you can cross the boundary between niche and mainstream.

          My final piece of advice though is regarding the idea of the Jew vs the Zionist.

          It was in a post on here about Edmonton detective Stephen camp that I said,

          “It is also the reason why I never say that I am against Jews and instead say that I am against Zionist Jews. Mere words?, think again. By being against Jews I am guilty, according to the system, of broad brushing and stereotyping a people based upon religion and race and this crushes any good argument that I may have because now I will be ignored and my arguments ruled invalid whereas if I say that I am against Zionist Jews I am automatically on the moral high ground because Zionism is a form of religious extremism and in the minds of the world?s population religious extremists are bad people and those who stand against them are good and righteous, the end result is the same, you bring attention to the crimes of Israel”.

          “There?s an important lesson to be learned in the above and that is that you would see far better results if you stopped being anti-Jew, anti-Semitic and instead became anti-Zionist, it?s only mere words but words hold great power to those who need and depend on them to survive”.

          My current conclusion, by taking the stance of anti-Zionist instead of anti-Jew you still achieve your goal but you greatly increase the results.

          Remember, just like the term Muslim extremists you can use the term Jewish Zionists to cover pretty much every point you make and because it contains both the words Jewish and Zionist people subconsciously take in it as extremists of the Jewish variety and in this current climate all extremists are bad.

          The rest is a game of connect the dots for your audience because if we conclude that only an extremist would kill innocent women and children and bomb schools and hospitals, then it becomes clear that the actions of Israel towards Palestine was the actions of Jewish Zionists, an extreme religious group.

          That is all it is, words, and words have power to us humans.

          1. He’s no more childish than the members he baited though is he @Empty. His actions seem to have been inspired by the trend of the members behaviour not the other way round.

            I agree with everything else you said though.

          2. To be clear, I am very much pro-Zionist because I understand the history of Zionism and how it has helped in defending persecuted Jews around the world. It cannot be compared to Islamic extremism, unless you can find me evidence of mass beheadings, rapes, and worldwide terrorist activities, similar to what we see on this site every day.

            Zionism was created to protect Jews around the world and that is still what it is about. Some people either don’t understand what Zionism is or they simply hate Jews with any form of strength.

          3. @Chosen, Zionism is a nationalist and political movement of Jews that originally supported and put into action the creation (or reestablishment from the Jewish perspective) of a Jewish homeland in Palestinian held territory with the long term goal being to repatriate dispersed Jewish peoples back into the Jewish homeland called Israel.

            Today Zionism supports Jewish peoples and culture for the benefit of the Jewish homeland.

            The problem however is that Zionism led to the dispossession and expulsion of the indigenous population of Palestine, indigenous from their perspective mind you and obviously not from the Jewish perspective who see them as squatters on the land which was stolen from them.

            In fact the way the Palestinians were kicked out from this land and even had more land and rights stolen from them during the six day war, hence the occupied territories, is very much a case of extreme ideology in action.

            When one group invades, takes control and expands for social/political/religious reasons it cannot be considered anything other than extreme ideology in action.

            If we argue that it is not we must also accept that Muslims wishing to recreate the Islamic Caliphate is not extreme ideology in action either, neither could we say that other races of people wishing to kick out unwanted racial groups and retake territory is extreme ideology either.

            It is not a question of beheadings or any other cruel methods of murder, it is a question of motive and action.

            I would argue that the Jewish holy books depicting a long lost history and Ezekiel’s prophecies are the motive and Zionism is the action.

            My conclusion, Zionism is an extreme ideology because it plans and puts into action large scale political and economical operations in order to initiate territorial takeovers and to defend those claimed territories.

  5. Oh, Waite officers I have this amazing stunt I would like to preform for you and the audince below. So here it goes! Jironmino! SPLAT!!!!!!! Lol!
    Fucking tourist Says the officers. Hotel manager says, Call the janitor, we have to clean this mess up pronto so we don’t lose any clintell, like this hasent happend befor. Some poor sap goes broke and decided to take a jump! After that it’s buisness as usual around here.

  6. Doesn’t everyone know by now, all deaths in that country, no matter how odd, are all suicides. knife to the face, suicide. the person shot themselves 39 times in the face, suicide. person falls out of a building with signs of strangulation, it was a suicide…

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