Bjork Stalker Ricardo Lopez Suicide – Full Uncensored Video

Bjork Stalker Ricardo Lopez Suicide - Full Uncensored Video

This is the uncensored video of Bjork Stalker Ricardo Lopez, a 21 year old American from Hollywood, near Miami, Florida who video taped his suicide on camera. Ricardo Lopez was so obsessed with Bjork, he sent her a parcel filled with acid which was meant to explode upon opening and spray the acid into the face of Icelandic singer defacing or killing her. Anti terrorist squad of Scotland Yard (Bjork lived in London, UK) was tipped off by the US detectives about potentially dangerous content of the package and destroyed it before it could harm Bjork.

Ricardo Lopez kept disturbing video diary highlighting his insane obsession with Bjork and after his failed attempt to kill her with acid parcel, he video taped himself committing suicide by shooting himself through the mouth with a .38 revolver.

The police found his dead body the following Monday. Video camera was pointing his direction and inside was a tape labeled “Ricardo Lopez – Last Day”. Full, uncensored video that the camera recorded is below. When he shot himself in the head, the bullet seems to have bounced off the back of his skull, hence there is no brain and blood sprayed on the wall behind him. That’s also the cause of painful gurgling sounds he’s making as he’s fallen on the ground dying. Bjork’s song I Miss You from her album Post played in the background during the suicide.

Bjork never met with Ricardo Lopez, but news of his suicide which he committed because of her left her in distress. The break point came when Bjork got engaged to a black musician called Goldie which got Ricardo Lopez really upset, calling it “unacceptable”.

Ricardo Lopez was originally from Atlanta, Georgia and was unemployed. He was one seriously obsessed mofo. It took years till the uncensored video leaked and became available for viewing, but it is now so you can see what the last minutes of Bjork Stalker Ricardo Lopez looked like before he committed suicide.

The police also seized 11 two hour tapes which contain video documentaries of last 9 months of Ricardo Lopez’ life obsessing over Bjork (singers full name is Bjork Gudmonsdottir) including footage of him constructing the acid bomb device meant to kill her. Prior to committing suicide, Ricardo Lopez video taped himself shaving his head and putting on face paint. While fully naked, he sit in front of the camera and says “Fuck the world and fuck Bjork”. Later he says “This death is for you, Bjork. No… excuse me. For you to see it. And some compensation for the pain that I cause you”.

He’s then seen for a while breathing deeply and nervously as he swivel back and forth on his chair and the he shoots himself in the head ultimately ending his life and one of the most notorious cases of celebrity stalking.

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  1. I did like The Sugarcubes (“Regina” was a fave) but I never really favoured Bjork as a solo artist. I guess stinky pants here didn’t really rate her solo efforts either. I wonder if he’d actually listened to any of her Sugarcubes stuff, though I reckon even if this crusty-arsed tub-of-lard had, he’d have found fault with it somehow.
    Just no pleasing some people.

  2. 1996. When people had the more GENUINE reason to fuckin’ kill themself over a fuckin’ celebrity JUST for a little attention. Lopez CLEARLY had nothing to lose, nothing better to do with his measly little life. So why not just consume HIMSELF over some big-name musician who WOULD never HAVE fuckin’ changed his PUNY little for the better?? Was this his goal? Is this really all this LOSER was trying to achieve? Psychological obsession for a celebrity COMBINED with NO other desire in the world to live a normal life? OK. Obviously he was NOT just looking for normal LIFE, and committed HIMSELF to the LAST few years mentally killing himself by trying to insert himself in Bjork’s life…what a WASTE. In the end, this guy came down to being a selfish fucker who tried inserting his miserable underachieving life with a woman who was the complete opposite of him. Probably just LOOKING for a reason to murder a famous person to GET his name in the media. Just to think this was the 90’s. When the idea of doing this was LESS known like today in the 2020’s. And this bullshit-behavior only last a few years prior this suicide video. Try mailing Bjork a mail-bomb because she was banging Goldie. You sir Lopez…WERE fucking NOTHING in the world of celebrities. You can call it a psychologically -disturbed person. I call it a “I have no fuckin’ life. And therefor AM willing to prove a point so I can at least say I ACHIEVED something that will get me some attention because I feel SORRIER than fuck for myself” – type of person. ….God HOW I wish I COULD go back to the late 90’s / early 2000’s again… start childhood over.

  3. That whole “the best of me painting woulda been pretty cool if the dumbass had picked a round that would actually blow the back of his head out. .38 special is notorious for not penetrating worth a fuck.

  4. that was a blank round in the chamber or a fuckin cap gun wasnt real . probs pouring a bttle of water into a bucket no way thats blood gushing out their was no blow out of any skull pieces no visible sign that was a real suicide doesnt even sound like a real pistol gone off load of shit big tittied weirdo amen.

  5. I’ve watched this a lot on different sites and what ALWAYS sticks out to me the most is the fact that when he fires the gun, there’s no blood. No wound, no brains, no nothin’.

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