Video of Arizona Suicide Aired Live on Fox News

Video of Arizona Suicide Aired Live on Fox News

FOX News just aired this suicide live on their network in prime time, not realizing the man was gonna shoot himself in the head. It happened in Arizona, the victim was allegedly a carjacker. Video feed was quickly interrupted with an advertisement but not before the moment of suicide was shown. Fox News anchor Shepard Smith apologized for this broadcast like there was something wrong with showing reality. Mainstream media mentality must be that if we don’t show it, then we can continue pretending that grisly scenes like this don’t happen in our societies.

It started with FOX News airing a high speed chase. The driver then abandoned his vehicle west of Tonopah and fled on foot. You can see him in the video wandering into a brush, looking somewhat confused and disoriented, then pulling out his handgun and popping a bullet in his temple.

FOX News allegedly aired the footage with a 5 second delay but the control room failed to cut away from the feed in time so the moment of suicide made it to the screens of afternoon audiences.

BTW – take a look at what people searched for to land on this page – the sheep are once again going out of their way to find this video and when they find it, they’re gonna bitch and whine that it’s posted. It’s a popular thing among the sheep to bitch and whine about anything that doesn’t portray the world as this fluffy, rose colored world. It’s also popular among the sheep to whine about what other sheep whine about cause if they didn’t whine about it, the sense of belonging with the herd would diminish. And then when they’re done bitching, they’ll make sure no fellow sheep are watching so they can quietly return to searching for child pornography. Disgusting sheep!

Props to Best Gore member bosoxdanc for the video:

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137 thoughts on “Video of Arizona Suicide Aired Live on Fox News”

    1. Have you dyed your hair Lauren?

      Your DP looks blonder.

      Now do you fancy a different type of DP with me and Jack MeHoff?

      I know that isn’t Fox news popular with the Bible-bashing Conservatives in America?

      Would have been really funny if their was video footage of their reactions.

      Ma and Pa sitting with little Timmy, the smell of Apple Pie wafting through the Large, detached American dream home with three Garages…

      Mmh, I salivate when I think of the American dream.

      1. @tom, no I didn’t dye my hair I was just in some awesome sun light! And yes fox news is the #1 news site in my vicinity, fucking bible belt Oklahoma city suburbs!! I try my hardest not to shield my son from the truth. If he would have seen this on live tv I would’ve tried to explain the best I could instead of shielding him from real life. Now on the dirtier side of things, @ happy I love me some beautiful women for sure! However, @sick no gang bangs here, me+2 max!!! And to top it all off, I am very much In love with my hubs,, however the secret flirting is a rush!!!!!!!!

    2. These “news” channels have been chomping at the bit ever since OJ Simpson tried to skip town in that white Ford Bronco. They crave even the smallest taste of the viewership ratings from that event nearly 20 years ago. So, it’s been par for course to try and captivate viewers with a “live”/”breaking news” event involving any drawn out police chase of a car they can find. “FOX Urgent”, really? Any excuse to keep viewers on your channel, so you can sell another commercial. Why not a live feed of Best Gore for your audience? I don’t know if your sheep will stay tuned -but at least you’ll be living up to a truer standard of journalism by Reporting the Fucking Truth of our world, for a change.

  1. Most suicides I’ve seen on this site don’t end with a guy running out of his car frantically and decides to end it right there. Something made him shake up so bad he decided he would be better off dying.

        1. I can relate, I’ve been well acquainted with Best Gore for two years, initially to prepare myself for the shit I’d see in med school/practice. Other people, once they discover my interest, seem to see it as fucking unconventional or something. Reality shouldn’t be taboo.

      1. No. It’s those of us who swim down here in the putrid soup of reality with a true understanding of how and why we are in such desperate need of a massive thinning out of Fleshy Virus numbers.
        Most all others seem to think this is all okay and normal, excusable and sustainable.
        The Suicide Booth should be taken form a cartoon (futurama) and put into public service immediately!

  2. I don’t even consider this to be graphic. There’s no spray, no exit wound, no gasping faces of people who witnessed it. I’d also like to thank that guy for ending his life in an honorable way so the tax payers didn’t have to pay for his 6 month trial, his public defenders, his countless appeals or his stay in a penitentiary. As Filter says, Hey Man, Nice Shot.

  3. this is why its never a good idea to cover live police chases/robberies/hostage stand offs on afternoon news, simply because of how completely unpredictable they are. Cover it later on edited and cut for the 6 o’clock news or something.

  4. Anchorman’s reaction was priceless, he probably took a week off because he was so traumatized. Would have been even funnier if after this they had aired a viagra commercial or something else to ease the minds of their fragile viewer’s minds. Gotta love how spontaneous people can be on live television, about the only time when the media isn’t entirely in control.

    1. I like to watch FOX with the volume turned off. They have the hottest babes. I guess that’s why they are called FOX. That poor bastard in the video looked like he was being chased by the demons from Devil’s Advocate or The Passion of the Christ.

  5. Oh Please Miss Mary Fox News. The kids today have FAR more cool and violent video games. Hell, we didn’t even see any blood. Most kids who saw this either yawned from boredom or shrugged their shoulders and went back to their video games.

  6. See, what he should have done was taken his new “whip” to a paint shop and had it repainted in ten seconds, then picked up a hooker, muhdikked her, killed her with a baseball bat, jumped a fence and stole an airplane, flew to the next island and bailed at 30,000 feet without a parachute, all while blaring Bark At The Moon…

  7. I think it’s fascinating how when people are shot in the head their bodies often seize up before falling. They don’t just fall rag-doll style like in movies. The body almost always seizes up tight for several seconds and they fall over like a tree trunk.

    I agree with Mark here that TV people are morons and act like it’s just so awful to show this scumbag doing the world a favor by leaving it. I’m glad I got to see it. Thanks for posting it, Mark.

    1. As Tupac once wrote
      “Recollect your thoughts
      Don’t get caught up in the mix
      The media is full of dirty tricks”
      Good advice Mr. Shakur, good advice.

      My mom actually told me about this and I immediately thought “I bet it will be on BestGore!”. My mother thinks people just need to shut the hell up. We watch tons of violent television shows and movies but when it happens for real then holy shit its just awful. We finally have some to agree on.

      1. Hello RottenDiana. Best thing that The Fleshy Virus can be introduced to is reality, despite if they have any desire to understand the world around them. It’s the general manipulation and eyes shut tight views of things that have stuck us inside of this arena with the masses of delusional shit rivets in the first place. If The Fleshy Virus didn’t look at every single human life as being “so profoundly important and precious” we might actually care to stop the retarded from their prolific breeding and the over running of the worthless.
        But, that’s just not the way of this……. nonsensical massively pointless THING that we have become.

  8. Yeah, I was actually watching Fox when this was originally shown (so sue me). There was nothing to see. Looks more like he tripped over his baggy shorts then shot himself. I don’t think anyone would have realized for a few what had happened if Shep had not flipped out.

    1. The Humane Society is a joke. They spend more money on PR than they do saving animals. There was a story in the paper about someones cat being euthanized because it was scratched by barbed wire and they talked him into surrendering the cat saying it would get medical treatment and fostered until it got adopted but those were all lies and they euthanized the cat less than two hours later. Up to 200 animals a day are euthanized there. I volunteer at an animal rescue and many of the cats at the center were taken from AZHS less than a day from euthanasia and let me tell you there is NOTHING wrong with these cats. Perfectly healthy, normal kittens who were about to be euthanized needlessly, I understand you only have so much room by they have the money to build more venues to get more adoptions! But instead the higher ups raise their fat cat (no pun intended) salary. Forgive me for my rant but the humane society sucks.

      1. @Grafittiphx -I’ve heard much the same about PETA. They got all those actress/models to freely promote their brand name by posing nude w/some fluffy innocent creature and they have (I believe) just 1 shelter somewhere in VA. I prefer “small/local” when it comes to any charitable cause.

      2. @Graffitphx –

        The Humane Society does not suck. They’ve done more good than bad.

        I am totally against putting animals down (within reason, if they’re too old/sick, then obviously…you know). And of course out of the millions of lives they DO save, you’ll hear about a few of those not so good cases on the news and all of a sudden they suck and are horrible.. The Human Society has to put down animals, but If you believe for one second they want to put healthy cats and dogs down, then you’re wrong. The over population is totally ridiculous, because of irresponsible pet owners who are too fucking cheap and lazy to get their cat/dog spayed and neutered. Their cat runs around the neighborhood impregnating other cats and it’s out of control. The HS have to spend money on PR as well, so they can get the support and donations to help save the lives of animals.

        The real joke are the pet stores and puppy mills. They should all be shut down.

        @antivirus – PETA is a radical group.. It’s good to support those local no kill shelters with charity.

  9. What kind of a name is Shepherd? Is he related to Wolf Blitzer? Anyway, the news feed from he helicopter was shitty and was far enough not to show any blood or guts, just the guy falling. It’s not as if it was like Bud Dwyer, who shot his brains out during a news conference. Now that was a bloody shooting! So, who cares if some gang banger who steals a car shoots himself? One less mouth to feed in the overcrowded prison system. Maybe he shot himself because of that sheriff in Arizona runs his prison like a boot camp in the middle of the desert and makes the prisoners wear pink underwear and socks and pink is not his color.

  10. The Shepard showing sincere concern!…During commercial break I bet he was on the phone to the boss saying something like: “Did you see my dive to save the FOX?!…I am now in demand…the other networks have seen my saving virtues!…comm. break is nearly over, we will talk later about position and $.”

  11. Man lookin at the ‘What people searched for’ bit is one of my favourite things about this place. They’re normally a LOT more fucked up than whats above but some are hilarious. My favourite so far has been “hand grenade vagina”

  12. I am glad my Arizona tax dollars won’t have to pay for the legal defense and? incarceration of this idiot. I wish all carjackings ended this way. Steal a car at gunpoint, shoot at cops, drives over 100MPH on the FWY risking every nearby driver’s life…..what should he get????? A happy meal????? He won’t do that again, that’s all that really only matters to me.

  13. Shep Smith looks fake with his tan and shit, He’s always dramatic but I don’t mind him. This is the most realistic thing FoxNews has probably ever shown. Bunch of assholes.

    The victim:
    “Jodon F. Romero, 33. Authorities said he fired at officers and a police helicopter at one point during the pursuit, and died at the scene from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. In a statement, the department said Romero had a prior history of numerous violent crimes. At the time of his death, he was believed to be wanted on at least one warrant for felony parole violation on a weapons charge, and may have been sought on a second warrant”

    I thought maybe he had killed someone and that’s why he decided to shoot himself.. guess not.

  14. i heard about this on another site and immediately came here to check for it rather than trying to search for it. from the way that people were up in arms about the whole thing i was thinking that there was brain matter splattered across the camera or something. not just seeing the guy drop.

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