Bangladesh Teen Cut in Half by Train, Put Alive in Body Bag

Bangladesh Teen Cut in Half by Train, Put Alive in Body Bag

Bangladesh Teen Cut in Half by Train, Put Alive in Body Bag

A young Bangladesh man was cut in half after dangerously being too close for comfort on train tracks. He is still alive and conscious but gravely injured. A group of spectators, mainly peers of the injured are on the scene along with the police.

They behave as professional body removers, clearly this is not the first time the boys have been in this situation. One of helpers refuses to accept a rag to use for sanitary purposes. Knowing India and their love affair with locomotives, these boys are in a lucrative field of work. After prepping the body for removal and disposal, body bag is used to stuff the torso and lower legs. Maybe, the sealed bag will act as a death finalizer and put the boy out of his misery.

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      1. Before the video started, they waited long for him to die but he refused to die.
        So the police just got tired of waiting around and decided to bag him anyway…

        Their report will not read: “cause of death, bagging”

        1. Da-Fuck is wrong with these inbred-retards to put a still living being in a body bag ffs. It almost as bad as being thrown in a casket and dumped in a fucking 6 foot hole alive. Many of these people actually survive these type of catastrophic injuries, because of the sheer amount of weight, pressure applied, & the searing heat gluing the arteries shut. And many make it through surgery and end-up surviving these traumatic injuries so i ask again,,, What In The Actual Living Fuck Is That Horseshit??? 🙁

          Just look at the amount of blood as they lift him up, this alone proves my point,,, as they are all pinched closed. And the fucking arseholes then yell at the poor kid trying to get da-fuck outta there after dumping his dead legs next to him, prolly saying hey,,, get back in there you little squirmy bastard ya!

          1. I know brother ,enough to make me grab a cane and whip these bastards’ arses. Stupid officious cops telling the thickheads/ peasant boys “do this,do that” wearing their crisp /creaseless uniforms! Life is shit and cheap there man if you are not born into a powerful family.

            Going to hell my arse! Hell is already on Earth!


          2. @hopingfornemesis
            Agreed brother,,, And Big-Time At That my friend! But, i would still love to help you tie them stupid Fucks-Up, and watch you cane them in there Arses, & in their Fuck-Faces also, lol, as this would be both funny, and Epic!

            Otherwise,,, how’s my good B G Brother been, all good me hopes? 🙂

          3. I agree, its a darn shame that they just gave up on the poor thing insteand of trying to save him – They’re just like ”He’ll die anyway, who cares” and sadly its a daily routine for Indians. Death lurks everywhere in India, they are used to it by now. At least put him out of his misery if you’re not trying to save a life.

          4. i agree in the west where you can be transported by specialist ambulance to one of many nearby excellent hospitals with highly trained surgeons you do stand a chance of survival, but this is bangladesh mate where there is maybe only a small handful of main hospitals that can handle this sort of emergency. how are they even going to get him there assuming he’s within driving distance – back seat of the police car? 🙂

            i’m afraid this guy is toast but it’s a shame he couldn’t be allowed to die slowly in the outdoors as he enjoyed the air and the wind and sun for a final hour or so; he clearly didn’t want to die in that bag.

            your heart in the right place and i hope if i am in this spot you’re nearby to convince people to try to save me

        1. @jadedcunt
          They breed, and breed, oh yes indeed! That’s one single thing that they seam to going for them,, and have down pat over there, and that’s not getting turned down for Sex by their Wives, lol. Cause they do it quite well, and quite often also, “Fuck Like Ze-Jack-Rabbit” That Is”, lol. 😉

          1. They love to breed and continue the smelly misery of their offspring.
            Let us have children so they too can experience the constantly shitty conditions of our lives.

          2. @jadedcunt

            Me either as i am done with having kids being fixed, and all. And after already having 3 of my own, along with 3 step kids, i have done my white mans duty, i have had my share of kids, lol. I Love my kids more than life itself, but i am happy that they are all doing well and out on their own, the last one in University, and living hundreds of miles away. And man,,, it,s so nice and quiet now, lol. 🙂

          3. @jadedcunt
            Kids are not for everyone, and there is nothing wrong, or abnormal about not wanting kids especially in today’s day, and age. And i say this because of the worlds future being so uncertain, and just the way that the kids are being brought up today it makes me sick. I had my kids at a time where respect still mattered somewhat as opposed to the teens today who only think of themselves, and what free ride they can get from Mom, and Dad, by insisting on living at home for free til they are fucking 35, or else they threaten to commit suicide and shit like that.

            Telling their teachers, bosses and even the elderly to go fuck themselves is considered as normal teen behavior, and that they will grow out of it, precious is just having hormonal changes and the like. Yea right. A Swift kick in their Fucking Arses is what they would get from me if they were ever seen, or heard disrespecting ourselves, the elderly, or any respectful grown-up for that matter.

            So no,,, i do not blame you one it for not wanting kids at all, cause if i had a chance to start over but it was in today’s disrespectful, me, me, me selfish pushing era,,, Fuck That Shit,, there would be no kids for this fucking guy either! 🙁

          4. @jadedcunt
            Can i ask you a personal question without sounding rude?
            And If so, are you a straight 40 year old female?

            And if so does your Husband/Boyfriend also not wanting any kids?
            If you do not answer than i will know to stop asking such personal questions, as i do not mean any disrespect Girl, i am just curious that’s all,,, honestly, as i asked these questions to every B G Member that i am getting to know better just to not rub them the wrong way, you know? 🙂

          5. @jadedcunt

            You see what i,m thinking is that,,,
            Ok, if I am Fixed Which I Am,,,
            And You Do Not Want Kids, and are 40 Years Old,,,
            Then Hummmm,,, ????? Aw,,, ?????? yea uhh???..
            Ok, here it goes,,, Or, here goes nothing
            Would you like to try Fucking A Good Looking French Canadian Man for a change?, lol. lol. Holy-Fuck,,, Wow!
            I Did It,,, i actually did it,, or said it for the first time in my life lol, lol. 😉
            Just another thing off my bucket list @Jadedcunt thanks for helping-out hun! 🙂

            Now is this the part where you call me an Asshole? Bitch Slap Me Keyboard style?

            Or Give me your phone number, but it ends-up being your 6 foot 8 inch brothers phone number instead, lol.???

            Just having fun and getting to know you my Good B G Sister! :)But if you decide,,, wait,,, forget that, wtf is wrong with me 🙁

          6. Fuck the legs ya stupid bastards, fly to the hospital as his blood-vessels seamed to have been cauterized shut from the super hot tracks and the shear weight. Its not like they are gonna sow those bad-boys back-on and he’ll be running the marathon next year.

        1. Your right @CurlyBallHair lol, those fucking ceiling fans are really fucking Solid over there. I Have installed quite a few in my days,,, and let me tell ya they would not support no person 160 lbs. and up. And a few (not many) if my memory is correct were heavier that that by far.

      1. Wow,,, and Hungary has the highest suicides in the world. We Both Learned something new today @SeraphimSerenata, thanks man.

        Hungary’s suicide rate is 48 per 100,000 inhabitants. The comparable American figure is said to be 12. The next highest recorded rates show that in Czechoslovakia, Denmark and Sweden about 25 people out of 100,000 kill themselves.Jul 30, 1987

        1. @illegalsmile55
          Exactly! As it made me chuckle also, but it was in a *What The Actual Fuck* Way, lol.
          And How have you been my Good B G Sister,,, all good me hopes?
          And what about them fishes they be biting lately?
          Geez me a nosy fucker this Tuesday, Morning ain’t I? 😉

          1. Glad to hear that your all good my Beloved B G Sister. And thanks for the warm thoughts, & of course The Hug as that’s sweet girl. And god knows i can always use a good long hug lately to brighten my day. I Love ya Sis 🙂

      1. Your choice was to die
        Now you will die
        You will not be saved
        There is no God for you

        Salvation is now
        Inside of the bag
        Get into that bag
        Die like you wanted

        You will now see
        A blackness not light
        You will now know
        That there is no love

      1. Yes but if you think about it, this guy is totally fucked.
        Do you think they have the technology to sew him back together internally and externally? Doubt it. This bloke can’t get married now, can’t get a job, there’s no social security there, he will be a burden to his family.
        He’s better off dead.

      2. You found it “hilarious”? Really? “Hilarious”? Are you serious?
        I mean, I’m not at all religious. In fact I would describe myself as comprehensively atheist.
        I did not find the scene hilarious or in any degree amusing. You may mock me but is this what human life means to you? Nothing at all?
        Sir, you are to be pitied rather than berated or castigated.
        I really feel sorry for your mother and father. Do you celebrate this same opinion with them? Please, share with us some of your other intimacies in life. What, no?
        Didn’t think so.
        Pathetic little coward who masturbates while watching the extreme suffering of others.
        Yes, Sir.
        I pity you.

        1. I got a laugh out of that white body bag, with “Bangladesh Police” boldly printed on the side. The regional officers with the green uniforms must have 12-packs in each cruiser for their daily rounds.

          Interesting how those two young onlookers got deputized for the retrieval.

        2. Wow, you came to a lot of conclusions about him from his comment; how you came up with him masturbating to it is flat out retarded. I think the puppy wants you to click him. Or kick him. Whatever. Thanks for the mini-autobiography, maybe you care to share more about yourself?

        3. 2 months ago, on the post “Live Dismemberment in Venezuela – Young Man Hacked to Pieces While Alive” :

          Bodragon [and i quote]-
          Some nice cuts there.
          I hope they don’t waste it.
          I’ve heard it tastes quite like pork.

          [His comment is quite near the bottom]

          There are more instances i could highlight

          @bodragon You “sir”, are a fucking hypocrite, a fucking liar and a fucking prick.
          You quite happily mock a video of a young man being chopped up while alive….. yet come here on THIS post, and seek out and berate a member for making a joke…. while espouting your bullcrap moral stance on “..not find[ing]the scene hilarious or in any degree .amusing”

          You are a 24carat twat, and (Please believe me), I take great pleasure in telling you to Fuck off.

        4. I thought it was funny as well. Maybe more Ironic but funny nonethe less. And thats the reason why you cant equate 3rd world people with Americans, they honestly arent civilized. I betcha at least in the states a doctor would have given him a killer dose of morphine

      3. I thought it was pretty hilarious too. When they started zipping up the bag. I totally let out a giggle! That`s fucked up! They seem so used to this kind of thing. I wonder if they tried to help him after or just sent the bag to the morgue.
        This is why if you are gonna suicide by train put your damn neck on the rail. Draping your body across gives you these kinds of results. Lucky for us these people don’t understand this. lol!

  1. Nah dude they’re just saving him for later for some Slum Stew.

    Slum Stew Ingridients:
    -Chopped Flip Flops
    -Diced Used Tires
    -Dead Feral Dog or Cat
    -Fresh Publicly Defecated poop
    -Water sourced from the Slum
    -Freshly Killed Human
    preferably one that’s showing
    signs of decomposition

  2. You know, it’s possible to survive after separation from your lower half. If the bleeding is stopped, and he is promptly transported to the hospital, hooked up the tubes, there’s a very small chance that he could survive. He could sustain his body with nutrient injections, and who knows, maybe his liver and kidneys have survived

    1. Yeah i remember that chinese cop that was run over by a truck and then was half the man he used to be… but alive.

      I’m not sure bangladesh has the medical facilities or money to perk up a suicide attempt.

    2. I had a patient who nothing below the navel no genitalia, rectum, anus, pelvis, etc.
      You’re right about the bleeding, with trauma like that arteries tend to snap shut. If he was bleeding badly he would have died quickly. The major organs are higher up in the abdomen.
      I doubt he survived long though, infection, and difficulty closing a wound like that probably doomed him.

  3. If this was anywhere in the 1st World, there’s a good chance he may be saved.
    How sad.
    Dealing with this poor unfortunate fellow the way they did is indefensibly cowardly.
    If anyone among them had any guts they would have taken immediate steps to end hi obvious suffering.
    A sharp, but sound and heavy blow to the head (barbaric as it seems), would have put this poor man out of his misery in a heartbeat.
    Shame on you.
    You pathetic Indian railway workers.
    (And when I say Indian, I am referring to prewar India which, these days, includes Pakistan and Bangladesh.
    It’s just easier).

    1. I share your feeling, but as Roxi said, it would be murder.

      Guess that’s they waited for him to either die or lose consciousness enough to wash their hands if he died on

      Brings out the question why did this guy do it this way. It’s almost like he didn’t actually wanted to die that bad. Or maybe he changed his mind at the last second.

  4. Not only did they not comfort him, they threw him in a dark body bag with nothing but his thoughts. Fucking savage. They should have at least put a PSP in with him so he could brush up on his Frogger skills for next time. Bastards!

    1. I was thinking they could have done something to help him. Try to distract him by talking to him, keeping him talking, putting a hand on his shoulder, give him some water or anything. They were treating him as a dead body. Pretty inhuman how these guys were acting in this situation. Like it was way too routine for them, which it probably is. It’s sad how we treat each other. Humans are truly a cancer on this beautiful Earth. I’m ashamed to be human. We should be eradicated so the planet has a chance.

      1. You should get used to it. The universe is by nature harsh and trust me you will resort to violence if your survival will depend on it. Everything in this world is just a cycle. Suppose humans die out in the future, some intelligent species will eventually emerge because of evolution and the cycle of destruction shall begin again. And don’t worry your wish will eventually come true but understand that don’t wish for it to happen sooner. When we humans become extinct the world will rejuvenate and it will probably take millions of years or more for creatures like us to exist. Just enjoy it for the moment trust me it will not last long.

      2. Of course I would resort to violence if my survival depended on it. Or if someone harmed someone in my family. I`d kill a bitch. But this scenario is different. Someone could have extended some compassion to this dying man. It seems like empathy is being bred out of mankind.

  5. Most notable moment for me is watching when they’ve put the legs in and start to close things up and the guy is slapping at the almost-corpse’s arms as they reach out like saying “Hey! Hey, fucko, you wanna settle down? I’m tryin’ to close up your body bag here! Ain’t my fault you decided to buy a one way ticket to Dirtnapistan, now fucking lay there like you’ve bled out already!”

    Nerve of some people wanting to interfere with working stiffs just trying to do a job.

  6. One of the cops is like…

    … “Hey kid! … My brother-in-law’s the coroner,… *snickers*… When you get to the morgue, act like you’re dead and when he gets close enough, grab both of his ass cheeks… *snickers*… It’ll be funny… There’s 2000rupees in it fer ya, I’ll shove it up your ass for you.. Ok?.. Ok!… “

  7. Fucken sad… that curry-muncher must have been sad, scared, and confused, in the final minutes of his life. Even if at first he had doubts about weather, or not, he would die, the body bag let him know that he wasn’t long for this world. May vishnu embrace him, with his many arms.

  8. Heh, I just noticed upon rewatching that the very last frame of the video (the one it freezes on) makes it look like the guy is experiencing explosive diarrhea right after having a mouthwash enema. Mmm, yummy.

  9. @honkykong
    If you read my previous posts you wouldn’t be so sanctimonious:
    “What is it with these fucking Hindus and trains?
    By the way did you see that hunk of meat hanging off his legs when they were lifted? They could use that to make curry. I wonder if they saved it”
    To which I got a reply to the effect that I would masterbate to something like this.
    My response was pure sarcasm.
    And if you cont to read my comments I explains how I actually had a patient who had a hemipelvectomy and had nothing below the pelvic floor.
    I suggest you take some classes on critical thinking and be less impulsive with what you think is reality.

    1. @honkeykong

      If you read my previous posts you wouldn’t be so sanctimonious:
      “What is it with these fucking Hindus and trains?
      By the way did you see that hunk of meat hanging off his legs when they were lifted? They could use that to make curry. I wonder if they saved it”
      To which I got a reply to the effect that I would masterbate to something like this.
      My response was pure sarcasm.
      And if you cont to read my comments I explains how I actually had a patient who had a hemipelvectomy and had nothing below the pelvic floor.
      I suggest you take some classes on critical thinking and be less impulsive with what you think is reality.

  10. “But wait you’re putting me in this body bag before I’m even dead”, “don’t worry kid, we won’t say anything if you don’t”, “oh ok fair enough but just do me a favour and give my bollocks a quick scratch while you’re over there”.

  11. Lol it’s even more hilarious if you know what they’re saying
    I couldn’t catch everything due to the dialect but to summarise:
    No way is he going to survive!
    Hey get a clean cloth that’s not clean make sure it’s clean!
    It’s gotta be long enough so he doesn’t stick out from the edge!
    Yo who has the towel someone pass that damn towel whose towel is it? (The red cloth)
    Take him don’t leave any bits behind before the next train comes

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