Blank Stare Tranny Commits Suicide by Jumping from Bridge

Blank Stare Tranny Commits Suicide by Jumping from Bridge

A corpse was observed floating near one of the piers of Ponte Newton Navarro – the Newton Navarro Bridge, which is located in Natal, the capital of Rio Grande do Norte in Brazil. After the recovery, the corpse was identified as that of a transvestite named Viviane Suassuna.

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  1. I wonder if she had innie or outie labia minora? I wanna see the shit on this bitch, man. Was the doc good or just… Ok? Was it a trannie really or a transvestite? I don’t see no balls. Just a feminize stare. Coulda’ been a mean dyke or a pissed off, surgery gone wrong transsexual. Sexy crotch pic though. I…Might…

    1. “She” and I use that term lightly, was a transvestite/lady boy. You can see “Her” scrotum protruding from “her” skirt. Still think its a “Sexy crotch pic”? are you puking right now? Did you even bother to read and understand the story before you realized that you would be the first one to post? BWAHAHA! I’m laughing at you fag. I guess it’s just how you swing!

      1. Hey @stephgw64…I still think you got puurdy lips. Whacha gonna do ’bout it, huh? I like swinging with real, funny, puurdy, gals like you… Steph… 😉 Lol Ya got’s me real good… Ouchie.
        And Steph… I swing with the breeze Baby. Like, youz and me, up on the old vine, through the trees. You Jane, me Tarzan like…

  2. I really want @alicatt s opinion on this one. Should she have changed her avi from a sweet faced girl to a bunch of grapes or a to a photo of a grasshopper on a log? What the fuck is up with that?
    Anyways, I don’t see no hint of fruit in the basket here. Just a mean faced bitch with a pair of panties with stars on ’em. Not even a hint of meaty labia. So what’s the beef here?
    If she/he was a transvestite, she/he tucked ’em up there real fucking tight… Like, stuck her balls and all up the ass or something. Is that possible?

    1. @milton61, I heard that some trannies tuck their dick ‘n’ balls up their own arse-hole. Keeps everything neat and there is no flopping around! I’m sure that’s what Caitlyn Jenner does? Well ‘they’ can’t just sit on their junk, it would hurt!

  3. Another thing… How does a man get hips like that? It ain’t possible. This old gal has the hips of a woman and no man I ever saw could transform ‘man hips’ to woman hips with just some estrogen. And those are some pretty womanly legs.

  4. This brings to back to think bout the shootings that happen in Florida..”soft targets” they called on it..what a fucking muslim cowered he mite as well went in to a womens work out different..i bet he wouldn’t have tryed that shit with the local police station..muslim cowerd !!

    1. I say he was a undercover gay and couldn’t come he decided to take it out on innocent Americans”gays whatever you wanna call them but they didnt do shit to him why murder them..why not real combatents with weapons
      .lol you know why cause muslims are fucking pussys thats why.

      1. Yesterday i stopped at a gas station..a Muslim got out and while he was pumping his gas desided to get his prayer rug and start doing his prayer..i swear i felt like dowsing him with gas and setting him on fire right ther as he’s on his knees praying or are they really inviting a cock suck fest lol

        1. @rancid-mu-shu75 if your comments are meant to be funny, then LOL…!!! If not, then let me ask you, with no offense, my fellow American:
          1) Why didn’t you dowse that fucking piece of shit Muslim with gas and set him on fire right there? You probably would have helped saving another 49 lives had he turned out to be another LGBTQ-community killer, or perhaps, sir, you didn’t have enough balls???
          2) Tomorrow, a Christian kills a few LGBTQ-community members, (if so happens), are you going to announce here at BG that you swore you were going to kill a church going Christian just because “another” Christian killed a few gays because of his personal hate or for any gosh-damn reason?????
          As a side note: It is spelled “combatants” not “combatents”, and it is “coward” not “cowered”, sir…!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
          I loathe hatred…!!!

          1. shut up you fool,LGBTQ,whats the Q for?Quarter master for all the faggit shit the rest get up to?,why would he pour petrol on that rat?same reason any of us dont,common scence,you can spell check me now asshole…and the 49 lives he could of saved werent worth saving,the smelly ones that had got there fag hand on adopted kids the muslim done them kids a favour,and the rest were dying anyway.

          2. No its not meant to be funny cause it dont matter what race,or gender they were life’s were lost to a pussy Muslim That they neve did shit too..& would never dare to pull that in a police station..that’s what i was trying to point out on not here to be ignoirent or try to act smart..and im not a troll i just dislike turban heads cause there “cowards”lol there you happy now?and if i would douse him with gas i would end up in jail wouldnt i? That would make me stupid wouldnt it?.and as for the matter of the size of my balls believe me or not ?they descended a very long time ago before i had my two kids..and as for the miss spelling its my auto corrector i didnt notice my bad….so!!is this what you do?go around on this site and spell check people? Are you a teacher? I’m sure you know what i meant..but maybe?you just like to make your self feel smart & superior..this not the site for that offencehave your self a great daythanks lol you got to laugh a little doh? I got admit you kind of on offence taken my friend

      2. I think to humiliate the Orlando shooter out of respect to our gay brothers and sisters, we should start the rumor that what promoted the shooting was finding out that even though the person he met at that club a week before, shouted “Ride me like a bad goat”, it turned out he had actually been born a gay male human. I am pretty sure that would make him gay too. Now he gets 72 gay male virgins. Make sure everyone knows.

    1. @fightingirish16 Seriously…??? Really…??? Did you even know who I wrote it for??? And… could you even understand the sarcasm between the lines and yet you call me an asshole??? Wow……!!! Thank you very much!!! You just loved to comment without understanding one darn thing. I am sorry to reply you back, I know I just wasted my one minute fifteen seconds with you.

        1. @fightingirish16 Yup! Thank you for understanding this time…! You actually seem like a nice person in the end. 🙂
          And, oh yeah, perhaps, it’s the way of perception that you were referring to – slow-witted? Maybe???
          “This American” did say the stuff straight out coupled with a sarcasm though, which was meant to be for another fellow American.
          Have a great day @fightingirish16!

    1. @DerKopfammler I was thinking the same thing, probably went to the bridge for a trick and the John discovered an extra trick not found up “her” sleeve then tossed “her” over. “Now watch me make this tranny disappear”. HA!

        1. I definitely can’t wait for this generation of transgender people to start carrying weapons for self defense. That way we can see more people getting murdered for not minding their own business!

  5. I’ve had it with all these lgbt blah blah fucking blah community shit. Whatever happened to good old Christian values/moral compass ?!.
    Eddie Izzard is a wanker too.
    That’s my bob’s worth, thank you.

        1. Don’t say Goat, some people want to marry goats in the middle east, anyway i’m quite sure that all this tranny stuff is really mental illness because even when they get their ops they still top themselves

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