Boy Hangs Himself on Facebook Live, Egypt

Boy Hangs Himself on Facebook Live, Egypt

Boy Hangs Himself on Facebook Live, Egypt

Hamouda, a boy in Egypt, wrote on his facebook status that his suicide was caused by the mistreatment his father put him through. He asks his friends to forgive him.

Apparently he lites a cigarette beforehand, but that part is not in the video, he as some music on in the background as he sets his camera up just right. The boy walks nonchalantly over to the doorway of his room, where there is a red chair and and a noose.

He stands up on the chair and puts the rope around his neck, already having said his goodbyes. Lowering himself slowly, he kicks the chair away. And shortly after that he starts convulsing and people leave a few comments durning the broadcast. He was 22 years old.

He probably loss consciousness between eight to thirteen seconds. His carotid arteries and other veins become blocked, preventing blood from carrying oxygen to the brain. You can’t survive for more than 10 minutes without oxygen to the brain.

The capillaries in his face and eyes burst. Swelling of the brain pushes on the Vagus nerve, which triggers your vagal reflex, causing your dick and balls to revert into the body, giving you a twat… Okay just kidding… It does make your heart rate and blood pressure plummet though. And to top it all off, he’s also slowly asphyxiating because his trachea is being crushed by the rope.

Now it’s just a matter of what will give out first, the heart, brain or lungs.. If he would have jumped his neck would have broken and he wouldnt feel a thing. But who am I to judge his suicide.

Props to Best Gore member @s7ayta for the video:

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245 thoughts on “Boy Hangs Himself on Facebook Live, Egypt”

      1. There was another way,he didnt think..he could of killed his father and uploaded it instead..dumb cunt..what a fucking waste,now his father who probably raped him is on the loose..respawn and start again cunt ffs

    1. @devirginizer I’m sure he was a shitty father, but what I don’t get is if someone is treating you that badly, why not kill them? Killing yourself seems like the wrong direction to go in those situations,hell you might even be giving the asshole exactly what they always wanted. Even if you are dead hung on killing yourself, at least kill them first, you know, to get a little joy out of your misery before hitting the end of the your rope….

      1. That speaks a lot about his personality, actually. I can only think of five possibilities. The first is he still loves his father. Probably he was frustrated with his son for not living up to his expectations. Second, he wants to make him feel guilty by committing suicide. Third, he is not the warrior type of guy if you know what I mean. He probably keeps things to himself. Fourth, if he kills the bloody wanker he might not be sure if he can do it right. If he uses a knife he might not kill him and would end up getting tortured. He probably doesn’t have a weapon like gun which can kill people with one shot. Fifth, by killing himself and filming it, he has shown to the world how much of a dickhead his father is, and now, he might be in deep shit.

    2. Not necessarily:
      Many kids kill themselves to punish parents in bizarre auto-destruction way.
      There is countless cases of them failing big scholarship or simply school.

      Sometimes is better to leave without both of the parents.

    3. Even took the time to shout-out BestGore? What a gentleman.

      That being said, abusive parents are the scum of the fucking earth. As much as I doubt it, I really hope his asshole father lives a life full of crippling regret.

          1. Lol all the posts with my name tagged under them are ones that I have done.. I do love crude humor and lad heart’s lol.

            Svarg talked crap about my eyebrows so I band him for life!!! Lol jk I can’t band people. He will be back, and stronger than every I’m sure.. Hopefully he will work out his inner frustrations and come to terms with his homosexuality.

    1. lol, seriously what a fag. 22 year old “boy?” Then move out and don’t talk to daddy anymore. Join the army.. bag groceries.. something. People all over the world dealing with serious shit in their lives everyday, and they don’t hang themselves cuz daddy wasn’t nice to them.

          1. landline is awesome. You get government subsidies to own one, its directly tied in with local law enforcement so even when the power is off you can still dial 911.

            plus its dirt cheap and clear as hell. I’m fucking sick of receiving squelch calls from low-charged smart phones with that fucking lag and echo. You all sound like foolish cunts to spend $80 a month just so your boss can have access to you 24/7 like some fucking beckon call slave. A yet-to-be-perfected technology.. no thanks

            fuck you. talk to my answering machine. get back to ya when i wanna.

          2. @illegalsmile55
            Waaa? you mean you DONT get the Indian guys/gals?
            “Hello-ings mrs lady, i am calling from microsoft, My name is John Smith, I am hearing that you are having the wirus with those many cyberhackers inside of your computer?…. please be pressing the windows key, while also pressing of the “R” Key…..”

            Adding a letter in the middle of your “debit card number” creates the most anger in them! they truly think – after 45mins on phone – that they are actually gonna get a bumper payment….right up to the point of the debit card number! The anger they display when they realize that you are on to it is fuckun hilarious!
            “You are bloody bastarding fucker, sir! I send men to sexing your bitch daughter – bloody bastard-cunt! Bad Fucker, you sir!”

          3. @karmen40
            I never answer my phone if it’s a number I don’t know, and if it’s a client I still don’t answer it…I let everybody leave a message, that way I can talk business when I’m ready. I save my funny stuff for the religious nuts…the Jehovah’s witnesses who still show up at my door even though I’ve screamed obscenities at them while NOT answering my door. I guess they think I really need saving.
            Next time they call you, ask to see their “bobs and vagenes”.

          4. @hopingfornemesis & @illegalsmile55
            To be honest, i disconnected my landline in may when i changed ISP in May.
            But yeah, i used to have fun and waste the time of those scammers when they called.
            i used a virtual computer installed on my machine, so should they try and unload any nasties onto me when they clicked that i had got wind of the scam, it couldnt do any actual damage to my system.
            Their basic MO is to have the “victim” open eventviewer… then try to convince that the [harmless] warnings in event viewer are actually “cyber hackers and wiruses”. They create a sense of urgency and panic… so older and less savy users follow their instructions to download an either free or fake antivirus – then they try and charge 300-400 quid for it.
            Yep, when they get to the stage of asking for you debit card details… they really think the deal is done, and the cash is within reach… so adding a “dabble-u” into the middle of the fake card number drives them mad.

            Go to youtube, and type in “indian scammers” or “tech support scammers”, and you will see how they operate…. and you will see people trolling them, and them losing their shit when getting trolled!

            On a serious note, watching those videos is good prep for anyone who may get a call from these lowlife bastards in the future. Shows their methods, lies, and the lengths they will go to.

          5. @hopingfornemesis
            You will need to download two things. Sofware to make the virtual machine, “VirtualBox”. hit the green “download latest version” button on this page:
            Then you need to download an operating system to install onto the virtual machine – for reasons to long to mention here, i suggest a 32bit version of windows 10.
            Scroll down to “english”, and hit the grey “x86” button on far right to download it:
            remember where you have downloaded this windows 10.iso file to, for later ref.

            You know have downloaded everything you need.

            Install the downloaded “Virtualbox” program – then, this tutorial is pretty good. [ignore the “downloading” bits, as you have done this already:

            A couple of things to note. when using the dropdown on the vbox program, choose “windows 10 32bit”, as that is the operating system you are installing on the virtual machine.
            When you get to the point of installing the operating system, choose “Windows 10 home” – NOT pro.
            Downloading and installing win 10 on your virtual machine costs NOTHING, as you will not be using a number key to activate the program… but it will still work adequately.
            Have fun!
            PM me with any issues

        1. @hopingfornemesis

          I know what you mean, I feel no sense of commonality with young people these days either. They are completely alien to me.

          I was a 80’s kid and became a full grown man in the 90‘s so I’m not exactly ancient yet, lol. The young of today though have been put through so much social and political change in such a short window of time that they are a completely different breed of person to any of my generation.

          Half of the shit they come out with is like a foreign language to me and the way they think and act is crazy to my eyes.

          I still have a landline too. Why wouldn’t someone have one, lol. Then again I still like playing Treasure Island Dizzy and watching The Mysterious Cities of Gold.

          I used to think that time just passes people by and that change is just a reality but now I think the modern world can go fuck itself. I don’t belong there and I don’t want to. All this 52 different genders bullshit and mass uncontrolled immigration and multiculturalism fuckery. They can fucking shove it.

          Everywhere I go now people are glued to their phones 24/7, constantly shuffling around like lemmings. I remember what life used to be like when we didn’t have mobile phones and the internet. Where men could talk to and interact with women without being attacked by feminists and berated by virtue signalling SJW soyboys.

          The world and people have changed so much in my lifetime I feel like I am over the age of 90. Its insane.

          1. All true! I was and am very similar to you . Old Souls even then .

            The Times of wanting upstanding critical thinking citizens is over. The rulers want dumb consumerist zombies who will simply march to their wardrums and buy shit! They want us all to be the same ie Open Borders etc so they have one uniform marketing plan and lowering of costs ie wages. It is a horrible place to live in now as a Thinking Man. Soon they will be hunting us down for Thought Crimes and being too uppity. You watch. Lol

          2. @hopingfornemesis

            “Soon they will be hunting is down for Thought Crimes and being too uppity. You watch. Lol”.

            They already are over here in Britain. We get arrested all the fucking time for wrong-think. Lost count now how many people have been arrested for what they have said on facebook and twitter. George Orwell got it right but was just ahead of his time a bit.

            Millions of indigenous British people are also unemployed these days because the employment opportunities within their own areas are advertised and given to Eastern Europeans because they work like slave labour and accept peanut pay due to the fact that whatever they make is still a lot more than what they would make back in Romania and Latvia.

            The above is the biggest reason we voted Brexit. The indigenous British had to fight for hundreds of years to finally get fair pay for a fair days work and now they are sending everyone back to the days of starvation wages and shitty working and living conditions via unlimited slave labour from poverty stricken lands abroad.

            The only power the working man ever had was his own labour and his ability to bargain with it and that has been undermined and destroyed by mass uncontrolled immigration. Which was exactly what the greedy fuckers in power wanted all along. A dumbed down, non-thinking slave population that is easy to exploit.

          3. one thing is picking up on girls at a disco

            before these phones, everyone made eyes at each other, and some got goo-goo eyes and got laid, after drinking and dancing. fun stuff

            now discos are just sad tables with people staring at little blue screens.

            Sexting. instead of sex.

            DID AIDS DO THIS?

          4. I almost never see a young hoochie looking up from her phone anymore. Whether they’re walking, talking, driving or riding in a car, eating, smoking a cancer stick, sucking a dick, whatever.

      1. My philosophy for life is like Vin Diesel’s in Fast and Furious but instead of living a quarter of a mile at a time I live a quarter of a month at a time and sink copious amounts of wine in the process.

        Suicide is a missed drinking opportunity in my book then.

        Red wine and Bach. Now that’s what I call a good end to the day. Not a bullet hole and piss stained pants.

        1. 100% Dude.

          Red wine….love it. You got any favourites?

          Cab Sauv my favourite but enjoying outside the big French and Italian names I also enjoy

          Spainish Rioja and Portuguese Douro….also awesome….

          And a good whore to drain the balls.

          1. Cheap red wine – Spanish, Australian, Chilean.

            Expensive red wine – French, Portuguese, American.

            Out of the above I prefer mixed grape groups for cheap red wine and single grape varieties for expensive wine.

            Hardys Crest – Cabernet Shiraz Merlot is my favourite cheap wine at the moment and usually a good French Burgundy is my favourite expensive wine. It all depends on the yearly output though.

  1. I could never stream my suicide. Look at all those fucks spamming emojis, that shit would just piss me right off. Who sees someone hanging and thinks that it’s appropriate to send a crying face emoji. Especially knowing these are most likely close friends and family.

          1. I’m gonna have to get the wooden spoon out again and rap someone’s knuckles.
            I’ve been around long enough to know that he and someone else will start throwing dirt in each other’s eyes, but I still wanna get the poop on this, though.

  2. Selfish bitch! Nothing more nothing less. Good riddance you are a lightweight and chose to go out Ike one. Boy kid you really set pops straight. Now he can just replace you. Also you just gave Daddy Rakim another reason to find and impregnate another 12 yr old girl so that he can replace you as his future asswiper when he’s older and needs his kids to provide for his daily needs.

  3. I had no idea you could lose consciousness so quickly from hanging. I now realize how close I came to death from accidentally hanging myself once. Remember to do your research before plotting your suicide!

  4. Funny how these suicides happen daily but no one bats an eye, Then someone like Katelyn Nicole Davis kills herself and their are hundreds of support pages.

    1. Cried for Allah no doubt. Unfortunately the vast majority of Egyptians these days have very little genetic connection to the ancient Egyptians.

      Ancient Egyptians had more in common with the Near East, Anatolia and Eastern Mediterranean Europeans genetically speaking whereas Egyptians nowadays have more in common with the sub-Saharan populations genetically speaking.

      To conclude. The modern day Egyptian is a nigger/Arab hybrid.

      Tutankhamun is rolling in his grave that his ancestors have more in common with Stormzy the rapper than him.

      1. THE SAND NIGGERS bred with their African slaves and made darker, more swarthier sand niggerettes.

        Were it not for the Zionist Occupiers, the Arabs would war against each other just as the Europeans did for a thousand years.

        Syrians hate Iraqis, Moroccans hate Egyptians, nobody likes the Kurds, etc.

        morale of the story? the races were created for a reason and it is AGAINST NATURE to mix the don’t make a pickaninny. Unless you are British, they don’t mind a mongrel in the Royals

  5. I tucked my dick and balls between my legs once, and it looked like a vagina. But it wasn’t because I tried to hang myself.

    On the contrary…

    I got such a hard on looking at it, I couldn’t keep both between my legs anymore.

      1. I’m willing to hang myself on video exclusively for Bestgore, if you will be there to suck me off while I’m dying. I would leave this life a happy boy.

        How’s that for sick my BG friends?

        1. What would be sick is if there was a plot twist and instead you choked me to death with your cock and sent it in to Bestgore.

          But seriously we should just kill non members only.. we should remember that all of us on this site have atleast one thing in common and it is our love for reality news gore amd gruesome, crude, content.. okay that’s 2. And personally I wish there were more people like us, so don’t leave us yet tenhearts and don’t choke me to death please. Thanks.

        2. Ehh, I’ve survived worse from this site. And like Haydolf said, I need to toughen up anyway.. Someonee yesterday commented on my daddy issues and a week ago another person said my eyebrows look like caterpillars. You guys are just chalked full of degrading words.. but this one was actually refreshing.. wow, thanks BG!

          1. I’m not into Asians, just white girls.

            I may cough up a few hair balls, but running my face through a nice unplowed field, makes this life worthwhile.

          1. I was joking about hanging myself.

            If I wanted to die, I would want you to sit on my face and smother me to death.

            Getting offended yet?

        3. You’re silly.. No, I’m not offended. Frankly if you DIDN’T want me to sit on your face, that would be more insulting.. and I know, I was just kidding. You seem like a happy cheerful person, I don’t think you want to die.

  6. i could never do shit like this. no one can belittle me to the point that i would hang myself..bunch of pussies.. my cousin did it and i can never understand it. if it was up to id take matters into my own hands. rather them then me, but thats just how i see it.

  7. He was 22, nice hair, good shape, he could avoid his dad, do whatever he wanted, even kill his dad, this idiot did the weakest thing he could do, I feel nothing but disgust for those who choose weakness

      1. K, everyone knows homophobic dudes like u all are the real guys down for the homies, I say if a dudes attractive, because I’m secure in my masculinity, Im everyone can tell attractive from unattractive, but the scared and weak would I’d never admit it for fear of being judged, I’m only sexual attracted to women, and I know I get hotter ones than any of the other guys on here, so suck my big dick you homos

      2. K, everyone knows homophobic dudes like u all are the real guys down for the homies, I say if a dudes attractive, because I’m secure in my masculinity, Im everyone can tell attractive from unattractive, but the scared and weak would I’d never admit it for fear of being judged, I’m only sexual attracted to women, and I know I get hotter ones than any of the other guys on here, so suck my big dick you homos

    1. I called him a “boy” because it fits with the role of “I’m killing myself, on Facebook live, because my dad is mistreating me.” I feel that mentally there was a type of innocence and/or ignorance in his suicide, like a child. But also I’m a 21 year old female and if someone called me a “girl” I wouldn’t really question it.. and maybe he wasn’t strong enough to beat up his dad or stable enough to live on his own.

      1. I guess it’s just a matter of semantics. But from someone who left home at age 19 and never went back, it seems like age 22 is well past the age when you could easily leave the nest so to speak and not have your parents in your life at all. Maybe that’s just a different culture.

        1. Yeah, well it has to do with how the kids was raised I think. Not everyone can keep a job to support themselves or have good enough credit to buy things or what if he doesn’t even know how to drive? Who knows. We will never know now..

      1. Well, at least he put it out there for others. Others who think of doing the same will probably stop and think about it, then decide to not do it. That’s the only positive thing I can say about what he did. I lost my best friend last year to suicide. He actually did the same thing except tied the noose to his bed and jumped out of his window right before our prom. I wish people would consider who they’re leaving behind and what pain is also left behind when they do this.

  8. If I ever decide to end my life, I’d want to have it recorded tbh. I’d want it posted here. Now, I’m not saying I’m gonna. But my BPD ass be like that.

  9. Really kill yourself over a shitty dad? He looks old enough to get a job and move away and put his parent in the rear view mirror. Millions of people have shitty parents and eventually can distance themselves without going as far as suicide. But maybe there’s more to the story, or he’s got other mental/emotional issues so I can’t really judge.

    1. He probably rubbed one out and looks like he pushed a log of shit into his form fitting pants while hanging there just before he let go of the bar and hung himself. If he was gay I’m certain he probably would’ve felt better if he just shit himself and jacked off. No need to kill oneself.

    1. He probably rubbed one out and looks like he pushed a log of shit into his form fitting pants while hanging there just before he let go of the bar and hung himself. If he was gay I’m certain he probably would’ve felt better if he just shit himself and jacked off. Sad, he was cute and probably died with a turd in his form fitting pants although the lump in the rear would’ve only made his ass even more interesting lol.

    1. Please keep your depraved homo erotic thoughts to your self. That’s the third time you mentioned blowing that dead Arab. We get it.
      Go find that cross dressing asshole that comments on here, who wants a boyfriend to knock him around and do other despicable acts, and have at it.

          1. Do you know who I’m talking about? The “looking for a boyfriend” guy, looks sorta like a girl if you just glance at his avatar. Claims he wants someone to “abuse” him, and some such shit.
            Then there was the cat who chased me around begging to be stabbed! Remember that dildo? The “Kill me, kill me, I love blood” asshole. Thankfully he was deleted.
            I’ll admit I’m a heathen with loose morals, but goddamn.
            Sorry about the milkshake, I’ll buy you a new one if you ever make that sandwich that was promised me ABOUT A YEAR AGO!

          2. Oh I know who you’re talking about! I’ve been making fun of it for a few days. Even funnier is his Twitter account, did you catch that? Holy shit. I always thought faggots were a peaceful bunch, but he’s been off his meds and it shows.

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