Asian Woman Falls From Height, Cracks Her Skull and Bares It All

Asian Woman Falls From Height, Cracks Her Skull and Bares It All

Photos are from South East Asia and are of a young woman who apparently committed suicide by jumping from a window. The fall was enough to kill her on impact, but not from high enough to reduce her head to smashed watermelon. Lucky us!

Unfortunately I have no real info on this other than the images themselves. But, since this is not a foreign tourist, I think that we can safely say that this was a legitimate suicide and not a “suicide”. She has some bruising on her aside from the head crack but can anyone tell me why they are peeking inside her vagina when I think it’s pretty damn obvious how she died?

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  1. Poor baby she looked so young. They shouldn’t have shown her nether regions either in my honest opinion. What good does that do? Medical purposes I understand, but I guess all the sick perverts get a free show. I’ll pass on looking at any of these pics. Rip young one.

      1. A sudden impact can leave a normal pussy look abnormal.
        In this case it turned blue with a greyish haze; but I am doubting whether it was her Paramour or the Medical Examiner who was dry humping her last as no traces of her own love juices have been found.

        They ,Both seem to have been rounded up for questioning .
        and they are gonna CUM UP soon ,right where its meant to be .

  2. Not particularly my area of expertise but they could be checking for both her hymen and any seman in case this was a rape/murder rule out to suicide. That and they could have just wanted a look at the goods before a trial run 😉 but like I said not my main area in the med field just my speculation.

      1. Haha I remember a scene from the movie, The Pit and the Pendulum, where an old woman imprisoned in a dungeon for having ‘teeth in her c*nt’ something along those lines. I think the witch-hunters used to check for them, for real!

  3. Here’s my thoughts, if anybody is interested. Not totally certain, in a different culture things are done differently. It looks to me as if they are in fact measuring her hymen, or what’s left of it. It does not appear to be intact. There is clearly some bruising apparent on her inner thighs and groin area (which is also being measured, and more than likely color-evaluated to determine approximate age of bruises), so I would have to say some kind of sexual activity took place. Whether it was consensual or not, I couldn’t say. Could have been rape, and then murder. Or could have been sex and then suicide secondary to a belief that she has committed an unforgivable sin. Again, just my thoughts.

    1. I would certainly understand if the doctors had to do that since its procedure. You gave a very thoughtful response mam. You must be in the medical Feild in my opinion.

      1. Btw loving this new edit countdown thing. I know I’m a bit late. But my best regards to the admins for installing this awesome addition to the already awesomeness that BG has evolved into. Mad props


        1. See??? That’s what I’ve been telling you guys! You were an RN when I was in kindergarten LOL!

          Thanks for sharing your expertise with us, @deadsnapdragon. You should know by now that we have a tremendous respect for the nurses on board with us on the site. 🙂

  4. Sad…. But if it’s procedure to check for signs of rape, and or murder then I suppose the pics need to be taken. With all due respect to former living persons shell.
    But man that’s an ugly pussy! Don’t mind the wild patch but is that a leech sucking on her labia? Wonder if that’s why she decided to take a nice leap.

  5. I forget which post it was way back when. But if I remember correctly, the guards or doctors in some third world country would have to Rock Paper Scissors to see which one of them would have to spend a night with the dead corpse or corpses. I think it was because of some believe they had. Totally scary if you were the one who lucked out.

  6. They’re checking if she was raped, that’s all.

    Hell, everyday we see pics of shredded, bloated, exploding or rotting humans at BG. And as soon as any genitals are shown some people freak out.

  7. I’ve been reading comments on this site for years. There are quite a few folks commenting here that are on the wrong site. An autopsy is being performed on this poor head crushed china doll. Pictures are necessary.
    The new features are awesome, Thank you (got to edit my post)

    1. Standard procedure to see if she was sexually abused before her demised. You see her vagina pale for lack of blood? Well if she was raped you would see bruises more clearly if entry was against her will.

  8. They are picking inside her vagina for bruises or evidence of recent intercourse. Now that her vagina is pale from lack of blood flow, it would be easier to see if she was “raped” before being “tossed” down the balcony.

  9. What the fuck Necro! She’s dead! What are you talking about “she looks appetising”?
    ” put her in an oven”?

    Those are sick comments, even for my standards.

    You need to stop inhaling that lubrication. Yes I know is not ketchup. Whatever you’re using is probably disgusting.

  10. –I think someone pushed or threw her.. all that bruising. From the fall I guess ? Though I kno your heart needs to be working for you to bruise. And there signs of assault ? Sexual or otherwise… seems they wore looking for it.

  11. My theory is that she was raped, evident by the bruising on both inner thigh, I’m guessing they are looking right up her snatch looking for swimmers or latex, batman. I reckon she committed suicide under her own accord as the whole incident was to traumatic for her, for reasons only known to her. Most raped woman won’t suicide, but a bit of them is gone or changed forever.

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