Bjork Stalker Ricardo Lopez Suicide – Full Uncensored Video

Bjork Stalker Ricardo Lopez Suicide - Full Uncensored Video

This is the uncensored video of Bjork Stalker Ricardo Lopez, a 21 year old American from Hollywood, near Miami, Florida who video taped his suicide on camera. Ricardo Lopez was so obsessed with Bjork, he sent her a parcel filled with acid which was meant to explode upon opening and spray the acid into the face of Icelandic singer defacing or killing her. Anti terrorist squad of Scotland Yard (Bjork lived in London, UK) was tipped off by the US detectives about potentially dangerous content of the package and destroyed it before it could harm Bjork.

Ricardo Lopez kept disturbing video diary highlighting his insane obsession with Bjork and after his failed attempt to kill her with acid parcel, he video taped himself committing suicide by shooting himself through the mouth with a .38 revolver.

The police found his dead body the following Monday. Video camera was pointing his direction and inside was a tape labeled “Ricardo Lopez – Last Day”. Full, uncensored video that the camera recorded is below. When he shot himself in the head, the bullet seems to have bounced off the back of his skull, hence there is no brain and blood sprayed on the wall behind him. That’s also the cause of painful gurgling sounds he’s making as he’s fallen on the ground dying. Bjork’s song I Miss You from her album Post played in the background during the suicide.

Bjork never met with Ricardo Lopez, but news of his suicide which he committed because of her left her in distress. The break point came when Bjork got engaged to a black musician called Goldie which got Ricardo Lopez really upset, calling it “unacceptable”.

Ricardo Lopez was originally from Atlanta, Georgia and was unemployed. He was one seriously obsessed mofo. It took years till the uncensored video leaked and became available for viewing, but it is now so you can see what the last minutes of Bjork Stalker Ricardo Lopez looked like before he committed suicide.

The police also seized 11 two hour tapes which contain video documentaries of last 9 months of Ricardo Lopez’ life obsessing over Bjork (singers full name is Bjork Gudmonsdottir) including footage of him constructing the acid bomb device meant to kill her. Prior to committing suicide, Ricardo Lopez video taped himself shaving his head and putting on face paint. While fully naked, he sit in front of the camera and says “Fuck the world and fuck Bjork”. Later he says “This death is for you, Bjork. No… excuse me. For you to see it. And some compensation for the pain that I cause you”.

He’s then seen for a while breathing deeply and nervously as he swivel back and forth on his chair and the he shoots himself in the head ultimately ending his life and one of the most notorious cases of celebrity stalking.

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    1. Mejicats are twats, it’s funny I bet bjork didn’t even watch it(obviously) bjork is cool I love her style and her music,this dude was so lame I almost feel bad for him πŸ˜€

      1. Definitely real….if u crank the volume up.. after he blows his head off…when he drops to the floor; if u listen close u can hear the blood rush from his body & on to the floor…it sounds like pouring water.

      1. Definitely real….if u crank the volume up.. after he blows his head off…when he drops to the floor; if u listen close u can hear the blood rush from his body & on to the floor…it sounds like pouring water.

    1. For real. Half the people on here are more fucked up than he is. It’s one thing to try and gain an understanding on the dark side of reality, to see what the world is really like, but it’s something totally different to take pleasure in the suffering of others. That is the fucked up part.

        1. I just discovered this site and have learned that the comment section here usually makes me lose faith in mankind almost more than some of the gore. I just wanted to give you some kudos for being a decent human. I started coming here because of a car wreck that pretty much destroyed me and made me fascinated with this stuff (if I had pictures I would post unfortunately I don’t.

          Anyhoozit, while I feel bad for Bjork I also think this man was seriously disturbed and needed serious mental help which in the end could have still made him into a functional person.

    2. Maybe if this loser only wanted to kill himself I could understand having some pity for him. But he intended to permanently disfigure/kill someone he had never even met. I can`t feel bad for him, no one should.

      1. common sense? Such a relief, yeah you can tell this isn’t fake as well, just a creep with anger/mental issues. Could’ve vented it into something creative/beneficial but no this shit is his legacy? What a joke.

    3. Yeah really people have no feelings, the guy had a mental illness, he felt like a loser, he typed that he hated having his male breasts that he was deformed and he was very shy and awkward around people and women. I feel so sad for him, and his family R.I.P/ R.L
      oh and half or more of the people on best gore, HAVE no feelings , they are probably wanting to see deep web shit, live, sick.

    1. fags? you’re trying to show compassion by stating that haters are heartless but then you continue to add hateful slur as if the word “fag” is universally acceptable….keep your bigotry to yourself. I hope in the years since you have posted this you have grown up a little

  1. obviously he was sick. So many people live with depression and end up commiting suicide. It’s very sad. At least his pain and suffering are over and hopefully he’s in a much better place. Rest in peace.

  2. Sorry’ no sympathy for cowards who take the easy way out and i also think he was gay,what the hell was that, some sentimentle poetry for bjork and hoped to win her affection, fucking weak minded inbreed, he needed to harden the fuck up or try other meathods like the right drugs or joining a satanic cult or even a religious church, anything to get out of that grave he was digging for him self, bjork is a talented freak and some of her music is trippin and some times depressing but i guess they understood each other.
    They say a change is as good as a holiday so if this guy had no respect or confindence in life then he should have became a cocane drug dealer’ made a lot of money and begin living a new life in another state, money and the right friends would have turned his world around.

    1. carlos…………
      your more of a coward
      than that depressed guy,
      tryin to sound tough &
      swinging your cyber balls
      around,real people don’t
      have to talk,they just do
      what they do.

    2. so you think the man that killed himself over his obsession for Bjork was “gay”…
      you do know what that word means right? he loved this woman so much it caused him to do obsessively irrational things and you think he was gay? then again even if he was what does it matter? does that make his death anymore acceptable?

    3. What you said made no sense whatsoever. I guess this is the average stupidity of someone who really believes suicide is cowardly without realizing not everyone has the same mindset on life and depression hits people like a fucking truck. Dumb mexican.

  3. Fat Dope… Definatley real, .38 caliber rounds will bounce off skulls, unless you use .38 special rounds…higher velocity…Bud Dwyer webt for it by using the .357…

  4. Let me just start off by saying this fat naked fuck is a pussy and if i were to have a ass crack half the size of a Ford Lincoln then I would have blown my brains out a whole lot earlier than he did. And he waited for fucking ever to shoot, all taking deep breaths and whatnot. When I watched this i found myself saying “have some balls you dumb fuck pull the god damn trigger already” and alas he ended his fat little life and no one cares and Bjork never seen this film so he accomplished nothing. Hope the Devil is smacking your red titties and fucking your fat ass in hell.

    1. THANK you….as I’m reading these comments, many have left OUT the little fact that he attempted to maim/kill another human being (Bjork). Better this nasty, fat racist doofus psycho fuckhead did HIMSELF in in the privacy and seclusion of his home than hurt anyone else.

      Good Riddance.

  5. This guy had some real bad problems. A lot of people ON THIS SITE are mean and have no compassion for others. THE GUY WAS SICK. HE WAS MENTALLY ILL. Heaven forbid they should walk a mile in anyone else shoes but there own. The world is getting meaner and meaner…I don’t think its ever been as mean as it is now. Geez grow a heart you heartless scum.

    1. True, some of these people may be heartless, but did you catch why he wanted to harm Bjork in the first place? She was with a black man and that enraged him. He called it disgusting. HE is disgusting just for being a racist alone, much less a would-be murderer and coward.

    2. If you think about most people on this site are depressed or demented in someway or another…that’s why they say the ridiculously dumb things they say…always the “I would have done” or “I could of done” bs…I learned sometimes it’s better to just watch…we’re all a lil twisted in someway for watching or being intrigued with the infatuation of seeing death and violence or gore…especially those sick racist fucks who think it’s ok for a child to die a gruesome death just because of their skin tone or habitat…smh

    3. Your right Jeff, people are just evil , im sure the world has always been like this, we are just older and becoming aware of it now. It is very sad, to be alone and feel alone like he did, thank you for your caring comment.

  6. wow, the guy obviously had severe mental problems and you people just bash him. maybe if he had gotten some therapy at a young age this wouldn’t have happened. but you people have no compassion. a man is dead. although I must say it’s a better thing that he’s dead than if he had hurt someone else, which he was capable of doing. also did anyone else hear his bodily fluids emptying at the end? that was pretty interesting.

  7. lets not forget he tried to make an acid bomb blow up in bjorks face. im not a fan of hers but its good that he punished himself even though that wasnt his goal. so lol darth mauls fat assed naked suicide!


    1. and… your point is? he said nigger , so what, I’m sure your not feeling as horrible as he felt at that moment, being alone and wanting to end it, and his family was trying to get him back to them in Georgia. Your actually comparing him saying nigger to what he was feeling, which must have been horrible.

  9. lol what a fucking faggot “this death is for you bjork” ? what kind of fucking point is this clown trying to make if this idiot worried about his own life and things he really could control then maybe he would still be alive today dumbass waste of skin.

  10. How do you expect people who come on this site to react to these videos? I guarantee nearly all of the people who watch these videos, including myself, watch them for entertainment. We have no compassion for these people, least of all for some fatally obsessed fatass who desperately needed attention.

    1. I guess im the only one with a heart , me and the very few others on here. Im glad I can feel compassion and empathy. I feel sorry for those that cannot, you people have to mimic people that do have empathy, to actually act it out so you guys can seem “normal” to others and they won’t figure out who you really are. mmmm yeah I know im good. ty

  11. Mann, I think it was fake, like, no blood, the sound of him pissing himself, who would have stopped the tape? And was he like getting in a “one last” jerk off??? like….ughh

  12. Jacob’s got a point, but being compassionate and having a morbid curiosity isn’t mutually exclusive.

    For those impatient ones: he was likely waiting for the end of the song to complete the act ritualistically.

    For those idiots who think it’s fake: it’s not. Watch the video for the impact bump on his head. Listen to the video for the sound of all that blood that was in his head gushing out. He wasn’t pissing himself, no one stopped the tape (it’s clearly edited) and he wasn’t jerking off – that was just the groan of being in pain (shooting yourself in the face has that odd side effect).

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