Asylum Seeker from Pakistan Commits Suicide by Jumping from Hotel in Leipzig, Germany

Asylum Seeker from Pakistan Commits Suicide by Jumping from Hotel in Leipzig, Germany

28 year old asylum seekers from Pakistan committed suicide by jumping from the roof of the Seaside Park Hotel, which is adjacent to the main railway station at Willy-Brandt-Platz in Leipzig, Germany.

The Pakistani was taken to hospital after the jump for emergency care, but was pronounced dead. Circumstances leading to his suicide are unclear.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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145 thoughts on “Asylum Seeker from Pakistan Commits Suicide by Jumping from Hotel in Leipzig, Germany”

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  1. I don’t understand why Pakistanis are allowed to take asylum. Pakistan is not a war-torn country like Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan. There is only some Taliban insurgency in Quetta and Waziristan but the rest of it is pretty quiet. Definitely not Syria-level war torn.

        1. This is Germany, although in the EU, no ‘refugees’ land on German shores 😀

          Seriously though, the vast majority of migrants are from Syria, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Albania, Iraq, Eritrea, Pakistan…. in that order. There is no war in four of these nations so they are all automatically migrants. Syrians and Iraqis, although consumed with violence in their home nations, pass with Afghan migrants through Turkey…i.e. they are migrants too by the time they reach the EU. As for boat people from North Africa, these are Somalians, Nigerians, Gambians, Senegalese and along with Eritreans have passed through many safe nations before leaving from Libya. Point is they are all migrants and should not be treated the same.

          You cannot compare a 10’s of Americans claiming political asylum in Russia to 1.5 million migrants simply taking advantage of weak undemocratic governments in Europe.

    1. Claiming asylum in some countries (eg Canada) can be like playing a lottery. I’ve known Pakistanis and Muslims from Gujrat apply for asylum in Canada. Life suck in Pakistan if your not rich, but few are actually have an actual problem that deserves asylum. At times people are allowed to stay not on the merits of their asylum claim, but because the government wants to reduce the refugee backlog. To save money and time, thousands of potential refugees are allowed to stay despite having very weak asylum cases.

  2. No!, this cannot be. A disillusioned and depressed Asylum Seeker in Angela Merkel’s Germany?, impossible.

    According to msm Germany welcomes all migrants and asylum seekers with open arms, Merkel said so herself. Perhaps Germany wasn’t his chosen destination then, perhaps it was Britain and upon finding out that Britain had just triggered article 50 and that he would no longer be able to get the fully furnished free house, the brand new car, the flat screen tv, the deluxe Karaoke set and Bully’s special prize social benefits for life, he chose to kill himself instead.

    1. MSM must be wrong. Only stupid politicians and leftists, who don’t pay taxes cause they are on college for 20 years to study social things or gender crap, welcome the scum of africa and the middle east. But most germans are sick of all that scum and would love to get rid of them. They just don’t speak it out loud because Heiko Maas has installed a new Stasi, to control peoples mind and ban such “hatespeech”. But in the underground the hate is growing bigger and bigger.

    2. That might have been the case if the jumper was as ill-informed as the average ‘leave’ voter. He wouldn’t struggle to claim asylum in Britain after the vote to leave the EU because Britain won’t leave the EU until 2019. He’ll struggle to claim that karoake set in Britain because Britain doesn’t take in shit for refugees, and that policy is unlikely to change following the negotiations.

      When I look around for who to blame for the struggling public services I simply can’t ignore all the lazy and uneducated natives of Britain and Germany alike taking advantage of social security, wasting away on Facebook and having unprotected sex.

      1. @glynes

        “Britain doesn’t take in shit for refugees, and that policy is unlikely to change following the negotiations“.

        You either don’t live in Britain or you live in a nice middle class area in your own little protected bubble because I can assure you that Britain has and still very much does take in shit for refugees as one look at the demographics of the overflowing prison population will show you.

        “When I look around for who to blame for the struggling public services I simply can’t ignore all the lazy and uneducated natives of Britain and Germany alike taking advantage of social security, wasting away on Facebook and having unprotected sex“.

        Simple logic tells us that the struggling public services are the result of a under funding for the amount of people using them. In other words uncontrolled immigration and an aging population is not being met with increased state expenditure to compensate for it which once again begs the question, why is Britain letting more and more in when it can’t supply for the needs of those already living there?.

        You could increase taxation of course, however because uncontrolled immigration created a oversupply of labour in comparison to the demand for it the wage levels were pushed downwards meaning most new jobs created outside of London City belonged to the lowest income tax bracket which also means more state expenditure via tax credit top-tops and housing and child support payments etc the end result of course being that the taxpayer subsidises private enterprise.

        The above has very little to do with lazy Brits though because all the immigrant workers who fall into the same income bracket(which is most of them because the ONS statistics show us that the majority immigrant workforce operate within the unskilled and other low pay sectors) also receive the exact same social benefits.

        If the British are so lazy how did any work get done before 2002 when the borders were opened for all?. If the Polish etc are so hardworking and “skilled” why are their countries such low paying shitholes?. Surly if the Polish were far more skilled and motivated than the British it would be Poland that would have the booming economy and it would be the British running over there to find work and not the other way around.

        It seems to me then that there are three issues at fault here. The British government itself, the EU free movement Act and the greedy companies looking for cheap labour in order to maximise their profit margins. The EU free movement of cheap labour however could not be countered and fixed whilst still a member of the EU itself so with Brexit that’s one problem taken care of. Without EU oversight we can hold our own government to account for everything now which means hurting them and removing them if they fail to counteract and fix the immigration issues from outside the EU as well.

        To conclude, I am not against immigration just uncontrolled immigration for socio-economic reasons. I therefore think a system similar to the Australian points system would work far better and be a much fairer way of going about things.

        1. @glynes

          Come on. I am still waiting for you to educate my ill-informed, average ‘leave’ voter ass.

          You remainers always do this shit, you always set yourselves up as the “intellectuals” as opposed to the “fuckwits“ who no doubt voted leave. Come on then, prove your genius by debating with and defeating me outside of your own fucking liberal echo chambers.

          Personally I am sick to death of dealing with and debating with pseudo-fucking-intellectuals who pretend to be better than others when in fact they are actually thick as pig shit but nevertheless succeed in life because of the bank of mommy and daddy.

          1. judging by your original comment @empty_soul the two things that immediate sticks out is it is written by someone who reads/looks at far too much Daily Mail, Express etc and has been taken in by it all and secondly, it seems as if both cometns have been written by someone who falls into the exact demographic for the average leave voter.

          2. @jock_strap

            And judging by your comments jock strap you apparently know next to nothing about the economy or how to reduce national debt because instead of actually picking apart my argument you chose to use toilet level newspapers(of which I don’t actually read because I think they are garbage) as your debating point.

            I’m all ears then. Please do tell me how letting in thousands of new people every year when our infrastructure is already stretched to breaking point helps improve things.

            Please do tell me how creating a low waged economy increases consumerism and brings in more income tax.

            Please do tell me how a constant stream of uncontrolled immigration helps lower the unemployment numbers.

            I’ve personally worked in the recruitment sector and in the housing sector before so I know from real life, actual experience that the waiting lists for council accommodation are getting longer and longer all the time because people cannot afford to rent or buy as a result of overpopulation driving up costs. The lack of social housing creates more homelessness as a result as well.

            As for the recruitment side, the sheer amount of competition people now face for almost every single job is astonishing. Admin and customer service roles often get over 200 people chasing them at a time and retail roles are even worse because the high street is losing money hand over fist due to the cost of living reducing consumerism so they tend to shed jobs, not create them. The list goes on.

            Add to the above zero hour bloody contracts, rising debt(both personal and national) and the fact that the real unemployment figures are way higher than the massaged ones put out and we see that the economy is in a fucking mess for most working class people.

            So do please tell me then why my eyes and ears have been lying to me and why my argument is therefore wrong.

            I am waiting.

          3. @jock_strap

            The lack of response on your part is very telling. My guess is that you either live in Scotland or London which is why you seem to be totally ignorant towards the things I have spoken of.

            It should hardly be surprising then why almost everywhere apart from Scotland and London voted leave. To put it simply so even people like you can understand, if you act against the majority the majority will act against you hence the Brexit outcome.

            Your greed was your own undoing then remainer and your pretend, pseudo-intelligence falls into the exact demographic for the average remain voter as well.

            To conclude, you judge your own people harshly to boost your own pathetic sense of self and you rule in favour of uncontrolled immigration in order to give meaning to your own racial self-hatred and greed.

            I therefore await your copy and paste argument that you will no doubt pass of as your own.

            I both pity and hate you.

        2. ohhhh someone has been getting out the wrong side of bed – every morning of his life.

          Perhaps if you aimed a smidgin of your undoubted aggression/passion/hatred in the right direction then the world would look a much, much better place for you.

          1. @jock_strap

            You basically admitted via your lack of socio-economic argument that you know and understand very little about the effects of uncontrolled immigration or how the economy works in general and yet at the very same time you fully support it and chastise those who do not. You then accuse me of being ignorant and ‘misled’ when I have actual first hand knowledge and experience of the various aspects of uncontrolled immigration and you wonder why I get angry.

            So yes, it does piss me off when the ill-informed(but morally self-righteous) convince themselves that they are an authority and therefore know what’s best.

            I therefore am aiming my anger and hatred in the right direction because the immigrants themselves are only guilty of taking advantage of the presented opportunities, it is the people like yourself however that have created for them those opportunities at the expense of your own struggling working class population.

            That I am angry about liberal ostriches constantly burying their heads in the ground whilst the country falls apart is a given and to be expected.

        3. ok, ill bite, you seem to put a lot of effort into this…

          Firstly imigration from Asia etc has been down to the British Empire in history and the rewards for doing so, immigration from Europe to take peoples jobs? well, two ways on looking at it – first, someone with no contacts, language skills etc going to the UK to take a UK persons job? Surely that doesnt say much about the people whose jobs they have taken. On a bigger picture note, and it is only my opinion, the real culprits are the governments, media and those in power. Why? they purposely keep people poor and create a divide, purely for those who do pay takes – i.e. the middle band and as a warning for them not to slack or look what could happen.

          The imigrants who take the low paid jobs is on purpose again from the government, this stops them paying pension for example and creates a whole section of society who then become kind of paid slaves, if you like for want of a better phrase. A section of society that if they sstop working they are royally phucked and indeed but are getting no where and are locked into zero contact hours.

          You talk about consumerism. Now that really is the evil thing in society. Keep people working on low paid, insecure jobs, but dangling the buy this carrot but its ok we have pay day loans etc. The never never.

          HEalth service in the UK, especially England is being sold off. Im sure you know that the DWP emply around 3000 people to collect 3bn in benefits overpayments, while they employ 30 people to collect 30bn in non payment of corporate tax. Im sure you know what the country could do with 30bn.

          So as I said, you are aiming your venom at the wrong people, in my opinion. You have been fed and swallowed the divide and conquor philosophy by the ruling class, which as been around for decades if not centuries.

          Just my economic and moral opinion on society and government in the UK.

    3. Dammm!!! England offers all those commodities to foreign asylum seekers for free?? no wonder they have the problems that they have….
      Whats with some governments that make new generations to believe that one doesn’t have to work and sweat for the things that they want… that’s the reason why everything’s taken for granted nowadays by the younger generation or the millennials… motherfuckers are good for nothing and they think but really know shit about shit…

  3. Why did this piece of scum jump? Wasn’t he allowed total stay any longer in the Parkside Hotel? Or was there no more chocolate pudding left for Dessert? Who knows. One scumbag less. Couldn’t care less about his worthless life. If i would’ve been there, i’d yell at hin things like “go jump, you worthless piece of Shit” or “jump to your death, you goatfucking ape”.

  4. Pakistani Asylum news letter.
    Results of last weeks asylum search:
    Fazwad looked for asylum under the sidewalk in front of the Seaside Park Hotel in Leipzig, Germany. His results are pending.
    Jizzmal looked for asylum in the dumpster behind Starbucks. None found.
    Other News:
    It’s not too late to get tickets for the next seminar on “How to Completely Fuck Over Generous Nations of White People with Your Smelly Brown Skin.” Bhindi Bites and Termite Salad provided by Asswad Catering.

    1. Lmfao,I really shouldn’t read the comments when I’m working the night shift, the building is as dead as a corpses cunt, and I’m laughing so hard, it sounds like I’m a lone crazy in a nut house.

  5. The way these motherfucking asylum seekers are treated is beyond me .Imagine he was putting up at Seaside Park Hotel, adjacent to the main railway station at Willy-Brandt-Platz in Leipzig, Germany and then suddenly he decides to end his miserable life because the plate of beef he had got the other day he thought was less in quantity .
    The area will witness his ghost shortly with an empty plate begging for beef all over Willy-Brandt-Platz in Leipzig

  6. Circumstances leading to his suicide are unclear.

    Lets see not really.

    1) Family Borrows or spends years of savings to send poor ‘Naveid’ to EU so he can become rich and keep us for life
    2) Bragging to every one how you are going to go to the EU and make Millions with you 6 week collage degree
    3) After 3 months of travel with smugglers and a then a boat ride to Greece and then stealling a kid to get on a refugee train to EU proper
    4) 10 months hanging aoound the jungle in Calis till it is taken down
    5) 15 monthn lingring in a migrant shelter in Berlin until a hearing
    6) Failing the hearing and being order home
    7) 18 months in a shelter apleaing the hearing
    8) getting the final order to leave
    9) relaising you will be going home after 4+ years of your life, spent all of your famiy’s money, will have to paythe loan shark back
    10) All you have to show for it is some second hand cloths, 6 EUs a day from the FDR and a broken cell phone

    I think that is very very clear why he jumped

  7. as usual wuth jumper videos – quiet quiet quiet scream scream dull thud…

    the comments always make me laugh too – muslims baaaad. wouldnt it be a brighter world if trolls/ignorant fuqers actually put the same energy into trolling the folk that actually make the world a shitty place right on their doorstep.

    As someone once said those in power make a watery, smelly fart, hold their noses and point at the others – and the brainless follow suit.

  8. Gotta give him credit, though, for only taking himself out and not blowing himself up or commiting some other types of suicide that involves taking innocent people out with him like his fellow sandniggers tend to do.

  9. Whoever does this next please use an umbrella, you know you have thought of it before maybe from playing Lemmings? So why not make yourself useful and test it on your way out. Make sure someone is filming for us though, Thanks

    Oh, maybe wear a gopro to so we can have a first person view, would be a nice touch

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