Black Woman Streams Her Suicide Attempt by Car on Facebook Live

Black Woman Streams Her Suicide Attempt by Car on Facebook Live

This video, which was streamed on Facebook Live, alleges to show the black woman attempting suicide by car. The video is a bit hard to believe with the actual moment of the suicide attempt being cut out.

The star of the footage appears to say some sad, sad things while crying and driving a motor vehicle. Then after the cut, she’s shown back on camera with dark colored substance covering her chin.

What do you guys think? Real or fugazi? A truly pathetic attempt at five minutes of internet fame, perhaps?

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

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173 thoughts on “Black Woman Streams Her Suicide Attempt by Car on Facebook Live”

      1. I agree! There is no way that is bl00d! Black people don’t bleed black blood!Not only that it looks like she may have used some kind “Hollywood-type” thing you put in your mouth then just bite into it. If it had been real, the blood would be red to purplish red and it wouldn’t be precisely placed as it is. It would be all over her face at least in streaks or in splatter. No, I’m not a doctor, but I play one on TV! No, really, I am a first responder and I help people that get injured from mundane to the extreme with their brains even coming out of their cracked skull! So, I won’t curse, but this isn’t real blood! Girl still needs to seek help!

      1. You just know it’s going to be endless drivel then a bit of dribble, i wish that black tart was in the car who shot the black fellow in the head, now then we’d have a killin to watch

    1. It probably hurt her purse. Those Hollyweird fake blood capsules aint cheap.
      Plus I think she got ripped off or bought an ink cartridge by mistake.

      Let this be a lesson to those who buy shit off of eBay.

  1. She is killing herself on tape, in order to hurt people. That takes a lot of hate. Ironically, hating someone is like drinking poison, and hoping that the other person dies from it. I think that in this case, everyone will be just fine. Hey, more kool-aid for them.

  2. The story she told is quite convincing in the beginning, but what she showed me, riding a quite nice car (by the sound of the engine, I guess) and all the supposed to be loving friends and family. And she just want to quit everything. Then the cut and all. Everything looks suspicious but all right. Theoretically still possibly authentic. And all of a sudden I see that black thing, which supposedly a violent rupture from her tummy. Feels like watching B grade violent movie. But definitely not BY CAR.

  3. Despite the narrative appearing legitimate, it could easily be taken from anyone’s life, do to the fact niggers love to steal everything, including other people’s problems. A complete failure on the execution.
    Subpar acting and a dismal attempt to gain sympathy or invoke water works. Grade D

      1. I don’t know, illegal. That beginning bit had me goin for a sec… Sure I was hysterically laughing the whole time but her acting skills weren’t too terrible… Until she cut to squid face and started chuckling.
        A D is fair. She prolly doesn’t get much anyways…
        Throw the drama queen a bone.

        1. Lol, I’ve been a member here for 3 months and haven’t made one double-post, yet….
          But when/if I do, I’m going to get slaughtered by all the people I’ve poked fun at for doing it, haha.

  4. That wasn’t blood coming out of her mouth, it was diarrhoea. You see, niggers talk so much shit so much of the time that eventually it starts escaping northwards. Often aided by the fact that the south-end is clogged up and blocked with drugs in order to protect their stash from falling into the hands of the popo.

    In the above, when she failed to kill herself as she had so ineloquently stated she would it became apparent that she was talking such an incredible amount of shit that all the decomposed fried chicken, grape drank and watermelon that were previously playing happy family within her rather sizable black pudding escaped upwards with great force and erupted outwards like Mount Etna on a bad day.

  5. Typical hood rat bullshit. I worked at an er at an inner city hospital and was amazed at what fake pieces of shit they can be. They would fake heart attacks for an ambulance ride. First thing they would do, not even off of,the Burney yet is ask for Lorna doons and ginger ale.

    Its why they are loud, always argue with people about everything, have idiotic looking cars and piss and moan about oppression. I could go on and on. They have to be the center of attention. Attention whores all of them.

    At least make it look real. Fuck this crack whore.

  6. So all it takes is a hand full of jelly Bean licorice flavor
    And voilà …..!!!! You’re an internet pseudo star…..
    Should have devored the cherry flavor….,
    Make it real woman…..haha!!!!

    1. Richard…

      Interesting comment. It appears that she’s sitting on the right hand side of the car as well. Depending on where this video is from, there aren’t too many cars on the road, where the driver is on the right hand side, here in the states. In addition, you don’t see a steering wheel in the video. You see her right hand in an upward position, but no steering wheel.

      …and all this editing?

      Could it be that indeed, she was sitting in the back seat on the right hand side? The driver could of held or mounted the camera, from this position in the front. Editing could of easily been done at this point.

      Good observation Richard!

  7. And those spooks call us Glorious Whites the fucking Devil?
    That welfare queen is full of black paint. Tell her Gene Simmons (KISS) used real blood for his theatrical moments.
    This whacky moon cricket is trying for a psycho increase on her fraudulent disability claim! Nigger please!

  8. Couple of things she says that area a bit selfish – ” I want everyone to see this, see me die, so they have it in their heads for the rest of their lives, you know the ones I mean, I hope they feel bad about making me do this”.
    Then she says, ” I’m so sorry to everyone, I hope you can all forgive me”…….
    So which is it? You want them to suffer or you want to go out like a super sweet girl guide who feels terrible for making anybody think her suicide was their fault………

    I think the black shit is activated charcoal….. I know that when people try to poison themselves with household cleaners, pharmaceutical pills or accidental posionings with kids etc, the hospital make the patient drink activated charcoal as it does two things : 1. It absorbs all the toxins in the gut so it doesn’t get absorbed into the bloodstream 2. It makes the patient vomit so they bring up the toxins out of their stomach. Maybe she poisoned herself somehow and changed her mind and had some charcoal on hand for such a decision (she could be a hospital worker). Charcoal looks like this after the patients drink it and vomit etc………

  9. I can’t be positive, but that does not look like blood. I have seen really dark blood before in some people, but this would be pretty unusual. If it’s real, I feel pretty bad she felt the need to resort to this over the bullshit of others.

  10. The fuck? Blood aint black damn fool, if it was so bad shes hemorrhaging she wouldn’t have enough sense to turn back on the phone, or be able to talk so clearly and calmly. Lying attention seeking bitch

  11. Who was it said that if you give an infinite number of monkeys an infinite number of typewriters, sooner or later they will come up with Works of Shakespear…? Same applies to niggers and cameraphones…

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