Black Juices Flow Down Bloated Body of Hanged, Bikini Clad Woman

Black Juices Flow Down Bloated Body of Hanged, Bikini Clad Woman

I got no backinfo about this sexy thing. Apparently, even in death she wanted to be a tease.

It would appear that the woman committed suicide by hanging. It must have been a few days before she was found, cause by then, black juices were running down her bloated, bikini clad body.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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161 thoughts on “Black Juices Flow Down Bloated Body of Hanged, Bikini Clad Woman”

    1. why is the vid so small? how can I jerk off over this if I cant even see it?
      who is responsible for posting this ? wouldn’t they post a bigger vid?
      like the “19” yr old bitch that was beheaded a few days ago that size vid.

    2. hello fellow homicidal maniacs.
      just wondering has there ever been a vid on here of someone getting CHAINSAWED to death?

      second question is, how long do vids stay on here for?
      I say a post from like 2012 but the VID in the post was gone, is that what usually happens?
      why do they disappear after a while?

    3. If you can fuck Black Women without puking, this dead asian would be no problem. With all the edema from advanced decomposition her holes would be super tight, so you wouldn’t have to hang in there long to bust a nut.

  1. I like how you can another dude taking a picture with his phone I feel like we’re there like it’s an action cam movie like Jason Bourne. Jason knew she was working for internal affairs so they sent in Chest Rockwell

    1. @Mimi
      You Are Absolutely right in your assumption Girl.
      Because he is Quite Possibly, the Nicest, & Kindest Soul to have ever shared the Pages Of Best-Gore With. And Truly A Good Person that “Does Not Like To Leave Anybody Out, Ever”.
      And he has always been, and continues to be to this very day, an Honest, and Caring Individual that i have come to respect dearly, although i have never told him so And If more Gentlemen like himself were present in our World,,,, it would become a much more relaxing, &
      overall pleasant place for all of Mankind to share, and enjoy! 🙂

      1. @trailer…

        Bra & panties is technically sexier, because they’re not supposed to be seen and are made of skimpier materials.

        Swimsuits, no matter how tiny or exposing, are still made for general public viewing. It depends on location and the girl’s attitude.

        Most girls don’t want strangers to see them in full coverage granny panties any more than they do a thong panty.

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