Bloated Corpse Found Hanging from Tree in Kalimantan, Indonesia

Bloated Corpse Found Hanging from Tree in Kalimantan, Indonesia

On December 28, 2015, at around 6pm, a bloated corpse of a man in his 50’s hanging by his neck from a tree was found in a brush in District Village Nipah, Kalimantan Indonesia.

The extent of stiffness and the oozing of bodily fluids suggested that the man had been dead for approximately 4 days. The man carried no ID and none of the locals recognized him. Who he was or what the motive for his suicide was is unknown.

Props to Best Gore member @BenjaminLuckyTroubleMaker for the video:

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          1. Haha don’t worry you’re not alone! I just saw an amputated foot today about to be cut up and now I want pizza because the stringy insides reminded me of cheese.

        1. I would think that there would be a lot of bugs and worms crawling around in side that bloater, and when they were all done eating they would crawl out and look for a new home. I would not really want to be anywhere near it when that happens.

    1. Lol.. I can imagine the smell after slugging on him like a heavy bag for a bit, and all of a sudden I could really go for some sushi. I’m thinking this is a re post.. Think I can recall it from a while back, awesome nonetheless.

    1. I can’t make out this fellas facial features too well. I’m thinking he does not own any ears, eyes, no mouth or nose. I mean come on mate, you got to turn the negatives into positives and just because you cant talk, hear, eat, see, smell doesn’t mean you should give up. It just means you got to focus your energy on the things that you can do, and then do them really well. So let’s see – you can just sit there, you can jerk off, but qnot more than daily tho), you can count your fingers and recount them to confirm the correct answer or you could write letters to Taylor Swift and tell her how totally fuckable she is, even though you’ll have to take my word on that………..See, it’s no so bad ?

  1. The picture does not do him justice. The image is a bit out of focus and I can’t see the horrified look on his face when he was hanged. That bald head is probably shinier than what the picture suggest. He’s probably got on a clean shirt, but the picture makes it look like it’s dirty. Glad to see he’s made friends with the flies.

    But I don’t think that he’s going to want to hang around until someone posts a cleaner picture of him.

        1. Have to admit, when I opened up yet another half dozen pack of socks, a quick trip down to B&Q for a length of rope seemed like a decent idea. In fact, this year, I will purchase a rope just in case, although I can’t swear it will be I that wears it !!

  2. I didnt mean to motivate you or encourage to hang youreself..
    But haha i cnt forget how youre face looks like when you see me
    Right after

    And you were gone
    I didnt know you hang yourself
    Hmm bad choices……..

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