Asian Man Commits Suicide by Jumping from Apartment Building

Asian Man Commits Suicide by Jumping from Apartment Building

Asian Man Commits Suicide by Jumping from Apartment Building

Video from what looks like China shows an Asian man apparently committing suicide by jumping from an upper floor of an apartment building.

The video, which was captured from an apartment on the opposite side of the road, shows the fall, and continues with the ground level aftermath footage of a distressed woman hugging the corpse.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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132 thoughts on “Asian Man Commits Suicide by Jumping from Apartment Building”

      1. LOL! she screams too loud I can’t catch much of what she’s saying… but at the end she goes “帮帮我” (help me)… From the way she takes the regret so personal, it seems this person died because of her. Could be a BF or husband..

          1. Well.It’s complicated to comfirm why a teenager chose to end his life . Maybe his GF is on another man’ bed. Or he wanted to try something new like the game PUBG. Chinese younth suicide is the same with the world. They are so young that they can not do the correct decompression. But you have to figure out the reasons for the suicide which is different,there are two messages in the video. You see that building was not a school. It is clearly to know the boy jumped from his bedroom. But the most important is the mother arrived at the body site before the ambulance. We can imagine our son jumping off in front of our eyes. So it is a tragedy about demanding mother and selfish son. In China there are a lot of families like this , and it’s a education problem that can’t be changed for a while. “Don’t you guys give me one hand ? Help me! My baby !My son!” So sad isn’t it?
            (OMG.The man without hair reply to me. I’m a happy Chinese fan of you .thx(^^)lol)

  1. she shrieks because now she temporarily has to pay the bills and rent. she shrieks to garner sympathy and attention from her social media cling-ons. she shrieks to attract a new Chad who will pay the bills and rent….
    ….aaand so the cunt on the cock carousel keeps doing its merry go round as she hops on and off the next cock/bill-payer/host as she leeches and squeezes all she can from her next victim. Parasites.

        1. Ruthless. Men should never kill themselves over a woman, there’s usually someone better just around the corner and anyway once they’re over the breakup their lives are gonna be better without her!

    1. Are you that mentally retarded? How do you know she drove him to suicide? Why is everything women’s fault? How sad your romantic life must be, just like mostly 80% of incel losers here. Bunch of frustrated virgins.

      1. See Ema this is exactly what we’re all talking about. These kind of angry outbursts. If you can’t take it get off bg, find somewhere nice like a site that discusses lefty libtard faggot bullshit or as they say on jerry springer “Go to oprah”

          1. You know that saying “What’s yours is mine and what’s mine is mine” every woman’s motto.

            Why IS darling Ema so hurt? @illegalsmile55 We must all look out for her.

          1. Damn right sookie, i’m done with these sanctimonious spoilt tarts, they’re all on drugs anyway, give them a couple of years and just watch, you’ll see them either overdosing or have mental breakdowns, the paula yates, lilly savage types

          2. 1. Not a libtard
            2. Not a feminist
            3. Like all of you here, I have the right to express my opinions and call the bulshit when I see it, just like you guys have the right to call women all kinds of names.
            4. Why y’all got offended? You proved exactly my point. You guys are a bunch of hypocrites who get immediately mad and defensive when women say anything about you or criticise you. Hypocrites at finest.

          1. be funny if all those virgins were 80 year olds, i mean there’s nothing to say a virgin has to be a young lady

  2. He probably heard the musical call of the ice-cream van and thought he could land on it’s roof all “Starsky & Hutch” style to intercept a 99.
    A shame it had just left by the time he landed.

  3. What a selfish asshole. He obviously had someone who cared for him dearly. Some people don’t at all, and still manage to make it through the day, after cleaning out 50 cat littler boxes no less

    1. No, that “Ba(吧)” is just an interjection. She is begging for help to the crowd. “Father” is also pronounced as “Ba” but it is another word (爸). He is her son because she clearly said “Er zi(儿子)” which means “Son”.

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